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Pairing: Mary/Sam, Delinda/Nessa.

Rating: NC/17 for graphic sex. (Is there any other kind.)

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Summary: Based on the TV show Las Vegas, this takes place during one weekend
at the hotel where all bets are off as to what will happen next.

Las Vegas: Weekend In Vegas
by Dawnfaith102


They say that Vegas is the city that never sleeps. More accurately, it is the
city where everyone sleeps with someone, and you need a scorecard to keep
up with the players.

Mary Connell was 26 years old and had a lot to offer in the way of looks,
brains and personality. She was currently working as the director of special
events at one of the leading resorts and casinos on the strip.

One could easily say Mary was hot. Just about as hot as a girl can get. She
was tall, had long red hair, and a rack on her that was not the kind that
held the chips on the tables. Everyone, man, woman or child, noticed Mary.
She had the body that guy's dream of getting lucky with.

The sight of Mary by the pool in her thong bikini was a major attraction for
the guests of the hotel.

Samantha Jane, they called her Sam, also worked at the Montecito, wining and
dining the high rollers.

Sam was petite and sexy too. She was dark, with long wavy hair, and a body
that was full and round in all the right places. Sam loved to walk around in
sexy tight clothes that showed off her round, firm ass, and large breasts.
The way her ass looked in her white thong was perfection.

Mary and Sam could have any guy they wanted, any time. On any given night
both girls could be seen with a myriad of eligible hunks enjoying the
entertainment on the strip.

One would think that these two had dream jobs with all the perks one could
ever want. However looks can be deceiving.

Mary and Sam were both just marking time. Most nights when they did get
home, they sat alone for hours gazing out of their hotel windows at the view
of the city feeling nothing but empty. Luckily their jobs kept them busy and
occupied for most of the day and night.

The two girls were friends in a superficial way. They exchanged pleasantries
now and then. They had occasionally shared a lunch or drink together. They
never had really stopped to notice each other though. Not in any meaningful
way. Vegas can be a busy place if you live and work there.

Next we have Big Ed Deline the hotel's chief of surveillance. He kept an eye
on all of the employees at the hotel as well as the guests. He knew all their
dirty little secrets, and for the most part, they never went farther then his

His prodigy was Danny McCoy, who dealt with card counting cheaters and
the rest of the guests who wanted nothing more than to walk away with
bundles of cash. He had dated both Mary and Sam, but there was nothing
there any more.

To round out the cast of players was Delinda, Big Ed's daughter. She was
tall, blonde, and slender, and easily changed bed partners as quickly as her

Nessa Holt, a very attractive tall shapely girl with a sexy British accent. As
the main pit boss, she did a good job of overseeing the action at the tables.

Lastly, there was Mike Cannon the valet and mechanical engineer for the
hotel. He could be counted on in most any emergency situation.

For years to come, people would be talking about what happened on this
weekend at the Montecito Casino and Resort.


It was early Friday evening. The hotel was booked up to capacity, with a
waiting list for the rooms tomorrow night. Another weekend was about to

Big Ed was up in his office watching the monitors. He had sent Danny down
to take care of a couple of troublemakers at one of the $100 blackjack

Sam was in the main lobby trying to placate an irate guest who felt he
deserved a free upgrade to a suite for dropping a bundle at the tables last

Mary was back stage in the main showroom trying to explain to Enrique
Iglesias why they didn't have enough comp seats for his entire fan club, and
guests and family.

Both girls kept thinking how funny it was that people thought they had
glamorous jobs.

Nessa had just caught a dealer palming cards to a player. She sent word to
Danny to get the guy out of there fast while she called for a replacement.

Mike and Delinda had just come up to talk to Ed, when they all three
noticed something strange on one of the monitors.

A crowd of people had gathered at the end of the main hotel lobby by the
main doors to the strip.

"I wonder what is going on there," pointed out Delinda, to her father.

They watched as the monitor on the far left indicated another crowd of
people were just inside the back doors.

"What the hell is going on now!" exclaimed Big Ed. He immediately radioed
Danny to find out.

Just then Mike started pointing to another monitor. "Hey look at this," he

They all gathered in front of the center monitor watching groups of people
standing in front of the elevators, one by one, on each of the 21 floors.

