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This story contains m/f, oral, a just a smidgeon of romance, but not very
much. If you don't swing that way, stop reading. This is a PARODY, PARODY,
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In preparing for this lemon, I have made 1 vital decision. I will not bother
doing research for a story. I think I'll spend more on researching than
writing. So, in the future I think I'll be a bit more...selective in my
requests. At least something I've seen in the last decade. Well, enough of my
bitching, you all don't read this for that. Ariel/Eric, hope ya like it, I'll
tell you if I do.

The Little Mermaid: For No apparant reason, Splish Splash I was takin' A Bath
by Some Random Bastard

Eric carried the love of his life up to the tower. Their wedding having taken
place less than an hour ago, but each moment felt like an hour of agonizing
pain before he could consummate his marriage.

With each step his heartbeats quickened. Not from the exercise, but instead
from the heightening anticipation. With each step his penis got a little bit
tighter, and his balls a little bluer.

At last he had arrived at the final step. When he opened the door, the love
of his life was in his bedroom and they no longer had any obligations for

Without a word he carried her over the threshold to the bed. Before they had
both landed on his bed, their lips were intertwined. Eric moaned as his Roman
hands (roaming hands) slowly grazed over her ass. Ariel was getting more and
more turned on, a feeling she hadn't experienced since her becoming a human.

Eric took the initiative, and took off his shirt and vest, revealing his bare
six back to Ariel. Ariel was amazed by his physic, and began to massage his
pecks and feel over his stomach.

Eric slowly reached his hands backwards, and unzipped the wedding gown. It
easily unzipped, and a moment later she helped him finish the job, leaving
only her breasts and crotch unexposed.

Eric held his love in his arms and began to kiss her again. His hands made
their way towards her bra, and slowly undid it. As he busied himself, Ariel
began to nibble on his ear, driving him insane. Once her bra was undone, and
her bountiful breasts came rolling out, her nipples already becoming erect.

Eric slowly began massaging her nipples. They were puffy, probably a result
in being in warm water for the majority of her life. Eric slowly began to
flick his tongue over the sensitive nipples, as they sprang to action,
reacting to his soft playful licks. While he was busing himself with her
nipples, Ariel was exploring his crotch. She could feel the heat of his penis
coming through the pants. Ariel slowly unbuckled his pants, and interrupting
Eric's action, took out his penis to examine. She was amazed at it's size,
and also it's hardness. Living in the sea gave her little experience in
seeing a full penis, most equestrian life forms breed by the female laying
eggs and the male fertilizing them.

"Go on honey, play with it" he said, and she quickly began. Slowly she began
to practice pumping it, her motions jerky at first but her pace quickened as
she began to get acquainted with it. Slowly she lowered her mouth, and began
to taste her lover's penis. She slowly began to lick the shaft of it, at
first getting the underbelly of it but slowly moving towards the tip and
finally the head.

She slowly placed the tip of his cock in her mouth, tasting the salty pre-cum
and feeling the bulb as it began going into her mouth. Being in the water for
so long, she was an expert at blowjobs, and this was her first. Eric was
moaning as she was able to easily fit his entire manhood into her mouth. He
could feel her hot breath coming out onto his balls, making his penis throb.

Eric knew he was close to cumming, and he didn't want to waste it, so he
slowly guided her head off of his package and laid her on her back on the
bed. He slowly pulled her panties down, and placed his penis at the tip of
her already moist vagina. Ariel bit down on her lip as he thrust forward.

Ariel was very, very tight. Eric had problems getting the head of his penis
inside of her, let alone the remainder. When Ariel was given legs, she was
also given the according woman's equipment. However, just as her legs were
new, so was her vagina, and it was tighter than a thirteen year old girl's.

Eric slowly began to thrust forward, his normal six and a half inch cock
seemed Herculean in her tight box. He had finally put in two inches, when
suddenly he hit her cherry.

"Honey, I just want to let you know, this is going to hurt. It will only be
this time, and afterwards there won't be any more pain. I'm going to break
your hymen, but I'll do it nice and slowly" Eric said, trying to be

He thrusted another inch in, and broke her hymen. Ariel almost cried out, but
she screamed into a pillow as Eric slowed down. A couple of minutes later the
pain had mostly subsided, and she waved for Eric to continue.

Eric returned to his efforts, although as constricted as it were. He was
pumping as slowly but as consistently as possible into her. He was beginning
to sweat from the constant tightness. Finally, after fifteen minutes of
pushing, he was able to get his entire length inside of her, up until his
balls were at her ass crack.

Eric began to pump into her, slowly because of her tightness. Ariel was going
insane with pleasure at the seemingly large intrusion inside of her. Slowly
she began to get wetter and wetter as his pumps got faster and faster. She
moaned as his pace picked up, increasing her pleasure.

Eric was pumping furious now, into her tight, tight pussy, Ariel moaning with
each thrust as he banged her. Quicker and quicker, he was pumping deeper into
her, as deep as he could.

Before she knew it, Ariel had an orgasm. She stretched her entire body
straight, from her flock of red hair to her toes, as the earth paused for a
moment and she came like a freight train. She convulsed as her pussy muscles
contracted, clamping down on his penis, forcing him to shoot his milky white
load into her.

She moaned loudly as she felt his hot semen bubbling inside of her, seeping
into every nook and cranny of her pussy, driving her over the edge again as
he continued to pump. When they had both finished, Eric got off of Ariel.
Lying next to his blazing haired woman, he let out a sigh of happiness.

Ok, granted, this wasn't the world's greatest story, or even one of my
greatest stories. But hey, if you read it, it means you sorta kinda maybe
like it. If not, I empathize, but you didn't do shit but read it, so tough.
I got a humorous one comin up, then I'm working on a big project, FF7
Cloud/Tifa, which might not suck that bad.

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