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Less Than Perfect: Everything Means Less Than Zero (MF,MFF,inter,oral)
by De-Manged ([email protected])

"What's up, girlfriend?" A loud voice greeted Claudia 'Claude' Casey as she
entered work that morning. It was Ramona, her best friend at the network news

"I'm so worried today, Ramona," the perky redhead replied as she set down
her piles of copy. "Will's being scouted by other networks again. He's such
a popular anchor that I'm afraid he'll be 'headhunted', and I was just
getting somewhere at this place..." she gestured around the newsroom. "I knew
it wouldn't be as easy as pie, which isn't so easy to make a really good one
if you think about it y'know, and I..."

"Stop babbling, Claude," Ramona said. "You've done a great job here,
regardless of Will. Now if they'd only give a sista a leg up!"

"Now, Ramona," Claude began when Will walked by. She immediately fell silent.
Mouthing the words 'Talk to you later' at Ramona, Claude followed Will into
his office.

Claude knew she had to act fast to keep Will from jumping ship. She bravely
thrust her large, sweater-clad breasts out in front of her, briefly wishing
she'd worn a lighter color than black so that her nipples would show more.
Claude felt she needed every advantage. Claude was glad her tight skirt
showed off her voluptuous ass so well, though. Being a big girl had SOME
benefits, she thought. Men couldn't help but notice her ample curves both
in front and in back. That combined with her lush long red hair and
smoldering eyes had brought many a man to dizziness. She felt she'd be able
to flirt with Will and maybe tease him into thinking that she might be
willing sometime in the future to possibly...

Claude's ruminations were cut short by Will clearing his throat loudly. "Can
I help you with something, Claude? I'm really rather busy right now."

Thrusting her large boobs forward, Claude put on her most winning smile. "I
was just wondering if there was any truth to the rumors of your leaving us
for another station." She put her hands behind her back and rocked forward
on her toes, setting off some delightful jiggling.

"Well," Will drawled, "I really don't see why I should stay, after all, I
could earn three times what I'm making here at some other network. I mean,
honestly, give me two good reasons why I should stay." He folded his arms
and stared at her.

Claude decided, it was now or never. Taking a deep breath, she yanked her
black sweater over her head, exposing her mammoth, bra-encased tits. Will's
jaw dropped as he took in the sight of her awesome boobs.

"How 'bout these two reasons?" Claude smirked, locking her hands behind her
back and thrusting her chest forward, "Will THESE convince you to stay?" Will
said nothing. Instead, he reached out and began to roughly grope her boobs
through her lacy white bra. "MMmm, Will," Claude purred, "You DO want to
stay, don't you?" She reached behind her and undid the bra clasps. Will
roughly pulled it off of her and flung it behind him. The sight of Claude's
creamy perfect breasts was making Will drool. She had huge pink aureolae and
large, pale pink and extremely stiff nipples. Will dove in headfirst and
began sucking and biting his way across the large mounds.

"OOhhh Will!" Claude sighed happily. His fervent attention to her bouncing
boobs had Claude weak at the knees. He latched onto her left nipple and drew
it deeply into his mouth, sucking and chewing passionately. Claude's eyes
were closed in pleasure and she wiggled with delight as Will reached behind
her and grabbed her ample rear with both hands. He began roughly mauling
Claude's abundant behind, sinking his fingers deeply into her butt.

Will never stopped his rough tounging of her tits, switching to the right
breast as he deftly unzipped Claude's skirt and pulled it over her wide hips.
Claude wriggled it to the floor, then kicked the skirt away. Now she was
standing there in only her white panties, arms lightly draped around Will as
he noisily feasted on her tits and groped her ass. Will's hard suction on her
nipples was making Claude dizzy. She didn't even realize it when Will lowered
her to the office chair, kneeling between her legs as he did so.

