Crossfire - Crossworlds: Labyrinth - Labyrinths Of The Mind (molest,celeb,mc)
by Arcane ([email protected])

Finding the office should have been easy enough. Third door on the right,
clearly marked, at least that's what the producers agent had said. But there
were no doors on the right, only the left, and there were only two.

Perhaps she'd been confused.

After all, she had suffered a brief dizzy spell half way down the hall. It
was the weather. It was crazy outside. And she was crazy to be here at this
time of night but the role sounded good and she wanted to get to the producer
as soon as possible.

Jennifer Connelly hadn't planned on getting lost in a simple corridor.

She chose to open the second door.

Behind it was another corridor.

She peered through but couldn't see any details.

Maybe the other door would prove correct.

Only the other door wasn't there any more.

Jennifer shook her head, wondering if she was suffering from something.

There was nothing to be done but head down the new corridor.

Upon reaching the end she found another two doors, one on the left, one on
the right.

She turned to the door on the left, pulling the handle.


She huffed in frustration, turning to the right.

No door.

The right.

No door.

Jennifer turned back the way she had came, finding only a large steel door,
certainly out of place. She knew it hadn't been there before. This had to be
a dream. It would explain the twisted logic. But it seemed real.

She pushed open the door.

The floor opened beneath her.

Jennifer plummeted into the darkness, crying out as she felt the air rushing
past her in the darkness.

Suddenly she came to a halt. The hole was dark and Jennifer had no idea what
was going on here. The green mossy walls seemed to move as she watched them.

"Ow! Hey!" She looked down at her wrist to see a green hand reaching from the
wall, holding her tight. "Let me go!"

We can't. came a chorus of voices from around her. We're holding hands.

"Hey!" Jennifer yelled as she felt more hands gripping her arms and legs,
holding her in place. "Look, I just want to get out of here."

We don't want you to go.

We think you should stay a while.

"Why? What do you want?"

You feel nice.

Nice and soft.

Jennifer squirmed as she felt the hands clinging to her.

You shouldn't move.

You might get hot.

We can be hot too.

Hot little hands.

She shivered as she felt hands running over her legs.

"Just let me go."

Soft. Very soft.

Jennifer felt a hand as it reached out and cupped her breast through her
blouse. She pulled away but the hands held her in place. More hands reached
for her, stroking her skin, rubbing her shoulders. The hands kept her spread
eagled, unable to move away. Hands ran through her hair, over her thighs,
round her neck. They were caressing her but she was helpless to resist them.
Two pairs of hands kneaded her large breasts, rubbing them through the
fabric, fingers stroking and pressing. It was a pleasant touch but given the
source Jennifer couldn't help but protest. As yet the hands at her hips
hadn't explored any further.

She felt hands working the buttons of her blouse, working their way down from
neck to stomach until her shirt hung open. The hands worked, sliding it from
her body. When it reached her wrists a second pair of hands made sure she
remained immobile as the top slid off, lost in the sea of green. The hands
teased the fabric of her bra briefly before unclasping it and pulling it from
her, letting her ample bosom spill free into the grasp of the awaiting hands.
The two pairs of hands resumed their work, kneading and rubbing her breasts,
tweaking and strumming her nipples until they were fully erect.

The hands massaging her butt continued their work, thumbing at the waist of
her pants.

Jennifer felt hands pulling at her trousers, working the fly and buttons
until they were undone, slowly sliding them down her legs until they to were
dropped away into the mass. Fingers pressed against the fabric of her
panties, flicking the elastic and rubbing at the tender spots beneath. Slowly
they began to explore underneath until they were pulled down and tossed away,
leaving her naked and helpless in the hands of the hands.

In wasn't long before they began to probe the newly exposed areas, dozens of
creeping fingers stroking and touching her. Like the hands that still
continued to massage her breasts, refusing the leave them for even a second,
the touch between her legs felt remarkably pleasant though totally

"Stop it!" she screamed in a final effort. "Stop it right now! Either you let
me go or I mmppphhhhh!"

She struggled but the hand clasped over her mouth refused to let go, reducing
her to mumbled groans.

The hands moved her body, spreading her legs as wide as they could go,
running over the skin of her thighs and up to the dark hair above.

