I was initially reluctant to write this story since, well, Rika's so damn cute. Then I tried to get some more information about her from the movie and realized Rika is little more than a background character. She contributes little except to be eye candy, fail her mermaid test and give Mel a chance to be all melodramatic for a bit. But once the killing is all done, she's just forgotten - the movie ends not with Riggs mourning her death but laughing it up with his buddy. Yeah, Rika who? It's almost as if the movie just needed a pretty face and some tits for Riggs to avenge, with the bare minimum of development.

A little research turned up that that Rika is in fact a classic "Disposable Woman", essentially a plot device for the male lead to go into berserker revenge mode when she gets killed by the bad guys in some sadistic way. Since the movie's writers didn't care about her, I guess I shouldn't either. Anyway, this story fills in the part between kidnapping her and Riggs about to find his disposable girlfriend at the bottom of the harbor.

Maybe if Riggs knew all this happened he'd have really gotten mad.

Lethal Weapon 2: Rika's Rape (MMMF,rape,anal,whip,snuff)
by Utoyelnae ([email protected])

"Verdomp, baas," the younger longhaired henchman Steyn said to Pieter Vorstedt, Counsel-general Rudd's right hand man.

"What?" Vorstedt asked.

"It's a shame to just kill her," he replied, nodding down toward Rudd's former secretary. "I mean, look at these legs," he said as he reached down to stroke the thigh of the struggling and tied up woman. Her struggles had only succeeded in causing her modest black skirt to ride higher up her legs.

"Ja," said the other henchman driving up front. The sinister lust in their voices was obvious as both men considered the beautiful blond at their mercy. As long as she was Rudd's secretary she'd been off limits and a bit arrogant about it, treating all of them with disdain. But now, with her clearly in league with the policeman Riggs they'd gotten orders to kidnap and kill both of them.

Of course, they didn't bother to understand that her apparent arrogance was because of her revulsion at what they did for the Counsel-general. She'd been only to glad to leave South Africa to get away from apartheid, which she despised. Even though she was of Boer blood, she never reconciled with the racism and brutality of her people. Unfortunately that racism not only thrived in the Counsel-general's office, but in addition she found that the Counsel-general himself appeared to be heavily involved in criminal activity under the cover of diplomatic immunity. She'd tried to mollify her conscience by focusing on being the most professional she could be. When she saw Detective Riggs and heard of his investigation, it didn't take much convincing for Riggs to get her on a date and quickly into bed.

But what she didn't realize was how deep Rudd's criminal activities were and how ruthless he would be in protecting the fortune he was making.

"You heard the orders - kill them!" Vorstedt growled. However, he couldn't resist temptation either. A sadist by nature, the only way he felt sexually satisfied was by force and rape. Here in America he'd found little opportunity to satisfy his demands except for the very occasional prostitute. He knew he had a good thing going with Rudd and didn't want to ruin it. And yet here was this woman he actively lusted after lying helpless on the floor with only a short time to live. His penis hardened at the possibilities.

For Rika Van Den Haas, the evening had been a roller coaster of the best and the worst in her life. Riggs' had given her a way to escape from the evil of the Counsel-general's office and her own country. It had been easier to seduce her than Riggs expected. Not only had she fallen for him, but this chance to get away only fueled the attraction. The dream was shattered when Rudd's mercenaries attacked them with helicopters. She and Riggs escaped but due to an incredible lapse in common sense by Riggs Rudd and his thugs broke down her door and kidnapped her. With horror, she saw that her savior was already unconscious and tied up in the floor of the van. She knew Vorstedt was going to kill her, and barring a miracle there was nothing that could save her.

To make things worse, one of Vorstedt's thugs was touching her thigh. She shrank away in horror, but the man only reached higher.

"Ah, the bitch doesn't like it," he laughed as he continued roughly caressing her smooth thigh. She instinctively turned away, hoping to protect herself. "Ah, now she presents her ass. Let's see what kind of underwear this stukkie wears."

