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Note: I was impressed by the original work by Ranier_Rilke, and have tried to
copy his style and what I thought his storyline was.

Dragon Roost Requiem Part 2 (MF)
by Publius

The Ritos gathered in the main chamber of their massive colony. Prince Komali
stood beside his aging father, the chieftain, and surveyed his people. Most
of them were assembled, facing the large entryway which opened to the south
beaches and natural harbor. Even Medli came. Her correct posture pulled the
top of her dress tight across her ample breasts, but Komali hardly seemed to
notice. He just wanted everything to be in place if Tetra was arriving. The
lookout had spotted her ship, but none could say if she was piloting it.

He listened as men came up the rampart, hauling chests of goods. They crossed
the threshold and shouted their welcome. Behind all the men came Tetra. Her
platinum hair was still spiky, but she'd let it come down, hanging just above
her shoulders now. Her blue shirt and short breeches were tight as always
which pleased Komali's eye. He'd spent nights imagining seizing those large,
tanned breasts or her firm, round butt.

"Welcome again, Captain Tetra, to Dragon Roost," Komali declared.

His father and the others echoed the welcome.

Tetra smiled. "Thank you, prince, for the warm reception. I hope you didn't
trouble yourself too much."

"No trouble for you," he replied. "What can we do to help you with while you
visit our isle?"

"I'm sorry but I won't be here long. I would like it if you helped my crew
restock some supplies." Her eyes turned to Medli. "I would also like to speak
with the dragon."

Murmurs were exchanged around the chamber.

"Priestess Medli, will you consent to escorting Miss Tetra to consult His
Holiness, Valoo?" asked the aging chieftain.

The pious Rito stepped forward. "Give me time to prepare, and I will go with
her to the summit of Dragon Roost," she said with a respectful bow of her
head. Some of her auburn hair fell in her face, but she brushed it back with
a graceful movement of her hand.

"Go and prepare then, and don't keep Tetra waiting," Komali said with an edge
in his voice.

Medli arched her brow, and her surprise at the prince's abrupt command was
evident in her warm, brown eyes. She left all the same, winding her way to
her room to change.

"In the meantime, why don't you come with me, Tetra, and I'll see you're
taken care of until she's ready," Komali said. The he turned to his father
and added, "Chieftain, will you see her crew is aided in their tasks.
Appoint some of the off-duty mail workers to gather the supplies."

The chieftain nodded and shuffled off as the rest of the Rito crowd
dispersed. With a keen smile, Tetra let Komali lead her to his private

The prince's room was decorated with several rich tapestries and figurines
of animals made from ivory, bone, wood, and marble. There was a scroll rack
against one wall, but it was mostly empty.

"Do you normally treat your father so?" she asked.

Komali shrugged. "It makes him feel like he's doing more. His age and
arthritis are getting to him, slowing him down." He gestured to a case filled
with various colored bottles. "Something to drink while you wait?"


He poured them both a glass from a ceramic jug. "It's from a traveling
Goron," he said.

Tetra took a drink and shrugged.

Komali nodded his head in approval. "That's strong stuff. I'm surprised you
drank it straight like that."

"I'd bet a lot of things about me would surprise you," she replied with
smile. She crossed her arms and knew Komali was looking at her breasts.

The prince sat beside her and drank his glass. "So, you've come to see His
Holiness, Valoo."

"I was hoping to solve a problem here."

"It must be important if you need to come here for the answer."

"It's important all right," Tetra replied in a growl.

"You know I would have my people do whatever it takes to help you. You and
Link have saved us many times not even counting Ganondorf's attempted return.
It is the least we can do to lend whatever aid we can."

"That's sweet of you." Tetra smiled and watched Komali shift in his seat as
his erection began to grow.

A hand rapped on the door followed by a servant calling out, "Prince? The
Priestess Medli says she is ready to escort Captain Tetra now."

The lady sailor stood and placed a hand on Komali's shoulder. "I'd just like
to see my ship ready soon." She leaned over so the curves of her breasts were
in the Rito Prince's site. "It won't take me long, and I'd like to leave as
soon as I'm done."