Will pulled Claude's panties off and drank in the sight of her red-furred
muff hungrily. Without a moment's hesitation, he reached under Claude's plump
asscheeks and, lifting her off the chair and forward, began kissing her inner

Claude moaned loudly as Will began tracing his tongue towards her already
sopping-wet puss. Holding her to his face by her rump, he began licking all
around the edges of her dripping gash. "Oh yah!" Claude shouted as she
grabbed Will by the back of the head. He stuck his tongue out and began to
push it rapidly in and out of Claude's pussy. She squirmed like a snake as
Will's probing tongue drove her wild, moving her ass around in his tight
grip. He picked up the speed of his tongue-fucking, licking her erect clit
at the end of every stroke.

"Yeah!" Claude scrwamed as she began to come, lifting her long, silky legs
high in the air, her toes trembling as her orgasm hit. Will sucked her nubbin
between his teeth and bit gently as he tongued her spasming cunt lips. "Mmm
Will!" Claude moaned as she started to see stars. She moaned and bucked as
she came frantically, jerking her hips forward and fucking Will's face. His
tongue was so far up her at the end that it looked like he had a red

As Claude came down from her orgasmic peak, Will withdrew his sopping wet
face from between her creamy thighs. "Good?" he asked.

"That was WONderful," Claude sighed, "But I wanted to do something for YOU,
y'know, to make you stay with us?"

"Believe me," Will replied, "I'd stay for that delicious dish, provided I
could eat it every day. But..." he trailed off meaningfully.

"What?" Claude almost leapt from the chair in her eagerness to please. Just
then, Will's office door cracked open a little.

"What's with all the shouting? Some of us are trying to work out here!" It
was Ramona! The busty black babe got one look of a naked Claude in Will's
arms and backed out quickly. As she shut the door, Ramona thought to herself,
'Look's like Claude's working on a way to get Will to stay.' She reopened the
door and, without looking, shouted, "You Go Girl!" to Claude, then just as
quickly shut it.

Claude looked around, embarrassed. She had to focus on Will, though, she
thought to herself.

"You said 'But'," Claude said quietly.

"Oh yeah. I think one of your best blowjobs would really seal the deal," Will
smirked. "Every time I see that pouty mouth of yours I can't help but imagine
what it would feel and look like wrapped around this..." He trailed off as he
undid the zipper of his suit pants and released a cock that Claude estimated
had to be at least nine inches. "...and I bet that was what you had in mind,

"Mmm-hmmm," Claude agreed as she stepped towards Will and grabbed his
throbbing cock, "That WAS what I'd thought you'd want. And I can't wait!"

"Alright then," Will said. "I DO have a lot of work to catch up on, though,
so if you'd be so kind..." He gestured towards his desk, then went and sat
behind it. Will pointed at Claude, then under his desk. Claude got it. She
scurried over to his desk.

Getting on her knees, Claude scooted forward on the rug until she was
completely hidden under the desk. Well, almost completely, it was quite a
struggle to squeeze her wide behind into the cramped space under the desk.
In fact, most of her ass and both feet were still sticking out. 'Oh well,'
thought Claude, 'Can't be helped, maybe no one will come in...' She was
really too far gone in lust right now to care if anyone came in or not.
Claude had always been very sexual, and when she got turned on she really
was oblivious to everything except her raging need to have a cock anywhere
and everywhere inside her yearning body.

Will looked under the desk at the buxom redhead squeezed so that she was
taking up every bit of space except for where his legs were. Holding Claude's
face in his hands, he looked her in the eye.

"Now, remember Claude, I want your very best blowjob. Anything half-assed
and I am out of here. There's lots of other networks that'd give me a
professional cocksucking artist for a secretary, and you know it. So...
impress me." Will stated as he moved his hands to the sides of her head,
tangling up her long red hair in his fingers.

Claude just grinned as she looked up at him. Without breaking eye contact,
she began to slwly slide her red lipsticked mouth down over Will's erection.
Leaving a lipstick trail, Claude inched more and more of the hard and angry
cock into her mouth, stopping only when it hit the back of her mouth.
Relaxing her throat muscles, Claude moved her head down until Will's cockhead
entered her fully. When she had his entire length buried in the pulsing
confines of her hot mouth, Claude began sucking hard and hungrily, hollowing
her cheeks around Will's hardon.

"So far so good, slut," Will said. "Now let's see you work that mouth."

