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Life With Derek: Casey's Trying To Fit In Part 1
by Joe Collins ([email protected])

Casey, her mother Nora and her sister Lizzie have just moved in with
there new step-family, the Venturi's. Casey definitely didn't like this
arrangement, she had to leave her house in her town with her friends at
her school, and move in with people she had never meet before. Her new
stepfather, George, seemed okay even though she could tell her checked
her out a few times while her stepbrothers were a whole other story.
Edwin was the younger one, but was super intelligent even though he was
dumb enough to be his older brother's lap dog. Derek was the man around
the house that called all the shots, ever since he was a little child he
ran the show. He and Casey were the same age, freshman in high school,
but while Casey was a straight A, by-the-book student, Derek was on the
other end of the spectrum. He had a reserved seat in the principal's
office, was a nightmare for all teachers, but was far from dumb as he
was always scheming and planning, and that was no different than when
her new stepfamily moved in.

Derek noticed right off the bat how hot his new stepsister was, with her long
brunette hair, B-cup tits, slim waist, flat stomach, long legs, meaty ass and
plump lips, she had it all, plus some. The plus some being a horrible
attitude towards him, besides that she was also a real prude who wanted
everything her way all the time, but that was going to change since they were
in his territory.

George and Nora knew that if the family merger was going to work, it was
going to boil done to how Casey and Derek got along, since with them came
their younger siblings. Everyone was trying to act on their best behave
during move-in day, well everyone except for Derek and Casey who were at
each other's throats again.

"Would it kill you Derek to help me out, it's not like your doing anything"
Casey yelled at her new stepbrother, wanting help with all the heavy boxes
she was lugging up the stairs while he just laid around. Even though she
hated to admit it, Derek was a good looking guy, mature for his age being
about 6' with a slim build even though he had muscle in all the right places.

"You're right, I am doing nothing and I want it to stay like that, beside you
could use the workout if you know what I mean," Derek replied smartly, in an
attempt to get her even more fired up, which was successful. Casey was far
from fat (and nowhere near anorexic either, but Derek knew that a weight
comment would make any teenage girl feel self-conscious and have them stomp
off angry.

"Derek, you're such an ass," Casey shot back a little hurt at his comments,
but knew she wasn't going to have to see him again for the rest of the
afternoon, as she was going to get her room set-up for life at the new house.
The first thing she realized about it was how SMALL it was, especially since
the room was to be split between both her and her younger sister Lizzie. Nora
made it clear the George and herself were not to be bothered until dinner
with any house issues since they had to take care of groceries and
improvements needed to be made to the house. Casey figured she would begin
setting up her room since she didn't want to go downstairs and hang out with
Derek, so she slowly started to set-up the furniture, put her clothes away
and hang up pictures and posters.

"Hey sis, mom told me to tell you that dinner is ready and to come down,"
Lizzie said as she poked her head into the room from the doorway. Lizzie was
outside playing with some of the neighbours as she had no problem adapting to
new places and making friends, which was a complete different story for
Casey. She was a little too opinionated and prude that rubbed most people the
wrong way right off the bat as she never pulled any punches and always felt
the need to tell it like it is. Casey just finished up hanging the last of
her pictures when she made for the door and started to head downstairs for
dinner when she bumped into Derek in the hall as he was exiting his room.

"Watch where you're going freak," Derek said as he regained his composure
after the little shoulder to shoulder encounter.

"Shut up Derek, I'll do…holy cow look at the size of that room, and you're
not even sharing with Edwin!" Casey gasped, as so many ideas of what she
could do in that room that she couldn't do in her room, like walk around
with hitting anything.

"Yeah, it's pretty sweet, lots of space for everything I need, but don't even
think about getting this puppy because I've had this all my life" Derek said
sensing the thoughts going through her pretty little head. The two of them
were now multi-tasking as they managed to be in a heated argument while
walking down the stairs and into the dining room.

"That is enough you two, gosh, give it a break for the first family dinner,
besides what are you guys fighting about this time" Nora asked, being sure to
show the kids that she was getting tired of their constant banter.

"Well Lizzie and I have the smallest room in the house split between the two
of us while Derek has a huge room all to himself, it's not fair." Casey
insisted, and insisted all the way through dinner.

"Casey, Derek, Nora and I will talk about this and make a decision on this
matter, but Casey why won't you even consider the basement, you'll have
privacy, a larger room, and not having to see Derek nearly as much?" George
asked still confused on why not the basement.

"George I appreciate you trying to help me here, but you're still brainwashed
by Derek because it is obvious that I should get his room and not be forced
to live in the cold, damp basement. A basement would suit Derek much better
since he would be around species he could better identify with," Casey said
as she shot a piercing glare in her stepbrother's direction.

