Lizzie McGuire: Lizzy and the Blue Lagoon Part 8 - Don't Rock The Boat
by Lude ([email protected]) (mF)

In the boat, lying besides them. Miranda's cries of passion awoke Jo. With
her husband fucking her daughter's best friend, Jo realized this was an
opportunity for her to fulfill one of her own fantasies. Seeing Gordo laying
next to her, she reached into his shorts and explored. Having secretly
desired Gordo for years, she gleefully pulled off Gordo's shorts. Turn about
was fair play and besides, Gordo was already very special to her.

Jo was excited to feel Gordo's soft penis was still wet with cum. Inhaling,
she took in his sweet aroma. Jo blew on it and Gordo's cock twitched and
squired in her hand. Taking it in her mouth, she brushed it with her tongue.
As her lungs forcefully sucked upon it and he quickly grew in her mouth,
Gordo awoke. To his amazement, he discovered Lizzie's mom's hot tongue
pleasuring him.

"Mrs. McGuire," Gordo exclaimed. "This is a dream come true! Boy, it's not
even my birthday!"

"Please, remember, call me Jo," she responded as his cock slid between her
lips. Taking him in her mouth and forcefully sucked upon it. Gordo grabbed
her pretty head and forced her mouth further down. Soon he felt his tip push
into her throat!

"That feels nice!" Gordo exclaimed as a little more pushed in. While locked
in their own passion, besides them, Miranda and Sam noticed what else was
going on. Miranda shouted, "Cool! Go for it Deep throat. Suck Gordo's cock
Mrs. McGuire!"

"That's it Mrs. Mc...Jo." Gordo exclaimed, wide-eyed, just as Jo grasped his
shaft and pumped his bulbous head into her throat. Sucking furiously, Jo's
hands pumped whatever bit of my cock that she couldn't fit in her mouth.

Pulling back, Jo then entrapped his crown between her lips. She sucked on it
for a minute. Then her mouth opened up wider, as her lips slid partway down
his long shaft. As her left hand grabbed the base of his cock, she pushed her
mouth down over it. Then backing up, she tightened the grip of her gums on
his crown. As he felt her round tongue on my thick delicious organ, Jo began
to stroke up and down. As Jo's luscious mouth and hands worked in tandem, she
slowly, but deliberately continued pump his cock into her mouth.

Jo really liked the feel of Gordo's burgeoning head and the smooth sides of
his cock as she twirled her tongue lovingly around each and every contour.
Moving her head to a certain angle enabled her to get almost his whole shaft
in! Gordo then wrapped his right hand around her head to help speed and
deepen her efforts to hump his cock into and out her mouth.

"Hummm! Hummm! Hummm!" He moaned again and again.

Soon Gordo could feel his whole crown press again and again, through her lips
and down into her throat! Jo's lips seemed to burn as her lungs fearlessly
drew upon him. Her tongue played on his cock, as she shouted. "Oh, God!
You're such a good cock sucker!"

Jo then decided to suckle on his helmet-shaped crown again, bobbing her head
as she slurped. At the same time she jacked his shaft with her fists. Her
rhythm was soon perfect. Each down stroke of her lips was met by an upstroke
of her hands. Gordo moaned even loader, "Oh God. Mrs. McGuire, you're
wonderful! Suck it! Suck it! Oh, my sweet lady!"

Pulling of her bra, he caressed her large and point, perfectly rounded, soft
breasts. Jo continued pumping his long shaft and balls with both hands.
Driven by the fires of passion, soon her head began bobbing up and down even
faster. Without realizing it, she started to moan, "Hmmm! Hmmm!" Gordo felt
like giggling, until his orgasm overwhelmed him. With his white knuckles
clenched upon her head, he arched his back, and tried to let out a wale as
he filled Jo's mouth with hot milky cum. He groaned in surprise pleasure as
this real life angel continued to professionally work his cock. Her lips slid
farther and farther down until his balls were banging against her chin. Gordo
was delighted by the blowjob she gave him. Having blown his load both into
Miranda and Jo, Gordo was totally fucked out and wanted to fall back to

"That was fantastic," Jo cooed. "Oh, my sweet you boy, I always love sucking
your cock!" She held a special memory from when both Lizzie and Gordo had
been in fifth grade together. An ER nurse, Gordo's mom was gone most nights
and he slept over a lot. At the same time, because she and her husband Sam
weren't getting along, she was very horny! With both of them feeling lonely,
one night Gordo climbed into bed with Jo. They slept in each other's arms.