Claude began a slow and steady rhythm, sliding her tightly stretched lips
up to the top of Will's mammoth erection, then coming down just as slowly
until his cock fur tickled her nose. She never broke eye contact until Will
did, when he started reading the reports on his desk. He kept one hand on
her head, guiding her movements, while with the other he made notes on a
report. Claude closed her eyes then, reveling in the taste and feel of Will's
hard tool fucking in and out of her throat. Claude sucked diligently, using
her hand to hold Will's shaft steady as she worked.

She started pressing her lips more tightly to Will's manhood, making loud
slurping sounds as she inserted his cock in and out of her mouth. "Mmmm.
Mmmm. Mmmm." Claude hummed in rhythm with her slow strokes. Drool began
running down the sides of Will's cock as it left her mouth, matting down
his pubic hair. Claude dreamily continued sucking as hard as she could,
never varying from her slow pace except to occasionally pause for breath.
She loved sucking cocks, especially huge ones like Will's. She really didn't
even need to keep in mind that she was trying to convince Will to stay. She
would have done a great job just because she truly loved to suck cock.

Will could tell. Claude's manically sucking mouth was driving him crazy.
Her humming was sending electric thrills all over his body, from his cock
outwards. She sucked so lovingly, so hungrily, it was fantastic! Certainly
the curvy redhead gave the best head Will had ever had. He knew he had to
stay now...but he had to make sure Claude knew what she was going to have
to do. Every day, too.

"Oh yeah, suck it hard, bitch," Will panted. "I just might stay...but you'll
have to do this every day."

"Mmm-hmm!" Claude agreed happily, nodding her head up and down while never
releasing the cock in her mouth.

"And it takes me a REAL long time to cum, you'd better be prepared for a sore
jaw and stiff knees..." he continued, yanking on her red tresses.

"I like when it lasts a long time," Claude gurgled as she momentarily took
her mouth off of him, "In fact, tell me when you're going to cum...I'll stop
for a minute so it'll last even longer!"

"My kind of girl," Will said as he guided Claude's face back to his raging
hardon. "Now keep sucking... slower... yeah!" He pulled her hair as he
reveled in the awesome feeling of Claude's suctioning lips. He turned back
to his paperwork, then was struck by an idea. Why not really humiliate
Claude? She was obviously a horny slut, willing to do anything to please
him. And what would please him would be making Claude do something against
her will. It was obvious she liked to suck dick more than she liked to
breathe, so this was hardly 'work' for her. He reached for the intercom

"Lydia, would you come in here for a moment?" he said. Claude stopped

"What?" she gurgled, her mouth now extremely wet and sloppy from saliva and

"Keep going, sweetie," Will said. "I think in order to stay you'll have to
make Lydia happy too...she doesn't really like you, y'know, and I think now
would be a great time to improve that." And with that, he forced Claude's
head back onto his cock, all the way down to the root as she squealed in

'What was he thinking?' Claude's mind whirled, 'I don't want that bitch Lydia
joining in...I hope he doesn't make me eat her pussy. Faugh!' Still, she
dutifully continued servicing his cock, which was liberally leaking pre-cum
but seemed nowhere near actually shooting it's load. Claude desperately
wanted to taste Will's cum, and she put all other thoughts out of her mind
as she started furiously jamming her head up and down on his prick. She was
humming almost angrily now, determined to make Will come before Lydia got
there and saw them. Claude's pace picked up as she became desperate.

"Slow down, girl...I'm never gonna come that way," Will chuckled as he
forcibly slowed Claude by pulling on her ears. He looked her in the eye as
she glared up at him. Then, they both heard the door click open. "And look
who's here to join us, Lydia!" Will exclaimed.

Lydia, a tall mousy blonde in a fashionable brown suit, strolled carefully
into the office and closed the door behind her. Her large sultry eyes took
in the scene. There was Claude's ample bottom, poking out (along with her
feet) from beneath Will's desk. Lydia had been around television long enough
to know how things worked, so she wasn't too surprised. The slender blonde
approached Will's desk, carefully avoiding Claude's toes. She could hear
loud slurping and humming coming from beneath the desk now.