"Danny," screamed Big Ed, "Get the hell up here now. Mike, I want you to
go check out some of these and see what's happening."

Mike rushed out just as Danny entered the room.

"Ok, all the doors to the outside are locked," said Danny breathlessly.

"I don't get it. How can this happen? No one can leave or enter the hotel."

"Crap!" shouted Ed as he stood up and ran around the room, checking out
each monitor as he passed it. "They are trapped by the elevators on every
floor too, what the hell!"

Sam was trying to calm down the growing crowd in the front lobby. "Hey
you all, everyone listen!" She shouted above the din of loud voices. "If you
follow me to the main lounge there are free drinks and food on the house for
you. We'll get these doors open in no time. Just a security glitch I'm sure."

The crowd quickly followed the sexy brunette as she led them across the
main floor of the hotel.

"Hey Mary, come in," she shouted into her radio.

Mary picked up immediately. "What the hell is going on?" she whispered. "I
can't get the band into the main showroom for rehearsal. Iglasias is having a
hissy fit."

"I need help," shouted Sam. "Something is going on here and I don't think
it's good. I think we are all trapped inside the hotel, and people are getting
pissed. Can you get me some comp food fast in the main lounge?"

"I'll be right there," whispered Mary. "I just have to get Enrique quieted
down here. Don't worry I will get you some food and drinks."

"Meet me there," said Sam quickly. "I'm going to try to get some answers
from Big Ed, or Danny or someone."

Just then Ed, Danny and Delinda noticed that Nessa was having problems on
the casino floor. There were too many people wandering around between
the tables and there was no way to keep track of each and every one of
them. She was trying, but she was clearly out numbered down there.

"Delinda!" shouted Big Ed. "Get down there and help her out for a minute.

"But, Daddy." she said hesitantly.

"Hey, don't give me any crap now. Get down there and help out," Ed
screamed as he turned to Danny.

Delinda ran out pissed, but did as she was told.

"Ok Danny, we have some kind of shit going down here. I need you to get
Mike and go down and close the casino to any new people who want to
enter. People are going to be pissed as hell but we can't allow that many
people to wander around there. Hell, they will grab every chip we have and
we wont be able to stop them."

"Ok, Ed," said Danny almost too calmly. "But what do I do with the people
who want to get in?"

"Hey, you figure it out, that is what I pay you for, get creative boy," he
shouted almost smiling at the look of sheer terror on the younger man's face.
"Just keep the crowd happy and contained in the casino. Tell Nessa to do
what it takes. Give `em some more booze anything. Keep `em in there."

Danny rushed out, wondering what the hell he was going to do with tons of
angry gamblers unable to throw their money away at will.


As the night wore on, things went from bad to worse.

With a lot of teamwork, they managed to keep their anxious guests happy
and busy inside the hotel for the time being. The people were told that it was
simply a security problem, and they could go outside if they wished very

But with all the free food and drinks, and even an impromptu performance
by Enrique himself for all the guests, (thanks to Mary and her cleavage),
they had no reason to leave for the moment.

Even those stuck inside the casino were happy, as they were getting
pleasantly drunk courtesy of the hotel management at no cost to them.

Unfortunately, Big Ed soon related to them the fact that he couldn't call
outside for help.

Not only were the doors to the outside locked, but each floor had been
sealed off from the rest of the hotel. With the elevators out of commission,
and the stairwell doors locked as well, he told them that right now he had no
idea how to take care of the trapped guests.

"I called for help and found all the phones were down. I tried to use my cell,
and that didn't work either, " he related to the others.

Danny was now certain this was some plot to take over the resort, and steal
all the money in the big safe in the basement. "Very clever too," he thought
to himself. He went with Mike down to check on the safe and security
surrounding it. For the moment it all seemed to be in tact. He wondered if
someone had been watching Oceans Eleven and had the same idea in mind.

It was soon apparent to all of them that they were trapped inside here for
quite a while, with no way in or out. And no way to contact the outside.

The night wore on, and guests began to get very tired. Soon the halls and
every available corner were occupied with sleeping people.

Sam was tired, Mary was exhausted. Delinda and Nessa were about ready to
collapse. Big Ed sat motionless in his office, his legs up on his desk till
he drifted off to sleep.

