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Lizzie McGuire: Jo's Revenge Part 1
by DCForever

"Uh, Lizzie, isn't that?"

Lizzie looked over her friend's shoulder. "Why is Kate Sanders coming over
here?" The teenage girl asked out loud, singling out no one person.

"You would think she would get a little tired humiliating us all the time."
Gordo added as he turned to secretly take in Kate's teenage beauty.

"Yeah, you would think that, Gordo."

"Don't worry, Lizzie, it isn't just you she shoots down."

"No, but I seem to be the one that she gets the most fun out of humiliating."
Lizzie confirmed as she slouched her body, crossing her arms in front of her
out of disgust.

"She's right Miranda, Kate does seem to set her targets on Lizzie.
doubt about it...she's definitely coming over here."

Kate Sanders, one of the most popular girls in school, head cheerleader, and
blonde, big breasted, girl of every horny guy's dream, and Lizzie McGuire's
sworn enemy of the eighth grade.

Kate Sanders always walked around caring on conversations with her
cheerleader friends, posse to everyone else not included in their group.
They were untouchable; the group no one cared to mess around with, unknowing
just how far they would go to humiliate or destroy a person. Lizzie McGuire
and her best friends, Miranda Sanchez and David 'Gordo' Gordon, came the
closest of any other middle school students to test the depths of their

Miranda, a 14 year old, Latino with a dark complexion and dark, brunette
hair, was the feistiest of the group. She never backed down from Kate or any
of her cheering friends. Gordo on the other hand, 14 years old, tallest in
the group, sported dark, curly hair, Jewish, was more of a thinker than
anything else. He was the brains in the group and deep down, carried a crush
for the lovely Ms. Sanders from the first day he laid eyes on her. He had no
problem stepping down from verbal or physical fights. Then there is Lizzie,
14 years old, variably blonde locks, quite attractive in a low self-esteem
way, budding size B breasts, self fashionable dresser, who used to be best
friends with Ms. Sanders, but now has her allegiance elsewhere, with her own
friends and companions. She tried to steer away from the Kate Sanders of the
world, but no matter where she turned or went there seemed to always be one
lurking if she was a magnet that attracted the hatred and cruelty
the Kate Sanders of the world possessed. She most definitely wasn't a
fighter, but when pushed, especially if her friends are in trouble, she can
be quite a handful to deal with.

The gang realized that Kate was breaking from her normal routine, allowing
her friends to go on without her, yet she was still closing in on them. She
walked right up to Lizzie and grabbed her by the base of her white, flashy,
sparkled shirt and walked a few feet away, pulling Lizzie along with her.

"Kate, leave Lizzie alone." Shouted out Miranda as she watched her friend be
drug away.

Kate turned and faced the Latino. "If I cared to listen to what you had to
say, I would have addressed you. I didn't so get lost already." Kate loved
throwing about her fierce sarcasm. "I need to talk with Lizzie for a moment
if you don't mind."

"But I do mind."

"Whatever!" Kate turned back to look at Lizzie. Lizzie looked at Kate and
then toward her friends.

"I'll be okay, but don't go too far."

"Don't worry, Liz, we won't." Gordo spoke up, shocking everyone within
hearing distance. He wasn't known for his heroic nature, but occasionally the
hero did come out of him and as always, it shocked those around him.

"Ta, ta." Snorted Kate as she gently waved her hand, watching Miranda and
Gordo as they left their vicinity. She turned back to Lizzie. "We need to

The two girls walked beside each other, walking into an empty classroom.

"What's so important, Kate? What are you up to?" Lizzie asked as Kate pushed
her over toward a group of desks.

"Nothing McGuire, I'm up to nothing. I just wanted to let you know that I
wasn't too pleased the other day when your mom stopped by my house, more so,
neither was my mom. So guess what, you win, I lose. That's what you've been

"What's that supposed to mean? I win? What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about for now on, I have to be nice to you, almost friend
like...and trust me, I hate even thinking of such a thing."

"Hmmm...what happened to us? We used to be the best of friends and look at
us now...ready to claw at each other's throat." Kate didn't deny what Lizzie
had said as Lizzie looked on studying the other girl. "You really are serious
aren't you? Wow. What I wouldn't give to know what my mom said to you and
your mom. Care to..."

"Let's just leave it at what I said...I'm supposed to treat you as I myself
would like to be treated. But don't worry...I'll never treat you that good.
That is just too beyond me, but you'll see a difference."

