Lord Of The Rings: Enter The Dragoness! Part 6 (ff,petting)
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected]) and Tyval ([email protected])

Trapped between Mordor and Isengard the Ladies of Light have no choice
but to fight against the threat from Saruman at Helm's Deep. As 10,000
Uruk Hai square off against 2000 defenders things look pretty bad for
our Heroines. But do they have a secret weapon?
_ _ _

"What do we know about King Theoden?" Shi asked.

"Not a great deal, but what we do know seems positive," Arwen said, "He seems
to be generally loved. Many say that he's a great king. Others are wondering
why he seems of late to be distant."

"In the past he was a great warrior," Galadriel added, "Physically he's
supposed to be mid-40's, hale and hearty."

"Guess we'll find out," Emitalia said as they neared the Golden Hall.

The women walked up the stairs under the watchful eyes of tall powerful
looking guards. Their faces were somber all save their captain who smiled at

"Hail, travelers from afar," he led all the others in greeting, all swords
turned towards them, hilt first in a sign of peace.

"I am Captain Hama, Doorwarden of good King Theoden," Hama spoke, "I must bid
you to leave your weapons here."

"Your love for your king is great," Rena said as she handed over her
javelins, shield and spear.

"I am Emitalia, Daimyo of Nippon," Emitalia said, "My swords are my life."

"I swear to you on my honor that no man shall touch them," Hama said.

With reluctance Emitalia handed over both swords, bow, arrows and tanto. Shi
gave up her staff. Galadriel carried no weapons. Arwen gave up her bow and
arrows, but she was reluctant about her sword.

"This sword is Hadhafang, of the house of Elrond," Arwen said, "Keep it

"It shall be done milady," Hama said with a slight bow.

"Is the Lady Eowyn with the king?," Shi asked, "For it is to her that we wish
to bring tiding of her brother Lord Eomer."

"A good man," Hama brightened, "Would that others believed as he does."

"Then the games of palace intrigue exist even in these perilous times," Shi

"Milady, forgive me," Hama said as they were now alone with him, "I am a
Kings man, and I love Theoden, but a man may love his king and yet despise
those that have the kings ear. That vile lothsome creature Wormtongue poisens
our king against Lord Eomer who is the most loyal and the best man among us.
I beg of you, if it be within your power, speak with the king, free him from
the spell he is under."

"You are a good man Captain Hama," Galadriel smiled at him, "You care for
your king."

"For the Theoden of old I would die the slow death and regret I had not
more to give," Hama said as they neared the hall.

Facing north towards the doors was a dias with 3 steps. In the middle of the
dias was a great chair trimmed in gold and precious jewells. The Ladies of
Light had expected to see a strong leader in early middle age. But the figure
seated on the throne looked so knarled and bent that he looked more like a
feeble 90 year old. A long white snowy beard trailed to his lap, knarled
hands that resembled claws were tipped with cracked and split fingernails.

Behind him was a beautiful woman in white, concern and love showed in her
face. At his feet was a slimy looking man. If Hama was a man worthy of
respect at first sight, Wormtongue was the opposite. A sniveling little
cowardly wretch who reminded the Ladies of Light more of a cockroach than
a man.

"Hail to thee King Theoden," Shi called out as she and the others bowed," I
am Shi Lung, leader of the Ladies of Light and I bring to you and to Lady
Eowyn news of Lord Eomer."

"We recieved a message from that renegade yesterday woman," Wormtongue
insulted them, "That troublemaker reported action against peaceful creatures
and spoke also of meeting your company."

"Orcs, peaceful," Rena was already mad, but Shi silenced her with a wave of
her hand.

"My lord, isn't it enough that Eomer's treachery has caused a rift in our
relationship with our friend Saruman," Wormtongue continued," But his
rashness infected your son as well and now Theodred is dead just 5 days ago
because Eomer infected him with his madness..."

"Uncle, this is intolerable," Eowyn cried out.

"Silence niece," Theoden said in a low cracked voice," It is not for women to
counsel me."

"Uncle," Eowyn spoke out again.

"He said shut up woman," Wormtongue said, "Do not interfere in the ways of

"Sir, she is the Kings niece," Emitalia said, "It is you who should be more

"You see my lord how they disrespect you!" Wormtongue said outraged.

"You are well named Grima Wormtongue," Galadriel said looking at him with
utter contempt.

