Lizzie McGuire: A Most Unique Boutique Part 1 (Fff,nc-cons)
by Hamster

Sunday afternoon, the mall...

Miranda and Lizzie had gone to the mall for the afternoon and Lizzie kept
getting the impression that Miranda wanted to say something to her. She kept
starting to say something then stopping and looking at her as if she had
something she needed to say but couldn't get it out. Come to think of it
she'd been weird all week at school too.

"Alright." Lizzie said. "Out with it."

"What?" Miranda asked nervously.

"Come on Miranda I know something is on your mind, just tell me." Lizzie

"OK, fine. There's this clothing boutique I went to last week. It was new and
had some very cool stuff so I had gone to check it out. I was in there just
before closing and only one of the employees was there at the time. She was a
lady about our moms' age and I got the impression that the woman was a little
gay. She just kept touching me as I tried on different outfits. Any ways she
let me have some cloths free because she said I was pretty." Miranda

"Touching you how?" Lizzie said.

"Well she would keep brushing her hand against my thigh or across my ass.
She kept leading me around with her hand on the small of my back." Miranda
explained, a little embarrassed.

Lizzie was immediately curious about this and wanted to see for herself what
was going on.

"Let's go to this store. I want to see what this lady is up to." Lizzie said.

"OK. If you want to." Miranda agreed. "It's this way."

It was late and just before closing. Sure enough, the same woman was there
and she immediately approached the two girls. She had long red-brown hair,
large breasts and nice legs. She was wearing a coffee colored blouse and a
black leather skirt with black high-heeled boots. She seemed to have quite
a bit of muscle definition in her arms and Lizzie was sure that the woman
worked out.

"Umm hi, I was here last week. I was telling my friend Lizzie about how much
personal attention you gave me and that she should come here to check out
your clothes." Miranda said.

"Why yes of course, I do remember you. Miranda right? Your friend is a very
lovely girl. I'll be more than happy to help you with anything you may need.
Oh dear I was about to cloths. I can let you girls stay for a little while
but let me lock up so I don't have anyone else coming in." The woman went and
locked the store.

She led Lizzie back to the dressing area and showed her into a cubicle. She
turned to Miranda and told her it was okay to join them. Miranda walked into
the cubicle too.

"Why don't you take your top off so I can get an idea of your size and what
might look good on you." The lady said.

"Umm sure." Lizzie said nervously.

Lizzie looked at her and started to pull her shirt over her head. Lizzie
was wearing a simple cotton bra which surprisingly the woman unclasped and
removed. Lizzie was shocked at the woman's brazenness. She stepped up to
Lizzie and turned her towards the mirror. Then she wrapped her arms around
Lizzie so that she was holding her from behind.

"Your boobs are so nice." The woman whispered into Lizzie's ear.

With that, she ran her hands from Lizzie's waist up to her breasts and began
to fondle her. Lizzie watched in the mirror as the woman's hands moved over
her breasts. She was amazed. She had never had a lesbian experience before
and now this woman was just taking her. Lizzie had no idea what to do she was
stunned. As the woman continued, Lizzie was getting more and more excited.
She laid her head back on to the woman's shoulder.

"W- what are you doing to me? I've never done this before. You've got to
stop. This isn't right." Lizzie stammered weakly.

The woman continued to fondle Lizzie's breasts with one hand as the other
hand moved down over the girl's bare midriff to the top of her skirt. Lizzie
felt this and tried to move the woman's hand away. The woman though was
strong and insistent.

She whispered into the Lizzie's ear, "Just relax, OK? You are going to like
this, trust me. I'm pretty good at eating pussy. Especially the fresh young
stuff like yours." With that, she unzipped and unbuttoned the skirt and let
it drop down Lizzie's legs.

The woman now spun Lizzie around and pushed her to a table that was in the
corner. In the meantime, Miranda was standing in the corner watching as the
woman had her way with her friend.

Lizzie looked at Miranda and said, "Miranda, please help me. She's going to
rape me, please don't let her take me."

Miranda and the boutique owner just exchanged conspiratory smiles.

"Sorry Lizzie. You see, I have an arrangement with her. If I bring her some
girls from school, I get free cloths here. I didn't think of bringing YOU
here until you dragged it out of me and invited yourself over. So it's really
your own fault if you think about it. Besides I think you'll like it. I sure
did." Miranda explained.