"Yeah, sounds like someone's been studying up on the golden least
a loose variation of it. I didn't even know you knew the rule existed. So
does this 'being nice to Lizzie' only go for you or will I still have to deal
with your posse?"

"First off, we aren't a posse, we're a cheering squad, and secondly, yes,
the squad has agreed to stand by me, leaving you only to be tormented by your
horrible fashion sense."

"Guess that is good enough for me. And to set things straight, I like my
fashion sense. I'm unique and one of a kind. Why we are on the topic, what
about my friends? Are they exempted from your hatred, cruelty, sarcastic
whelms as well?"

"Damn it. Yes, they are now. You had to ask didn't you?"

"Hehehe...oh this is just too much. I bet you're just dying on the inside.
You've really got me curious about what my mom said to you guys. I'll have to
remember to give her an extra hug and kiss when I get home."

"Yeah, you do that. Then maybe she will lay off my family and things can get
back to normal around here, me and my squad having fun kicking you and your
friends' asses. Til then, lets hug or do something to make this new bond of
ours official."

Lizzie held back for a moment before allowing Kate to wrap her arms around
her body, enveloping her in a close, mutual hug. They quickly broke apart,
Kate smoothing out her now wrinkled blouse and Lizzie nervously looking down
at the floor with her hands in her back pockets.

"Don't worry McGuire, we've endured much worse before."

"Yeah, back at ya, Kate." Kate started for the door, then stopped and turned
to look back at Lizzie before exiting.

"All those remarks I've said about your clothing and style...just forget
them...some of it is pretty cool and as you said, unique." Kate smiled at
the other girl before exiting the room. The smile wasn't a smile the girl
was used to showing off, it was easy, simple, and took little to no effort,
as if she really meant it.

Lizzie smiled as well, biting her lower lip as Kate left the room. She was
happy and excited and couldn't wait to tell her friends. Things were about
to change in the young teenagers' lives.

* * *

Later that day, Kate Sanders walked through her front door of her house,
greeted only by her mother. "Mom?" The girl stood in the doorway looking
into the entryway of her house, staring at her mother dressed in black,
lacy, revealing lingerie. Her nipples and blonde hairy bush was exposed
for the world to see. Kate realized that she was yet in the house and
anyone passing by could easily see everything. She walked in and closed
the door behind her before turning back toward her mother.

"Is that a dog collar around your neck? Where did that co..."

Interrupting her daughter, "Yes it is, sweetheart, and there is one for you
as well."

"Come with me, she is expecting us."

"No, mom, please don't tell me she is here."

"I can't. She's waiting in the living room and you know if we don't hurry
she will be angered."

"Do we really have to put up with this?"

"Yes, honey, we do, especially if you don't want our past getting out to
those in the neighborhood and the community. Come on Kate, sweetie, she
promised it would only be for a few weeks. Oh, before I forget, here."
Kate's mom handed her the end of a leash that she quickly clipped to the
dog collar around her neck. She proceeded to drop down onto the hard wood
floor, supporting herself only on her hands and knees.

"You have got to be kidding me?" Kate couldn't believe how far they were
being pushed. She was frustrated and she was only in the second day of
their arrangement. She pulled on the leash, causing her mother's face to
crash against her bare leg. Her mother looked up to say something, but
found herself staring up her daughter's cheerleading skirt. Before she
could say anything, Kate started walking towards their living room, her
mother following close behind as a good dog would follow their master.

Once inside the living room, a familiar voice spoke out. "Ah, Kate, I'm so
glad you've come to join us. So how do you like your new puppy? She's sweet
isn't she? Why don't you pat her on the behind? I'm sure she would like
that. Wouldn't you puppy?"

"Yes, mistress, I would like that very much so. Thank you for thinking of
me, mistress." Again Kate was aghast that her mother was going along with
this role-playing. She didn't exactly like her mother at the moment and
knowing she had the control, she leaned down and swatted her mother's naked
ass, repeatedly for thirty seconds. Her mother winced at the excruciating
pain her daughter's swatting palm was giving her ass.

"That's enough Kate." Kate was about to release another round of punishment
on her mother's ass when her mistress spoke. "Now Kate, why don't you tell
your puppy to go grab those two vibrators off the end table and to go lock
herself in her room upstairs and make herself happy until one of us comes to
get her?"

"You heard the lady!" Snapped Kate as she stared at her mother, already
crawling towards the end tables. Her mother grasped the two vibrators in
the clutches of her teeth and then crawled toward the stairs.

"Now puppy, be sure you take those stairs as a puppy would, one hand and knee
at a time."