Rika's eyes opened wide in fear as she felt his hand slide around the back of her thighs, pushing her skirt higher and higher. She heard him purr as her smooth firm cheek came into view, then a grunt in surprise. Lustily he pushed her skirt up to her waist, revealing the ass he'd stared at for so long.

"Damn, baas, she's not wearing any panties!" he exclaimed as he fully exposed her.

Sam's warning of the approaching helicopters had given the lovers little time to dress. In a panic, she was only able to throw on her skirt, jacket and shoes. Riggs had put his letter jacket on her so she'd be warmer and better covered, but there was nothing beneath her skirt. The sight of Rika's bare ass brought instant erections to both men in the back of the van.

"Well, well, Miss Van Den Haas," Vorstedt said with evil in his voice. "Had we known you a slut I think we'd have been fucking you much sooner."

Rika was in a panic - she was sure they were going to kill her, but now they were going to have fun with her before that happened. She cried and begged through her gag, but the men were not the type to care.

"Go to the warehouse. Riggs isn't going anywhere and we have time for a little fun, eh boys?" Vorstedt grinned.

Vorstedt reached down and stroked her thigh. It was so smooth! If only he had a whip. But he didn't. Instead, he slipped his large hand between her legs. Rika strained to prevent it but she wasn't strong enough.

Even before his hand reached her most private parts he could feel the sticky wetness on her inner thighs. "And so, Miss Van Den Haas, it seems as though you've rutted with the kaffir lover. Was he good?" he purred has his fingers just touched her labia.

Rika squirmed to get away. "No, no, no!" she screamed into her gag. When Riggs had touched her there it had been magic. Now, she was being violated by the very worst apartheid thugs.

"Hey baas, we gonna naai this kreef?" Kotze asked. He was only too eager to join in as he found the warehouse and parked the van. It was an area they'd used before that no one would see or hear them. He quickly moved to the back.

"Put her over the box," Vorstedt ordered. He wasn't going to waste any time. Kotze and Steyn hoisted Rika up and draped her over the box, leaving her rear facing the men. Her skirt had slid down and covered her nakedness.

The men held her down while Rika struggled for dear life. Between the encouragements from his henchmen she could hear a buckle being undone and a zipper opening. "Please Riggs, please, wake up!" she screamed into her gag. But Riggs was not only unconscious but secured by a straightjacket.

She felt her skirt being lifted and bunched up around her waist. She could feel the cool air on her nakedness and shivered both in fear and from the chill.

Vorstedt stared down at his prize, sucking in his breath. Rika's smooth ass fairly glowed in the light from the nearby streetlights. He kneaded and squeezed her cheeks, exposing the little brown opening he so craved. Nevertheless, his first goal was to violate the same opening Riggs had entertained only a short time ago. In the light he could see her plump lips, a little hair peeking out, and the glistening of Riggs' semen on her thighs. His cock, so long unsatisfied, ached painfully in anticipation.

"My dear, it seems as though your lover has already prepared your little poes. How thoughtful of him."

Rika braced in terror, knowing what was coming next. She tried to hold her legs together but to no avail. Vorstedt simply overpowered her efforts and spread her legs, giving him access to what she'd so lovingly given to another man that very night.

She flinched and cried out as she felt his member press against her. "No, no, please!" she begged into her gag. But there would be no mercy tonight. She squeezed hard to try to keep him out.

Once he'd spread her legs and positioned his cock against her, Vorstedt wouldn't hold back. He gripped her hips and with a single thrust violently sank the entire length of his swollen 9" cock into Rika's pussy.

For Rika, after such gentle lovemaking, Vorstedt's rape was a painful shock. The gag barely muffled her scream. While the violent penetration was painful enough, Vorstedt had thrust hard enough for his rock hard cockhead to punch into her cervix. She wasn't large and raping her from behind had allowed him a deeper penetration. While Riggs was large enough to do the same he'd been gentle and didn't hurt her, only brought her passion and pleasure. On the other hand, Vorstedt intended to inflict as much sadistic pain as possible. That pain exploded deep within her and tore through her very being.