"Err, um, you called for me?" Lydia stuttered out.

"Yes, Lydia, how are you?," Will replied. Not waiting for an answer he went
on, "I've noticed that ever since Claude arrived at this office, there's
been a lot of animosity between you two. And since Claude was being so
accommodating," he gestured at Claude's slowly bobbing head with his free
hand, " trying to get me to stay, I thought she might do something for
you too. To sort of get things on an even keel, as it were. Then I thought
you might like this." Will opened a drawer in the desk and withdrew a large,
wicked-looking strap-on dildo.

Lydia's eyes lit up. At first she had been jealous of Claude; that should
have been HER down there under that desk, giving Will head like there was
no tomorrow, not that chunky red-haired cunt! Lydia knew if Will would
only remember that time in Dallas when he fucked her over the drinks cart
in their hotel room, that he'd know she was one excellent lay, and want
her all the time. Now, maybe, was a chance to impress him with her sexual

"Sounds like a plan, Will." Lydia agreed forcefully. "I'd love to strap on
that big 'ol thing and give lil' ol' Claude here the ride of her life." With
that she removed her shoes pants and hose, revealing lacy pink panties, then
removed those too. She took off her jacket, blouse and bra, revealing
beautiful perky tips capped with light tan nipples, which she tweaked
lovingly as they stiffened in the air. Then, she grabbed the dildo from Will
and began strapping it around her waist. Lydia noticed that the huge strap-on
had a fun bump in back which came in direct contact with her erect clit when
strapped on. Just bobbing in the air it was rubbing her wonderfully, causing
Lydia to breathe a little heavier.

Under the desk, Claude was getting more and more nervous, as she continued
servicing Will's erection. She couldn't see the dildo from where she was, but
the way Lydia said 'Big 'ol thing' had her very worried. How big was it? What
kind of a freak was Will? She was giving him a blowjob with skills that a
whore would be envious of and he wanted more? Why? She almost moaned with
anxiety as she slurped her tight lips slowly up and down the throbbing shaft
in her mouth.

Then, Claude felt Lydia's hands on her ass cheeks. 'Shit, here it comes...'
thought Claude. She felt something large and plastic nuzzling against her
soppy wet snatch. The hands were spreading her cheeks and the head of the
dildo was beginning to penetrate her cunt! Claude squealed angrily as the
huge and unyielding length of the artificial dick slid relentlessly into her
spasming cunt.

Lydia, kneeling on the floor behind Claude, threw back her head and moaned
with pleasure as she felt the huge dildo penetrate fully into the curvy
redhead's gripping depths. Every spasm of Claude's pussy seemed to be
transmitted up the length of the strap-on directly to the fun bump rubbing
so wonderfully on Lydia's cunt. She was almost continuously cumming as she
began to thrust the hard plastic shaft in and out of Claude's helplessly
pinned puss. Lydia's brownish-blonde locks swung back and forth as she
started pounding Claude harder and harder.

Claude sucked feverishly on Will's dong, her head spinning. The intense
fucking Lydia was giving her with the hard plastic prong was driving her
wild. The fact she could hardly move anything except her head and hands
just excited Claude more. She was moaning continuously around the thick
length of Will's prick, drool running obscenely from her stretched lips.
Will gripped her head tighter. He beagan fucking her face, rocking his
hips in and out of her stretched-open jaws in time with Lydia's brutal,
pummeling thrusts.

For long minutes, there was no sound in the office except for the trio's
heavy breathing, the slurp of Claude's mouth up and down Will's cock, and
the squish of Claude's cunt as Lydia continued to fuck her hard with the
strap-on. Soon, will shouted, 'Holy Fuck' and began to shoot strong jets of
cum into Claude's eagerly willing mouth. he gripped her by the ears as he
forcefully rammed his spewing cock down her throat.

"Mmmm-mmm!" Claude hummed as she gleefully slurped down Will's load. She
wanted to make sure not to miss a drop. Not only would will appreciate it,
but those stains were hell to get out of carpet! The thrill of swalling
mouthful after mouthful of Will's hot cum triggered Claude's second orgasm
of the day. She gulped and moaned, her well-padded rear thrusting back
again and again at Lydia as she came hard.