"I'll see to it personally," Komali breathed.

Tetra smiled and exited. She wound her way up the Rito's ramparts until
meeting the Priestess of Valoo at the Dragon's Archway. Medli wore the
ceremonial robes of her station. Layers of crimson draped around her but
did not obscure her feminine form while a sparkling golden headdress
shaped like a dragon with outspread wings perched upon her piled up auburn
hair. Even Tetra paused for a moment seeing how refined and lovely the
pious Rito looked, backlit by the Dragon's Archway.

"Are you ready to visit His Holiness, Valoo?"

After giving her nod, Tetra followed behind Medli, as they traveled up a
flagstone causeway. The wind buffeted them a little when they came to natural
sandstone road. Now that they were well out of view of everyone but seagulls,
Tetra said, "I have to confess something, Medli."

The priestess stopped and turned around. "And what is that, Captain Tetra?"

"I've been thinking about destiny."

"That is something most Ritos believe in, captain, that the Three Goddesses
spin out our fates."

"Yes," Tetra said taking one step toward Medli. "I'm becoming more and more
convinced of it, especially since I've been thinking back to the time Link
and I spent in the trapped Hyrule."

"He told me something of that."

Tetra frowned. "I bet he did. Anyway, I feel some of my destiny was revealed
there when we defeated Ganondorf. That destiny involves Link."

"He is The Wind Waker. Many who know of his deeds think Link's lineage stems
from the Great Hero of Hyrule. I can hardly see a future for this world that
does not include him in some prominent way."

"I'm glad we agree, then."

"Is this why you want to consult His Holiness?" Medli asked.

"I'm not going to see Valoo."

"I don't understand, Captain Tetra."

"With your knowledge of destiny, I think you do. Link is mine. He belongs to
me. If he came here to warm your bed a few times, I won't damn him for that.
But Link and I are meant to be together."

Medli was shaken. The words unsteadied her more than the gale bursts on the
mountainside. "I... I think that, um, that Link can choose-"

"Choose? Choose you is what you mean!"

"No, I-"

"Link is mine," Tetra yelled and shoved Medli.

The pious Rito collapsed on a rock. He legs gave out form under her, and
tears glittered in her eyes. No words came to her mouth, and she sagged
against the sandstone boulder like a piece of cloth pinned there by the

"I won't come here to speak my mind again," Tetra said. "And don't look for
him to come. Link will stand by my side, and we will bring the hope of a
new future to this world." She looked across the horizon imagining Hyrule
rebuilt. "Wait here awhile. I don't want to arouse suspicions by returning
so soon."

Medli wept quietly.

Tetra hardened her heart. "Go on and cry. Devote yourself to Valoo and don't
concern yourself with Link. It would be a waste of your time." She waited
before adding, "It was good wasn't it? Feeling him inside you. I bet you were
a virgin, most you holy types are. So he was your first."

"Stop," the lovely Rito whispered.

"I bet you begged for it, too. You hounded him until he spread your quivering

"Stop it."

"You know what else? I bet you screamed when he first pushed into you."

"Stop it."

"But not as loud as you did when he made you climax."

"Please, stop it."

Smug, Tetra said, "It doesn't matter to me what sport he made of you. All
that's over now." She again looked at the horizon. "I'm leaving. Do and say
what you want to your people. They're going to be a part of my new kingdom
one way or another."

Medli heard the crunch of Tetra's sandals on the sandy rampart, but she was
too blinded by tears to see anything but the blur of the sea.

* * *

On Windfall Island, Tetra had commissioned a small palace to be her home and
a central meeting point for her growing naval fleet. Its tall stone walls
were carved with runes of power to keep out magical observers, but the gates
were usually left open so children could play in the courtyard and merchants
and sailors could freely come and go. Every evening, a free bowl of soup was
distributed to the poor of the city who came to call.