Vorstedt was in heaven. The sadistic thug felt her lips stretch as he pushed into her. Too bad she was already wet and wouldn't experience the pain of a dry penetration. However, bottoming out and striking her cervix was a surprise. A sadistic, pleasurable surprise that he willing to inflict over and over again.

Her muffled screams were music to his ears as he pulled back almost the entire length of his raging erection. Just as he was about to withdraw he suddenly slammed forward, again punching her cervix.

"Remove the gag!" he ordered. "I must hear her screams!"

Kotze complied, reaching down to untie the gag. With her mouth already wide open the gag fell away and the full wail of her agonized scream filled the van. All three men's erections got harder.

Her screams were agonizing because Rika truly was in agony. The pain of being so roughly penetrated and the violent impact against her insides sent waves of pain and nausea through her. She could feel Vorstedt pulling back out and grip her hips.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" she wailed as Vorstedt slammed into her again. Her scream became incoherent as the pain raced through her. Waves of nausea welled up in her gut and she began heaving.

"Much better, stukkie," Vorstedt panted as her screaming filled his ears. He could feel the impact against her insides with each thrust and the tightness of her vagina muscles squeezing his cock. Even though this rape was what he needed his erection continued to swell and become more painful.

He needed release and lost control, drawing back and rutting into her faster and faster. Rika's screaming was nearly continuous as he repeatedly slammed against her cervix. The nausea overwhelmed her and she threw up the dinner Riggs had made for her.

Kotze yelled, "Shit, the bitch is throwing up!", as Rika emptied the contents of her stomach. Kotze was already having trouble holding her down, not because of what she was doing but because Vorstedt was ramming into her so violently. Her entire body quivered at each impact, especially her ass.

Vorstedt pounded into her harder and faster, completely out of control. Her screams and retching were now accompanied by Vorstedt's grunts and profanity. "Take it stukkie, take it stukkie!" he hollered while gripped her hips tightly.

Rika still struggled but she was getting weaker. She'd been through too much, and the pain was too great. The nausea further weakened her. She was simply overwhelmed by what was going on.

It took only minutes for Vorstedt to reach his climax. Thrusting harder and harder he slammed deeply one more time and exploded inside his victim. With his cock completely filling her vaginal canal the vast volume of semen had no place to go but straight into her womb.

She could feel Vorstedt pumping deeply inside her, a violent counterpart to Riggs' lovemaking. To her horror, in seconds the pressure in her womb suddenly spiked into an intense pain that spread throughout her vagina. She didn't think she could feel any more pain but she was wrong. Her screams reached a new intensity as Vorstedt pumped his seed into Rika under great pressure. Despite the tight fit some of the white liquid pushed its way along Vorstedt's cock and squirted past her tightly stretched labia.

Spent, Vorstedt paused still deep within Rika's violated body. "Fuck yes, Rika, you were everything I thought you'd be," he panted out, stilled trying to catch his breath. His cock remained hard but the pressure had been released. It had been a good rape.

"Gentlemen, her pussy is yours. But her ass is still mine," he said as he pulled out. Her labia were still stretched to the limit by his hugeness and clung to his cockhead as he withdrew. A torrent of cum spilled out of her gaping opening and down her thighs. Looking down he said, "Well, well. It looks like I did a better job fucking you than the American. Did you enjoy it, Liebchen?" he said in his silky, evil tone. He didn't even bother putting his dripping cock back in his pants. He'd be using it again soon.

Rika couldn't respond. She felt him sliding out of her. However, while that relieved the pressure it didn't relieve all the pain and nausea. With her hips released from his grip, she slumped forward. She barely heard his words but knew that the other men would rape her too.

She was right. "I'm senior, I'm next," Kotze said with urgency. While Vorstedt took his place holding her down, Kotze unzipped his pants and moved behind her. He wasn't as big as Vorstedt, only 7". Grabbing her hips he lined up with Rika's dripping and still wide open vagina, and with little hesitation plunged into her.