Kate hung her head not believing what her and her mother was having to endure
due to a few of their past activities.

"Ahhh, Kate, don't look so down. Why don't you drop those books and sit down
on the love seat?" Kate walked over and dropped her books by the love seat
before sitting down."

"Oh wait. I almost forgot. Would you mind standing back up and turning
around? You might want to support yourself on the arm rest." Jo McGuire
walked over to the bent over girl, examining her feminine attributes. She
could understand why the girl could have any guy she wanted. "Yes, that
looks nice. You really do keep yourself in shape. Hard to believe, but I
believe my Lizzie is in just as good as shape if not better and she isn't
even a cheerleader. Who would have thought?"

Kate hated the woman every time she brought up her daughter in conversation.
Much of what the woman had to say about her daughter was true and Kate knew
it, but tried her hardest not to admit her admission.

"Now, let's see if you remembered?" Jo leaned down and raised Kate's
cheerleading skirt up over her ass, exposing her puckered, filled ass.
"Oh yes, it looks like it was made to fit you darling." Jo ran her hand
over the butt plug that was slightly sticking out the blonde girl's
raised ass. "I see you follow orders quite nicely. Oh I see a promise in
your near future, so much promise." Jo applied pressure to the plug and
Kate's body shuddered at the further intrusion. "When did you insert it?"

"I put it in after I changed clothes for cheering practice."

"So you had it in you throughout the practice? Did anyone notice? Did you
wet yourself?"

"Yes, mistress, it was hard to keep in, but it was in during the entire
practice. I don't think anyone noticed. I hope no one noticed, mistress. I
believe I might have wet myself. We sweat a lot at practice so I couldn't
be too sure."

"Come on, Kate, you know I told you to call me Jo." Jo placed her thumb on
the end of the butt plug and pushed it upwards, causing the end in the girl's
ass to push down against her internal cavity. She then pushed the plug down,
reversing the plug and its internal intrusion. Kate wouldn't admit it, but
she was fighting not to lose control of the juices she knew was building up
within her pussy.

Jo loosened her pressure and finally eased the device from Kate's ass. She
handed the plug to the girl. "Kate, I want you to keep this, and tomorrow
before you approach my daughter I want you to put it back in. I don't care
when or where you do it, just as long as while you are being nice and
talking with my Lizzie, you have the constant reminder that it was I, Jo
McGuire, Lizzie's loving and caring mother, that made you insert such an
uncomfortable, sometimes painful device. You will do that for me, won't

Without a moment of hesitation, "Yes, ma'am, I'll be more than happy to wear
your beloved butt plug."

"Good. Now that, that is over with, what do you say to a little tongue play?"
Kate didn't know what the older woman had in mind; she just waited for the
inevitable. Jo slapped the girl's ass and bent her head down, extending her
tongue into the girl's backside orifice. Kate shot her head up unexpectedly,
feeling Jo McGuire's tongue up her ass for the first time.

"Oh my."

Jo pulled back for a moment. "You like that I see. Good. I like your ass as
well." Jo re-entered her tongue, licking against the tight confines, taking
in the smell of body lotion. She had been expecting another smell, but the
lotion's scent was too strong. She tightened up her tongue and pushed it in
further, trying to recreate the actions of the removed plug. Her tongue
pulled out and shot back in, driving the girl wild with pleasure. Kate shook
her head from side to side, trying her hardest to push her ass further into
Jo's face. Her cunt was over running with her juices, pouring out onto and
staining the cushions of the love seat and the carpet below, but she didn't
have a care in the world. Kate even joined in on the attack on her ass,
reaching back and slapping her own ass, causing her to tighten even more
around the continuing invading tongue.

Jo was pleased and decided to treat the girl. She slid her right hand between
the girl's legs and lightly ran her finger over the girl's slit. Her juices
were everywhere. She realized that she didn't need to treat the girl for she
had already treated herself. She continued to lick out the girl's bare ass
for a little while longer. As her tongue pulled out, her fingers became
adequate replacements, allowing her to thrust even deeper into the girl's
rear cavity. Kate was so turned on that she was openly fingering her own
pussy as another set of fingers worked the tight confines of her ass.

The older woman only wished to please the girl for the time being, neglecting
her own sexual needs. "Alright, Kate, you can stop pleasuring yourself now."

"Please, Jo, just a little bit more. Please."

"No! Must I repeat myself?" Kate hated to quit her self-ministrations when
she was so close to getting off, but she knew not to anger her mistress.