For the first time she realised that the hands felt sticky on her skin, damp
and warm. Or perhaps that was just sweat from her own body, heating up from
the confined space and the constant tender touching.

The first fingers reached her vulva, softly sliding her lips apart and
allowing another finger to enter. It probed the damp interior, eventually
striking the one goal it sought, her clitoris.

"MPPPHH!" Jennifer protested as she felt the first tingle of contact run
through her body.

It was no use. The fingers continued to mass. More appeared to open her as
wide as possible, other filling the space, stroking and driving in and out.
Jennifer squirmed as the impossible sensation overwhelmed her. It was like
nothing she had ever known, so many fingers all touching her at once.

Beneath a tight green top her breasts undulated, caressed and manipulated by
the hands, squeezing and touching her. Fingers stroked every inch of her
skin, tickling her arms, kneading her thighs and massaging her back. But the
most tender region of her body was the wet mop between her legs. Here the
hands worked in perfect unison, touching teasing and tickling inside and out,
every finger working a different area of her tender crotch. Fingers kept her
vulva spread, stroking back and forth along the wet lips. Others went deeper,
running along the wet walls within. Two focussed on her clitoris, stroking at
it, pressing and probing her relentlessly.

"Mmggmmgh." She tried to cry out but the hand covering her mouth stayed firm.
Fingers stroked her bare cheeks, ran through her hair and rubbed her neck.
The touch of a hundred lovers was something she simply couldn't deny.

Faster and firmer the hands groped and stroked her, speeding up in time with
her heightened pulse and breathing. The hands knew what they were doing and
there was nothing Jennifer could do to stop them from their work, tensing her
tighter and tighter until she was ready to burst.

Ever stroking, ever teasing fingers rubbed her head to toe.

"MPPHmPHHMmmMPPHHHHMM!" Jennifer moaned as she shuddered, an mind blowing
orgasm ripping through her body.

She shook but the hands held her fast, not ready to relinquish her. Even as
she came the hands kept working her, kneading her breasts, rubbing her arms
and legs. There was no escaping them or the rush she felt as the energy
surged through her nerves. When it had died down she hung there, supported by
the hands around her, gently massaging her. The hand covering her mouth
finally released her and a deep exhalation escaped her lips.

"Please.." she gasped. "Let me go."

You asked for it.

The hands let go and Jennifer suddenly began to plummet downwards, unable to
slow her descent. She felt herself hurtling through the abyss and then

* * *

When Jennifer came too, things had not returned to normal. She was lying on
the dusty ground of a small chamber carved from stone.

She was still naked, her sweat having dried on her skin. Realising there was
nothing she could do about her nakedness she rose to her feet peering about
the chamber.

* * *

There seemed to be only one exit and despite a growing fear of what lay
beyond, she pressed forward.

At first the tunnel was dark but the further she went, the brighter it
became. For the first time Jennifer noticed that the walls were covered in
cobwebs, or something that felt like them. She brushed her had against them,
feeling the flexible substance. It wasn't cobwebs, but it was like nothing
else she knew. More like plastic or rubber.

However unpleasant it might be, she knew it was the only way to go.

She pushed forward as the slime became thicker and thicker.

Eventually she felt as if she was pressing against walls. She pushed with all
her force only to find herself falling forwards, tumbling into the white

Jennifer crashed to the ground, conscious that it was made of the same
substance as the walls. She tried to crawl forward only to find herself up
against another wall. The surface felt smooth, round and flexible.

Trying to rise to her feet, Jennifer only managed to fall back.

Then she realised what had happened. The slimy film which had covered the
walls now formed a bubble around her.

The smooth walls of the bubble refused to give way as she pressed her hands
against them. It was impossible to stand, leaving her on her back, staring up
at the roof. At least it seemed to be the roof, the entire room was white,
impossible to tell up or down had not gravity been working on her. Jennifer
tried to get to her feet again, failing once more and tumbling forward.