Rika hadn't had time to recover when she felt the next man move behind her. She tensed as best she could but his sudden intrusion caused her to throw her head back and wail. "No, no, not again!" she cried as Kotze thrust into her. While painful, at least he didn't pound against her cervix. Instead, his hips slammed into her buttocks, sending shockwaves through her body. Even though fully lubricated by Vorstedt's semen the second rape also sent waves of pain through her abused vagina. She screamed and cried profusely as Kotze shouted obscenities while raping her.

He lasted longer than Vorstedt, causing fresh agony for Rika. When he finally came he simply pumped cum into her, and made his last deep thrusts. "Ja, ja, what a good fuck!"

He pulled out, cum again spilling from her. Rika slumped down again, worn out from the rapes. She knew there was a third man, and he soon took his place behind her.

"Baas, mind if I slap her ass a bit?" Steyn asked as he stroked his erection.

"Make it nice and red like a beetroot," Vorstedt replied with a grin.

Rika heard the words, but they didn't sink in until she felt the first impact on her right cheek. Expecting to be raped again, the sudden stinging pain shocked her. Hoarsely, she cried out, "No, No, NO! STOP IT! AHHH, YOU'RE HURTING ME!" while the blows kept coming.

These were just the words Steyn wanted to hear. His erection swelled with each spank. The way her firm, muscular ass jiggled got him more and more excited. Randomly switching back and forth, he quickly turned her ass pink.

Rika writhed in agony as the open hand spanking blows rained down on her rear. Her cries were becoming hoarser as her voice gave out. Steyn liked inflicting the pain and kept at it for several minutes, spanking her at least forty times.

"OK, OK. Enough already. We don't have all night. Fuck her and let's move on," Vorster growled. Although he intended to punish her now tender ass with a few more blows, he knew they didn't have unlimited time.

"Ja baas," Steyn said as he stopped.

Rika again heard the words but only registered the relief she felt to her burning bottom. She hadn't been spanked since she was a child and never that hard. How could human beings do this to another human? She knew the answer. These men supported apartheid and were a byproduct of the cruel indifference it bred to pain and suffering.

As her mind wandered she drifted away from the present, so when Steyn gripped her hips and plunged into her ravished sex she wasn't prepared. No longer able to scream she moaned and cried as Steyn raped her like the others. At least he wasn't as big as Vorstedt, but it still hurt. However, the pain had been going on for so long that she was beginning to go numb to it. Still, she felt each rough thrust into her lithe body.

Already excited by the spanking, it didn't take long for Steyn to climax and add his cum to the pool inside the battered former secretary. With great satisfaction he watched as his softening penis withdrew from beneath her reddened cheeks. One more quick slap brought a sharp reaction and moan of pain from her. "Oh, you were good. I could spank your ass all night. Too bad I won't be able to," he said while still trying to catch his breath.

"Good job, men. Did everyone enjoy themselves?" Vorstedt asked. The hearty replies and lewd comments burned additional shame into Rika. She hoped now that all three of the men had raped her that they would leave her be. But these monsters had other plans.

"Steyn, take my place. It's my turn again."

Rika heard Vorstedt's words with horror. She couldn't take anymore. Her vagina hurt too much, and she knew his huge penis would be hurting again even more. She tried to speak but her voice had given out.

Her hoarse attempts to speak made Vorstedt smile as he positioned himself behind her. He enjoyed inflicting pain and was glad they'd stopped for this. Soon they'd be leaving America with their money, and he could buy an endless supply of women to abuse.

Gripping her hips, he lined up with her vagina again. Rika tensed, crying and knowing that the pain was about to start again. With a quick motion Vorstedt split her still slightly gaping labia apart and thrust deeply into her until he bottomed out again. Rika's shoulder length blond hair flew out as her head abruptly shot up. She managed a hoarse scream. He smiled knowing that he'd hurt her again.

