Lizzie McGuire:: A Most Unique Boutique Part 2
by Hamster ([email protected])

Sunday Afternoon, the Mall...

Lizzie went to the Wiener Shack and purchased a small lemonaide and a
corndog. She consumed roughly half the dog and then through the rest away
after about ten minutes of pacing she spotted her frioend Miranda and walked
over to her.

"You are late." Lizzie said.

"Sorry." Miranda replied. "My mom made me mow the lawn."

"That sucks. Well let's go to work."

Lizzie was wearing a very short jean-skirt and Miranda was wearing tight
black leather pants. They wearing being stared at by almost every boy and
alot of the adult men that crossed their paths. This naturally brought a
smile to their faces. Lizzie wwas feeling frisky so she decided to fuck
with their heads by grabbing Miranda's ass as they walked towards thier
destination which was Diana's Clothing store.

Lizzie and Miranda were being followed. Kate and Claire were shadowing them
the whole way.

"Looks like McGwire and her friend are a pair of dykes." Claire said.

"I'm not really surprized and i don't actually care." Kate said. "I just want
to find out where they get all of their cloths."

The pair followed Lizzie and her friend all of the way to Diana's shop.

"Bitches must work their. That's where they are getting their cloths from."
Claire siad.

"No kidding." Said Kate sarcastically. "We are just going to have to go in
there and apply."

Claire cringed. She hated work.

Kate grabbed claire by the wrist and dragged her to the shop. No sooner had
they stepped through the door than they felt the electric tingle of a stun
gun course through their bodies. Both girls slumped to the floor paralyzed.
Lizzie and miranda high fived each other before putting the 'Closed' sign
up front.

"Dumb bitches didn't even know that we knew that they were following us."
Miranda said.

"Yeah and they stick out like a pair sore thumbs." Lizzie said as she shuck
her head.

Diana looked at the two twitching teenagers. "Hurry up and strip them down
and then handcuff them."

The unfortunate pair were soon bound and helpless. They began to regain
consciousness and soon noted that Lizzie, Miranda and Diana were all staring
down at them.

"What's going. You can't do this! You are going to be in so much trouble."
Kate began.

Lizzie shut her up by whipping her hand back and slapping her hard across the

"Now Lizzie there is no need for that." Diana said.

"I know, but it really made me feel better. Can I hit her again?" Lizzie
asked as she appraoched the helpless Claire.

"No Lizzie just hold on. Kate and Claire, you have been making life difficult
on poor Lizzie and Miranda. So I'm going to make life difficult on you. You
have a choice do whatever we want today or I kill you both and dump your
worthless corpses in the nearest body of water." Said Diana.

"Y-you can't you aren't serious. You'll get caught you'll..." Kate was
interrupted by another hard slap.

"Sheesh Lizzie really hates you. And by the way. I am dead serious. And as
far as us getting caught. Sweety useless little bitches like you vanish
without a trace on a daily basis. So what is it going to be?" Demanded Diana.

Kate and Claire were both scared at this point.

"Uh ok I'll do anything just don't hurt me." Claire said.

"Yeah ok. Me too." Said Kate.

"Good now get undressed." Said Diana.

"What! No way!" Kate said.

"Zap the stupid bitch." Said Diana.

"Love to." Said Lizzie.

Lizzie pulled out her taser and Kate immediately began to beg away.

"No NO please I'll strip ok, this is me stripping." Kate began to pull down
her orange skirt and Claire quickly followed suite with her white pants. In
a few minutes they were both completely naked.

"Good. Lizzie, Miranda You two can have Kate. I'll amuse myself with Claire."
said Diana.

Diana took Claire by the hand and led her to the back room. Kate was once
again zapped.

When she again regained her senses she noted that her wrists were tied up
behind her back and she was fairly sure that while she was out of it she'd
been slapped at least two more times.

"You know that never gets old." Lizzie commented while Miranda nodded.

"You guys are never going to get away with this." Protested Kate.


"Lizzie stop it." Miranda said. Kate became hopefull that Lizzie would have
some sense talked into her. "Let me do it one time."


Kate began crying. "Aaahhh please no more."

"OK but we better get some cooperation from you. Hey Miranda look at her
tits. I wonder if they are fake." Said Lizzie.

"Really only one way to know for sure." Said Miranda.


Lizzie walked up to Kate and grabbed her boobs. She started to squeeze them
with all of her might.

"EEEEYYOOOOOWCH!!" Cried the sobbing Kate.

Kate twisted and tried to pull away but Lizzie had a deathlock on her tits.
Finally Lizzie released the other girl. Kate's boobs were sore and she was
certain they'd probably bruise.

"Is that it are you going to tortuere me all day?" Demanded Kate between her

"If you want." Said Miranda.

"But we may be convinced to not torture you." Said Lizzie. "If you eat us

Kate paused. She didn't want to do it. She REALLY didn't wnat to do it but
she also didn't want to continue to suffer the relentless abuse that Lizzie
seemed to enjoy inflicting upon her. Kate realized it was a little bit late
but she was beggining to regret the way she'd treated Lizzie all this time.

"Ok I'll do it." Said Kate.

Lizzie and Miranda immediately began stripping out of their cloths. Upon
achiving Nudity, Miranda got on the floor and spread her legs. Lizzie grabbed
a handful of Kate's blonde hair and yanked her over to Miranda to the other
girl and then shoved her face in Miranda's cunt.

"Get to licking." Said Lizzie.

Tentatively Kate gave her hated enemie's side kick a lick. Lizzie was
impatiant so she put her foot on the back of Kate's head and shoved it into
Miranda's pussy hard.

"Bitch eat her out, do it." Lizzie ordered.

Kate started to flick her tongue in and out of Miranda's pussy.

"Mmmm that's better...deeper, deeper." Moaned Miranda.

At Miranda's urgence Kate spread Mranda's lips and pushed her tongue in as
deep as it would go. Kate ate the other girl out until she came softly.

"How was she?" Asked Lizzie.

"She was shit. good luck." Miranda said.

"Lay on your back slut." KLizzie ordered.

Kate complied. Lizzie struted over to her and then squatted over her face.
Kate knew what she had to do and began to eat out Lizzie pussy.

"MMm yeah, good, yeah, yeah eat it." Moaned Lizzie.

Lizzie leaned forward and grabbed Kate's tits. She squeezed and kneaded them
as she rocked her pussy on Kate's face. Lizzie arched her back and began to

In the back room...

Claire lay next to Diana who was sucking on one of Claire's tits as she
fingered her.

"Mmm yes Diana." Claire whimpered.

Once Claire succumbed to her orgasm she and Diana kissed deeply.

"You did well luring Kate here. And those tapes you gave me of Kate sucking
off every boy in school will certainly help keep her in line." Said Diana.

"Glad I could help." said Claire.

Diana got her purse and retreaved five hundred dollars.

"Here is your reward as we agreed." Said Diana.


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