Life With Derek: Casey's Education
by KHenne3572 ([email protected])

Casey McDonald was a beautiful 15 yr old girl. She recently became part of a
new family when her mother remarried. It was hard moving to a new location
and becoming the new kid in high school. Her younger sister Lizzie adapted
better then she did to the move.

Casey now had 2 brothers and a new sister. The oldest was Derek he was a
terrfic athlete but a terrible student. Edwin was the same age as her sister
Lizzie. The youngest was Marti a beautiful 6 year old girl who adored Derek.
They had lost there mother in a accident. It took a while to get use to
having a new family. Casey never took the divorce well at all.

Casey father was a business man who was never home it seemed. Casey mother
Nora had known George Venturi from court. They were both lawyers. One day
when he was away on another business trip Nora had lunch with George. A month
later they had dinner things heated up quickly. A few nights later she slept
with him. It had been 6 months since she had been with her husband. That
night she was questioned by Casey "on where were you tonight."

Nora told her "At a business dinner I didnt know about."

"I'm sorry I didnt know it was going to last this long."

Casey accepted it and went to bed. Nora took a shower and cried. She had
enjoyed the hot sex with she had with George. They had climaxed together
which was incredible.

A few weeks later Casey passed her mother's room and heard moaning. She
knocked on the door and then entered the room. There was her mother
masturbating furiously calling out the name George as she climaxed. It was
an incredible sight for Casey who realized a few minutes later she was very
turned on.

Casey had trouble sleeping that night. She kept thinking about her mother
climaxing. She reached down and touched herself she was sopping wet. It took
her about 10 minutes to have her own incredible orgasm.

She was moaning "yes mommy" as her orgasm raked her body.

* * *

When Casey started school she just wanted to get good grades. Casey met Emily
the second day of school she lived next door to them. They became friends
quickly. They had a few classes together and hung out at each other's house.
Emily had a crush on Derek for a long time. Casey did not want to admit to
herself that Derek was nice looking.

They went out on weekends and hung out. One day they were in Emily's room
after school listening to music. Emily pulled Casey up to dance. When the
dancing ended the girl had a eye lock going on. It took about 2 minutes to
break. As they said goodbye they were holding hands. There were feelings
that had devolped over the school year.

The night of the last day in school they attended a party. The party was fun
and most of the kids where sleeping over. A girl whom they had seen at school
but didn't know ended up in the pool fully clothed. A few people tried to
help her out of the pool ended up in the pool.

In a matter of minutes most of the kids at the party were in the pool some
fully clothed like Emily and Casey. They found each other and climbed out.
Casey had not worn her suit under her clothes cause she didnt like the
feeling the one piece suit gave her. Emily stripped down to her bikini. She
noticed Casey's nipples were erect Emily turned her head away as not to be

The girls each had a few more beers before leaving the party. Casey was
sleeping over at Emily's house that night. The girls each showered to get
rid of the clorine smell from there skin and hair. When Emily came into the
bedroom she was nude. Casey found herself staring at her and realized what
a great body she had.

Emily lit up a joint and turned out the light. She taught her and shared the
joint with Casey. Emily told Casey she was adopted. she had been left on her
parents doorstep by the 14 yr old black mother. Casey knew that Emily's
parents where white.

When they finished the joint the girls stared at each other. Emily leaned
over and kissed Casey softly. Casey opened her mouth willingly and her tongue
attacked the intruder. They made out for about 15 minutes sitting on the bed.

Casey stood up and stripped and climbed into bed with Emily. When they awoke
the next morning Casey wanted answers. Emily told her no questions "It was a
beautiful night and we both enjoyed it".

That night she remembered how Emily's fingers and tongue had made her cum
hard. She also remmbered how Emily tasted and how many times she came.