"No, ma'am, I've stopped." The blonde haired cheerleader was panting in what
seemed to be that of pleasure and frustration. Jo liked knowing she had full
control over Kate and her mother.

"Kate, you can stand up and smooth out your clothes. I want you to have a
seat and tell me all about your day at school, most importantly, how things
went between you and my daughter." Kate stood up, turned around, ran her
hands over her skirt, and then sat down on the love seat, making sure to
give Jo plenty to stare at between her out spread legs.

Jo was pleased the girl was thinking about her. As she listened to the girl,
she soaked in the beauty of the pussy between Kate Sander's legs. At an
earlier demand, her pubic mound had been shaved bare, looking and feeling
much like a baby's butt.

"Everything went fine. I had a talk with her and she knows I'm supposed to be
nice to her."

"She what? Why did you tell her? You know you weren't supposed to tell her."

"But I thought..."

"No, you didn't think, that was your problem...and still is your problem.
You were supposed to make it appear that you were having a change of heart
toward her and slowly let things build back up between you two. That is all
that I wanted. Please tell me, that you didn't mention anything about me.
Well, did you mention me or not?"

"Yes. She even wanted to know what you had said to my mother and me."

"Well, did you tell her?"

"No way. I would never be able to live that down."

"Good, at least you weren't that stupid. Maybe you're more like your mom than
I thought you were. And here I thought you were way better than her."

"But I am better than my mother. Speaking of my mother, how long are you
going to make her stay up in her room?"

"Until she has fucked herself unconscious maybe or better yet, until she
can't stand the raunchy orders in the room any longer. I better go up and
check on her before I leave."

"No, wait, let me check on her." An excited Kate said as she smiled at Jo.

"Can I trust you to make sure she stays in her room at all times? If you
must, stay in the room for at least two consecutive orgasms, but make sure
she understands that every waking hour she should be fucking those vibrators
in and out of her pussy, ass, mouth, tits, or anywhere else she can fit

"Whoa, that might could be interesting."

"Oh, you're definitely the young woman for the job. Well then, take care,
remember, be nice to Lizzie, and unjustly cruel to your mother. Give her
kisses for me. One more thing, for now on, you are not allowed to wear any
panties at school. I know cheer practice is pushing it a bit so I will
allow you to wear your normal bloomers under your skirt if you must, but
before and after practice and throughout the school day, you are not to
wear any under clothes, bras and garters included. And this next part is
very important and could be quite entertaining. Each time you see my
daughter, whether at school, the mall, the street, wherever, you are to be
nice and very warm to her in various ways."

"Do you mean you want me to sleep with your daughter?"

"Well I guess that would be one way to be nice and warm to her, but...not at
first. I just want you two to become friends again. That is what all of this
is about. Take you remember doing anything right after you spoke
with her?"

"Yeah, I think I gave her a hug."

"Okay, then tomorrow do something completely different or just slightly alter
the hug, maybe add in a little something extra, something different than from
before. And Lizzie and I do talk, so I will know what is going on between you
two. Trust me, there are other eyes watching your every move as well, so
don't try anything funny. And take your digital camera with you to school
everyday as well. I might find a few things we can do with it. Wait, what do
you know, I just thought of something. Everyday, I want you to take a picture
of your bare pussy while capturing a different part of the school at the same
time, in the same picture."

"But how?" Kate interrupted the woman without thinking.

"That is for you to find a way. You want to interrupt me again and have to
take completely naked pictures...just try me?" Kate vividly shook her head.
"Good, then we aren't having a problem with our communication then. Also, if
you get the chance, I wouldn't mind seeing some of your other classmates in
states of undress, which includes your squad as well. If possible, nude or
partial nude pictures of your teachers, especially the ladies, would be real
nice to have. And of course if you fuck any guy or girl I want a visual
record of the incident. I promise you this is the last thing, scout's honor.
You are to leave Ethan Craft alone and let him choose between you, my Lizzie,
and any other girl he chooses. You are not to do anything more to get his
attention than Lizzie does, but if she goes as far as to fuck him, which I'm
sure she hasn't even considered, that is where you draw the line. See, while
I'm in charge, if you need to get off or feel someone else's body against
yours, it best be your own hand or another girl. You are swearing off guys
from this moment on. That's all. Have a great day."

Jo left Kate standing in the entryway, as she closed the front door behind
her. Kate dropped to her knees on the hard wood floor and started crying her
heart out, tears puddling around her knees. "Swearing off guys?" She mumbled
as her hands covered her face.

To Be Continued in Part 2


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