LOTR: The Prequal Never Told (MF,bond,nc-cons)
by AnonomusGirl

Aragorn pressed his ear to the ground. The wind went still and he listened
for the footsteps of his prey. The he leapt from the ground and sprinted into
the forest, bow and arrow in hand. The wind wiped through the long black
strands of his hair. From behind a large oak tree Aragorn could see a large
stag. He readied his arrow and pulled back on the string. Suddenly a familiar
female voice called his name,

"Aragorn!" The stag looked directly at Aragorn before leaping off into the
brush. "Were you going to kill that deer Aragorn?" The black haired Elf asked
from behind Aragorn. Frustrated, Aragorn looked back to greet Arwen.

"Arwen, what are you doing here?" Aragorn put away his bow. Arwen stepped
forward and embraced Aragorn. Their lips locked for a brief second before
Aragorn pulled away. "Does your father know that you're here, with me?"
Arwen lowered her head and smiled.

"No, he doesn't. But, I had to see you again." Arwen moved up to kiss Aragorn
again but he stopped her with a finger on her lips.

"You know how your father feels about you and I. He's likely to banish us
both if he finds us together."

"My father can do as he pleases so long as I can be with you? Come, there is
a location I wish to share with you." Arwen grabbed Aragorn's hand and they
ran off into the forest.

* * *

In Rivendell, Elrond paced back and forth through the great hall. His
eyebrows could almost touch each other they were pressed so hard.

"My lord, the last time your daughter was seen, she was traveling north by
horseback. Do you wish to have a scouting party find her?" After a moments
thought Elrond came to his decision.

"Yes...have a small group find Arwen and return her to Rivendell at once!"

"Yes my Lord." The Elf left Elrond alone in the Great Hall.

"Arwen must not be aloud to further this relationship with the human. I will
not see her hurt, not again." Elrond thought to himself as he quickly exited
the Great Hall.

* * *

Along the shore side of a majestic waterfall, Aragorn and Arwen walked hand
in hand,

"Isn't this the most beautiful place you've ever been? The last time is was
here I was only a girl." Arwen said as she took in the sights and smells of
the land. The only noise noticeable was the chirping of the birds and the
soft roar of the waterfall.

"Yes, this is the most enchanting location I have ever been. Though if it
were not for you, it would only be another waterfall in another forest."
Arwen smiled, she and Aragorn were the most content they had ever been.

"Just a little ahead there is a small clearing where we can sit." Arwen lead
the way to the clearing. Aragorn fallowed quickly behind her. They reached
the clearing and sat down beside each other, neither saying anything. There
was nothing to say. Aragorn took Arwen into his arms and placed a soft kiss
on her waiting lips. Arwen returned his kiss and they continued to express
their love for one another for several minutes. Suddenly, Arwen pulled away
from Aragorn, her eyes darting left and right.

"Wha...?" Arwen who placed a finger on her lips and gave him the signal to by
quiet interrupted Aragorn. Aragorn looked in the direction Arwen was looking
to. "I hear it to." Aragorn whispered as he slowly stood. Arwen also stood.
In a split second two large men burst out of the bushes and grabbed Aragorn's
arms on either side. Another man grabbed Arwen from behind as well and
wrapped a cloth tightly over her mouth with the help of a forth man. Aragorn
burst free of his captures and unsheathed his sword. He swung high at the two
men who had held him earlier. They ducked his fierce attack and charged
Aragorn, knocking him to his feet. His sword fell from his hand and into the
brush. By this time Arwen's arms and legs had been tied and she lay on the
ground helpless as her assailants mercilessly beat Aragorn. Aragorn was just
as helpless as there was little he could do to stop the four men. He felt
himself being lifted off the ground and dragged over to a large tree where he
was tied and gagged. The last thing Aragorn saw before being stuck in the
head by a large club was, Arwen being thrown over a man's shoulder. Her eyes
locked on Aragorn. A tear rolled down her cheek. Then the club hit his temple
and his vision turned to black as consciousness left him.