Recently arrived from an expedition to the Fire Island Volcano, Link relaxed
in his spacious room. He lounged in a wicker chair near the open window. He
should have been thinking about the volcano which was making the island
expand at a rapid rate, but his thoughts focused more and more on Medli.
Rarely did his thoughts go an hour without straying to the beautiful Oracle
of Valoo. He'd even gone out of his way to visit Dragon Roost Isle several
times, and always his nights were spent in Medli's bed. During his last trip
there, he'd spoke to her more seriously about making their relationship
official. Of course, Tetra had found out from one of the crew, but Link
wasn't too worried about her. They'd had their fun in the past, but he and
Tetra had something of a more professional relationship now. Besides, she
frequently changed lovers and had made no secret about it.

He heard footsteps approach his room, and Link's green eyes moved to the
door. It swung open to reveal Tetra and little in the way of clothes.

"Hello, hero," she said seductively.

"What's all this?" he asked with a boyish grin.

She straddled his legs, sat in his lap, and smiled broadly. "I just got back,
and I missed you."

"This is a friendly 'hello.'"

"I have a lot of good news I'd like to celebrate," she said running her
fingers through his blond hair. "My ship encountered Jabun far at sea."


"Yes, but he eluded us. Still seeing him was like a sign because I've been
thinking a lot about the past and the future."

"Oh yeah?"

"And I've been thinking a lot about you and me," she said before pulling off
her tight, white top. Her full, tanned breasts bounced free, large, dark
nipples erect in the salt air and sunlight.

Link smiled and shook his head a little. "And what have you been thinking
about you and me?" He'd forgotten Tetra's firm body, but his lust swelled.

"A lot of things," she said teasingly. Placing her hands on Link's, she
directed him to cup one of her breasts in each hand. "But mostly that we
belong together."

"That's a little fatalistic, don't you think?" He began to pinch and toy with
her nipples. "Of anyone, you and I should know how unfixed the future is."

After a yelp of pleasure, Tetra said, "But maybe it isn't. Link, I really
think we have a destiny together. You and me." She slipped her hands under
the hem of his shirt to play along the firm lines of his abs.

"What destiny?" he asked. He could feel her sun kissed warmth waiting for

"To rebuild the kingdom."

Link's manipulation stopped. "Rebuild? What are you talking about?"

"A new Hyrule," Tetra cooed. "A revitalized capital with the power to
maintain a wide kingdom, and you and me will sit on the throne, directing
the course of a new world."

The Hero of the Winds lifted Tetra off him and stood up. "At no point had we
spoken of this."

"It's been a thought growing in my mind for years. Only now do I see its real
potential, though."

"What would you have us do? Conquer the other islands? That's not what I
want. Would we annex the Great Tree against his will? Maybe set fire to me
sister's house on Outset Island when she urges the people to reject our claim
of lordship? And Dragon Roost... By the Goddesses what would make me want
such a thing?"

Tetra frowned. "What about what I want? Every month I lose a ship and
sailors to Moblin Pirates or whatever other beasts lurk in the sea. It's not
safe, Link. Someone needs to instill order. We have the clout to do it since
we saved them all before. They owe us obedience now we're of age to claim
authority. Our blood alone makes us rulers of what remain of Hyrule."

"This is not right, Tetra."

"Is that what she said?" the nude piratess spat. "Did she predict your
destiny when you shove that divining rod between her legs?" she shouted and
pointed at Link's penis.

"Medli isn't your concern."

"Yes, she is. Your Rito plaything was standing between us and our kingdom. We
need each other, Link, to build a dynasty."

"It's your kingdom, Tetra, and I don't think I want a part of it."

She scoffed. "What'll you do otherwise? Wander where you'd like, but you'll
come back to me, groaning with the pains you've endured. The priestess won't
take you now."

Link's green eyes stared hard at Tetra.

"I've seen to that. I told her we have a future to build. She is nothing."

The Outset Islander looked out the window, hoping in some mad fashion to see
Medli there and explain everything to her. He turned back to Tetra and said,
"I'm leaving."

"Go then," she hissed, confident he'd be back.

Grabbing a burlap bag, Link packed a few things from his room, mostly his old
adventuring gear, and left. He made his way past the sailors and slingers in
the city as well as the shabby women selling their bodies by the harbor. The
dockmaster was surprised, but helped Link untie a sailing skiff all the same
and loaded it with enough supplies for a week's travel. With a good wind, a
week would get Link to Dragon Roost or get him killed.