"That's enough Casey, listen, we will talk it over and have our decision by
the end of the night, and whatever is decided will be final…for both of you"
Nora said, losing her cool slightly. Casey and Derek were both left upset at
the way things went down at the dinner table, but they knew that they would
have to wait until after their parent's deliberation. Casey decided to head
back up to her room and started to pack her things, knowing that her parents
had to see that her points made sense than Derek's 'I was here first'
approach. Meanwhile, Derek decided to catch up with Sam for the rest of the
night and play basketball and video games since it was one of the last days
of summer vacation. He ended up strolling in around about a quarter past 11,
even though his parents didn't notice since they were still locked away in
their bedroom, but around 11:30 George come forth and knocked on his son's

"Listen son, you won't have to worry about losing your room, I fought long
and hard for you, but in the end you will stay here and Casey will have to
decided what she wants to do, if it's the basement, or a small room. Now get
some sleep and make sure your ready for school, it starts in two days and
we'll have some breakfast on the table in the morning. By the way, ease up
on Casey, she's really nice and going to be around for awhile, so get used
to it, I know she's a handful just do your best." George told his boy.

"Thanks dad, never doubted you for a second, now I think I'll take you up on
that sleep idea and I'll do what I can with her, okay?" Derek said in a way
that would convince no one he was going to let up on Casey.

"Okay good. I'm going to bed as well, we'll talk to Casey tomorrow so don't
say anything to her, I mean it or I'll be forced to reverse the decision"
George stood and left, leaving Derek to get some rest. As he was walking by
Casey and Lizzie's room, he suddenly remembered that Lizzie was out for the
night having a sleepover at one of her new friends house and then realized
that the door was slightly ajar. Knowing that this would be the best
opportunity to put his plan into action, George knew that the whole room
situation was a perfect cover into getting a piece of his sexy, young
stepdaughter. When he was just about to knock, he peered into the room
through the gap and saw that Casey was dancing around the room in a pair of
light blue short shorts that just came down to cover the her ass, and a tight
yellow tank top. He found himself to be getting aroused by the nimble display
of moves that she was performing that made her butt look even more rounded
than usually when she bent over.

"Hello Casey, is it okay that I come in and talk about what your mother and
I decided?" George asked politely as he somewhat startled her.

"Yeah, sure. Sorry I was just tiring myself out before bed, so what's up
George? Am I moving into Derek's room?" Casey asked.

"Well here's the deal Cas, your mother and I have thought about it and we
think that it is best that you stay in here and Derek stays in his room. It
would take days to move all his stuff into the basement and school starts
in 2 days so we don't wanting a move affecting his work. I know you have
sacrificed a lot already and the offer still stands on the basement if you
want it." George said delivering the bad news.

George that is so unfair, I can't believe you guys could be so cruel, come on
I mean..." but before Casey could continue her tirade.

"Stop, I've come up with another solution that will satisfy everyone. You
will get a bigger room, your sister will get her own room, Derek won't have
to move and your mother and I will have some privacy, but its not that easy.
You can have our room, and Lizzie can have this room and we will go to the
basement, but your mom doesn't want that. You're a good kid so I might be
able to twist her arm, that is if I have the right motivation to do so,"
George said plainly, never taking his eyes away from hers.

Casey's eyes bugged out wide thinking about what her stepfather had just
said to her, offering to help her for her to do a service for him. That was
disgusting! She couldn't even find words to say anything, she just stared at
the gross (even though he was handsome) 40 year-old man in front of her who
was sitting beside her on her bed.

"Casey, you want a big room, I'll give you the biggest in the house and all
you'll have to do is a few favours. Or you can stay here with your sister,
having no space or privacy, especially when you bring new friends over,
Lizzie will be interupting and embarrassing you the whole time. Come on,
your mother said that when you make up your mind on something you have to
have your way, so I'm giving you a way into getting what you want" George
said as he studied her face, and grinned when he say her thinking about it.

"George, Derek is in the next room, my mom is down the hall, and my sister
will be back in a few minutes," Casey said, trying to stop herself from
letting him take advantage of her.

"Not a problem, Derek is asleep, your mom is out cold (the sleeping pill he
gave her would come in handy) and your sister is at a friend's house for the
night. It's just me and you...and your new room come tomorrow morning."
George knew he was in, know it was a matter of how many sexual favours he
could squeeze out of his pretty daughter.

"This is wrong, you're married to my mom, you're my stepdad!" Casey said
raising her voice. "I have half a mind to go tell my mom what you are

"Sit back down Casey, you're not going anywhere and you know it. You know
that you want a big room and I'm giving you the chance to get it if you help
me out. That's what a family does, help each other out. Besides, I have so
much power over your mother's will that she wouldn't believe you and even if
she did she wouldn't do anything about it. Now, scratch my back and I'll
scratch your back" George had her, both of them knew it.