Chapter 2

One day Casey got a call from her natural father he was going to be in town
for 2 days on business. Casey invitied him to dinner the next day. When she
told her mother it surprised her how well she took it. The dinner went over
well and when her father left Casey ran to her room in tears. Derek didn't
understand why she was so upset as usual. Nora went to Casey's room and
comforted her. She agreed to allow her to go see her Father on mid winter

Casey flew to New York and got picked up by a limo and taken to her
apartment. She went into his apartment and unpacked.

A few hours later her dad arrived home and she jumped into his arms and
wrapped herself around him. They had a quiet dinner and watch some

The next day her father had made her breakfast and they went out site seeing
and shopping. When they got back he decided he had to tell her. He told her
he was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was inoperable and cancerous. The
tears flowed out of Casey very hard and it took her a while to calm down.

When Casey went to bed that night she made a decision.

* * *

The next night her father took her to a company party and she was the perfect
daughter. When they got home she knew it was time. He started to undress and
she helped him. They slowly stripped each other and he was surprised how
beautiful she really was.

He had fingered her slowly to a strong orgasm and she had given him a blowjob
on the couch. She jumped into his arms and he carried her to his bed. When
they were settled in postion she used her best little girl voice and told him
"Make love to me daddy".

He entered her slowly and she had to adjust to the size. She kissed him
deeply as he broke thru her hymen. She moaned into his mouth. They kissed
deeply for a few minutes and she told him "to go for it." It didn't take
long for them to match strokes. She was very wet and knew her orgasm was

Casey yelled to him "Fuck me harder daddy!"

He lasted about 2 more minutes and they exploded together. Some people say
they see fireworks when you orgasm togther. Casey saw them.

It took a few minutes for either of them to talk again. He told her "That she
was beautiful and how proud of her he was."

When she awoke they next morning she had no regrets. Casey gave him blowjobs
nightly before bed. She also took a few nudes of her self and left them with

* * *

A week after she got back they had got hit with a major snow storm that shut
down the city. Nora and George struggled to get to work. Derek and Casey took
the kids out for the day. Edwin and Lizzie took off with there friends. They
helped Marti build a snowman in the yard.

Nora got home by 1 in the afternoon and took Marti with her. Derek noticed
that Casey came home happier then he had ever seen her before. They actually
talked without fighting as they walked over to Sam's house but never made it.
Derek just had to throw snowballs at Casey and she chased him a half a block
and tackled him. Casey straddled him and he didnt fight it she rubbed snow in
his face.

When he told her he missed her he was able to flip her over. He quickly
mounted her and she tried to fight him off. They had a eye lock going on the
kiss happened very naturally for them. It broke off about 2 minutes later. A
few more kisses happened and then he got up and helped her up.

That night they both had trouble sleeping. They ended up masturbating
thinking about each other and realized there were deep and strong feelings

* * *

A few nights later she went with Derek to his hockey game. As she watched him
play she realized how gifted he was.

Derek arrived at the car and saw Casey standing there freezing. He asked her
why had she not waited by the locker room Casey told him, "Cause I don't want
to be confused for one of your groupies."

They went out to eat and the silence was noticeable. Derek got in the car and
warmed it up. They left the parking lot about 30 minutes later. He held her
hand as they walked to the house no words were exchanged.

When they got into the house she told him "Thanks for dinner".

Casey went into her room and was mad at herself. She realized Derek was a
good kisser and she got turned on in the car.

* * *

The next morning she didn't look at Derek at all. This surprised him Casey
seem to enjoy herself the night before.

There was a story going around on Monday were seen making out hot and heavy
in his car. Emily went looking for Casey to see if it was true.

She told Emily "I think you know me better then that."

Emily told her "You can't believe all the stories."

* * *

The night before their summer vacation Casey got a phone call telling her
that her dad passed away. Casey became hysterical and runs to her room. Nora
and Lizzie go into Casey room and finally gets her to calm down. Nora tells
George to take the kids on vacation as planned.

They didn't know when the funeral would be. Nora gets the phone call in the
afternoon with the information.