The next night, friendship turned to lust. Gordo was already in her bed when
she joined him. Her fine body, wrapped in a bathrobe, Jo stood above him as
she spoke. "Gordo, have you ever wonder what I look like naked?"

With a blank face, Gordo only nodded his head. As long as he could remember,
he had thought Mrs. McGuire was beautiful. He couldn't believe she was
offering her luscious body to him.

Letting her robe fall to floor, Jo relieved she was dressed only in a little
white silk teddy and a lacey thong. As Jo stood there, she enjoyed how the
eleven-year old boy explored her body. Gordo kept the light on as he
undressed her, happily caressing her large soft breasts and firm round ass.

When her teddy fell away, grabbing her ass, Gordo rubbed his face between her
tits. But he hesitated at doing anything more. Taking the initiative, Jo
yanked off his briefs, exposing his slim but very hard five-inch cock and
hairless balls. As she softly fondled his cock, Jo sweetly explained to Gordo
it was Okay to make each other feel good. He was very receptive to the idea.

Then as he kissed her amazing body, she started playing with his cock. Gordo
loved it when she bent down and kissed it. He couldn't believe anything could
top her licking, until she took his cock in to her mouth!

"Mrs. McGuire," Gordo exclaimed. "Thank you! Thank you! O God! You're so
beautiful! This is a dream come true!" Gordo had never expected the women he
desired most in the world to suck his cock!

She pulled off for a moment, "Gordo, considering the fact that I'm sucking
your cock, please, call me Jo."

He cummed almost immediately but she continued sucking him dry. In turn, she
loved how he feasted upon her large brown nipples and juicy blonde pussy.
Gordo quickly discovered how much fun it was to put his tongue and fingers in
her pussy. Jo kept Gordo up late that night.

Every following night Jo made a game out of Gordo climaxing in her mouth. He
loved how she sucked and swallowed down his cum again and again. They became
secret lovers. It came to a head on their last night, when she decided to
take his virginity.

Licking his cum off her lips, she rose up and rubbed his cock against her
pussy. Gordo simple froze in misbelief as the crown of his penis slid between
the soft lips of her vulva. Jo wiggled in delight as she rubbed his throbbing
helmet shape crown along the inside of her pussy, covering his tip with her

"Mmmm," she moaned. "That feels good doesn't it?"

"Wow! Jo, I want to put the whole thing in you?"

She spoke, "Gordo." Looking seriously at him, as she pushed her pussy down
his shaft, taking his whole cock inside of her. "If we're going to fuck, we
can't tell any one. Not any one."

"Okay, Okay." He nodded his head. "Please, I want to fuck you!"

His small cock seemed lost inside of her pussy, until she squeezed her pussy
muscles tightly around his cock and humped down once. "Not even Lizzie," she
told him.

"Ohhhh," he moaned. "I know. Hummm.Okay, not even Lizzie."

"Unless, we can get her to join in."

Gordo tried his best, but he cummed quickly. But while stumbling through it,
he still was able to bring Jo to climax. She still hadn't forgotten the look
of excited wonder on his face when he cummed in side of her. He awoke early
the next day. And, to their heighten joy.

Still hungry for each other, they embraced and kissed hungrily, their tongues
meeting in an electric shock of delight. She slipped his arms behind her
thighs and lifted her legs higher, giving him total access to her fiery cunt.
Steadily he began to hump his cock into her willing body. Jo lustfully
matched his rhythm, drawing her thighs tightly and her hips rising to meet
his thrusts. Her pussy juices glistened on her matted down lovely fine blonde
pubic hair as their crotches ground together.

"Aaaaaah! Yes, that's it Gordo! Harder, now, harder! Fuck me as hard as you

Jo raised her legs into the air, bringing her heels down onto his ass, urging
him into her. "Deeper, Gordo, deeper! Yes, that's it. That's what I needed!
Oh, it feels so fucken good!"

Soon the gorgeous women shivered, then moaned. More and more moans followed
as his cock impaled deep inside of her cunt. Her body trembling out of
control as his passion invaded her body. Taking her sweet breasts in his
mouth, he nibbled on them, suckling her nipples until they burned. Jo gasped
for breath and sighed as his cock continued sliding in and out of her.