* * *

The sun rose on a third day, but Tetra didn't move from Link's bed.
She'd slept there every night waiting for him. Several times she tried to
masturbate but could not bring herself to climax. Her jaw was set but there
were streaks down her face from old tears.

A knock sounded on the door. Tetra jumped and slipped on one of Link's
shirts. When the door opened one of her pirate messengers poked his head in.

"Miss Tetra? You have a guest. He said it was important."

Through clenched teeth Tetra replied, "I don't want to see any guests."

"But Miss, he says it's about 'the kingdom' and that you'd know what he

Suddenly on her guard, she said, "Show him in."

The messenger disappeared and a moment later a man walked through the door.
He wore layers of red and gold robes, and a wand and dagger hung from his
dark blue sash. "Greetings my lady Tetra," he said with a deep bow.

"Who are you and what do you want?"

"I am an advisor. My name is Ahgahnim, and I come to offer you my aid."

"And what aid do you think you can give?"

"I am very learned in diplomacy and history, and have recently returned
from the Goron homeland where I helped their chiefs solve a dispute among

"I still don't see why you would offer your services to me," Tetra said
casually while crossing her arms. This Ahgahnim had a hooked nose and skin
that was almost blue, but his large dark eyes stood out the most.

"There are rumors you are looking to build a kingdom."

"Says who?"

"A few merchants and other travelers I've met. I must say I agree and so
would anyone else who has seen the navy you're building in the harbor. It
couldn't be just for show, since from what I've heard you're nothing if not
a pragmatic person."

Tetra squinted. "And you wish to advise me? What's in it for you?"

"That chance to change the world, my lady. I would stand by you to see this
world made whole and law abiding as it was in the days of old. The histories
talk of great kings and queens who shaped their nations for the better. Who
would not want the opportunity to witness such a thing firsthand?"

"Then let us test your skills. If you were to advise me in creating a nation,
what first step would you recommend?"

Ahgahnim smiled. "Ah, my lady seeks to trick me. You already know what must
be done first to build a kingdom like the ones of old. You would need to
build a dynasty which I suspect you have already tried. Once you have a
definite set of rulers then you may begin to implement your laws."

"You are clever and a flatterer, too," Tetra said in a joking way. "But
you're also correct. I've concentrated the might of my navy and even
merchants friendly to me."

"But that alone will not make you Princess, my lady. You need a royal

"It will be Link. We will marry and rule an empire of islands together."

"That is a good plan, my lady, if Link will agree to it. He is respected
by many peoples and they would follow him. But if I may be so bold as to
question whether his heart is in such a task. He is an adventurer and my
information tells me he's constantly traveling to the fringes of the known

"He just needs time. He'll lose this impetuousness and return to me once he
realizes the good we can accomplish."

After an agreeing nod, Ahgahnim said, "But time may not be something
favorable to you. The Moblins may still be scattered but many undead haunt
places of the world, The Cursed Island remains unpurified even after all
these years, and many twisted creatures from the remnants of Hyrule found
their way through the magic portals to this world before their old home was
flooded for all time. You need to begin building your new nation now or risk
more rivals in the future."

"And what do you suggest?"

"As I said, my lady, an alliance. Can you think of anyone with royal linage
that would swear fealty to you? Someone you could count on for support?"

Tetra did not have to think long. "I know someone. Ahgahnim, you'll sail with
me. If this step works out, then you will be my advisor."

* * *

Smoke rose from the volcano on Dragon Roost. The eagle headed prow split the
calm waters of the bay and drove Link onto the sandy shores. He hauled the
skiff to the edge of the grass and tied it to a palm tree. Without stopping
to retrieve his gear, Link marched up the road to the aerie where the Ritos
lived. One of them came down from a tall window in the cliff face and hailed

The Hero replied with an abrupt wave.

"Welcome back to Dragon Roost, Link. You seem to be in a hurry. Is there
anything I can help you with? Should I summon the prince for you, maybe?"

