Middle Earth teeters on the brink of destruction! But the beautiful and
powerful Galadriel, Queen of the Elves has received a vision. The fate of
Middle Earth rests in the hands of an elite force of warrior women. And
those of a little thief.

Fantasy; rated NC-17 for F/F sex, BDSM, kink.

Disclaimer: Arwen and Galadriel are created by J. R. R. Tolkien and are
used without permission. The other members of the Fellowship are from me.

The Lord of the Rings: Enter The Dragoness Part 2
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected]) and Tyval ([email protected])

Shi was lucky that one bath house was still open at this time of night. The
owner had been ready to close, but Shi paid him double to stay open, bought
a robe and sandals for Urchin, and instructed one of the female employees to
burn Urchin's rags. Urchin, for her part had never experienced the pleasure
of a fully staffed bath-house. The servant girls had to wash her hair 3
times, but it was worth it.

Shi soaped Urchin up, carefully avoiding the girls private parts for now even
though she could read the girl's body language. After the bath the servant
girls rubbed the woman and girl down with a light covering of body cream.
Urchin moaned in pleasure at the sensuous massage. Eyes closed she imagined
it was Shi who was rubbing her down.

Then came a basic hair styling. Shi liked her hair done simple, Urchin,
unused to exotic styles chose a simple pony tail for her long blonde hair.
Urchin didn't wonder about Shi's hair color, but it would be a subject of
gossip for the servant girls for weeks since Shi's roots were as golden
blonde as the rest, totally atypical of women from Chin.

"Why, Urchin, you are a lovely young lady," Shi fawned on the girl as she led
her to a mirror.

"I - is that me?" Urchin gasped.

Urchin had never fully seen herself in a full length mirror. And previously
had been so dirty and unkempt that she would look the opposite of the pretty,
if too thin girl that now stared back at her. Urchin couldn't hide her tears
as she hugged Shi fiercely. Urchin could scarcely believe that anyone could
be so kind.

Even were Urchin not the ring bearer Shi would have still done he same for
Urchin, selflessly and without thought of reward. Shi knew she couldn't do
the same for everyone, that was beyond anyone's abilities, but to save even
one helpless soul filled her heart with joy and love. Shi hugged the girl
back tenderly.

"It's all right," Shi softly said in a soothing voice. "I will take care of
you little one."

When her tears were spent Shi led her out of the bath-house, holding her hand
reassuringly. Urchin was borderline malnourished so Shi made sure she didn't
overeat or make herself sick as she treated the girl to some food. Even what
Shi did let her eat was like a feast to the long hungry girl. Next Shi bought
her some simple but practical clothes that would match hers. Shi decided she
didn't need the hat anymore, but still hid her hair with her hood.

Almost as an afterthought, Shi bought the girl a short sword and strapped it
on the girl despite Urchin's misgivings. Once on, though, Urchin grinned. She
had never been armed before. This gave her a thrill as she now didn't feel as
helpless as she always had.

"I will teach you how to use it later," Shi smiled at her. "But for now,
leave the fighting to me."

The hour was growing very late. As they headed back to the inn they passed
the half-elf acrobat Shi had watched earlier. The sandy haired gymnast was
just finishing packing her tools of the trade when she spotted Shi, waved
and walked over.

"Hi, I hope you don't mind me being too forward," the acrobat said extending
her hand. "I'm Tara from Shelton. I saw you earlier."

"I am Shi Lung, a humble sohei priestess from Nippon," Shi lied.

"Shi Lung? That sounds more like Chin," Tara grinned.

"Uh, well..." Shi knew she was caught.

"Hey, no problem. If you want to fudge who you are it's okay," Tara smiled.
"Not like anyone around her cares. So, are you here for the tournament?"

"The tournament?" Shi asked.

"Hmmmmmm. Just arrived here, huh?" Tara said. "You look like a fighter,
figured that's what you came here for. There's people coming from all over,
even the other continents for this. I've been checking my competition out."

"Oh, so you do more than just put on shows?" Urchin asked.

"It allows me to scope out the competition and practice at the same time,"
Tara grinned. "I've got practical battle experience too, fighting orcs."

"Disgusting creatures," Shi agreed.

"Yea, guess you saw my specialty," Tara said. "I've created my own style
combining gymnastics with knife throwing. I can pick a fly off at 100 feet
doing a double back somersault."

"Sounds interesting. I was going to travel further west, but Urchin needs
to regain her strength," Shi said.

"That's right, I didn't see her earlier," Tara said.

"Um, she is my handmaiden and this journey has made her ill," Shi lied.