Lowering her head and sitting back down on the bed, very meekly Casey said,
"But I'm a virgin, I won't know what to do, please George, this doesn't have
to happen."

"But it does Casey, you won't your new room and I won't a piece of your
virgin pussy," his comment catching her off guard and shocking her. "Now
listen, I'll take it slow, I'll teach you had to please a man with oral
sex and repay the debt to you too. Then I'll slide my cock into your tight
pussy, burst your hymen and take your virginity. There is no doubt it will
hurt, but after you get over the pain it will feel marvelous and you'll
become a cock-hungry slut." George told her.

"Okay, I'll get my room and everything will be fine. Please be gentle," Casey
said lightly as she knew she was defeated. Her will was broken by her own
greed and she knew that if George was that eager to get a piece of her young
ass then he wouldn't stop so she might as well get something out of it.
Conversely, George knew that his new stepdaughter was now his little sex
slave, available for service with a trade.

George moved so he was sitting right beside her and planted his lips on her
own so that they were engaged in a kiss, then he opened his mouth and pushed
his tongue into hers. She was hesitant at first until she convinced herself
that this was for a purpose that she let her tongue mingle with his. This
excited her stepdad so he started to rub her shoulders, which made the
15-year-old shiver but this didn't hinder his progress as he then slid them
down until they were at the hem of her top. Casey was acting like a deer in
the headlights as she had no idea what to do with one part not wanting to be
involved, but another (and larger part) talking herself into it. When he
started to pull the bottom of the shirt upwards, she merely lifted her arms
above her head and broke the kiss, allowing it to be withdrawn from her body.

This was the first time that George had every seen such young, perky tits
before and it was well worth the wait since they were amazing. He found
himself staring at them and how he could not! They were large for her young
age, being a B-cup that were a little more than a handful each with nipples
that were a light pink and the size of a loonie and when they fell free of
the shirt they bounced slightly. He was going to enjoy this and he knew that
she would too once she was accustom to his size filling her cunt.

Once her shirt was removed and he picked his jaw up from the ground, George
wasted little time removing her short shorts and her cute aqua-coloured
full-bottom panties from her lower body. He was hoping that she would be
shaved but thought because of her inexperience that she would have a bush,
but he was somewhat surprised and happy to find that she had maintained her
box by trimming so that there was only a slim carpet. He would have to make
sure she have a complete shaven pussy the next time they got together, he
loved looking on a bare-down-there pussy.

George took control of the situation and moved his mouth down to her neck and
started sucking on it while easing her down onto her back in the middle of
her bed. He slowly moved from the nape of her neck, down to her succulent
boobs then to her flat stomach before planting some kisses on her toned inner
thighs. Casey just let her body move at the will of her master until she felt
something she thought she wouldn't feel, pleasure. And what pleasure it was
for Casey when George turned his skillful mouth and tongue onto her awaiting
twat. She found herself biting on her lower lip before having to use the
pillow at her head to muffle her screams of ecstasy as George was doing a
combination of licking and massaging her clit and shoving his tongue into her
pussy to the hymen.

"Oh GOD I'm CUMMING George! OH MY!" Casey shouted into her Mickey Mouse
pillow as she erupted with cum into George's open mouth as he collected it
all before swallowing it down.

"See how good sex can be Casey and that was just oral. Now Casey, I'm not a
bad guy but I see an opportunity and I pounce on it, but this is giving you
a room and more pleasure then you can think of. Now it's time to put those
big dick-sucking lips to good use and teach you how to give a blowjob. Now
get down onto your knees in between my legs and take off my pants." George
said assertively.

Like the submissive she was, Casey followed the directions and pulled off his
pajama pants while he removed his own shirt to render himself naked as well.
Casey was now eye level to the first dick she had ever seen and it was quite
a sight, standing at full attention of roughly 8 inches long and another 2
thick. She was a little overwhelmed at the sight but at the same time she
found herself becoming aroused by the cock staring her right back in the
face. Without need for further instructions and going off her own instincts,
Casey grabbed the hardened cock to stroke it with her right hand was she
brought her other hand down to play with her clit. After a few fist-pumps,
Casey lowered her hand to the base of the shaft and brought her gorgeous lips
down to the head of the dick to take it into her mouth for the first time in
her life.

By now Casey was like a whole other person as she had transformed from a
meek, sexually inexperienced girl to a cock hungry slut right before her
stepfather's eyes. She had worked more dick into her mouth and was still
working on getting more in and was working at a hasty pace of bobbing her
head up and down while stroking the exposed shaft at the same time. While
she was pleasing George, she was also indulging in a little pleasure for
herself since her hand was still rubbing her clit hard and getting more
excited by the second. When George reached down and grabbed a handful of
her long brown hair, Casey responded expertly by increasing her tempo so
that she was now going a mind-boggling pace.