* * *

A small group of Elves ran closely fallowing two sets of tracks. As they came
the waterfall they momentarily lost the tracks.

"Spread out, look low." A blond haired Elf ordered as he knelt down searching
for footprints. The other two Elves moved in opposite directions also looking
for 2 sets of footprints. "Quickly, this way. They aren't far ahead now." The
first Elf said as he ran across the shoreline. He came to a small clearing
where he found the unconscious Aragorn. Blood trickled from his temple. "Give
me the healing kit." The blond haired Elf extended his hand to one of his
companions. He softly applied a cloth to the blood. Another Elf cut the ropes
holding Aragorn to the tree and pulled the cloth from his mouth. "Wake up my
friend, you are safe now." Aragorn stirred slightly, his eyes lifted slowly.
Aragorn winced at the sharp pain throbbing in the side of his head. He raised
a hand and pressed it against his head. "I am Legolas, this is Liliamne and
Oreleed. We were sent to retrieve Arwen whom we thought was with you. What
happened here?" Aragorn slowly stood up, using the tree for balance.

"Arwen was with me...we, we were ambushed by four men. They took Arwen and
headed north east through those bushes." Aragorn pointed in the direction
that he spoke of.

"We must find these men and return Arwen to Rivendell. Will you join us
Aragorn?" asked Legolas. Aragorn picked his sword up from the ground and
looked to Legolas.

"We will find Arwen and deal with her captures accordingly."

"Hurry they have at least an hours lead on us." Legolas sprinted off into the
forest closely fallowed by Aragorn and the others.

* * *

Inside a dark room Arwen lay tied and gagged on the cold floor. The trip
had been long and frightful. Images of the defenseless Aragorn, the man she
loved, being beaten, haunted her thoughts. She wanted so badly to help, if
only she were stronger. She sat herself up against the hard wall. She could
faintly hear the voices of her captures but could not make out words or
sentences. Also from somewhere she could hear breathing. Moments later a dark
haired man with a mustache opened the door and strutted proudly over to her.
He was carrying a fairly large silver sword. The breathing stopped.

"Hello my pretty," he exclaimed, "how are you feeling? Good I trust. My name
is Jerrem." He untied the cloth covering Arwen's mouth.

"Why have you done this to me?" Arwen asked softly but with a hint of anger
in her tone.

"Well you see my dear, you being the daughter of a very important, very rich
man, makes you an ideal hostage. You see, we intend to hold you hear for as
long as it takes your father to pay your ransom." The man knelt beside her.

"My father will have you executed for what you've done today." The man
chuckled and got up to leave.

"We'll see about that. Oh and don't bother screaming, no body can hear you
way down here." Jerrem left the room laughing and locked the door behind him.
Arwen looked for a way to untie her self. From what she could see the room
extended about thirty feet or so, however the opposite side to her was very
dark and she could not see into it. On the floor near by lay some bones and
a small sack. She slowly slid herself closer to what appeared to be a broken
rib bone. She grabbed hold and began cutting at the ropes holding her hands.
Again she could hear the breathing, this time she could tell it was coming
from the dark side of the room, which she could not see.

"Hello, is someone there?" Arwen asked the darkness. There was no reply to
her question. She tried cutting the ropes again.

"You're an Elf, aren't you?" a voice asked from the darkness. Immediately
Arwen looked up to wear the voice was coming from. She strained to see in
the darkness.

"Who's there?" Arwen demanded. She could hear something moving closer,

"You are an Elf? The ears are a dead give away. Hmmmm... and important one
to I hear." The voice came closer and closer. Arwen could almost see it now.
The dark form was about 6 feet tall. It seemed hunched over. Its arms were
dangling at its sides. A strong odor reached Arwen's nose and it repulsed
her. "Hmm... so pretty to." Arwen cut faster. Desperately trying to free her

"Who are you?" Arwen asked the dark figure. It came into view. What Arwen saw
shocked her. Her eyes widened and goose bumps grew over her skin. The figure
appeared to be the mangled corpse of what looked like a human. Its cloths
were torn and barely covered the majority of its body. There were large
gashes in its skin and its face was scabbed, and infected. One arm was broken
and dangled lifelessly at its side.