"That won't be necessary. I'm here to see Medli."

"Oh, well that may be a problem," the Rito said nervously.

Link stopped. "A problem? Why? What's happened?"

"Well, Captain Tetra was here little less than a week ago. She came to see
His Holiness Valoo and restock her ship. The oracle took her up alone as is
the custom. But I think His Holiness must have foretold something awful
because the captain left in a hurry, and Medli came back shaking and crying.
She won't speak to anyone and has eaten little since then. We all worry for
her, especially the Chieftain. He thinks this is an ill omen."

Briefly, Link considered telling the Rito what he thought really happened
but chose not to. Instead, he said, "I've come first to see Medli. Once I've
satisfied her concerns I may meet with Komali and the Chieftain. But I will
come to them on my own. If I may ask one favor, though?"

"Of course, Hero of the Winds."

"Keep watch toward Windfall Island. If a ship with Tetra's colors approaches,
come and inform me."

"I'll see scouts are put on look out," the Rito said before taking off to see
to the task.

Link charged into Dragon Roost. He was momentarily blinded by the contrasting
darkness inside to the clear sky and sparkling sea outside. There were only a
few Ritos inside, and most of them were too busy with their own duties to
notice Link stride up the winding rampart. He came to the top floor where
Medli's door was shut fast. He paused and took a deep breath.

Medli leapt from her bed when her door burst open. She wore only a simple
white robe. Her hair was careless and warm, brown eyes were tinged red from
long crying spells. She stared at Link in her doorway, unable to speak.

Thrusting the door closed behind him, the Outset Islander knelt beside Medli
on her bed, smoothed her auburn hair and kissed her deeply. She didn't
resist. She welcomed his touch, his tongue in her mouth. He smelled like new
sandalwood and the sea breeze.

When their kiss ended, Medli said, "I knew you'd come, but I wasn't sure how.
Are you here to say good-bye or because you've left Tetra?"

"I'm here for you."

The pious Rito flung her arms around Link's neck and pressed herself tight
again him. Whispering into his ear, she said, "Tetra said the most horrible
things. She thrust me aside and told me not to look for your return."

"Did she hurt you?"

"No, but I was frightened. She spoke of a destiny for you and her, a
rebuilding of Hyrule. I'm not certain what she meant, but I sensed malice
in her words. After she left, I wept but went to His Holiness Valoo on my
own. I asked him of the future, but he only told me of the present. He said
the last few years of relative peace may have given birth to something

"All I know is that I will not accept Tetra's plan. Her lust for an empire
is dangerous." Link inhaled deeply the cinnamon scent of Medli's hair. "But
I'm not going to think of that right now. For the moment, all I want is you."

Medli released Link and then leaned back. The Outset Islander tugged her robe
open revealing the attractive Rito's generous bosom. Her small pink nipples
were already erect.

She lay back as Link pulled off his shirt and trousers. His phallus was
already hardening. They had always made love at night, and in the early
afternoon sunlight, his manhood looked full and fierce. She felt her legs
spread wider at the thought of having to accommodate it all into her. In
the back her thoughts, she knew it was silly to think that way; she was
tight, but he'd entered her several times before. But the rational corner
of Medli's mind was no longer directing her actions.

Taking the base of his dick in hand, Link guided it to his lover's labia,
teasing its soft wetness until he pushed it into her. Her tight vaginal walls
constricted more. He traced two fingers over the curve of her hips and her
belly before planting his hands on either side of her waist. Her legs wrapped
around him, lovely thighs urging him to take her. Thrusting his hips, he
watched Medli's breasts bounce lightly in time.

Her back arched and hands pulling on Link's hips, Medli tried to lose herself
in the pleasure. As always, his member was a tight fit, but the dew of her
sex eased that. Still his sizable cock felt hard and hot inside her. She
rocked her hips and gasped as he plunged again and again with more force than
he used in the past. Her clit sparked to life as if lit by the friction of
her hero's penetration. All her worries slid away as physical delight
enveloped her.