That night they packed and got ready to leave early the next morning. The
private plane arrived and took them to New York.

The wake was packed with some important and famous people like the mayor and
the police Commissoner. They were his only family there but a lot of friends
were there.

The funeral was held at St Patricks catherdal which surprised the ladies.
Everyone was very nice and kind to them.

They were staying at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. It was already covered
according to his exective assistant. Nora got a buzz on at the reception that
was like a big party. Casey got Nora into the room and locked the door.

They called George and the kids in Florida. There flight was for 1 p.m. the
next day. the ladies showered and were talking about the days events.

Casey had broken down a few times during the funeral. Nora had shown no
emotion at all during the wake and funeral.

Nora told Casey "She did not want to sleep along tonight would she sleep with

Casey told her "Sure, mom."

Nora climbed into bed with Casey and she was nude which surprised Casey. Nora
told her "I'm always available to talk and I listen very well."

They were facing each other and staring deeply into each other's eyes. Nora
leaned over and kissed her softly which become hot and deep quickly. The
orgasm Casey had from her mother fingers was strong. She was not thinking
about her mother as she came she was flipping between Emily and Derek.

A few minutes later her mother had an intense orgasm. They held each other
and kissed for another 15 minutes.

* * *

When awoke the next morning no words were spoken. She had enjoyed both times
with Emily and her Mom.

When they arrived at the hotel that afternoon the family was still at the
park. There was a message at the desk on where to meet them for dinner.

That night at dinner they talked about the wake and funeral vaguely. Derek
told them he would take the kids for the night to the fireworks.

Marti fell asleep before the fireworks and Casey held her thru the fireworks.

They put her down in her parents room. Casey stood outside on the balcony

Derek came up behind and whispered to her how sorry he was about her dad he
seemed like a great guy.

Casey turned and had tears following down her face as she hugged Derek.

When she broke the hug Derek kissed her. The kiss broke off about 10 minutes

They held hands as they walked to his room.

Derek checked on Lizzie and Edward who were asleep he covered them up.

When he returned to the room the lights were out and Casey was under the

Derek stripped and climbed into bed with Casey.

Derek told her "Nothing will happen unless you want it to."

Casey kisses him and tells him "I know."

Casey rides Derek till he cums. They switch postions and make love missionary
style. Derek was bigger then her father and he worked himself in slowly.

A few minutes later she was telling Derek to fuck me harder. He fucks her for
another 10 minutes and blows 3 loads into her as her orgasm raced thru her

They awoke about an hour later and took a shower together. Casey gave Derek
a fabulous blowjob and swallowed his load which surprised Derek.

Casey awoke the next morning and stared at Derek as he slept. She was
thinking anout last night highlights. He was gentle with her which surprised

She figured he would be quick like his relationships with girls.

Derek told her he loved her afterward.

As she lied there she realized that her emotions had gotten the better of her
last night.

It was a night she would not forget anytime soon.

Chapter 4

The next morning the family met and had breakfast. Nora looked at Casey and
she had the glow about her.

She excused herself and took Casey into the bathroom with her.

Nora was upset with her. She asked Casey "Why did she do it?"

Casey told her "I was crying and he held me and comforted me".

"It wasn't like I planned it to happen. Yes mother he used protection".

When they got home that day and unpacked Derek came into her room.

Casey put her hands up to stop Derek. He looked at her and saw she was upset.

Casey told him "Mom knows about us." Derek kissed her for about 2 minutes and
left the room.

This only reminded her that she was falling in love with him.

* * *

The next day Emily and her went shopping at the mall. When they got back to
Emily's room Emily told her how sorry she was about her father. They hugged
and it was slow to break.

Emily look at Casey and saw the tears. The kiss came as natural as it had
with Derek in the snow.

When it broke off a few minutes later both girls were getting turned on.

Casey swore Emily to secrecy and told her about the night with her father.