With that, the woman grabbed Lizzie's panties on each side and slid them down
her legs. Lizzie was desperately looking around for a way to escape but found
none. The lady was strong and with Miranda on her side there wasn't much that
Lizzie could do to resist. The woman pushed the girl's legs apart gently and
ran her hands up and down her thighs. She lightly brushed her fingers over
the girl's pussy causing Lizzie to suck a sharp breath. Lizzie was being
overwhelmed. She could feel that her pussy w as getting moist from the
sensual attention the woman had given her. Her nipples were standing out and
the woman noticed this. She knelt down between Lizzie's legs and wrapped her
arms around the girl's waist. She pulled the teen to her and sucked one of
the girl's nipples deep into her mouth. Lizzie immediately was hit with an
intensely sensual feeling deep within her. She thru her head back as the
woman moved to the other breast and sucked it in too.

Lizzie could not believe it. Her best friend had lured her into this shop so
that the woman could prey on her. Now the woman had her in the dressing room
naked and was raping her. Lizzie put her hands on the woman's head in a
feeble attempt to push the woman away, but the woman was holding her too
tightly. As the woman continued the assault on Lizzie's breasts, Lizzie felt
her resistance slipping away. The woman was overwhelming her with sensual
feelings. After a few more minutes of this, the woman slowed and then pulled
her face away from the girl's breasts. She looked up at the girl, who was now
close to submission.

"I think you are going to like this next part." The woman said.

Lizzie breathed out a very feeble protest, but there was really nothing she
could do. The woman had her at her mercy. The woman lowered her head as she
wrapped her arms around the girl's beautiful thighs, pulling them wide apart.
She pulled the girl towards her which further eroded Lizzie's ability to
resist. The woman took one last look at the girl before she buried her mouth
in the pussy of the girl. Lizzie was hit like a shock as the woman's tongue
penetrated her. The woman was an expert. She moved her tongue smoothly and
slowly inside the girl. At this point, Lizzie laid back and let the woman
devour her. She could not resist any longer. Miranda saw this and decided it
was time to get involved. She moved over to her friend and started to kiss
her lips. Lizzie opened her eyes for a moment just as Miranda shoved her
tongue into the girl's mouth.

Lizzie was like a feast for hungry lions now. The woman and now her friend
Miranda were all over the girl and they touched and sucked every part of the
girl's body. Lizzie was overcome by the sensuality of the assault and let it
happen. Eventually, the woman caused Lizzie to have at least 6 orgasms -
something she had never felt before. When it was done, it took Lizzie a half
an hour to recover enough even to sit up. Miranda and the woman amused
themselves with some heavy French kissing as they waited. The boutique owner
then reached into a bag and took out a large two-headed, strap-on dildo.

"No please, no." Lizzie begged. "I'm a virgin and that thing is way too big."

Miranda grabbed Lizzie and held her down. The woman inserted the shorted
end of the dildo into her on cunt with a sigh then strapped herself in. She
approached Lizzie and spread the struggling teen's legs. Lizzie cried out as
the dildo slowly parted her pussy lips and inched it's way into her pussy.
When it finally reached Lizzie's delicate virginity the woman pulled back a
little then slammed her way in ripping threw the hymen painfully. Lizzie
cried out in pain. Her pain-filled whimpering was soon replaced by passionate
moans moans of pleasure and a bucking orgasm.

When Lizzie finally got up and started to dress, the woman went to her and
hugged her and gave her one last kiss. Lizzie felt a little dirty for having
sex, especially with a woman. But she felt even dirtier for enjoying it.

"I know that you liked that Lizzie. And I liked doing it to you. You see, I
like to take young girls like you. I'm lucky that I got to know your friend
Miranda and that she will help me to find girls like you. I want you to know
that you are welcome here anytime. If you ever want some cloths here I think
we can come up with an alternative payment plan. No go and pick something out
for yourselves girls," the woman leaned and sucked the girl's breast into her
mouth just for a moment, "And by the way my name is Diana."

Lizzie looked at the woman and just nodded her head. She and Miranda did
indeed pick out some cloths and left.

* * *

Lizzie had thought about telling somebody what had happened but she knew
that she wanted it to happen again and was making plans to return the very
next weekend. When she did she was once again thoroughly fucked by the
boutique owner and given some cool cloths. Lizzie told her parents that she
was working a part time job to explain her trips to the mall and her new

But her parents weren't as interested in her new cloths as somebody else was.
Kate and her friend Claire had certainly taken note of Lizzie's impressive
new wardrobe and was turning green with envy. The ruthless bitch was the most
popular girl in the school and it was like a corkscrew through her heart that
people were saying that Lizzie was the best dressed girl in school. She had
to find out where Lizzie was getting her cloths. She was willing to do
anything to return to the top of the fashion totem pole at school.

To be continued...

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