Lizzie McGuire: Lizzy And the Blue Lagoon Part 7 - Four's Company
by Lude ([email protected]) (Mf,mf,voy,oral)

Matt and Lizzie McGuire, still on the island, enjoyed each other's company.
Elsewhere in the South Pacific, Sam, Jo, Miranda, and Gordo were all abroad
the same lifeboat. None of them had any idea where they were, or where
Lizzie and Matt might be. After a long topical night in the boat, Miranda
and Gordo, both fifteen, were first to wake up.

"Gordo is there anything to eat?" whispered Miranda. "I'm so hungry I could
eat a horse! But we don't have any food."

"Would you like breakfast?" Gordo asked. A huge grin crossing his face as he
pulled out his penis and offered it to her.

"Sure," she answered. The smile on her face reflected, more than just her
desire for food. "The breakfast of champions!" As his hard flesh pressed
through her lips, Gordo wrapped his fingers around her pretty head to help
push deeper into her mouth.

A few minutes later, Sam woke up just as Gordo filled Miranda's mouth with
his hot sticky seed. Sam felt a stir in his loins as he quietly watched
Miranda hungrily swallow down Gordo's sperm. Having already noted her
blooming womanhood and beauty. Sam knew he wanted to fuck her eyeballs out.

As Gordo fell back to sleep, Miranda noticed the huge tent in Sam's pants.
While she thought Mr. McGuire was very cute and sexy, Miranda had thought she
didn't have a chance with him. But now, as cum dripped from her mouth, Sam
was a wake and smiling at her. Their eyes stay lock as he bent forward and
kissed her. No words needed to be said, as hormones and desire directed what
happened next.

The thrill of forbidden sexual fruit filled her with lust. She felt her
breasts rise and heartbeat quicken. After working his zipper, she pulled
down his boxers, relieving his big, long hard cock. Sticking straight out,
his penis pointed right at her. Miranda was amazed by his large size. She
was unable to pull her eyes off it. Then all of a sudden Sam slid towards
her and rubbed his penis against her nose and down to her mouth.

As she twirled a finger in his pubic hair, Sam asked, "Do you want to touch

His touch was so warm and exciting. Miranda couldn't resist touching him
back. Bring up her hand, his cock felt warm. Playing with it, she bounced it
about with her fingers. Miranda grasped him firmly and started stroking up
and down. She noted his hard-on and grin both grew bigger. She was surprised
when Mr. McGuire reached down with both hands to caress her breasts.

"That's feels so nice," Sam told Miranda. "Do you want to give me a blowjob?
Lizzie loves to suck my cock. She's my little cumbunny."

Realizing who'd been tutoring her best friend. A smile was Miranda's only
answer to Sam's question. Stroking up down his whole length and still
`hungry' she took him in her mouth. He was so large, her mouth seemed too
small to wrap all the way around his penis. Neither knew words, which could
adequately describe their lust Miranda she opened her mouth and stuck out
her tongue like a platter for Sam's cock. His mushroom shaped crown was just
able to slip between her lips.

First sucking softly, drawing in her cheeks, Miranda's lungs pulled very hard
on his cock. Still not quite believing this was real, he didn't want to push
her too hard. He just stood in front of her while she explored his taste and
size with her mouth and tongue. But only after a minute Sam realized it
didn't matter if this was real or not, as it felt so wonderful.

Taking holding of both her hands, Sam wrapped Miranda's fingers around his
shaft, and showed her how to stroke up and down. Getting the idea, she
quickened her pace, minute after minute, until he could feel his balls
banging against her chin. Sam really enjoyed it when Miranda began fondling
his ass checks and rubbed the area between his balls and anus. Soon, her
efforts were rewarded!

As he shouted, "Here it comes!" he pulled his cock out of her mouth just as
it started spurting sperm like a fountain. Miranda was amazed by how much cum
there was. One squirt hit her in the nose and the eyes, more landed in her
hair. While yet other cum-shots splashed on her cheeks and into her mouth.
Even though it was kind of fun, spraying his cum all over her face seemed a
waste of a hard earned prize. So he pushed back down in her throat as Miranda
continued to pump his shaft.

"That's my girl, keep stroking." When he was done, cum dripped from all over
her face.

"OOOOH, it's so sticky. Mr. McGuire, you got it in my eyes." But her desired
still unquenched, she wanted more and continued sucking his hard cock.

"That's it, honey," he told her. "Just licked it up and swallow. It'll feel
good going down. But considering that you've just given me a blowjob, please
Miranda call me Sam."

He next enjoyed running his fingers along Miranda's firm little ass and pull
down her panties. With her skirt pulled up, he wrapped his fingers around her
ass and pulled his face between her legs. After one long up and down motion
with my tongue, he pull back to get a better look. As Sam took in her small
pretty pink vertical smile covered with dark brown fuzz, he inhaled in her
sweet aroma. Then, after licking along her pussy and nibbling on her
clitoris, he pressed his tongue inside of her. He was delighted by how good
she tasted. Squirming and moaning, she cummed several times and he lapped up

Sam was in paradise. As he ate out her pussy, Miranda's warm mouth engulfed
the head of his cock. Pleasure shivered up his spine. Her tongue darted and
flicked over the nerves in his cocks head. While her head bobbed up and down,
she fondled his balls, as he moaned in response. When Sam looked down and saw
Miranda's lips stretched obscenely around his cock, he knew the moment was

Bobbing her head up and down on his cock rhythmically, she used her fingers
to stroke the underside of his penis. The faster she stroked, the harder she
sucked. She had his cock part of the way in her mouth as his tip was tickling
her throat. Sam moaned as his legs began to shake and more hot cum shot into
her mouth. His cock jerked again and again, and her mouth was filled with the
flavor of his salty seed. She kept her lips tight, so she could get all of
Sam's semen. She swallowed each spurt, loving the taste and the sensation of
my hot cum in her mouth and throat. She kept sucking and swallowing until I
had no more to explosively ejaculate. She lustfully drained his balls and
swallowed it down.