"My name? It has been long time since I needed a name, I ... I can't even
remember it. You see, I have been cursed. I cannot ever die, but I can never
truly be alive either. My body, mutilated because I can never heal from any
wound. I'm doomed to live out eternity in this form. You can't understand
what it is like to wake up every morning wishing you hadn't." The form was
now only a matter of feet from Arwen. Blood leaked out of various wounds.
There were even insects crawling from wound to wound. One eye was not fully
in its socket. The sight of this awful creature made Arwen sick to her
stomach. She wanted to run, to kill it, to get away. Fear began to overpower
her and she crawled away from it as fast as she possible could. Tears began
to trickle down her face.

"Stay away from me. I don't wish to harm you." Arwen ordered the foul
creature. The monster reached out with a hand,

"What, do I frighten you?" At this it began to laugh. An awful laugh that
sent shivers down Arwen's spine. Never before had she known this kind of
fear. "You think it's frightening to look at me? How do you think it feel
to be me, to have to live out this horrible existence of a life? To feel
bugs crawling around your innards? To constantly be in pain?" The man got
angry. It lurked forward faster then it had before. Now cornering the
helpless Arwen. "Perhaps, perhaps if I make you like me, maybe then you
will understand what it is like. Yes, yes then you will know. Do you know
how long it is since I have been able to have a sexual encounter with
someone? That's how it works you know? All I must do is climax inside of
you. Then you will be exactly like me!" The zombie creature lurched forward.
It ripped off the rags covering its body. Arwen yelled out for help but
know one responded to her plea. "Shhhh ... shhhh, don't worry this will be
over soon. The deformed body knelt in front of Arwen and untied her legs.
Arwen tried to get up, but was forcefully held down. The deformity leaned
in closely. A bug fell from its ear and crawled on Arwen's face. The
deformity lowered it's face and kissed Arwen's voluptuous lips. The awful
smell of this being was making Arwen noxious. Then her lips were separated
and her tongue was wrapped around his. Arwen resisted him but it was not
enough to stop the evil creature. It ripped open her shirt, exposing her
beautiful breasts. The creature kneaded them mercilessly to the point of
causing pain. Then the creature pulled its tongue from hers, green saliva
strands stretched from each of their mouths. Arwen's deep breaths caused
her chest to heave up and down, this only aroused the creature more. It
licked down her neck and around her right breast. For a brief moment it
suckled on her nipple. Next, the creature pulled down her pants. He held
open her legs and his tongue went for it's next target. Arwen wiggled
back and forth but could not stop the beast from sticking that vile tongue
into her soft vaginal folds. More bugs crawled from the disgusting
creature's head over Arwen's abdomen.

"Please...please stop." Arwen pleaded. The only response she received was
a violent thrashing inside her vagina from the creatures tongue. Arwen was
beginning to have trouble resisting her primal urges. "Oh, please...please,
hmm..." Arwen became aroused by the treatment her vagina was receiving. He
legs tightened around the creature pulling it closer. The last of her Elvin
sensibility was slipping away through the hole between her legs. Even the
creature was surprised as Arwen began to buck madly against his face. She
had given into him. Her moans began to echo in the large dark room.

"That's it...yes good. Soon you will be mine. And then, then you will know
what is like to be eternally cursed.

