Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me and I do not claim for them to.

Plot: While Matt and the boys are away on a camping trip, Amy, Molly and Kim have some fun of their own.

Cast: Amy 39, Amy's daughter Molly 12, Molly's friend Kim 11

Little People Big World: Mother Lovin' Punkin' Chunkin' (Fgg,Fg-solo,inc,voy)
by BBW_lover

As Matt and the boys have just pulled out for their weekend camping trip, Amy went into her office to work. Molly's friend Kim spent the night and the girls are watching videos in Molly's room. While working on her computer, Amy comes across a porn site that Matt had apparently gone to. She considered deleting it when she became intrigued with the images of naked, sexy lesbians.

In collage Amy had experimented sexually with her roommate. That was the first time she ever had an orgasm, and has been attracted to women ever since. Since she's been with Matt she was never able to have another BIG one. As she watched the screen, she felt herself rubbing her breasts, then reaching into her blouse and under her bra to tweak her nipples. She was getting horny and very wet! She finally moved her hand to her waist and undid her belt and unbuttoned her jeans. She couldn't get the zipper down and her jeans and panties off fast enough.

As soon as her panties were off her hand was on her crotch and she let out a moan when her fingers reached her clit. With one hand on her pussy and one on her tit she was getting close to an orgasm. She often masturbated while Matt was away as it was almost the only time she could have a strong orgasm. As her moaning started to get louder, she became oblivious of her surroundings.

Upstairs, hearing her mother, Molly told Kim to stay and she would go and get them some sodas. She crept down the stairs and made her way to her mother's office door, which Amy usually kept cracked open for ventilation. Molly had seen her mother finger herself several times before and never passed on an opportunity to watch her. Peeking through the crack, Molly got two views of the action. She could not only see her mother directly, she could see her reflection in a near full size mirror. Seeing Amy spreading her legs over the arm rests of the office chair and the blur of her fingers on her clit was more than Molly could stand. She reached down into her shorts and started playing with her own clit.

As both were busy reaching their orgasms, Kim, who went to see what was taking Molly so long with the sodas, saw Molly looking through the door and Amy in the mirror in the office. She had always been attracted to both Molly and Amy since she was in kindergarten and Amy was her teacher. She slowly walked up behind Molly and cupped her budding breasts, which startled Molly. Kim wasted no time in kissing Molly on the neck and pinching her nipples. Molly turned her head and kissed Kim fully on the lips and they exchanged tongues. Molly instinctively reached behind her and rubbed Kim's pussy through her short shorts.

Amy, meanwhile, stopped and unlocked and opened the bottom drawer of the desk and pulled out a 9" rubber vibrator. She turned it on as she slid into her warm, wet pussy. Hearing the muffled buzzing, Molly and Kim turned to look and got even hornier when the saw the rubber dick moving in and out of Amy's cunt. Reaching orgasm, Amy's legs began to shake and her moaning nearly became a scream. It was the most intense and fulfilling orgasm she's had in months. After she recovered, she suddenly became aware that she had screamed when she came.

Sitting up in her chair, she turned and saw the girls watching her. As she began to hurriedly cover herself, she saw the girls were in their own world of ecstasy and were on the edge of cumming themselves. She turned the chair to face the girls and again spread her legs on the arm rests and resumed her dildo fucking.

After each came, they opened their eyes to see Amy giving them a better view of her solo sex. The girls stripped and entered the room. Molly planted kisses on her mother's mouth and tits and Kim knelt between Amy's legs. Amy reluctantly pulled the rubber cock from her pussy and let Kim lick her clit. As Kim's tongue flicked Amy's clit she inserted first one, then two and finally three fingers into Amy's cunt. Molly started to concentrate on only one tit and slipped her hand between her legs and began to finger her own pussy.

After only 5 minutes, Amy came again then got out of the chair and pulled Molly by the wrist and told Molly and Kim to follow her to her bedroom and lie down on the bed. Amy got between Molly's legs and licked her clit and pussy lips and put two fingers into her cunt. Kim straddled Molly's head and lowered herself onto Molly's mouth. Molly wrapped her arms around Kim's legs and nibbled and licked while Kim began to grind her hips onto Molly's mouth and tongue. Amy, having brought the rubber dick with her, first inserted in into her own pussy then into Molly's. Molly rammed her hips into Amy's face with the biggest orgasm she's ever felt.

As Amy laid back to let Molly recover, Kim began to convulse into an intense orgasm. Molly, wanting to return the favor to Amy, positioned herself between Amy's legs and inserted the rubber cock into Amy's cunt and began to lick her clit. Kim, wanting to cum again, positioned herself over Amy's face and let her lick her cunt and clit.

After 3 orgasms for Molly and 2 more for Kim they all collapsed into each other's arms. Knowing the guys would be gone for the whole weekend, and they were not expecting visitors or guests to the farm, Amy suggested they shower and spend the entire weekend licking, fucking, fingering and eating each other, Molly and Kim nearly came again just thinking about how much fun they were going to have.

Over the summer, they made plans to get together as often as possible. There were many "sleepovers" on the farm that summer, and more to cum.


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