Greetings. This is the second in the 'Ariel's Education' series. When more
will be forthcoming I don't know. It is, as was the other one (which I am
reposting) written by myself (Dark_Horseman) but posted through Ariel's
request through her account (My Ariel, not the fictional one.)

Disclaimers: This story contains graphic text and s/m and all that. If you
can't stomach the idea of Disney characters having sex, hit 'n' now. If you
are a lawyer for Disney, please hit 'n' anyway.

This story also contains an additional disclaimer. I am probably the first
in a while to try to write socially relevant issues into a story which
features Disney characters engaging in S&M. I know I'm not the only one who
has posted Disney porn -- I believe Elf Sternberg posted a story featuring
Jasmine from 'Aladdin'. However, if you can't stomach this either, hit 'n'
now. Also, I do not intend any homophobic remarks in this story, therefore
anyone who reads such into this would do well to remember this.

Little Mermaid: Little Mermaid In Bondage Pt 2 - Ariel's Continuing Education
by Dark Horseman (f-best,M-dom,BDSM,shave)

It had been one week since Ariel had been introduced to the role Eric wanted
her to play, below, in the dungeon below the royal bedroom. And she had
waited eagerly. Eric had not inclined or willing to take her there a second
time. She had insisted on wearing her collar for long periods of time, even
walking on the beach near the castle wearing it. She had not seen Flounder,
but she had seen Sebastian. She had thought he might be angry at her, perhaps
hold her in lower esteem, but he seemed as friendly as ever. Grimbsy as well
had been his usual friendly but reserved self, never letting on from his
behavior that he had seen her bound and kneeling on the floor of Eric's
dungeon. Only the leather collar which she wore constantly told her that the
scene in the dungeon had ever happened at all.

Eric was in the bedroom when she got back from her walk along the beach. She
wondered why she had not seen Flounder, nor her father, nor in fact anyone
who had not been in some way involved with the events in the dungeon. He was
sitting on a velvet chair in the bedroom, smiling in the same way he had
smiled at her down below.

"Morning," he said, and she recognized the tone in his voice. Yes, it was

"It's good that you already have your collar on," he said. Ariel's hand crept
to the leather collar around her neck, playing briefly with the ring embedded
in the front of it. He arose, embraced her, and took her hands. As he kissed
her she felt him secure cold metal cuffs around her wrists, and when he broke
the kiss and moved away from her, her wrists were firmly but comfortably
locked together.

He snapped a leash onto the front ring of Ariel's collar. Then he opened the
hidden door within the royal bedchamber and led her down into the dungeon.
The door at the bottom slammed shut and locked. Ariel jumped at the sound.

"Nervous, are you?"

Ariel bowed her head. She had tried to think about what he would want from
her, and physical signs of submission seemed to be a good idea.

"Somewhat, Master," she said, her clear alto voice the same one that had
serenaded him on the beach two weeks ago. She wondered what he was going to
do with her. She had enjoyed the floating experience of last week, but had
no desire to allow Sebastian the crab to punish her in order to get to it.
Her nipples were still sore from the ordeal the crab had inflicted on her
as punishment for the chaotic three days before her marriage to Eric.

"I have something special for you," he said. He undressed her quickly,
letting her wide, long skirt flutter to the floor, removing her blouse and
then carefully removing it one sleeve at a time, unlocking her wrists only
for a short time while he did.

Ariel stood naked except for her collar and cuffs, wondering what it was he
had in mind. He then wordlessly led her over to a long table which was tilted
at a forty-five degree angle. Eric unlocked her wrists and gestured to it.

"Get on that, slave," he said peremptorily.

Ariel obeyed, wondering if she should speak. She decided not to. Quickly,
Eric secured her wrists over her head. The table was smooth, polished black
stone. There was a small pillow for her head, which was somehow attached.
Ariel could feel some of her weight on her wrists, but it was not enough to

"What are you going to do to me, Master?" she asked curiously. She flinched
as much as she could after she said it. Would it anger him? She realized how
defenseless she was, and hoped madly he would not be angry.

"You'll find out," he grunted, and fastened the leather blindfold around her
eyes. "Now be silent, and don't move unless you are told to."

Ariel could not figure out what for the life of her was happening. First he
covered her legs with something that felt foamy and sticky. Then she could
feel him sliding something over her legs and crotch. It was hard and cold,
and she realized with a shock that whatever it was was removing her red pubic

"Don't move," he said calmly. "I mean that, Ariel. Don't move an inch. I
don't want to cut you. That's the maid's fetish. Bet you didn't know that
when she bathed you." He chuckled.