Rika almost blacked out when Vorstedt's cock punched her cervix again. She felt him pull back and withdraw completely. She tensed, waiting for the next thrust.

Vorstedt stared down at her reddened ass cheeks. Reaching down he pulled them apart, exposing her tiny anus. "Hold her steady, men!" he ordered as he lined up again.

Puzzled, Rika felt her bottom being spread and then pressure right between her buttocks. In her confused state she thought he'd missed her vagina. When the pressure increased further she still couldn't comprehend what was happening. Her brain couldn't fathom the connection between her anus and his penis, that some men wanted to use that opening for sex.

Her confusion allowed Vorstedt an extra few seconds to press his assault before she tried to tighten her sphincter against the invader. It was too late. Rika felt the pressure increase and her hole opening despite her best attempts to close it. Vorstedt's massive head remorselessly pushed apart her muscles and opened her up. For Rika the pain was indescribable, a burning spear thrust into her backside and pushing, pushing deeper into a place where nothing should have come in. Despite her sore throat she managed to scream as Vorstedt's cockhead tore open her anus and pushed deeply into her rectum.

While he'd slightly lubricated his cock before the anal rape, there wasn't nearly enough to ease the passage through her virgin rear. As a result, the delicate tissue of Rika's anus and rectum began to tear under the brutal assault, sending sharp intense jolts of pain into her body. Conversely, the release of blood acted as a lubricant, easing the entry slightly. However, the lubrication allowed Vorstedt to thrust even faster, deeper and more brutally into her body.

Rika didn't think of any of this. Her mind was completely overwhelmed by pain. Her lower body was on fire as she felt his massive cock swiftly push into her. She screamed and screamed again until she completely lost her voice, then whimpered and moaned as Vorster pummeled her ass over and over again.

Vorster gripped her hips and thrust into her again. In sheer joy we pulled out, noting with great satisfaction that her torn anal ring clung to his blood covered penis as he withdrew. Slamming into her again, he listened in satisfaction to her whimpers and moans. Having already relieved the pressure of several months' abstinence, he was able to stay hard for much longer. Over and over again he sawed in and out of her ass, delighting in the pain he was inflicting.

Steyn and Kotze were also enjoying the spectacle. Both were slapping her ass cheeks between thrusts, inflicting further pain on the poor woman.

Rika finally lay limp, barely able to even moan. Her entire body shook under the relentless assault, again and again. The pain itself was bad enough, but anal sex was verboten for her, even with a lover. To be anally raped was beyond what she could take in. And yet it was happening to her right now, her body aflame and her mind stunned by the shame and degradation. After an eternity, she thought she felt him stiffen and felt a pressure in her bowels. She cried even more as she realized he'd pumped his seed into her behind.

If Vorstedt thoroughly enjoyed raping her pussy, especially after having sex with Riggs, he was beyond ecstatic now. When he finally came it took several deep thrusts to finish. Again spent, he relished the feel of the girl's ass tightly wrapped around this cock.

After a few minutes, he pulled his still rigid cock out of her ass. Pushing her forward, he said, "Now take a close look. There's how a real man treats a bitch." Steyn and Kotze spread her cheeks and pressed forward for a closer look.

Rika's anus gaped wide open and didn't seem to be in a hurry to close up. A torrent of pink semen with bright red ribbons flowed out of her hole and down her thighs. "Damn it, baas, you ruined her!" cried Steyn. "There's nothing left for us to fuck." Vorster grinned, knowing it was true. He hadn't inflicted that kind of damage in a long time. Even if he wasn't going to kill her, he knew she'd have been in the hospital for quite some time with these injuries. However, in a short time it wouldn't matter.

And speaking of time, he knew they were running out of it. "Boys, we're going to have to finish the job. But first, there's something else that needs to be done. Now we treat her the same as a disobedient kaffir. Hold her down in case she has any fight left in her."

Rika just lay there limp as Vorstedt removed his belt. Eyeing her reddened ass, he reared back and brought his belt forward like a lash. It struck exactly where he wanted, right across her backside.