His excitement for Medli obligated Link to drive his hips with greater speed
and force. All thoughts of Tetra became dying cinders in his mind as he
watched Medli's reaction to the lovemaking. In these primal moments, Link was
dimly aware of the depths of his caring and affection for the charming Rito
girl. He was focused solely on her, his every act an attempt to unite them
both in a moment of raw pleasure. Overwhelmed, the Hero of the Winds pushed
his dick all the way into Medli, to the root of his lust. She looked up at
him in an exquisite mixture of ecstasy and alarm. Her brow was knit and mouth
open as she moaned, "Ah! Ah! Aaahhhhhh!" For him, she was a receptacle, a
gorgeous jar to hold all his loves and fears, sharing them as she shared hers
time and time again. His passions flared, and Link fixed his tempo so his
entire penis delved into his lover with every thrust.

Medli felt the mood of the intercourse change in her body before she was
consciously aware of it. Her vagina ached at having to house every bit of
Link's phallus. He'd never purposefully filled her so much before. Though
shocked, it caused her no pain, and the button of her clit still seared
with unnamable gratification. She could feel her breasts heave as his pace
shifted. Opening her eyes, she looked up at him feeling certain her face
was one of astonishment, but she had no intention of asking him to stop.
Link's appearance, though, did concern her some in its strangeness. Her
lover seemed like something untamed and dangerous. His light skin almost
glowed, hair burning bright. She wondered if it was just because of the
daylight flooding in through the open window. He was at once beautiful and
frightening. His grimacing face watching her as he grunted her name and
pushed his swollen member deeper into the hallowed mystery of her sex.

Link felt his orgasm readying. Below him, Medli cried out, "Nnnggah!
Nnnggah!" with each thrust. All of his member was damp, and the cock head
could feel every curve inside her. He wanted to hear the gorgeous Rito cry
his name in bliss. He wanted see her when he woke every morning. He wanted
to wrap his arms around her and hold her so she'd never want to go. Seizing
her waist in his hands, Link drove his phallus as deep as he could, groaned
Medli's name and lets his cum flood into her most sacred space, consecrate
it by leaving the offering of his seed there to be kept like a secret.

Given her increased sensitivity, Medli felt Link's orgasm pump into her,
wave after wave of it. She instinctively pulled on his hips and squeezed him
with her thighs as though to wring all his cum into her. The sight of Link
in the clutches of his rapture was the last element needed to ignite Medli's
orgasm. She shuddered and screamed, "Yes! Yes! Oh, Link, Yyyeeeesssss!" Her
vision swam as her maidenhood constricted around her lover's dick in its
final thrusts, unwilling to give it up. Every muscle strained as Medli pulled
herself into a crushing embrace with Link, panting as her orgasm coursed
through her body. She felt him kissing hard on her neck and held him there as
her legs wrapped tighter around his warm body. When the waves of her pleasure
subsided, the sexually spent Rito fell back, letting her hero's penis slide
out of her.

The Outset Islander enfolded Medli in his arms. Eyes closed, he delighted in
the soft feel of her naked body pressed against him. "There's nothing I want
more than you," he whispered.

She squeezed him. "And I've loved you for years." After a paused she added,
"I was so frightened of what Tetra said, that I would never see you again."
The mention of Tetra did not seem sinister now, but the pious Rito knew
Link's choice would have serious implications for them both. She had a
suspicion, though, so long as they loved each other, she and Link would
weather any storm.

His hand caressing the smooth curve of Medli's ass, the Hero of the Winds
said, "Tetra makes me uneasy, too. Her desire for a kingdom will bring
unnecessary pain to the islands."

"You want to stop her somehow, don't you?"

Link nodded. "I'll have to confront her, make her see what she wants is
wrong. She can't control the lives of all the islanders."

Medli drew herself closer to her lover, her breasts pressing against him as
she breathed. "But there is still time for us, right?"

"There will always be time for us."

Seagulls flitted around the thin column of smoke rising from Dragon Roost's
volcano. They all fell silent at the same moment a ship left Windfall's
harbor and unfurled a scarlet sail, its bow aiming toward Valoo's Isle.


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