At some point during the long night, Danny and Mike managed to break open one
of the stairwell doors that led to the upper floors. They then spent the next
two hours ushering all the trapped guests downstairs to feed them and
reassure them that everything would be back to normal soon.

At least now people could get up to their rooms via the stairs and that
solved one of their problems.

Danny and Mike went to the bar and got good and drunk. Why not, they didn't
have much else to do about now.


As the morning sun rose over the Montecito resort on that Saturday morning,
the people began to stir inside. Big Ed called a meeting in his office.

Nessa, Mike, Danny, Delinda, then Sam and Mary, finally all arrived and took
their places around Ed's desk.

They all looked exhausted and worried. Ed laid it all out for them now.

"I won't sugar coat this," he said firmly. "We are all trapped in here with
no way out until whoever is running this thing decides to let us go."

"I think it has something to do with getting at our money," stated Danny

"I have checked the main casino safe," said Big Ed. It's all in tact as of
now. My main concern is to keep the people busy, occupied, and calm. We don't
want a full scale riot on our hands here."

Big Ed turned to Sam and Mary now. "This is where you two come in. I need you
to work your magic. Make these people happy, give em anything to keep them
from panicking."

Mary and Sam looked at each other with puzzled looks. "How the hell are we
going to do this?" replied Mary.

"I have no idea," said Sam, "but we have to think of something to buy time
I guess."

The girls left and walked down to the corner of the hallway. They looked at
each other and slowly sat down in the chairs by the big window opposite each

For the first time they really noticed each other. The sudden urgency of
the situation, and the fact that they had to work together here seemed to
heighten their awareness.

"Well, Mary," said Sam as she reached out and touched the red head's hand,
"What now?"

Mary smiled at Sam. "She really was cute, nice body too," she thought to
herself. "I guess we try to do our job and hope for the best. I don't know,
hell I am no miracle worker."

The girls sat and talked for a while. The longer they talked, the more they
realized how much they really enjoyed each other`s company. Sam couldn't stop
wondering how Mary would look without that tight top she had on. She could
only imagine how great it would be to touch those big breasts.

Mary kept thinking how really nice Sam was, and how much she really wanted to
spend more time with her, as well as wanting to see her naked. Girls in Vegas
were sure open to sex.

Both girls had never had a sexual encounter with another woman, but they had
both given this considerable thought. Who wouldn't, when there were beautiful
female bodies all around them 24 hours a day. Now here, at the same time.
They both knew they wanted each other.

If there had not been an emergency situation here, who knows what would have
happened then. Neither girl was shy about their sexuality so perhaps they
would have acted on these feelings right then and there. But they couldn't.
They had a job to do here, so they pushed the rest out of their minds and
bodies, for the moment.

Sam and Mary talked and talked, and finally devised a plan to use what
entertainers they had to entertain the guests. Enrique, and a couple of
lounge acts would make up the list. They decided to make this a big party.
Since they were all trapped here, it would be a slumber party. Bedtime
attire was mandatory.

It wasn't a bad idea and as long as the food and booze held out they should
be able to pull it off. They knew that they had just had a major delivery of
both so they were set for a couple of days.


Now that the stairs were finally open, everyone finally had a chance to
return to their rooms and freshen up. Some were so tired from the long night
that they eagerly lay down and slept for hours.

Nessa and Delinda decided to have breakfast together. The night had been a
long one and they had spent most of it together. They had done an amazing job
of making sure the casino patrons were happy and still spending their money
at the tables.

During that time, they realized that they had allot in common. As the night
wore on, they found themselves actually enjoying themselves. They shared a
few drinks and did a lot of talking during that time. They both fell asleep
in a corner of the casino at about 4 am, when the place had finally quieted
down to only the sound of a few slot machines ringing.

Nessa suggested getting some coffee and bagels and bringing them up to her
room. Delinda happily agreed.

"Hey make yourself at home," Nessa said, as she ushered the tall blonde into
her spacious room on the 12th floor.

Delinda immediately plopped down on the huge bed, and kicked off her shoes.
As she lay back, she let out a sigh of relief. "It's so quiet in here," she
sighed happily.