Rika could no longer scream. But her body could and did react violently to the new pain inflicted up her. The belt struck her already tenderized cheeks, creating a fiery burning pain. She writhed against Steyn and Kotze while Vorstedt struck her repeatedly. The whistling of the belt and the loud smacks of leather against inflamed flesh mingled with the sound of Rika's struggles and the encouragement of the men.

After 15 or so lashings, the belt began cutting her skin. After 30 lashings she stopped writhing, completely worn out.

"Hey baas, I think you killed her. She's not moving anymore."

"Let's see about that. Flip her over." Steyn and Kotze complied, leaving her head and body on the box while her legs flopped over the side of the box.

"Open up that jacket. I want to see her tiete." Rika had always dressed conservatively in keeping with Boer fashion and Rudd's expectations. Now he wanted to see what she looked like, especially under Riggs' jacket that she was wearing.

Steyn unzipped the letter jacket, then ripped open the suit jacket she wore beneath. Since she hadn't had time to put her blouse and bra back on her breasts were immediately exposed. The men stared at her firm C-size breasts and her puffy pale pink nipples.

"Not as big as I was hoping, but still a good handful," Vorstedt commented as he mauled her breasts. The others quickly joined in, kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples.

Rika moaned and turned her head slightly, her shoulder length platinum blond hanging off the back of the box. She'd felt her clothes being opened and her breasts exposed. Although she wasn't big, she was proud of her firm breasts, knowing a lover would appreciate her for who she was. Now these evil men were squeezing and pinching her lovely breasts, inflicting pain on a new area of her body.

"Looks like the bitch is still alive," Steyn observed. He moved down to bite her left nipple while Vorster did the same to her right nipple. Meanwhile, Kotze moved down to her legs and pulled her skirt up.

"Hey, look! She's not a natural blond!"

Steyn and Vorstedt looked down as Kotze spread her legs to get a better look. Although they could see a little of her pubic hair from behind, now that she was on her back her light brown pubic patch was clearly exposed and heavily matted with semen. They didn't know or care that her hair color actually was all-natural. Kotze reached down, grabbed a handful and pulled.

Rika threw her head back in new agony as Kotze pulled on her pubic hair, causing more pain. "Hey, look! Little Miss van Den Haas doesn't like this," he said as he continued tugging at her bush.

Rika was reaching her limits. Her vagina still hurt terribly from being raped by three men. Her anus, torn and still bleeding, felt as if it was on fire as did her terribly lashed rear. The biting and pinching of her breasts and nipples sent sharp lances of pain through her chest, and now this thug was trying to rip her pubic hair out by the roots. She prayed for unconsciousness but it eluded her. She continued to writhe in agony as the Rupp's sadists continued to abuse her.

"OK boys, we're just about out of time. We need to get rid of them before morning. Let's teach her one more lesson about crossing us. Hold her down."

Rika heard the words but didn't know what they meant. While she was relieved that her breasts and pubic hair weren't being abused anymore, she feared what was coming. She had good reason to do so.

The whistling of Vorstedt's belt was quickly followed by the loud crack as the tip struck Rika's right nipple. Rika's entire body jolted as if electrified. Her mouth opened in a silent scream although she was only able to make a weak croaking noise.

Vorstedt smiled. While he was good with a proper lash, he was still pretty good with just a belt. He used a belt on more than one occasion when needed and was glad he'd gotten practice. He quickly drew back and picked a new spot, landing the tip of the belt squarely on Rika's left nipple this time.

Rika was slowly losing her mind as the whistling and crack of the belt was followed by intense pain over her breasts and nipples. Soon the belt was striking other parts of her athletic frame including her firm stomach and belly button. Each strike left a stinging welt. Despite her best efforts to shield her body the thugs kept her pinned in place to ensure her body was exposed to the cruel improvised lash. He seemed to take a particular delight in lashing her breasts, which were soon criss-crossed with welts. Her left areole had taken a particularly vicious strike, leaving her bleeding just below her nipple.