Shi was very good at thinking on her feet. Shi actually wanted to be gone in
a week. It would take a long time to fully restore Urchin, actually the first
time she would be healthy. Shi was surprised that Tara was staying at the
same inn, although in a cheaper room on the third floor. Saying goodnight to
each other Shi and Urchin went to Shi's room. Urchin started to lay on the
floor, but Shi motioned for her to join her in the bed. Shi did not take
advantage of the girl and just held her protectively. Nude, the 2 fell asleep
in each other's arms.

* * *

Tara joined them as they ate a late breakfast. The trio talked and talked
about many things. Well, Urchin didn't say much, but she smiled a lot. Shi
and Tara were becoming friends. Urchin was in love with Shi and was also
growing fond of Tara.

"I - I really should tell you one thing," Tara said, bushing. "I like girls.
I mean intimately too. And I like it rough."

"So do I," Shi laughed. "I love girl sex, especially if there is whipping
involved. I was exiled because of my sexual preference."

Urchin listened as the 2 women told each other all the things they liked
doing. Both of them laughed as they found that they had the same fetishes.
Urchin was no virgin, but her experiences had only been born of rape. To
give of herself freely was a new concept. The fact that a woman might
actually enjoy pain was a surprise.

"Mistress, I do not understand," Urchin spoke up. "I have been raped, and
it hurt terribly. I hated it and had no pleasure. I do not understand how
pain can be pleasure."

"Oh, you sweet adorable girl," Shi grinned, "the answer is simple, we enjoy
it because it is consensual. Your experiences have been by force. If done by
someone you love, and who loves you, then rough sex can be as pleasurable as

"Especially with other women," Tara smiled. "Men are too brutal I think. With
a woman, it is slow, soft, and sensual."

"Mistress, do you think that, you know...?" Urchin blushed.

"With you?" Shi answered. "Someday maybe, but not until I get you healthy and
strong. And certainly not until you want me to."

Tara let out a gasp. Shi looked at her, then followed her friend's eyes. No
wonder, Shi thought as the 2 elven women rode in on 2 magnificent white
horses. The one in the lead had dark hair, and was dressed as a ranger. She
rode in traditional fashion with practiced ease. The other woman was blonde
and regal in flowing white robes riding side saddle.

All in their path quickly made way, elves and half-elves bowed. Humans,
Centaurs, and Hobbits also seemed to have various degrees of reverence. Shi
saw that Tara was bowing, head down as she passed.

"Who is that?" Shi whispered as quietly as she could.

"That is Galadriel, the Queen of the Elves," Tara whispered in the same
volume. "But she never leaves Lothlorien!"

At that moment Galadriel stopped and looked at the 3 women, especially

Do not fear me, child, Galadriel smiled as she spoke inside of Urchin's mind.
I am a friend, I mean you no harm. You are the chosen one.

With that Galadriel spurred her horse forward, towards the mansion of the
town's lord. Once they reached the gate Galadriel scanned for hostile minds.
Finding none she turned to Arwen.

"This tournament is a key. I am familiar with the format the Lord of Dracul
uses. His tournament is well run and fair, the contestants use blunted
weapons so as to avoid injury. The contests are divided into individual
weapons specialties. Archery, sword, spear, knife, staff, and so on,"
Galadriel said. "There is even a 'wizard' division."

"Of course! That is exactly what we need," Arwen said as she got it.

"The final contest is always a 'Battle Royale' between the winners of each
contest," Galadriel started to say.

"The women who compete in that contest are the ones we need," Arwen finished.
"The very best are coming here from all corners of Middle Earth. That woman
was from Chin, I also noticed one from Nippon, another from the desert
steppes of the near east."

"I see another," Galadriel said, her eyes closed, "just arriving with 2 male
competitors. From Merica, as they call the western continent."

"That is impressive indeed," Arwen said. "By fast ship that is 6 months
travel. And another month to make it here."

The Lord of Dracul greeted his guests with more than a little awe. He ordered
only the best for them as befitted their station.

* * *

After much teasing Shi finally entered the tournament, choosing the 'exotic
weapons' category for unusual weapons such as her 3 sectioned staff. Tara,
of course, chose 'throwing knife'. Some woman chose more than one category.
Shi thought that she would have liked to have had a 'bare hands' category
since the male fighters had both a wrestling and boxing category, but no
such luck. Unable to keep out of it Arwen entered 'archery' and 'horse

The next 3 days were a blur of activity as the contests started. Shi was
pleased that Urchin was already growing noticeably stronger. Shi gave her
her first lesson in the use of the short sword. Urchin was a quick study.
Urchin was quite nimble from years of dodging obstacles as she ran from
pursuers. This now stood her in good stead.