"King Theoden, we did not come here to argue with your advisor," Shi said
trying to salvage the conversation, "We came here at the request of Lord
Eomer to inform you that war is upon you and that all who wish to live free
must now join together. Lord Eomer is fighting alone, he needs for his King,
that he loves, to rise up and summon the Mark."

"So," Wormtongue spat, "That renegade has actually provoked war. We can still
avoid it my lord. We must instantly send out the word that we must disarm
completely. By doing so we shall show that we mean no harm. And also, we
should pay tribute, a large sum of gold and jewells to show that we are not
greedy. And yes, women as well. I would say 100 to start with. And as a
reward for preventing war I shoud be given the Lady Eowyn."

"Uncle!" Eowyn cried out in horror.

"Yes, and the traitor Eomer reported on you women as well," Wormtongue spat,
"And your very company in this hall includes elves. Perhaps you are even in
league with the Sorceress of the Golden Wood."

"Perhaps that's because I am her!" Galadrial said, as she seemed to grow
taller, "I am Galadriel, Lady of Lorian!"

"And I have had enough of you Wormtongue," Shi snarled as she advanced on the
wimp who now cringed as he realized who he had angered.

"Hama! You have allowed assasins into the hall!" Wormtongue screamed.

"I think not," Hama said as he drew his sword and stood protectavely in front
of Theoden.

From under her dress Eowyn drew a long warriors dagger and also took up a
protective stand in front of King Theoden. Five other guards attacked. Rena
tripped one sending him stumbling towards Emitalia who threw him over her
head. Shi kicked a guard in the chest, knocked him out with a chop to the
back of the neck, backfisted another, and kicked a third.

Emitalia threw the same guard again, then twice more. The guard tried to
stand...but collapsed. The last guard drew his sword on her. Kicking his
sword out of his hand Emitalia kicked him again sending him into Shi's
punch. Shi and Emitalia then kicked the 2nd guard at the same time sending
him into dreamland as well.

Wormtongue saw the guards wiped out in 5 seconds flat and tried to crawl
away when he ran into legs clad in pure white robes. Looking up his blood
ran cold, as Galadriel was pissed.


"Who do you really serve?" Galadriel demanded as she let him have it.


"No more! Please," Wormtongue groveled.

"Who is your master?" Galadriel again ordered.

"S-Saruman! He-he said I could have Eowyn if I did as he bid," Wormtongue

"What!" Theoden roared, strength returning to his voice.

"Theoden King, Wormtongue betrayed you and no doubt bewitched you, "Shi
said, "Rise up! Stand and throw off the bonds of his treachery."

Her words reached Theoden as he began to rise. Eowyn started towards him, but
he waved her off. Standing now the years began to fall from Theoden.

"Perhaps you would regain all of your strength if you again held a sword my
king," Hama said as he knealt, head bowed and offered Theoden his sword.

Taking up the sword still more years fell from King Theoden. His bowed back
was again straight, white hair turned golden with just a little grey, his
beard retreated to his face.

"Perhaps some fresh air will finish what we have begun," Shi said, "Come King
Theoden, breathe again free air. Fill your lungs with it, hear your people as
they again see in you a bold leader of his people again!"

"Open the doors!" Eowyn cried out in joy, "The Lord of the Mark comes!"

Walking steadily now, flanked by Hama and Eowyn, the Ladies of Light close
behind, King Theoden stepped out into the fresh air, lungs filling, ears
ringing from cheers from his men and some of the staff. King Theoden was
again restored to his proper age and health.

"Dark have been my dreams of late, but I am now as one new-awakened," Theoden
said with steel in his voice again," I pray that you come in time. Alas that
these evil days should be mine."

"There is still hope King Theoden," Shi said," Your people still love thee.
Lord Eomer, Lady Eowyn, Captain Hama, Lt. Falco, your people are with you."

"Wormtongue! You treacherous dog!" Theoden shouted, "Since you are Saruman's
dog, I suggest you take whatever flea bitten nag will bear you and return to
your true master bearing the message that Rohan has woke up to the woe of
those who would destroy us! Captain Hama! You have failed me as my

"My lord," Hama knealt, head bowed to recieve whatever punishment his king
wished, but Theoden smiled."

"However, so loyal is your heart, that henceforth you shall be my personal
Standard Bearer!" Theoden proclaimed to shouts of praise from the Riddemark.

The rank of Kings Standard Bearer was the highest honor that any rider could
aspire to. King Theoden dubbed Hama with his own sword, then offered it back
to him.

"The giving of your sword is a thing that shall never be forgotten in the
lore of Rohan, but you will need this sword," Theoden smiled, "That thief
Wormtongue has hidden my own sword, beat it out of him!"