Nessa put the coffee and bagels on the table under the window, and sat down
beside her. "I could use a nice hot shower about now, how about you?" she
asked, looking over at Delinda.

"Sounds good to me," said Delinda as she sat up slowly. "Nothing against the
casino but it's not a great place to catch a nap."

"Well, lets have some food first, then we can each shower," said Nessa as
she got up and sat down at the table.

Delinda got up and joined her. The two girls sat and talked over breakfast.
They were alone for the first time. For some reason it felt a bit awkward.
There were long pauses in the conversation, and both girls seemed unable to
make eye contact. They both knew why, but did not want to acknowledge
what was happening.

Finally Nessa couldn't stand it any longer and reached out and touched
Delinda's hand. "Hey girl," she said almost tenderly.

Delinda looked up and finally gazed into the brunette's big, dark eyes. As
she did this, she felt almost breathless. She reached out and their hands
touched. Both girls sat like that for what seemed like ages. The room felt
very warm now, and there was a feeling of electricity in the air that was
hard to miss.

Finally Delinda stood up and walked over to Nessa. Reaching out, she pulled
her up on her feet and put her arms around her. She held her for a moment and
then slowly began to kiss her on the neck.

Nessa responded immediately with a hard passionate kiss. They kissed deeply,
both wanting the same thing.

Slowly hands moved over bodies, lips slid over warm, soft skin.

"Let's take a shower now," whispered Nessa softly.

Delinda smiled seductively. "You mean together?"

"Umm yes," Nessa replied, as she urgently pulled the blonde into the big
marble bathroom.

The girls stood for a moment gazing at their reflection in the big oversized
mirror. "We look pretty hot together," said Delinda with a grin.

"We'll look even hotter naked and wet," said Nessa, as she reached in and
turned on the shower.

"I'm already wet," replied Delinda as she reached over and began to pull off
the brunette's clothes.

The next hour was nothing short of amazing for both girls. When they were
finished they knew it would be hard to ever top this with anyone, even a man.

Their bodies fit so well together. They were both tall and slender, and
they found that, as they pushed against each other in the hot shower, their
breasts and pussy's were in perfect alignment.

They kissed, they sucked each other's hard nipples, they took turns getting
down on their knees in front of each other and lapping up their wet pussy

They fucked each other's pussy's with their fingers and tongues. They did it
all. It was hard, rough exciting non-stop sex. Both managed to cum at least
three times.

Their bodies were sore and tired when they finally staggered out of the
shower and collapsed on the bed. They held on to each other there and fell
asleep until early evening. As they slept, they were totally oblivious of the
other goings on in the hotel.


While Nessa and Delinda were discovering the delights of girl/girl sex, the
rest of the hotel was having an equally exciting good time.

Danny and Mike suddenly found their hands full with overly excited guests
all eager to party till they dropped. Many had taken a nice long nap, and had
quickly come downstairs for The Big Slumber Party.

Mary and Sam's idea had been a huge success. The entire downstairs area was
filled with people all dressed in nighttime attire.

Brief baby doll outfits, bra and thong panty outfits, sexy, revealing
lingerie of all types adorned the beautiful girls. The drinks kept flowing
and the food kept coming and the guests began to get looser with their hands
and bodies by the minute.

In the main showroom, the guys ogled the girls; the girls for the most part
ogled each other as they all looked about as hot as a girl can get with
clothes on. Soon couples were swapping partners and kissing eagerly. Girls
were deserting their boyfriends to kiss each other.

Danny and Mike radioed Sam and Mary who were in the kitchen trying to
organize and plan the menus for the next 24 hours. They hoped that this would
all be over with soon as there was a limited amount of food here.

"Get in here Sam," said Danny, as the brunette picked up her radio.

"What's wrong?" asked Sam, noting the urgency in his voice.

"Oh just get here, you won't believe it till you do," shouted Danny over the
din of the eager partygoers.

"What was that all about?" asked Mary, hearing only one side of the

"Who knows," replied Sam. "Danny needs help I guess Are we finished here?"

"Yep, I think so," said Mary, as she handed the menu back to the chef.