"Now for the finale. Hold her down, I'm getting into position."

Rika hadn't opened her eyes for quite some time, wishing that if she didn't see it maybe it wasn't happening. So she didn't see Vorstedt move to the back of the van, didn't understand why the thugs were moving her and spreading her legs, and certainly didn't see Vorstedt drawing the lash back. He whipped it forward.

The tip of the lash struck exactly where he was aiming, right between her swollen labia. Even Steyn and Kotze couldn't hold her down as her entire body convulsed in pain.

"Hold the bitch down!" Vorstedt ordered. Steyn and Kotze did the best they could, but Rika was now pushed into a primitive, animal-like state, maddened by pain. Vorstedt drew back and struck again, this time missing and striking her thigh. Rika continued to arch back in pain as Vorstedt, furious that she wouldn't stay put, went for quantity over quality. Again and again, the belt struck her exposed lower body, hitting her thighs, hips and stomach but often landing blows on her ravaged genitals. The impacts often caused semen to dribble or spray out of her raped vagina and anus as Rika's muscles contracted wildly.

A direct strike right on her clitoris was the final straw. The incredibly intense pain shot straight to her brain and Rika finally lost consciousness. Vorstedt didn't even notice for several more lashings, content only that he could land blow upon blow directly between her legs while she wasn't moving. It wasn't until Steyn finally said, "Baas, I think she's finally done for. She's not moving anymore," that Vorstedt stopped.

Indeed, Rika lay still. Vorstedt gazed upon his handiwork. The prim and proper bitch was lying on her back, jacket wide open and skirt pulled up to her waist. Her tits and pussy, always hidden by her modest work clothes, were there for anyone to see. He relished the way her pretty body was laced with welts, especially across her breasts and between her legs. His and his henchmen's semen continued to dribble out of her raped pussy and ass. She was a beautiful site, missing only one thing.

In a few minutes, all three men had masturbated onto her chest, face and hair, covering her in thick ropes of sticky semen. Rika's beautiful face had settled into an almost angelic look, with her mouth slightly open and her eyes closed, making the semen look horribly wrong. Her pearl earrings and silver watch, along with her conservative suit opened wide to show her most private areas, completed the picture of a professional degraded and an innocent defiled.

"Fun's over, boys. We have one hour to get this done," Vorstedt barked. "Now move, we have to hurry."

Kotze quickly got behind the wheel, started the van and continued to the pier. Vorstedt moved up front while Steyn stayed in the cargo area with Rika.

"Hey baas, how do you want me to weigh her down," Steyn called out from the back.

Vorstedt was agitated. They were running late and needed to get the job done before the morning fishermen arrived. Now his idiot underling couldn't figure out how to do his job. "Vervloek dit! Zip her up and use the chains in the box, stomme kak!" he yelled back.

Taken aback and a bit confused, Steyn zipped up her jacket and wrapped her up in the chains.

After a few minutes, Steyn announced, "OK, baas, it's done."

Vorstedt turned around to make sure the idiot had done it right. "Why in the fuck did you close her jacket?" he demanded.

Steyn was getting tired of this shit. "You told me to zip her up."

"What? Was your pa a kaffir? Zip her up is an American expression to finish it up. Do you think I'd really care if the fish could see her tits?"

"You want me to unzip the jacket? I'll have to undo the chains," he said plainly, almost daring a response.

"No, I don't want you to undo the bleerie chains! We're almost out of time now. Ah, good, we're here."

As the van stopped, Rika moaned and started to come to.

"Hey baas, she's waking up."

"Don't worry about that," Vorstedt said, getting out of the van. In moments he and Kotze had opened up the side doors. "You two, get her out and into the water. Then come back here and get this dickhead out. I want to make sure he knows how much I fucked up his life before I end it."

Steyn and Kotze grabbed the weakly struggling girl, dragged her to the end of the pier and without hesitation threw her in the water. Then they dragged Riggs out of the van and started slapping him to bring him back to consciousness.


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