Jo bucked wildly as orgasmic wave after wave racked her luscious body. Gordo
kept plunging his cock frantically in and out, taking her on a roller coaster
of delirium. Her legs flew out of his grasp as she began to flail about, her
feet bouncing up and down on the mattress, her head wildly thrashing on the
pillow. Suddenly she closed her legs around his slim hips and hugged him
tightly, as he screamed, "Aaaaaah! I'm cumming! Yesssssssss!"

After filling up her steaming pussy with his young seed, his frenzy subsided.
They clung to each other, breathing hard, sweat out pouring, soaking the
crumpled sheets.

Reaching out to stroking him again, she moaned, "Mmmm, you're still so
hard!" Tenderly she motioned Gordo to lie on his back. Her soaking wet pussy
squatted above his cock, still stiff as a flagpole.

"Now I'm going to do all the work," Jo told him. "You just lie back and enjoy

Gordo nodded. They smiled, then sharing a deep wet kiss. Using her left
hand for balance on the bed, she reached down with her right, stroking his
slippery rod. Then holding his cock straight, she lowered herself onto to
him. Gordo eagerly watched as her pussy lips parted slowly and his rod
slipped inside. Jo slowly eased him all the way in and held him there. Her
pussy muscles squeezed upon his cock. Jo's large wonderful tits giggling,
she began to buck widely upon him. Later, after they recovered their
strength, she gave him a final going away present.

After sucking him hard again, she wiggled her ass in delight in front of him.
Running her hands across her ass, she looked down lustfully at him. "There's
somewhere else I want you put your cock."

She took up position in from of him, spreading her legs. With a look of sheer
wonder in his eyes, she told, "Gordo, fuck me up the ass." Quickly complying
with his request, Jo moaned as he entered her.

Gordo didn't only groan, he screamed out, "Jo, your ass feels so good! It's
so tight around my cock!" When she felt his tip entered between her ass
checks, Jo drove back upon him. As she wiggled her creamy ass, Gordo humped
into her. Jo made yummy sounds as Gordo reached around and fingered her
pussy with one hand and grasped her breasts with the other. He humped her
ass faster and faster, until Jo, wailing in ecstasy, spasmed in violent
passion around his cock. Suddenly, she felt his cock jerking, as he shouted,
"Yes! Yes! Aahhhhhhhh!" His erection swelled and balls throbbed as he
ejaculated loads of hot semen into her wonderful tight ass.

Flooded with his boiling seed, her ass muscles squeezed around him. The
beautiful blonde women felt the expelled spume run out of her tight anus
and dripped like hot wax down her smooth inner thighs and upon her long
slim legs. She held glove tight to his darling cock as it jerked for the
last time, shooting a final spurt of sticky cum into her. With a popping
sound, he pulled out of her ass and then rammed his cock into her mouth.
Jo happily suck and licked him clean!

"Mmmm, that taste so good," Jo exclaimed as she licked her lips again. Then
she looked him in the eye. "How much do like to feel your cock in my mouth?

"More than anything. besides fucking." Gordo happily responded.

"Then remember, if we're ever going fuck again, you can't tell anyone."

"What? When?" Gordo asked excitedly.

With a look uncertain, she told him, "I don't know Gordo. How about your
eighteen birthday?"

"Okay, honey bunny. But don't be surprised if I have to jack off every time
I see you." He remained quiet for a moment. "Can you give me a blowjob for
my birthday?"

Jo nodded her head, grinning. "Hummm!" She licked her lips, reaching down and
stroked him. "Sounds delicious. It will have to stay our secret?"

Gordo shared her grin. "Okay, but only if I get to spank your big firm ass?"

"Wow, I didn't know you were so kinky?" Moving to his lap, she impaled
herself on his cock again. "Why don't we give it a try right now?"

For the next three birthdays, Jo had given Gordo a special present, or two,
or three even. It remained their secret, that is, until the cruise ship sank.

As passion ruled over the four lifeboat occupants, no one noticed the
increasing roar of the Pacific surf crashing upon a near by island. The same
island already delightfully occupied by Matt and Lizzie. Sam and Jo McGuire
would quickly realize their children, Lizzie and Matt, had grown close on the
Island, very close indeed.


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