"Ohhh... my, my body. I can't control it anymore!" Arwen stated. The creature
leaned over her again, again it plunged its tongue deep into Arwen's mouth.
This time Arwen accepted him. Something had come over her and she was unable
to stop herself. In the back of her head a soft and fading voice demanded she
fight this creature with her life. But, it was to late now. Somehow the
creature had managed to destroy any self will she had left and she was now
his puppet to control. Blood from the accursed creature dripped onto Arwen.
Green Saliva coated her lips and chest, as well as her now highly aroused
vagina. The creature positioned himself perfectly between Arwen's legs and
sunk his large deformed and disfigured penis into her beautiful vagina. As he
entered her, Arwen let out a soft moan. She closed her eyes, and squeezed the
sides of his body tightly with her legs. Finally, he was in her to the hilt.
He began to pull out slowly. The one eye he could still close was closed and
even he let out a deep throated moan.

"You are such a beautiful creature. I have not had sex in over a millennium.
And soon, soon you will become apart of me." Exclaimed the creature. Arwen
lay motionless under his weight. There was little she could do with her hands
tied behind her back. Though she was unsure she'd try to stop him, even if
she could. The zombie pushed down again inside her, causing Arwen to moan
again. Each downward thrust was bringing her closer to her orgasm. The zombie
quickened his pace. Forcing his deformed erection deeper and deeper inside
the beautiful elf.

"Ohhh...ohhh yes, ughhh... ughhhh! Ahhhh..." Arwen began meeting his downward
thrusts with an upward motion of her own. Both their hips were now in a
perfectly aligned piston like motion. "Oh...Correll Lethion...yes! Ughhh!"
Arwen's moans grew louder and louder. She was nearing her climax. This time
Arwen leaned forward and kissed her lover. Arwen's tongue pushed passed his
lips and intertwined with his own. Green saliva leaked down her chin. When
she pulled away at last her orgasm shook through her body with an awesome
force. Her hips raised nearly a foot off the ground. Her vagina walls clamped
down the deformities invading penis. Arwen let out a loud scream that echoed
throughout the room. Her moans grew louder and louder as her climax reached
its peek. Then without warning the creature began spewing liters of black
semen into her womb. A burning sensation moved throughout Arwen's lower
abdomen. She could feel it burn its way into her ovaries. Then blackness.
Arwen feel unconscious, her body relaxed on the cold cellar floor as she went
limp. The creature pulled himself out of her and slunk into the corner of the
room. Black sperm began the slowly pour out of Arwen's vagina. Suddenly the
creature's wounds began to heal. His skin took normal color. Then from
nowhere a manuscript appeared. He picked it up and began to read it.

Merdanious, the curse on you has been lifted. Although the result is not what
you had expected. You were told if you ever had sexual relations you would
infect the other person and they would become like you. Instead, you have
returned the way you were before you were cursed. This is because, in the
end, the partner you chose accepted your vile seed. Under most circumstances
your victim would have resisted you until the end. Thereby fulfilling your
curse and becoming like you. But, instead your victim was willing, thereby
freeing you from the curse I have bestowed on you. You will now finally be
allowed to have eternal rest. Mardanious, you may now die.

Upon reading those final words Mardanious slumped to one side and life
escaped his body forever. The manuscript vanished as did Mardanious and Arwen
was left alone in the cold darkness of her prison.

* * *

Aragorn searched the hard ground for signs of tracks. The trail had come to
an abrupt end he foot of a tall rock hill.

"Aragorn, come here I found something." Legolas was pointing to a large
stone. At the top there was a slit about the width of a sword. "This crevasse
is not natural. Perhaps if we were to place a sword inside, something would
happen. Aragorn pulled his sword from his side and slowly lowered it into the

* * *

When Arwen awoke she clutched her head. It was as though someone had squeezed
the sides of her head the entire time she was asleep. She was still naked on
the cold floor. Her cloths were no longer wearable. She pried her self
against the wall. Suddenly Arwen began to remember fragments from what had
happened before she fell asleep. Arwen, without looking, reached down between
her legs.