"Well let's see what kind of trouble the guys can't handle." Sam laughed, as
she took Mary's hand and led her out of the kitchen area. Over the past few
hours the attraction between the girls had increased immeasurably. They
both felt it, and didn't bother to hide it anymore either. Still they were
too busy to do anything about it.

Nothing could have prepared Mary and Sam for what they saw when they entered
the room. Danny and Mike were standing in the corner staring at what was
going on in front of them. Sam noticed that they didn't exactly look unhappy
about the view either.

The huge showroom was full of happy guests, who were not only full of food
and drink, but full of each other too. The band was playing, couples were
dancing, but most were doing a lot more than dancing.

All of the guests were almost completely naked, and enjoying each other's

Sam and Mary watched as a full-blown orgy unfolded in front of them.

Naked girls danced together seductively, their breasts touching, as men
looked on. Some had on tiny thongs, which Mary thought, were almost hotter
than a naked ass. She found herself wanting to reach out and touch some of
those round, firm asses.

Girls were on the floor with their legs spread wide, moaning and screaming
as other girls knelt in between their legs and licked at their pussy lips.

Girls were up against the walls, hands up in the air as other girls fucked
their asses so hard that they were screaming for more.

They saw an entire row of girls bent over, naked asses in the air, holding
their ass cheeks apart as a line of girls took turns fucking their asses with
their tongues.

Men watched as three, and four, and five girls licked, and sucked, and fucked
each other until they collapsed.

Those not directly into the action, were sitting on the floor, legs spread
wide, rubbing their pussies, and slamming their fingers up inside themselves;
screaming as they came over and over.

Men were in the corners jerking off at the spectacle. It appeared that Danny
and Mike had just about reached that point too.

The music grew louder as the guests screamed and moaned and came.

The floor was littered with abandoned bras, panties and all sorts of

Mary and Sam both felt wet. They grabbed each other's asses and began to
squeeze. Neither had on regular panties. "God, thongs were great," thought
Mary, as she felt every inch of Sam's firm toned ass in her hands.

The room continued to fill up with even more guests, all joining in the fun.
Naked bodies were pressed against each other. Breasts and pussies were
rubbed, and fucked over and over again. The floor was wet with pussy juices.
Girl's faces were covered in each other's warm liquids.

Still they continued on.

For the most part most of the action was between girls. However, there were
some men and women fucking in among the others.

Mary and Sam noticed that Danny and Mike were so busy reacting to this
scene that they had not noticed them enter the room. They quickly turned
and left before they were spotted.


The two girls walked, no almost ran, out of the room. As they rounded the
corner of the hall, they stopped and turned and began to kiss urgently. They
were both so wet, and so hot, and so turned on by what they had witnessed,
that they knew what was gong to happen next, and both wanted it right now.

Mary slammed Sam up against the wall and kissed her mouth, then her neck, as
she moved her mouth down to her soft round breasts.

Sam began to breath faster as Mary pulled her low cut top down exposing her
naked breasts.

She sighed as Mary took each mound in her hands and began to work her fingers
over Sam's hard, pink nipples.

"Oh God that feels good," moaned Sam.

Mary smiled as she began to work her eager tongue around and over the
brunette's erect nipples.

Sam began to shiver as Mary quickly pulled her top off over her head.

"God your beautiful," signed Mary as she moved her hands eagerly over Sam's
breasts, stopping to admire them.

Sam reached out and took Mary's head in her hands and pressed her hot eager
lips against her mouth. They kissed again deeply and urgently.

Sam began to feel weak now as she was so turned on. She slowly slid to the
floor as Mary held on to her.

Mary quickly pulled off Sam's tight white pants and gazed at her toned body,
attired only in a tiny white thong.

"Get up," the red head ordered.

Sam quickly complied.

"Turn around," ordered Mary in a soft but firm voice.

Sam eagerly did as she was told.

Mary gazed at Sam's toned round ass in that thong. She loved how it looked
and she loved how it felt in her soft hands.

She ran her fingers over each of the perfect ass cheeks. Sam squirmed.

"Hold Still," Mary ordered.

Sam took a deep breath and tried to keep her body quiet.