It was only minutes later when guards returned with the kings personal sword.
Theoden held it high, reflecting the sunlight in it's blade. A large crowd
had gathered by this time and this evoked great cheering.

"I have also learned that the Lady of Lorien is fair," Theoden said in a
softer voice, "And that Milady Shi is fierce."

"And King Theoden is not as old as he pretends to be," Shi smiled.

"Alas that I am not as young as I wish that I was," Theoden said, "While
Saruman weaved his spell on me through his servent Wormtongue war has broken
out and my people suffered from my inaction. But no more! The fog has lifted
and I will do what I must. Let the word go forth that all able bodied men and
boys in Rohan are to rise up! Take up your swords, mount your horses! Let it
be known that your king shall personally lead you into battle, to fight, or
die, or to whatever end he shall have!"

Many soldiers had assembled at this point and their cheers filled the Golden
Hall. "The Lord of the Mark has arisen," many cried. King Theoden waved to
them and turned back into the hall.

"Bring forth food and wine for my guests," Theoden ordered, "Simple fare
for we must move quickly. Riders are to be sent forth to every hamlet, the
Rohirrim must all assemble. I shall lead those in Edoras to the retreat of
Helm's Deep where supplies have long been prepared. And what of your company
milady Shi?"

"We stand at a crossroads King Theoden," Shi said, "Our mission is perilous
indeed, and I begin to wonder if it is wise to leave an enemy like Saruman in
my rear. May I speak with them in private for a moment?"

The king nodded as the women went into a private room.

"Galadriel, Arwen, our quest is dangerous no matter what, but even if we win
through we will have to deal with Saruman. I say we join with King Theoden,"
Shi said.

"Not a stratigy that I would take," Galadriel said, "The destruction of the
ring is of far greater importance. But you are our leader, for good or ill."

"And removing a threat to the rear is aways sound," Arwen said, "Despite the
danger to the more important mission I will follow as well."

Shi nodded thanks. If Galadriel had been strongly against her Shi would have
relented. Galadriel wasn't happy about turning aside from their quest, but
she knew that if Saruman was defeated then Rohan could ride to the aid of
Gondor. Thus turning Sauron's attention in that direction, and possibly away
from the true threat.

Exposing themselves in battle was risky, and yet bold. This was the reason
that Shi had been given command. Galadriel would follow her.

* * *

Jenny was letting the others do the shopping. She only wished that these
people had guns. While Jenny had a good supply of ammo at the moment she knew
that eventually she was going to run out of bullits. She had saved her spent
cartridges, but had little hope of reloading in this medieval society.

Then she heard it. Firecrackers! Yes! It was unmistakable! Jenny ran down
several rows of merchants until she saw it. A man selling fireworks.
Fireworks meant that these people had gunpowder! Jenny could barely contain
her excitement.

"Mister, I'll buy all the powder you have or can get your hands on," Jenny
said laying down the gold Shi had given her.

* * *

Willow and Urchin were finally alone. After helping take care of the horses
they had found a bathhouse. The girls giggled as they soaped each other up.

"Your's are so big," Urchin sighed as she ran the soap caressingly all over
Willow's breasts, "I wish mine were bigger."

"I like your tits just fine," Willow smiled, "And they are a lot bigger than
they were."

"Ooohhhhhh," Urchin said as she felt Willow's nipples grow erect and hard.

"That feels so good Urchin," Willow smiled at her, "May I touch yours."

"Please," Urchin said hopefully.

Willow gently started rubbing Urchin's nipples. Urchin closed her eyes as she
felt pleasure. She opened them in surprise for just a moment when she felt
Willow's lips cover hers. The kiss deepened as Urchin yeilded to it. She had
never been kissed like this before. One thing was for sure, she wanted to be
kissed more.

Willow grew bolder. Her tongue probed as she embraced Urchin, her larger
breasts pressing into the girls smaller ones. Urchin was unsure of what to
do, but instinctively her tongue met and dueled with Willow's as her pleasure
increased. Willow's hands now caressed the girl's still boyish ass, knowing
fingers kneading the firm flesh.

"Oooooo Willow," Urchin moaned.

Willow smiled and slowly broke the kiss. Urchi was somewhat dissapointed, but
after they rinsed themselves off Willow again kissed her deeply. Willow
slowly lowered Urchin down, hands gently kneading Urchin's firm tits. Willow
then kissed down Urchin's neck, then further until she found Urchin's little
pink nipples.