Ariel didn't move, for she did not want to be cut, but inside she was aghast.
That nice old lady? The very same one who had bathed her and served dinner
when she had combed her hair with the fork and blown Grimsby's snarfblatt ash
all over him? She could hardly believe it. She would never be able to look at
the maid in the same way again.

Then again, that was precisely what she had thought about Grimsby and
Sebastian the last time.

"May I speak, Master?" she asked quietly. She knew she would probably be
punished somehow for talking, but she had to ask this question.

"Sure," he said, his voice sounding somehow sarcastic. "Go ahead and speak,

"Is that maid...does anything else?" He stopped shaving her for a
moment; he was laughing heartily. "Good Lord! What you don't know! She's...
well..." He continued laughing. "Ariel, you really don't mean to tell me you
never...," he trailed off, laughing too hard to speak. When he had caught
his breath again, he continued.

"Ariel, don't tell me that the mer-people don't have homosexuals and

Ariel was shocked and flushed a deep red. Yes, the mer-people had a small
portion of mermen who loved mermen and mermaids who loved other mermaids.
Triton had regarded them an outrage and officially banned it throughout the
kingdom. Some of the mer-people who felt this way practiced their activity
in secret. Others came out openly and protested against Triton's policies.
This had given rise to a new phrase in mer-speak: "coming out from under
the shell." Ariel had always wondered just how her father could enforce
such cruel policies against loyal merfolk who were engaging in acts that
didn't hurt anyone else in the privacy of their own homes, but she had
learned that her father was, in some ways, a diehard old-fashioned hater.
Hater of humans. Hater of those "out of" and still "under the shell".

Hater of her, now?

It did not matter; she had asserted herself and he had, to his credit,
changed. She had not seen him since her wedding, but that was not out of
hatred towards Eric; instead, there were great problems in the kingdom under
the sea -- the mer-gays were insisting on their rights as loyal subjects, a
financial crisis was looming over the fact that oyster pearls were losing
value swiftly since Eric's kingdom had agreed, at Ariel's request, to begin
phasing out fishing that was not necessary for economic survival.

"Why didn't you tell me?" she asked, freezing and then belatedly adding

"Two reasons," he said, delivering a sharp slap to her thigh for talking
without permission. "One, you might not have been friendly towards her if
you knew, because I didn't really know you before she gave you a bath.
Two, she regards her preferences as her business. And I don't really care."

Ariel wondered if other mer-people would want to emigrate if they heard of
the policies in Eric's realm.

Eric returned to shaving her, being slow and gentle so as not to cut her. As
he did, he talked.

"You see, I run this kingdom fairly. Whether or not one of my staff prefers
members of their own sex is irrelevant. As long as she does the job I ask of
her, what she does on her own time is not my concern."

He had finished shaving her legs and began to concentrate on her crotch. He
was speaking slower now, his words fading and rising as he worked.

"That doesn't mean they can do anything they want, now. I have a law in this
kingdom. Anything that takes place in private between consenting adults is
legal and exempt from royal censure. It's only when it involves real abuse or
children that the Kingdom takes an interest."

Ariel wondered silently just why it was her father could not simply pass a
law like that under the sea and solve the whole problem in a snap.

Eric was done shaving her. He rinsed her legs off with water, and then slid
something over her legs. It was made of leather or something. When he laced
it up, she discovered it was taut, covered her feet and reached up to her
waist, and had two thick protuberances which invaded her fore and aft. She

"Like it? But wait, there's more!" He sounded cruelly jovial, and she could
tell that he was walking away.

He returned with a heavier garment made of leather. When he slid this on,
Ariel could not move her legs at all, even though she had tried and there
was little wiggle room in the first restraint. He had to coat the first
one with oil to slide the second one on. When it, too, reached up to her
waist, he smiled, pleased with his effort. Then she felt a waist belt slide
around her middle and lock.

Eric unlocked her from the table and carried her over to another one, leaving
her hands free. He placed her on another table. Suddenly she realized there
was something familiar about this feeling. Oh no. The sudden realization even
made her unaware of the double plugs which were pressing inexorably into her.

Eric took off the blindfold and let her see herself.