Shi and Tara breezed through their divisions. Along the way they met and
formed friendships with many of the other top women. Another 3 days passed
and Shi and Tara had won their divisions and were invited to a feast at the
Lord of Dracul's mansion. Urchin, as Shi's handmaiden was allowed to come
with her. In fact, the messenger told Shi that Urchin was an invited guest
of Galadriel herself.

Shi took the invitation with a smile and read the names aloud to the thrilled

"The Lord of Dracul does request the attendance of the Tournament Champions
to his annual 'Victory Feast'!

Sword: Lady Emitalia of Nippon

Spear: Krista the Valkyrie

Javelin: Queen Rena of the Zuni

Throwing knife: Tara of Shelton

Knife-hand: Mara of the Jungle

Bow: Serena, Ranger 1st of the Swanmay

Horse Bow: Princess Arwen of Rivendell

Throwing axe: Princess Willow, Kota tribe of Merica

Staff: Kymora, Champion of the Amazons

Two Weapons: Princess Yasmina of Rabia, 10th level Sword Dancer

Magic: Lorelei of Rivendell

Exotic Weaponry: Shi Lung of Chin

"I think I shall skip the hood tonight," Shi said. "C'mon Urchin, let's go

* * *

Urchin liked shopping. She had always had to steal just for a crust of bread
before. Now, to walk in on merchants who used to curse her and chase her and
have them treat her as royalty gave her a perverse thrill. Truth be told, she
looked very different now than she had just a week ago. She was slowly
starting to fill out in all the right places, wiry muscle was being added to
bone, she was clean, better dressed, her hair was slightly perfumed, and she
now proudly wore earrings after having her ears pierced like Tara's.

Shi was going to demand an orphanage to protect children like Urchin. Shi
knew that there would still be some who might suffer as Urchin had, but if
she could save even a few of them it would be worth it. Urchin loved her
mistress even more after Shi told her her plans.

* * *

So, the Queen bitch herself is getting involved, Saruman thought as he peered
though the eyes of the only bird he had in that area. What would your people
think if they knew you were screwing your own grand-daughter? Your marriage
has been a sham for hundreds of years.

Galadriel was one of the few beings that Saruman now feared since he had
thrown his lot in with Sauron. With the power of the ring Galadriel would be
a match or near match for Sauron himself at full power. Of course the ring
would then corrupt her and make her as evil as Sauron.

Where was the ring? Saruman tracked the Ringwraiths. They were headed for
Dracul, but they were still 3 weeks away even as hard as they could ride. If
the Wraiths and Galadriel were at, or heading for Dracul then the ring must
be there. Somewhere. Saruman could see Arwen, she didn't have it. Lorelei,
another elf sorceress, sister of Legolas was also there, but she didn't have
it either.

The bird scanned the party guests as they arrived. Sword Dancer? No. Amazon?
No. Valkyrie from the frozen north? No. What was this? A dragoness! Her
disguise could not fool him! Actually, her hair color would give her away to
anyone who knew anything about Chin. There were not many of those though.

But no, she didn't have it either. None of the warrior women had the ring! In
frustration Saruman recalled his spy. He had totally disregarded the skinny
little handmaiden. That had been a mistake that Saruman might live to regret.

* * *

Arwen hugged Lorelei in greeting. Lorelei was her best friend and was her
lover when Galadriel wasn't around. Lorelei wasn't nearly as powerful as
Galadriel, but she was a 'combat mage' and could give a good fight to anyone.

"The spy is gone," Galadriel said surprising both women.

"You knew?" Lorelei asked. "Well, don't know why I'm surprised. Um, ah, I
barely detected it. But um..."

"Male arrogance," Galadriel said ignoring the girls stumbling. "He looked
at all the fighters, totally ignored the only one who was out of place. Of
course, had he even glanced her way I would have had to destroy the

"The young child is the ring bearer?" Lorelei asked. "So hard to believe. The
dragoness is the most likely suspect."

"We are fortunate that she is," Arwen said. "She is the most physically
powerful of us."

"She has a good heart and a quick mind to go with her power," Galadriel said.
"Both of those qualities are a plus."

Music was playing as several of the girls danced with each other. They were
all so very friendly. The dark skinned Queen Rena of the black race far south
of Harad had seemed so serious when she had fought. Now, laughing like a girl
she swept Arwen away and started dancing with her. Arwen could not help but
join in the laughter as the 6' tall amazon swung her like a child.