Miranda was now consumed by the need to have him inside her. While she often
fantasized about being his lover, she had never really believed it could come
true. Taking his pulsating cock in her hands, she guided him to her. The pain
of initial entry was much more than she had even felt when Gordo had taken
her virginity. Sam's larger size, coupled with her own little tight pussy,
were the reason. Determined, she began to slowly slide up and down, taking
more of him within her with each motion.

He took a firm grip on her back and shoulders, adding his strength to her
thrusts. No, words passed between them, only short breaths escaped their
lips. There was no need for words, not when they could feel each other's
passion. Miranda could feel Sam rising to orgasm, just as Sam could feel
hers approaching. She could feel that as much as he wanted to climax, he
was using his last vestige of will to hold until she could join him. Finally
the moment approached and Sam pulled her to him and drove into her with
animalistic fury. All of Sam's senses were tuned to this moment as a wave of
euphoria filled her mind and body. She could feel Sam's seed fill her, the
heat of it filling her pussy. The look of bliss on his face added to her
ecstasy. She pulled herself up and kissed him for the long, long time.

As they continued to embrace and kissed hungrily, their tongues met in an
electric shock of delight. Sam slipped his arms behind Miranda's thighs and
lifted her legs higher, giving him total access to her fiery cunt. With one
hard push, he entered. Miranda's cries of pain quickly turn to lust. Steadily
he humped his cock into her willing body. Miranda soon began to match his
rhythm, her hips rising to meet his thrusts. Her pussy juices glistened on
our matted down pubic hair as their crotches ground together.

Sam pulled his cock out all the way, drawing a groan of dismay from her.
Teasing the lips of her vulva, he rubbing up and down, pushing just my tip
past her slippery folds. Then all at once he pressed it home.

"Aaaaaah!" Miranda exclaimed. "Yes, that's it! Harder!
Fuck me! Keep fucking me your magnificent cock!"

She raised her legs into the air, bringing her heels down onto his ass,
urging him into her. "Deeper, McGuire, deeper! Yes, that's it. You're so
good! Oh, you're so fucken good!"

Soon the gorgeous little teenager shivered, then moaned, followed by screams
as Sam's cock impaled deep inside of her cunt. Miranda was unaware she had
screamed, her body trembling out of control. As his passion continued to
invade her young body, Sam took one pert breast in his mouth and nibbled on
it. He sucked the nipple until it burned, then moved to the other. Miranda
gasped for breath and sighed as his cock continued sliding in and out of her.

Sam moaned out, "Miranda, your pussy feels so good!" Suddenly, she felt his
cock jerking. He shouted, "Aahhhhhhhh! Fuck! Fuck en Yes!" as his erection
swelled, butt muscles tightened and balls throbbed as he ejaculated loads of
hot semen into her tight slit.

Already filled with his cock, her pussy was now flooded with boiling seed.
Miranda's flawless pussy was so tight that there was no room for the hot
jets of cum burning into her. The pressure of the building load squeezed
his molten seed past the skintight O-ring of her snug little slit encircling
his swollen cock. With each in outstroke he pumped her full, as with each
in-stroke, sperm squirted out of her perfect pink pussy. The adorable girl
could feel the expelled spume run out of her tight pussy and dripped like
hot wax down her smooth inner thighs and into her humid ass crack. He held
tight to her as his cock jerked for the last time, shooting a final spurt of
sticky cum into her.

"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!" Miranda bucked wildly as wave after wave of orgasm
racked her tight little body, as he kept plunging his cock in and out. She
was on a roller coaster of delirium. Miranda's legs flew out of his grasp as
she began to flail about, her feet bouncing up and down on the mattress, her
head wildly thrashing on the pillow. Suddenly she closed her legs around his
slim hips and hugged him to herself tightly, as she screamed, "Aaaaaah! I'm
cumming! Yesssssssss!" As her orgasm subsided, they clung to each other,
breathing hard, sweat out pouring, soaking the crumpled clothes underneath

Soon, the fresh-fucked-teen shuddered in climax again, slamming her hips
upward with each stroke like a wild thing. Finally he let go of her tits and
kissed her deeply. She kissed back, her tongue working in tune with his. Sam
moaned as the spasms ran through him even after he had nothing left to give.

Slowly they stopped moving and he collapsed between her widespread legs. It
took several minutes for them to recover from their love-play.

"Jeeezzus, what a fucken orgasm!" Sam said. He was amazed that this
'inexperienced' fifteen-year-old had given one of the best fucks of his
entire life! He marveled at her limp body, her innocent face, her lovely
breasts, her flat stomach, her slim hips, and yearling-like legs. Staring
at the rosy hue of her spread legs, Sam watched in awe as white foam
trickled from her tiny slit and dribbled down the crack of her ass.

After Miranda sucked on his cock hard again, Sam proceeded to fuck her eyes
balls out, again and again!


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