"So, it was real." Arwen thought to herself. Thick, sticky, syrup covered her
left hand. She looked down and saw the black semen that covered her hand and
leaked from her tender vagina. There was still a faint burning in her lower
abdomen, and somehow Arwen felt different. It was indescribable, but
different. Arwen could not remember everything that had happened. Certain
segments were mixed blurs to her, but she knew what had happened. Where was
that evil zombie who had defiled her body and possessed her mind? She looked
for anywhere the zombie might have escaped from. Arwen searched the floor for
some kind of an exit. She could barely see in the darkness but she had to try
to escape her prison. Her hands searched the cold wet floor. Her fingers
pressed into moist mud. She could feel a trickle of water. A small stream
moved into the darkness.

"It must lead to an opening." Arwen thought. She slowly got up and walked
into the darkness. She had to rely on her keen Elvin hearing and other
senses, to guide her through the dark tunnel.

* * *

Aragorn scowled when nothing happened. By this point he was tired, hungry,
frustrated, and angry. Why could he not find her? His whole life he was
trained to find clues, to track prey. He was a ranger after all. It didn't
make sense. They couldn't just disappear here. There must be some kind of
passageway he just couldn't see.

"Legolas, have you found anything yet?" Aragorn called out to his Elvin
companion who was about ten yards away. Legolas seemed slightly concerned,
even for an elf. His face was close to the ground. He seemed to be fallowing
something, but Aragorn could not tell what. Then Aragorn saw where Legolas
was headed. He moved in closer to get a better view. A small stream, perhaps
four or five feet wide protruded from the side of the mountain. Aragorn
looked into the darkness of the cave. On the side of the cave wall there was
a mounted torch. "This must be where they took Arwen. Come Legolas, it wont
be long now." Aragorn and the three Elves darted down the tunnel with only
the one torch to guide them.

* * *

The door to the cellar swung open. Jerrem cheerfully walked in holding a
small plate of old moldy food.

"Arwen, my dear, I brought you some food. We wouldn't want daddy to think we
had starved you while you were my guest, would we?" Jerrem look around the
dark room, "Arwen? Joseph, Alris get a few men. Arwen has escaped. Grab

"But, Jerrem, you know what lives down there. We could all be killed." Joseph
responded from inside.

"As long as we have the silver swords we will be fine. Now hurry! She could
have a good head start by now.

"Yes, Jerrem, right away."

* * *

Sharp rocks cut at Arwen's skin. She had a small cut on her shoulder that was
causing her pain. Now she was knee high in thick cold water. A gentle breeze
blew on her exposed skin and she knew soon she would be free. Her eyes had
adjusted somewhat and she could now see different shades of gray and black,
though she still needed her hands to feel the direction of the wall. Then the
wall came to a sudden end. Though what she felt was to soft to be rock. It
was moving to, in and out. It felt more like large skin then anything else.
Arwen backed away slowly. Down the tunnel, from where she had come she could
see torches moving in her direction. Jerrem had found her again. Fear
overtook Arwen again and she began running as fast as she could. Occasionally
hitting rocks. Without warning the water deepened and Arwen sank under. As
she surfaced she could see that Jerrem and his men had reached her position
in the cave. Their burning torches had cast light on the thing she had
touched earlier. Several of the men appeared terrified. Jerrem was in the
lead. He held his sword towards the beast. This creature was about twenty
feet long, its skin was gray and smooth, it was worm shaped with a large
fanged head. Several spikes stuck out from the creature's skin. The light
seemed to have enraged the worm like creature. Eats head, at least ten feet
off the ground now was looking directly into the eyes of Jerrem. One of the
men to Jerrem's left dropped his sword at ran back to the cellar. He got
three feet before the serpent grabbed him between it's jaws and swallowed the
poor screaming man whole. It lashed out at Jerrem, who stood without fear. He
held out his long silver sword, which seamed to weaken the creature. It
backed away but never took its awful yellow eyes off the four remaining men.
Jerrem spotted Arwen, who was now propped against the cave wall, shivering.