Urchin danced with Shi, who then allowed her to dance with Willow, and then
Serena. Urchin liked them all and wondered why all of them were so beautiful
and yet such good fighters. The Lord of Dracul showed up and had his steward
announce dinner. Urchin was prepared to go to the kitchen with the other
servants, but Shi sat her down next to her and shot a scary look to a server
who looked like he might request just that.

Dinner was wonderful of course. Urchin was able to eat more than she could
have a week ago. The Lord of Dracul was actually not a bad ruler and listened
intently as Shi told him her idea for a safe orphanage.

"To prove that I am willing to put my money where my mouth is, I donate my
winnings to the building of the orphanage," Shi said rising and putting her
prize money on the table.

"And I as well," Tara said rising and doing the same.

"And I," Princess Yasmina said.

"I have no use for gold," Mara said, smiling.

All the others rose and joined in. Galadriel stood and bowed slightly with
the slightest of queenly smiles. She was pleased. These women were already

"Very well! It shall be done," the Lord said. "Steward, my pen!"

The women applauded him and Shi as well. Urchin threw her arms around Shi's
neck and hugged her. A few tears formed. To someone who had never known
happiness, Urchin's heart was now filled with it. Her mistress was beautiful
and kind and she loved her.

After the dinner there was more dancing and some drinking, although even the
Valkyrie Krista took it easy. Tomorrow they would fight each other, albeit in
combat that was non-lethal, but for tonight they would have fun. Just as the
Lord of Dracul was about to make his usual speech, Galadriel rose and gently
placed her hand on his shoulder. All eyes were on her as she knew they would

"My friends," Galadriel started, "the hour is late, but there are things that
you must hear. Some of you have seen signs, others have had premonitions,
still others of you have noticed the increasing numbers and boldness of orcs
and other foul creatures. More than a few of you have wondered why I have
traveled away from my home. What I must tell you is not easy, a few of you
may disbelieve, and what I ask, no, what I beg of you to do may be too much
to bear for anyone. The rumors are true, the Dark Lord Sauron has returned!!"

Galadriel waited for the murmur to die down, but not even she could have
predicted what happened next. Urchin walked towards her nervously, then
turned and faced the other women. She was frightened, more frightened than
she had been even the week before. But Shi then stood behind her, gently
laying her hands reassuringly on the girls trembling shoulders. Tara stood
next to her, as did Arwen and Lorelei. Whatever else, Urchin knew she was
no longer alone. Urchin summoned up her courage.

"I have the ring," Urchin said in a trembling voice. "It must be destroyed."

"That took great courage little one," Galadriel smiled as she also stood
behind Urchin, "This child is our only hope. Only she can resist the power
of the ring long enough to cast it in the fires of Mordor. But all of you
can see that while her will is strong, she is weak of body. She requires
defenders. Only the best of the best can protect her from the foul creatures
of Mordor and Isengard. The ring must be hurled into the flames of Morder!
This task is impossible, chances are that none of those who choose to go
will survive. But I am going. If we fail, Sauron will destroy everything.
If Sauron rises he will destroy Nippon, Merica, Zuni. No land will be immune
from his touch! We have only thing in our favor. Sauron will not expect
women. You have a choice. You are the best female fighter in all of Middle
Earth, gathered from the 4 corners of the world. Tomorrow you can compete
in what will soon become a frivolous contest, or you can help this child
save all of us. I choose to protect her. I beg you to do the same."

"All who are willing, please, come to us," Arwen implored.

Lady Emitalia, Willow, Princess Yasmina, and Serena were already beside them
as Arwen spoke. Krista, Mara, and Kymora were right behind them.

"This is madness," Queen Rena laughed as she joined only seconds later.

Galadriel was pleased. In less than 15 seconds she had her force, all save
the girl from another time that she sensed would join them soon.

"We are all fools together it seems," Galadriel laughed. "Welcome to our
merry band of madwomen!"

"We are yours to command my Queen," Lorelei said bowing.

"I? I am skilled enough to be the leader," Galadriel said. "No, the one who
should lead us should be the one with the most experience in both stealth an
combat. You! Shi Lung of Chin!"

A chant of 'Shi! Shi!' erupted. Shi smiled, humbled, but knew that Galadriel
was right. She was the third in age, but first in actual combat experience.

"I am humbled your majesty," Shi said with a slight bow. "I accept. I swear
I will try to keep all of you alive."

Shi knew that it would be a miracle for ANY of them to live through this. But
she was going to try.

The End - Chapter 2


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