She was lying on a table over a pool set into the floor. Her lower body was
clad in a green leather mermaid fin. Her legs were completely encased in it.
She was speechless. There were even scales hand-embossed into the leather.
In shock she moved her fingers across them. She could not even feel her legs.
There was absolutely no evidence she even had them.

"Master...please....," she finally managed. How could he do this? Didn't he
know what she had gone through? How could on earth could he do this?

"You know your safeword, slave," he said mildly, and looked at her. When no
answer was forthcoming, he stepped on a hidden tripswitch and Ariel slid into
the water.

"Now, mermaid slave, swim for me."

Ariel could only beat her fin enough to keep her face out of the water. The
pool was long enough where she could conceivably swim a fair distance. Why
hadn't she seen this before, she wondered? Then the answer came looking
about her. This was in a darker section of the dungeon, and she had been
blindfolded for a fair portion of her last visit here.

"Do it!" He stalked away to a cabinet and came back with a long whip. Ariel
tried to stand, but her feet were forced by the leather fin into an extreme
version of the high-heel position and she could not stand in the pool. Eric
flicked the whip and suddenly a fiery handprint came into being on her back,
just above the heavy leather of the fin.

Ariel began to swim, feeling on the brink of tears. It was hard because the
plugs kept interfering with her flipping and she could not swim underwater.
She could feel her jaw trembling, and bit the tears back. She did not want
to cry.

As Ariel obeyed her master, swimming back and forth in the pool, she felt
herself grow wet in front. The aft one had been well lubricated, and she felt
herself responding to both as they pulled and slid. Eric paced back and forth
along the pool's edge, striking her occasionally with the whip. Ariel's mind
began to drift and she let herself respond to the plugs and the whip. She
only barely heard herself moaning in pleasure. Eventually, she came.

She came back into herself, lying next to the pool, wet and dripping. She was
lying on her back. Eric was crouched over her, concerned.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

She smiled, feeling the aft plug press harder since she was on her back.
"Yes, Master, I'm fine," she said slowly and dreamily. "Why did you stop?"

"You slipped in the water and had trouble coming up."

Then she noticed that he was also wet and dripping. "Did you...,"

"I got you out, yes."

She was comforted by the knowledge that he had done this. She had given him
herself, and she was gladdened to know that he would risk himself to save

She felt him sliding the fin off of her and almost cried out to feel it
leave; the very fin which not long ago she had been horrified to see. Then
he crouched over her and stroked her wet red hair away from her brow.

"Do you want to continue?"

She smiled lazily up at him. "I didn't safeword, now, did I, Master?"

A devilish grin spread across his face. "Very well, then."

He brought a wooden X-frame over and affixed her wrists and ankles to it. It
did not seem to weigh much as he brought it over without a grunt or any sign
of strain. After he had done this, he placed Ariel in it in the water.

Ariel was surprised. The water was warm, and she was not uncomfortable, but
it was odd. She was floating almost completely submersed in the water except
for her head, which was cushioned. She could observe her spread-eagled, nude
body under water.

She turned and looked at him with her blue eyes, surprise making them even
bigger than their usual saucer size. "Master, what are you doing to me?"

Once he was satisfied that she was safely secured, he leaped out of the water
and pulled a hidden rope in the shadows.

"Oh, it's not what I'm going to do to you, pretty slave."

Ariel saw a portion of the pool at the end slide up, revealing a hidden
panel. There was a watery tunnel behind it. And in swam a fish -- but not
just any fish. It was a young fish, yellow, with blue tiger stripes.

"Flounder!" she cried, her eyes growing even larger with shock.

"Glad to know you didn't forget me," Flounder answered with a smirk she had
never seen on him before. "Course, things are going to be a little different
from what they were. You're not in charge anymore."

Ariel remembered her ordeal with Sebastian. "Flounder-- please--"

Flounder swam up boldly between her parted and bound legs. "Aw, don't worry,
Ariel. I'm not gonna hurt you."

She tensed against her bonds, but that was useless; both the bonds and the
frame were too strong. Flounder poked out his fishy tongue and began to
poke at her captive labia. Ariel shrieked. No one had ever done this to her
before; she had never even dreamed of a fish doing it to her. Eric sat at
the edge of the pool, grinning. "Quiet down, slave. It won't kill you."

Flounder's lips and tongue pulled hungrily at her center. Ariel realized she
was enjoying the sensations despite herself. It was only the idea, she told
herself, the idea of doing it with a fish. And Flounder of all fish....