"Ahhhh," Urchin softly moaned.

"Urchin," Willow breathed, "I love you. I will never do anything to hurt you.
Do you want me to teach you?"

"Oh yes Willow," Urchin panted, "I love you too. Please teach me."

"Yes, I will teach you about girl love then," Willow smiled, "First I shall
teach you the gentle arts. Later on I will teach the rough arts which are
even better."

"I don't understand," Urchin said, "My new mother, Tara, Lady Emitalia, even
mistress Galadriel. You all talk about how much you love to be whipped. How
can pain feel good?"

"You will understand later my love," Willow smiled, "But for now I wish to
kiss you and bring you pleasure."

"Oh please kiss me," Urchin whispered as their lips met again.

The kiss deepened as Urchin gave herself up to the soft caresses of Willow's
fingers. Her nipples were rubbed and then kissed by the knowing fingers and
lips of Willow. Willow's hands now gently cupped the girls hairless mound.
Half-elves and elves were naturally hairless. Willow's lips covered Urchin's
mouth as she now rubbed and stroked the girls pussy.

Faster and faster Willow rubbed and caressed Urchin. Urchin jerked and threw
her head back as she had the first orgasm of her life.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Urchin cried out as she came.

Urchin was panting as Willow kissed her and continued with slower strokes on
her pussy and tits.

"That was only lesson 1," Willow smiled.

* * *

"Are you crazy?" Yasmina shouted as Jenny had spent all of her share of gold
on buying out 3 fireworks dealers.

"I have to agree," Lorelei said, "This powder is only good for fireworks like
Gandalf used to show off."

"Ladies, I can do more with this stuff than you can dream of," Jenny smiled.

"What are you planning to do with 1000 pounds of this powder?" Krista asked.

"I don't know yet, but I'll certainly do it with a bang," Jenny said.

The other women had purchesed food, arrows, a few spare weapons, but had no
idea what Jenny could be up to. Folowing her lead they purchased a wagon and
then were surprised again as Jenny bought several hundred pounds of lead
marbles from toy venders.

"Women from the futue must really be cracked," Kymora whispered to Krista.

* * *

From all the surrounding area a thousand riders had gathered to escort the
civilian population to Helm's Deep. With them rode the Ladies of Light. Jenny
drove the wagon and ignored the good natured teasing of the other women.

"I suppose your going to defeat the Orcs with firecrackers," Tara laughed.

This brought laughter from many others. Yasmina, however, didn't laugh. She
had seen the devistating power of Jenny's pistols. If Jenny thought the
powder was going to be useful, it probably was. Also, Yasmina was starting
to fall in love with the lady gunfighter.

Shi rode her horse close to Serena.

"Serena, I have a special mission for you," Shi said, "You're the only one
who can do it."

"Okay," Serena smiled at being singled out.

"I need you to fly to Eomer, he needs to know that King Theoden is himself
again," Shi said, "Have him gather his riders. Then fly to the Fords of
Isen. There is a large force of men there. The king believes the Ford to be
indefensable. I agree with him. The king wants them to make a show of it,
but to fall back, hit and run. The commander there is called Erkenbrand."

"So, I have to miss out on all the fun," Serena pouted.

"Serena, your job in this is just as important as any of us," Shi said, "A
rider can be easily intercepted, a swan would arose no suspicion. Not to
mention the fact that you can travel faster than any horse, you don't have
to worry about terrain, you can fly out of bow range. I need you to do this."

"Okay, but you had better save me some Orcs later on," Serena said with a
mock salute.

Strapping the kings messages to her legs Serena transformed and flew to the

"How does her clothes and weapons transform with her," Jenny asked Yasmina
who was riding beside her wagon.

"You need to ask Shi, or Galadriel, or Lorelei about that," Yasmina smiled
at her, "I'm a Sword Dancer not a sorceress."

Two days later they arrived at Helm's Deep. All throughout the trip the
Rohirrim had been bragging about strong the fortress was. Jenny took one
look at it and her heart sank. 'With 2 Union cannons and 100 of Jeb Stuart's
cavalry I could take this place,'

Already plans were taking shape in her mind on how she could do a better
job. Jenny decided to really scope out everything, from Helm's Dike, to the
fortress, to the caves beyond. If she had any doubt why she had been chosen
she now knew why.

end of Chapter 6
_ _ _

Mmmmmmm, finally snuck in a small scene. lol. The action heats up as love
grows during the Battle of Helm's Deep!


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