The bubble seemed to go soft, not allowing the fall to hurt her. She lay on
her chest, pondering her next move. But as she did the bubble moved first. In
a second the bubble expanded to accommodate her breasts as they pushed down.
Before she could move again the substance contracted once more, clinging
tightly to her chest and holding her to the ground. She felt the bubble
sliding around her, slipping about her, clinging tightly to her body. She
struggled frantically but there was no where to go and nothing she could do
to stop the crystal film from engulfing her head to toe. The only space
allowed was above her neck, a smaller bubble surrounding her head.

Jennifer waited, helpless to move, helpless to do anything but listen to the
sound of her own breath. The tight confines of the sheath seemed to supply
her with air, but still clung tight, heating her body. Before long she could
feel a layer of sweat between her body and the film.


She opened her eyes, peering into the whiteout but there was nothing to be

"Relax Jennifer"

"Who's there?" she whispered, her throat unable to produce volume.

"I am the man of your dreams. I am the one who can give you everything you
have ever desired."

"I don't want-"

"Oh but you do. You want to feel good."

"No. I doohooooo.."

Jennifer gasped as the film coating her body began to undulate, massaging her
body in waves of motion. The effect was so sudden and so pleasurable that
Jennifer was unable to protest only capable of puffing as wave after wave of
delight rippled up her body. The sweat, the heat and the vibrations touched
her every inch of flesh. Through the bubble around her head the saw a second
film appear below, silvery reflection gradually forming until her entire
body was reflected before her. She watched her breasts undulate beneath the
invisible film, rolling from side to side, nipples straining against the

"Doesn't that feel good Jennifer?"

Jennifer gasped her reply "I.. don't waaaahhaaaaa.."

The wave speed increased, flowing across her body faster and faster. She
found herself unable to look away from the sight of her body being
manipulated by the invisible sheath around her. She could feel it tugging and
massaging at her sweat drenched skin. It squeezed and squashed her large
breasts about, kneading them relentlessly.

"I can give you all you desire Jennifer."

"You.. can't... No!"

Jennifer felt the film clinging tighter and tighter to her hips, rubbing her,
using her sweat as lubrication. As it pulled tighter Jennifer could feel the
film stretching apart her legs, slowly slipping into the widening passage
between. She felt it slide over her vulva and pull tighter and tighter until
it entered her body, clinging to her inner walls. Just like the film over the
rest of her body, the internal sheath now began to massage. She gasped in
shocked delight as her mind was flooded with sensations she had never
experienced, vibrations deep within her, totally inescapable.

She tried to close her eyes but as she did the bubble around her head
tightened holding her eyes open, forcing her to look at the reflection of her
helpless assailed body.

She felt the film coating her clitoris, instantly beginning to stimulate her
with a relentless pulse.

"All you have to do is ask for it Jennifer."

"I.. won't...."

"But you want it so much."

"No.. oooohhh."

Faster and faster it rippled over her, never letting her skin recover before
yet another pulse surged through her. She felt her mind reeling under the
sensual assault, her logic being shaken and kneaded away into nothingness.

The pleasure was irresistible and she realised that sooner or later she would
give in to what she was feeling.

She stared at her own trapped body, a helpless doll in the hands of a
relentless master. She saw the shine of her skin, the flush of her breasts as
they rose and fell under the waves of motions.

"Enjoy it Jennifer. I can give you all you ever desired."

"No.. oohh god!.."

"Just say Jennifer. Just say yes.."

"I.. I..." she panted as she felt herself come nearer and nearer to climax,
knowing that she could not help cry out. "You.. you.."

Then she realised.

"You have no power over me."

Suddenly the crystal film shattered, shard and reflection spinning through
the air, endlessly shining reflections on her nude body as it floated through
the white space. She could move, but there was no where to go and nothing she
could do to stop the spinning reality around her.

Yet somehow she knew that she was safe. She had found her way through the


Jennifer crumpled, strength all but gone from her exhausted body.

Beneath her fingers she felt the fabric of a soft carpet.

A hallway.

She was back were she had left, but her nakedness was proof enough that her
ordeal had been no flight of fantasy.

Too weak to move she simply lay there, bewildered and tried to assimilate
what had happened and what was happening.

The storm. The storm was the cause of the madness.

Jennifer had experienced a taste of fluid reality.

And she shook in fear that it might not be her last.


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