Ariel took a deep breath. She could see in Eric's face that he wanted her
to do this, and she did not want to disappoint him. Flounder was not hurting
her, and she was helpless anyway. So she mustered all her self-control and
made herself relax and tried to accept it.

Flounder was not very skilled at first, but he was a quick learner and slowly
but surely brought Ariel to a state of passionate excitement. Yet he would
not finish the job, instead keeping Ariel dancing just on the edge of orgasm.

"Please...oh, please....," she begged incoherently. Flounder grinned up at

"I don't know...," he said in his young, high-pitched teenagerfish voice.
"You almost got me eaten by sharks....,"

"I'm sorry,...please, Flounder....,"

"And you made me be your limousine out to the boat, and got me in trouble
with your father, and...," he pulled away slightly.

"PLEASE," Ariel gasped, unable to think of better ways to beg. "I'll die if
you don't."

"No, you won't." The young fish sounded sadistically pleased.

This torment continued for a few more minutes, Ariel fighting uselessly at
her bonds and allowing the fish to strike her thighs with his (in truth,
rather puny and not fearful) tail. Then Eric made a motion with his hand,
and Flounder finished what he had started. Ariel came extremely hard; she
thought her very ears pressed inwards.

Afterwards, Eric took her off the frame, out of the pool and up to the royal
bedchamber after bidding Flounder farewell. Ariel felt extremely submissive
as she lay with Eric in the bed, realizing that he had, throughout the time
in the dungeon, been able to control when she came, and been able to make her
enjoy her own submission.

He insisted on removing Ariel's collar after it had been in the water,
explaining that leather might shrink and he did not want anything to happen
to her.

After a time she asked if he would mind if she went for a walk on the beach.
He shook his head. She dressed and left, sitting on the sandy beach near the
castle at the edge of the shore, listening to the waves beat against the

Suddenly there was a great rush of bubbles and her father, King Triton, who
loved her dearly, rose up out of the water. Ariel wondered briefly what he
would say if he knew just what Eric was doing with her.

"Hello, sweetheart," he said kindly, his beard curving up into a smile.

"Hi, daddy," she replied, smiling. The wind blew her hair back from her brow.
"How are things down there?"

Triton groaned and gestured with his trident. "Oh, extremely busy. The
merchants are hollering because the pearls are losing value by the day.
Sebastian is still pressing his application for a medal and a pension
owing to the three days with you, merfolk are daily
protesting and more are coming out from under the shell every day, and
your sister Andrina..." He sighed. "Your sister Andrina...has just joined
them. " He shuddered. "I wonder what it was I did wrong."

Ariel rolled up her skirt and took off her shoes, and then waded into the
sea next to her father. She embraced him.

"Daddy, you didn't do anything wrong."

"Ariel, it's just wrong!" His voice shook.

"Daddy,..." She kissed him on the cheek. She had always wondered idly if
it was true about Andrina. She had never cared one way or the other, and
she was proud to hear that Andrina was accepting herself the way she was,
but she was somewhat hurt that Andrina had not said anything to her. "You
didn't do anything wrong. Andrina's not a bad person." He glanced at her
disbelievingly. "She's just...different."

He sighed and shrugged his mighty shoulders. "Ariel, you don't understand.
I was raised in a different age. I was always taught that it was a moral

Ariel smiled. She knew she had him now. "Just like wanting to be human was
a moral abomination?"

Triton opened his mouth. He closed it again. He seemed to be thinking.

"Ariel..." he said, trailing off into silence.

Ariel gave him a smile of infinite patience. She had gotten a foot in the
door of his mind, as she alone had been able to do all her life. "Daddy, I
know it's hard to fathom for you, but Andrina is your daughter, and she's
not a monster, she's a mer-person just like you. I know you don't understand
it, but you don't just try to destroy things you don't understand, you have
to try to learn how to understand them! That's how you grow as a person,

Triton frowned at her, his large brow wrinkling at her. But there was a light
in his eyes that spoke of past fights and wishes to reconcile, the same light
that she had barely seen when he destroyed her collection of human things.
"Have you been learning all these new ideas on land, young lady? Are you so
much better now that you are human?"

Ariel wanted to retort to the comment, but she had planted the seed in his
mind and did not want to screw it up simply because of a personal slight.
That would be unfair to Andrina, the gay merfolk population...but mostly to
herself, and to the new self-exploration she was undertaking as Eric's slave.

"No, daddy, humans are far from perfect," she said. "But they can try. And
so can you. That's all anyone can ask."



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