"Hurry Arwen, come here! I don't know how long the silver will tame the
beast." Jerrem called out. The large creature let out a loud roar and
attacked another of Jerrem's men. The poor man could do little to stop the
jaws from swallowing him. The other two men attempted to free their friend.
They slashed at the serpent creature's long soft body. The serpent creature
cried out in pain and withdrew before attacking them, knocking one over.
Jerrem ran over and pulled Arwen from the wall. Arwen struggled to free
herself from his strong grip. She managed to trip Jerrem, and ran. Looking
back, Arwen never noticed Aragorn and she ran right into his chest, knocking
them both to the ground and the torch from Aragorn's hand.

"Arwen? Is that you?" Aragorn asked between breaths. He pulled himself and
Arwen to their feet.

"Aragorn, I am overjoyed to see you! Hurry, we must escape this place!" The
creature swallowed the last man and took off at an extraordinary pace after
Jerrem, who was now chasing Arwen, Aragorn and the three other Elves. The
water greatly slowed the five of them giving the creature ample time to reach

"Hurry, run you fools!" Jerrem called from behind them. Legolas was the first
to reach the mouth of the cave. Fallowed closely by Liliamne and Oreleed. The
creature was on the heels of Jerrem and knocked him to the ground. His silver
sword sank into the water. He looked up at the ferocious fangs that were so
close to swallowing him into oblivion. A mere second before the mouth of that
creature reached Jerrem, Aragorn's sword swung through the soft flesh of its
face. The creature roared in pain, its tale wiped back and froth. Waves of
water splashed over Jerrem and Aragorn. Three arrows impaled the creature's

"Aragorn, you must leave now!" Legolas called from the mouth of the cave
before he loaded another arrow into his bow. The other two Elves seemed to
mimic Legolas perfectly. All three arrows fired at the same instance, each
hitting its target perfectly. Aragorn grabbed hold of Jerrem and began to
run to the safety of the entrance to the cave. Jerrem pulled Aragorn down
with him, before running away. Jerrem didn't get far before the creature
grabbed his waist with those jaws. Jerrem had no hope as he was swallowed
into the depths of the creature's bowls. Three more arrows, now nine in
total, cut through the flesh of the worm creature. It shrieked in pain and
thrashed around madly. Hits head hit the top of the cave, which then began
to shake. Rocks started falling. Aragorn had little time to react. He had
to escape but how? The cave was collapsing in on its self.

"Aragorn!" Arwen called out to him but could do little to help. Aragorn, had
little time left, he dodged oncoming boulders. The creature was pounded with
oncoming rocks and was killed. Aragorn was only seconds from the mouth of the
cave when several large boulders came crashing down in front of Aragorn and
all hopes of escape were lost. From outside, the four Elves could see the
cave begin to crumble from the inside out. Aragorn was nowhere to be seen.
Arwen and Legolas stood in shock. Their friend, their companion was buried
under tons of rock. Arwen collapsed to her knees, shivering. Tears rolled
down her soft, pale cheeks. Legolas moved to comfort her, he placed his cloak
on her shoulders.

"Come Arwen. We should go before nightfall. Lord Elrond is expecting us." He
gently picked up Arwen and began walking her back to her home of Rivendell.
Arwen looked back at the rubble from the cave until it was completely out of

Back in Rivendell Arwen walked the long hallway to her chambers. Her
eyes glued to the floor. She entered her chambers and fell onto her bed,
exhausted. Something stirred in her stomach, as though she had drank to
much water and it splashed around inside her. She softly laid a hand on
the stomach and drifted into a peaceful sleep. Unknown to Arwen was
something was changing inside her.

To be continued...

(What happened to Aragorn and what is happening to Arwen? Will she give birth
to some kind of evil spawn of darkness or will she herself be consumed by the

(I will appreciate any constructive criticism. Keep in mind though this story
was not meant to win awards. It was created late at night in a very dark,
secluded room.)


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