Mary then quickly pulled off Sam's thong. She was naked now in front of her.
Mary wanted her ass now more than anything she ever wanted. She got down on
her knees and took each ass cheek in her hands. Then her tongue took over.
She slowly ran her hot tongue over each smooth cheek. She moved her tongue
around Sam's ass hole. Sam began to shake. She slowly pushed one, than two
fingers up into that perfect ass before her. Sam screamed. Mary fucked her
with her fingers, fast and hard. Sam kept screaming.

Mary then took out those fingers and pushed her hot tongue up inside the
wetness of her ass.

Sam screamed and shook.

Mary continued to fuck her with her hot tongue, as she slid her fingers up
between Sam's legs, and began to fuck her dripping wet pussy. Sam began to
slam her round hips back into Mary's face, trying to take in all she could.

Mary fucked her deeper and harder in her ass and pussy. Sam screamed and
let go.

Mary held on to her as she fell to the floor. Sam was so weak she could
hardly sit up. Mary pulled her legs apart and pushed her fingers up into
Sam's pussy. Sam looked down and watched as Mary pulled out her fingers
covered in her hot wet juices.

Mary smiled at Sam as she licked her soaking wet fingers. "Umm you taste so
good," she murmured as she bent in and kissed Sam's soft mouth.

"How was that?" Mary asked as she slowly sat down next to Sam on the floor.

"It was perfect," said Sam softly. "But it's your turn now and I am going to
fuck you better than you have ever been fucked before."

"Promises, promises," Mary said with a smile.

Sam stood up and pulled Mary to her feet. "Come on," she said, leading Mary
by the hand down the long hotel hall.

"Where are we going?" asked Mary.

"You'll see," replied Sam, pulling her into the huge bathroom at the end of
the hall.

"Anyone in here?" Sam called out? The only response was one of total silence.
"Good," said Sam, as she pushed Mary up against the big counter and mirror.
"Now turn around and watch as I make you cum."

Mary stood in front of the huge mirror and watched Sam slowly undress her.
She couldn't help feeling turned on more at the image of Sam moving her hands
over her body, and making her shiver with excitement.

She gazed at her naked body; her own nipples were hard and erect. Sam was on
her knees in front of her now, moving her mouth down as she held onto her
hips. Mary began to shake in anticipation as Sam pulled her legs apart and
buried her head into her wet, warm pussy.

Mary felt weak. Her whole body was shaking as Sam licked and sucked on her
swollen clit. She quickly put her hands on the counter and held on as Sam
dove into her throbbing pussy with her eager tongue.

The red head moved her hips back and forth faster and faster, as she bent
over the counter and slammed into Sam's face. Sam was fucking her hard now
with her three fingers. Mary couldn't get enough of this. She kept screaming,
"Faster, Sam, harder Sam."

Sam continued with her mouth then her fingers until Mary let go and collapsed
to the floor. Sam lay down next to her and began to kiss her warm soft lips.

The girls lay there for a quite a while. They hugged and kissed softly again
before they left the rest room.

"That was so great," said Mary softly, as she smiled at Sam. "I hate to get
dressed again."

"Yes it was, just perfect," replied Sam. "I don't think I have ever felt
anything as good as your tongue up inside me."

Mary gave her another hug. "Anytime," she replied, as she softly pinched
Sam's ass.

"Oh, I will take you up on that," said Sam with a sexy laugh.

On the way down the hall, Sam gathered up her clothes and quickly slid them


Danny and Mike were enjoying the site of all those girls having sex right in
front of them. They were so into this that they forgot they had asked Sam
and Mary for help. They had jerked off so many times now, that they didn't
even care.

Big Ed was still up in his office watching the entire orgy on one of his
monitors. He was enjoying girls fucking girls in just about every way
possible. Other couples were going at it too, but something about watching
two girls together turned him on more than he ever realized. He was
completely glued to the action in front of him.


Nessa and Delinda were waking up now. Both feeling lazy, happy and very
contended, they slowly dressed to join the hotel guests.

Nessa turned to Delinda as she opened the door. "Any regrets?" she asked.

The blonde smiled openly. "Are you kidding!" she exclaimed. "That's the best
sex I ever had, and if you're willing I want to continue this and see where
it leads."

"Count me in," smiled Nessa, as she gave her big deep kiss.