Lydia's clit was being mercilessly teased by the dildo's fun bump as she
felt Claude come alive beneath her. The rapid, sensuous bucking of the lusty
redhead's hips caused Lydia's clit to explode in a huge, body wracking cum.

"OOoooh, Claude, you bitch, you cunt, you fucking whore, oh yeah, keep
bucking, just like that!" Lydia chanted as she continued slamming into
Claude's obscenely upraised backside, using her well-fleshed butt as a
pillow to cushion her increasingly frenzied thrusts. "Ohhh, mmmm, yeah,
take it," she ranted, grabbing Claude's waist and burying herself deep
within her cunt one long last loving time.

Claude's cunt slurped as Lydia slowly withdrew the artificial cock. The
lanky blonde sank back on the lushly carpeted floor, exhausted. Claude loudly
swallowed the last of Will's spunk, then unstuffed herself from under the
desk. She crawled out and lay down next to Lydia, cooing and stroking the
disheveled and breathless blonde. As for Will, he leaned back in his chair,
opened the top drawer of his desk and withdrew a Havana cigar. Work was going
to be a LOT more fun from now on, he mused. Even if it was still less than


Claude and Pipp were hanging out by the coffee maker chatting, when Claude
remembered something she wanted to ask Ramona. Excusing herself, she searched
the office, but could find no sign of her friend. On a hunch, she cracked
open Will's office door and peeked around the side...

Only to see the overendowed Ramona being bent over the desk, being fucked
from behind. Will had a big shit-eating grin on his face and his tongue
hanging out, while both hands were trying in vain to wrap around Ramona's
massive melons. Claude had never seen Ramona naked. She knew the black
bombshell had a overlarge chest, but these were truly ridiculous! Each tit
was as big as Ramona's head, and Will's groping white hands had all but
disappeared into the masses of creamy black titflesh. Ramona's eyes were
closed and she was panting hard as Will stroked her hard and deep from
behind, her huge nipples poking through his fingertips.

Hearing Claude gasp, Ramona opened her eyes. She looked at Claude with a
stare that said, 'Get Out!' Claude mouthed the words, 'What are you doing?'.
Ramona mouthed back, 'FUCKING!'. Just then Will spotted Claude peeking
around the corner.

"Care to join us, Claude?" he chuckled, "Otherwise I suggest you come back
for my daily BJ later, OK?" Claude flushed red with shame. "As you can see,
I'm in it up to my," Will laughed as he looked down to where he was spearing
Ramona's juicy puss, "....balls right now!"

"Yeah, Claude," Ramona sighed, "You'll get yours later. Will said I had to
help out too, if we REALLY wanted him to stay..." The buxom black beauty
trailed off as she began humping back at Will with hard jerks of her hips.
Claude wanted to leave, but she was fascinated and stayed rooted to the spot.

"Ready for that 'facial' now, Ramona?" Will panted as he slowly and
reluctantly withdrew from Ramona's dripping pink gash.

"Oh Yeah!" Ramona smiled as she turned around and knelt in front of Will
grabbing his juice-soaked cock, she placed it between her enormous heaving
tits. Will began thrusting hard and fully between her bouncing breasts,
batting Ramona in the chin with the bloated head of his cock every time it
popped out of the top of her deep cleavage. "MMmmm-hmmm, oh yeah baby, shoot
that stuff..." Ramona cooed as stuck her tongue out to try and lick the
cockhead that was pummeling her tits.

Then, Will threw back his head and sighed as he began spurting thick streams
of semen all over Ramona's glistening brown skin. She moaned and tried to
catch it in her mouth, and as Claude quietly left, shutting the door behind
her, she heard Ramona say, "Oh yeah, Will. Feed me your come. Forget that
redheaded slut, I'll suck you ANYTIME. Anytime you say, honey.."

Claude sat down at her desk and put her head in her hands. Why did everything
have to be so difficult? Oh well, she's just have to try even harder...



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