Lizzie McGuire: A Very Lizzie Christmas Sex Story (MMff,mc,magic,snowman)
by Hamster (little, yellow, furry, different)

It was December and Lizzie and Miranda had decided to get holiday jobs so
that they can earn money for presents. After several tries they were finally
hired at the mall as elves for the mall Santa. They were forced to wear red
shirts with green pointed hats, green shoes, a green vest, a green skirt and
red stalkings. They had been helping Santa all day so they noticed that he
seemed to be getting grumpier and grumpier. He made comments like 'freaking
brats want everything' and 'what about what Santa wants?'

It was the end of the day and Santa was alone at the Christmas display with
Lizzie and Miranda. Lizzie decided to approach him and ask what was wrong.

"What's wrong? What's wrong is that every year Santa has to deal with greedy
brats all month and Santa never gets what Santa wants." Santa complained

"Well what do you want?" Lizzie asked.

Santa looked thoughtful. "If Santa gives you anything you want will you give
Santa what he wants?"

"But you are not the real Santa." Miranda protested.

"Oh yeah, let Santa show you something." Santa said.

He walked over to a fake snowman and sprinkled some dust overt suddenly it
changed. Now it was a real snowman made of real snow with branches for arms
and a carrot nose. But this snowman was alive and moved examining the girls
with his coal eyes. He really did resemble the 'Nestea' snowman.

"OK so maybe you are Santa Claus. Miranda squeaked.

"Wait Lizzie said so basically you want a deal we give you whatever you want
for Christmas and we get whatever we want?" Lizzie confirmed.

"That's the general idea." Santa said.

"OK so like what do you want?" Miranda asked.

"Well for starters why don't you drink some of this eggnog, Santa made it
himself and it well get you in the proper mood." Santa winked at the snowman
that gave a sinister coal smile.

The two girls shrugged and accepted the eggnog from Santa's flask. As it
slid down their throats they felt a warm sensation flow throw their body and
settle between their legs. They were very horny now and the magical eggnog
sapped them of all their will to say 'no'.

"Now girls this is what Santa wants first; Santa wants to cum in Lizzie's
mouth. Is that all right?" Santa asked.

"Sure no problem Santa!" Lizzie exclaimed enthusiastically. Lizzie would
normally find the thought shocking and appalling but at the moment it sounded
both reasonable and fun.

"Snowman I'm sure you can keep Miranda busy while Santa gets his hummer."
Santa said.

Santa sat back in his chair and unzipped his pants. He then pulled out his
mighty cock, which stood, stiff, straight and large. Lizzie came over to him
and grabbed a firm hold of his man-meat just under the head. Santa grunted
his approval. Lizzie began licking up and down the side of the shaft. She
caressed the side of the wet, hard member with her cheek.

"Oh yeah baby Santa likes..." Santa moaned.

Lizzie opened her mouth swallowed his cock; she sucked as hard as she could
and held the base of the big dick tightly. Santa watched in delighted,
pleasure filled amusement as the cute blonde's head bobbed up and down on
his fleshy love pole.

Meanwhile Miranda was bent over at the waist and was holding on to a plastic
candy-cane for support the snowman had removed his carrot nose from his face
and embedded it in his mid-section. With his stick arms he shredded away
Miranda's green stockings and yanked off her panties. She sighed in
anticipation when the tip of his carrot/cock touched her horny little beaver.
She bit her lip and squeaked as the carrot/dick plunged slowly deeper and
deeper into her virgin cunt. The carrot soon met the resistance of her
virginity. With a mighty thrust he tore through her hymen causing her to
scream in pain which soon turned to squeals of pleasure as he humped away
with intense vigor.

In the mean time Santa felt the pressure building in his penis. Warm salty
goo shot up his shaft and filled Lizzie's mouth; she tried to swallow as much
as she could before she choked and some warm cum overflowed and spilled out
her mouth her mouth and down her chin.

"Ohhhhh yes ho, ho, ho that's a good little bit of cock-sucking Lizzie."
Santa said.

Both of them suddenly turned Miranda's way as she came to her very first

"OHHH OHHH FUCK YEEEEEEES!!!" Miranda cried as the snowman's tempo slowed and
finally his fucking subsided.

The snowman pulled his carrot/cock free of Miranda's teen pussy and presented
it to her. She licked her own cum and blood from the carrot.

"Mmmm it's soooo good." She moaned.

"Let me try!" Lizzie piped.

She got behind her fiend and ran her tongue over Miranda's slit. Miranda
moaned and whimpered as her best friend licked the cum away from her pussy.
Lizzie's tongue burrowed into Miranda's wet honey-hole. Lizzie inserted a
finger and began to finger fuck Miranda's horny little pussy.

"Oh yes, yes Lizzie that feels so good." Miranda moaned.

Santa was once again sporting wood from watching this display of hot lesbian
lust. He got behind Lizzie and pulled down her stalkings and panties. His
huge cock head pushed his way into her cunt, sliding into the already sloppy
wet orifice with ease. Lizzie continued to eat Miranda's pussy while Santa
pushed his cock in slowly penetrating deeper and deeper. She paused in her
lesbian pussy munching to gasp loudly as Santa tore past her hymen. He really
began drilling her at this point as she valiantly tried to keep her focus on
Miranda's cunt. Miranda was the first to cum; she pulled Lizzie's face tight
to her pussy as she cried out in ecstacy. Lizzie was next the sounds of her
cumming were muffled by the cunt in her mouth. Finally Santa blew his wad
deep inside of Lizzie.

"Ho, ho ho Santa is very pleased." Santa huffed as he deposited to neatly
wrapped gifts at the exhausted girls' feet before pulling up his pants.
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night."
_ _ _

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