About now, Mary and Sam had walked the length of the big lobby and were
about to see if the orgy had wound down yet. As they rounded the corner, they
spotted a drunken guest. He was sitting on the floor unable to stand up. The
girls radioed for help.

"Mike, meet me at the end of the salon corridor. We have a drunk on our
hands." Sam hoped he would show up quickly. Dealing with these types was
never pleasant.


Saturday night moved on. The guests continued to party well into the night.

Sam and Mary had looked in on them again. They were still having group sex
and enjoying it all.

They decided to check out the casino and see what was happening in there.
Upon entering, they noticed that everything was quiet. Nessa and Delinda
were over by one of the poker tables and seemed to be standing very close
to each other.

"Check that out," said Mary, elbowing Sam.

Sam looked over and there they were, kissing passionately in public.

"This girl/girl thing must be contagious," murmured Sam, grinning.

"It sure works for me," said Mary, as she bent over for a kiss.

Just then Danny and Mike walked in, each with an incredibly attractive girl.
"Hey, I see you girls are into the night," Danny smiled, as her observed the
four girls.

Sam and Mary looked up and grinned.

Nessa and Delinda held onto each other and looked over happily.

"Hey you two aren't doing too badly yourselves," said Delinda.

"Well orgies are always a good way to meet people," replied the girl with
Danny, a sexy brunette with long wavy hair and huge breasts.


Big Ed radioed down to Sam.

"I need you up here now, and bring all the others with you!" he ordered.

"What's wrong," said Sam into her radio. Ed didn`t respond.

"Ed wants us now," Sam shouted. They all rushed to the stairwell and ran
up the stairs. "It sounded like he was in trouble," said Sam breathlessly as
she tried to keep up with the two guys ahead of her.

Soon all six of the employees were at Ed's office door. They stopped and
hesitated, almost afraid of what they might find.

Danny opened the door, and slowly looked inside. The others followed him
into the room.

There was Big Ed at his desk as usual. His legs up, drinking a bottle of
imported beer. All the monitors were on around him.

The group stopped and looked puzzled.

"Sit down!" He ordered.

They sat down in front of him. Not knowing what to expect, but trying to
prepare for the worst. Suddenly they remembered that they had all been
trapped in this hotel far too long. All the sex and party fun had not
changed that fact.

Big Ed stood up and walked to the front of his desk, sitting down on the
edge of it.

"I'm disgusted and ashamed of all of you," he shouted, pointing to each of
them one by one.

"Delinda looked down at the floor. She was accustomed to her father ranting
at her. The rest of them were not as willing to accept blame for something
they didn`t know about.

Danny began to speak. "Shut up," screamed Big Ed. "All of you will shut up
and listen to me right now, no whining, no excuses, just shut the fuck up!"

Mary cringed. She couldn't remember Ed swearing at any of them this way.
What was wrong?

Big Ed stood up. "All of you failed!" he screamed in a loud, booming voice.

"Failed?" said Sam.

"Shut up, don't you ever learn, just shut up!" screamed Ed.

"All of you were put to the test here this weekend, and you failed."

"Test?" they all said in unison

"Yes, my stupid employees," said Big Ed. "This entire weekend was a test of
your ability to handle an emergency, and an impossible situation. And.. You
all failed."

"You mean we were not trapped inside here?" asked Mary.

"No, you were all trapped, all the situations happened here, all the problems
you encountered were ones you should be able to deal with. Surprisingly, you
met each and every one of those challenges easily, and you even showed some

I threw them all at you. The drunken man, the chaos in the casino, the
threat of rioting guests, planning out food and entertainment for the guests,
finding a way up to the trapped guests without an easy access. Even checking
the security of the main casino safe. You all met these tests and I will pass
you on that point. But..."

"But?" chimed in the now angry employees.

"All this was a damn test? It wasn't real? We were not stuck in here really?
You just made us think so?" shouted Danny standing up very close to Big Ed

"Shut up, Danny boy," screamed Ed. Danny sat down.

"The fact is you had it all until you blew it. You lost track of what was
important. The danger to the guests of possible trouble. You forgot to try
to get out of the hotel. And why? Because you were having too much damn fun
inside here!"

"Fun?" asked Sam. Staring right into Big Ed's eyes.