This is when George decided that all he was going to get from the young
nympho was just head since he wasn't going to be able to hold out. He had
originally intended to tke her virginity and make her give him head, but
he expect her to be clumsy and frankly bad at sucking cock, however she was
far from and this was going to cut his night short.

"That's it Casey, keep going, faster, harder, yes yes. I'm cumming Casey,
I'm cumming. Now be a little whore and take it in your mouth and don't
swallow it until I tell you to." George told her as he moved his other hand
into her hair so he had two handfuls to keep her head down on his cock as he
shot his load into her hungry mouth.

Casey braced herself since she didn't know what to expect when he came, she
was unsure of the taste and texture and thickness, but those uncertainties
were no longer unknown as the hot load erupted from George's member. The
taste was the first thing that startled the teen since it was bitter, but
the longer it was in her mouth the more she grew accustom to it. Then the
amount was the next to catch her attention as it kept flowing and flowing
in a seemingly endless stream, so much so that some started to escape her
mouth at the edges until finally it stopped.

"Good girl Casey, now show me the cum. Great, now gurgle it in your mouth,
nice big bubbles for me. Excellent, now gulp it down in one shot." George
instructed her. Casey had been waiting to take it down since it went from
a nice taste to a craving to have it down into her stomach so with one big
swallow, it all went down, but she wanted more of this tasty treat. Seeing
a little semen left on George's shaft, Casey grabbed it with her hand before
bringing her mouth around the head and sucking the remaining juice off, but
wanted more. She looked around nervously until he found some more of her
craving left on her boob when the cum had managed to leave her mouth, but
that didn't remain long as she eagerly scooped it up and placed it into her

"Looks like someone enjoyed themselves and still is. Why don't you hop back
onto the bed and let me finish you off little lady" George said in a tired
tone and like the sex-craved teenager she was, she did exactly what she was
told. Casey laid down in the same position that she was in earlier in the
night with her head on top of her pillow and her legs spread wide.

"I need another orgasm George, I need one and I know you can give it to me.
Please daddy, give it to me" Casey said with an aggressive yet innocent tone.
It was now George who was listening to his master as he crouched down between
her legs and without hesitation started licking her slit up and down before
shoving his tongue into her twat.

"Yes George, yes! Eat my pussy, yeah. Make me cum, I wanna cum" Casey was
shouting, not caring who heard and George could hardly hear anything as she
had wrapped her fit legs around his head. George kept munching her rug as
Casey continued to scream her lungs out, barely managing to get the pillow
up to her mouth to stifle the noise, but it was done in vain as all the nose
had woken Derek. He rolled out of his bed to examine what was making Casey
scream like this and he could hardly believe his eyes when he peered through
the crack in the door. His dad was buried in between Casey's legs making her
scream and wiggle in pleasure, all this from the girl that was a prude, a
bitch, a bookworm, the last person Derek thought would be sexually active...
especially with his dad! Derek didn't watch long as he went back to bed and
started to scheme on how this little exhibit he had just witnessed could
help him in the future. He knew that mentioning the events to his dad would
mean that he would have even more control over him, which would come in handy
and he knew that Casey was a slut now who would want a midnight snack every
now and then.

Meanwhile back in the room, Casey's legs tightened around George's head even
more as she also grabbed a hold of his head too as she prepared to experience
her second orgasm of the night...and her life. Unable to make a sound, Casey
could only manage to arch her back and squeeze even tighter as she was rocked
again as her female fluid poured into George's mouth again, however he didn't
gulp it down. He pushed apart Casey's legs and inched up to her face where
her mouth was left wide open as she was still recovering from her orgasm.
George went right above her mouth and spit her own cum into her mouth and
then held her mouth shut so that she didn't have a chance to spit it back out
by shock of the foreign fluid.

"Now Casey, I wanted you to get a taste of your own juices. Isn't it sweet
like honey, how it just sits in your mouth, on your taste buds. Now this is
what every guy is after but you can't let everyone have a taste, only those
guys that are worthy of such a reward like myself. Or you can become a
complete slut, that's fine with me too so long as you remember to give me a
piece of that fine bubble butt too." George said with a smile as he held
Casey's mouth shut.

At first Casey had her familiar look of disgust and annoyance on her face at
having her own juices spit into her mouth, but it soon turned to a surprised
expression as she started to get used to the flavor. She liked the taste in
her mouth and like the semen before it, she swallowed it down into her tummy.

"Well Casey, I'll be back another time to collect for your pussy, but you've
shown enough that I'll give you the room for now. Congratulations." George

"Thanks dad, but for now I'm gonna just get my last night of sleep in this
bedroom." Casey said as she drifted into the deepest sleep she had ever had
in her whole life.

To be continued...


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