That night Emily masturbated to the though of Casey being with her father

There senior year in high school went by quickly. Casey was on the prom
committee and they did a faboulous job according to the teacher who monitored

The day of the prom the girls got there hair and nails done.

When they got back to Emily's house she was told that her parents were
getting a room for the night. She and her date could stay there for the night
if they wanted.

She told Casey that she was bringing some smoke and a few bottles of booze
and some beer.

Emily called up her date from the room and found out from his parents that he
was struck by a car and was in the hospital with a severly broken leg.

Emily's mom convinced her to go to the prom.

Casey was nervous while she was getting ready. She was going to try to
convince Derek to sleep with Emily tonight.

The prom was nice and Casey kept Emily busy dancing.

Emily was in heaven dancing with Derek. Derek never realized how beautiful
Emily really was.

The rest of the night he kept stealing glances at her.

Derek slow danced with Casey once and when it ended Emily told them they
looked great together.

When the dance ended Derek walked out and around the block to get the
thoughts out of his head.

* * *

Derek looked around for Casey and Emily they were coming out of the bathroom.

When they spotted him the both smiled at him. He kissed them both open mouth.
The girls both danced with him.

Casey got the key from Emily and took Derek to the room. They drank a beer
each and smoked a joint.

Derek casually made out with Casey sitting on the sofa. He had made sure to
bring enough condoms.

Derek took a long time working Casey into a frenzy. Casey excused herself and
went to the bathroom. She gave the signal to Emily and went back to bed with
Derek. Emily excused herself from Sam 10 minutes after she got the signal.
Derek slowly entered Casey's pussy. She was very tight. Casey was very wet
and quickly matched him stroke for stroke. Emily opened the door and closed
it quickly. She took off her heels and snuck into the room. Emily heard the
moans and saw her best friend and her brother making love.

Casey moaned "Fuck me harder."

Derek brought her legs over his shoulders and reentered her. This postion
gave them both new sensations which only increased there passion. Derek told
her "he was cumming" and she told him "cum with me". They lasted about 2
minutes and had a fantastic orgasm together. Derek withdrew and rolled off
Casey about 5 minutes later. He saw Emily and asked what the hell was she
doing here.

Emily told her "I came to check on Casey but I see she is, ok."

Casey asked her "Would you like to join us?"

Emily smiling told them "Yes, I would."

She stripped in record time and climbed into the king sized bed. She kissed
Casey opened mouth. Derek could not believe what he just saw. Emily turned
and kissed him as Casey went to the bathroom.

When she returned the kiss broke off and Derek asked her "What will this
cost us to keep you quiet".

She looked at both of them and Casey gave her a wink. "I want to sleep with
both of you."

Emily lied back on the bed and they both went to work on her on her breasts.
Emily loved the feeling of having both of her breast played with. Emily
played with Casey's breast and gave Derek a hand job.

As they both worked there way down Emily's body they both worked a finger
into her. Casey worked on her clit and Derek finger her quickly. Emily was
moaning "yes I'm real close" it took about 3 minutes and Emily exploded hard.
They both licked each others fingers and told her how great she tasted.

Derek ate Emily out to 2 more intense orgasms. Casey sucked Derek hard again
and he mounted Emily.

Emily moaned "oh god" as she was being filled up. Derek couldn't believe how
hot Emily was. She was not a virgin which seem to help her. They fucked for
about 15 minutes and exploded together. Casey masturbated while her best
friend and brother made love. She brought herself off hard and quickly. Derek
passed out for about 2 hours. Casey got fucked by Emily with a dualheaded
dildo. Derek fucked Emily anally as she ate out Casey. Derek lied back and
watched the girls go down on each other. He fucked Casey annally as she went
down on Emily. While in the shower they both gave Casey a golden shower. They
filled her mouth and she swallowed. When they left the next morning Casey has
been given a sexual education.

Derek dated and slept with both of them all summer until they departed for 3
different colleges.


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