"You bet," he said. "You and Mary sure had fun in the hall and in the
bathroom didn't you?"

"Nessa and Delinda, up in the shower fucking away while the hotel was in

"Danny and Mike, joining into the orgy with those two girls."

"I'm damn ashamed of all of you, you're a sorry group of losers and not worth
the money I pay you."

All six of the employees stood there with their mouths open. "Oh My God!"
screamed Nessa. 'You had hidden cameras everywhere in this hotel, even in
our bedrooms and bathrooms. You watched us all. You locked us in here to
spy on us!"

"You bet I did," said Ed loudly, "and it was damn worth it." "I found out
what I needed to know. You can't be counted on when the chips are down, no
pun intended. You lost focus and with all that goes on in Vegas no good
employee can do this. The distractions here are too huge."

The others stood still now unable to completely grasp all this.

"To answer your next question," shouted Ed, to no one in particular. "I did
lock the doors and there was a problem, but it was a created one. We could
have left at any time had the guests panicked or needed anything. The fact
that you almost did your job well made the entire weekend a fun one for all
of the guests in the long run. I am sure no one is going to complain about
free food, free drinks and a full-blown orgy. In fact this will be a weekend
that will bring us more and more business."

Sam and Mary stood there staring at Big Ed.

Nessa and Delinda sighed in disbelief.

Danny and Mike started to swear under their breaths.

"I can't believe you put us through all this for some stupid test," screamed
Delinda at her father.

"Me too," screamed Mary and Sam. "It's not our fault, we.."

"Shut up all of you!" said Ed. "Just shut up now, I have heard all the
whining I can stand. You all failed. And you all are FIRED!!

"What?" shouted the six, now former employees.

"You heard me! Now get the hell out of my hotel and don't come back, and as
for you Delinda, you will go get a job and start making something of your
life. No more hanging on to Daddy to help you."


The six walked slowly out of the office and stood in the hall. They stared at
each other in disbelief.

"What now?" said Sam, looking at Mary.

"We go find another job," said Mary, putting her arm around the brunette.

Delinda looked at Nessa hesitantly now. "Hey, girl, I want to keep this up if
you do," said the brunette.

"Oh yes I do," replied Delinda with a smile.

Danny and Mike shook hands now. "I don't know what's next but I hope we stay
in touch," said Danny to his friend.

"Hey you guys, " said Sam, stepping out in front of them. "Are you up for a
wild idea?"

"Nothing is wild after this," said Mike. "What is it?"

Sam motioned them all over to the corner, and they all sat down on the coach
and chairs by the window.

"I don't know about you guys, but I have made allot of connections in this

"I have my share too," replied Mary.

The others all agreed.

"Well, I don't know how you feel about this, but I for one, would like to
keep working with you all," said Sam smiling at the others.

"I agree with that," said Nessa.

"How would you all like to invest in our own club in one of the other
hotels?" said Sam.

"Before you say it, I know it takes money and a lot of it. It takes time it
takes commitment and more, but with all our connections, I know we could
swing it. I myself know of two possible investors that might take a chance
on us."

"I like the idea," said Mike. "Hell it's a gamble, but we have nothing to
lose but money, and in Vegas that is what it's all about."

They all stood up and gave each other a big hug. "What Bid Ed did was rotten,
he was right in that we did lose focus. Still that was dirty, spying on us,
and I want to show the bastard that we don't need him," said Danny.

The group all agreed. And as they walked down stairs, through the lobby, past
the partying guests, and out the main door, they turned and smiled at the
camera in the massive ceiling.

"Hey Big Ed," they said in unison, and all gave him the finger.


One year later a new club opened at the Venetian hotel. It was a huge success
largely due to the fact that their customer service gave all the guests
anything they desired.

Mary and Sam moved in together and bought a condo near the strip.

Nessa and Delinda broke up for a while, but finally got back together after
realizing that it really wasn't just sex.

Mike bought a red Ferrari and raced cars for fun in his spare time.

Danny met a nice, but plain girl, who was a schoolteacher, and married her.
They are now starting a family.

Big Ed finally lost his job when the owners found out what he did that
weekend. When word got out he couldn't find work in Vegas anymore. He now
manages security at Walmart.


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