Las Vegas: What You Do In Vegas Stays In Vegas? Right! (F-gang,MM+)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

A man and wife are taking a vacation to Vegas. He wins some money.

Meanwhile his wife is looseing her shirt. Literaly! She begins to do favors,
just to stay in the game. A blow job. Then she lets them fuck her just to
pay off her debt. Soon it turns into a full gang bang in the back room. She's
sucking cockwhile taking it up her ass and pussy. She's finally done laying
covered in cum.

Hubby comes in with his winnings, "This is the best trip ever!"

* * *

A man takes a business trip to Vegas. He is out on the golf course playing
with his business partners. One says, "Lets make this intresting. The loser
has to be the bitch."

They all agree. The new guy is a little nervous, but holds his own until he
bogeys a couple of holes, so be becomes the bitch.

Back at the club house they all shower. One guy calls for the bitch. He walks
over. The guy drops the towel. His cock his in full view. "SUCK ME!" he says.

He kneels and take hold of the cock and begins to suck him off. The others
gather around and soon get their turn. After a night of being the bitch his
mouth and ass are sore.

Back in his own office an e-mail appears saying 'We welcome you back soon.'
The picture is of him with a mouth full of cock.


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