In an alternate reality, Middle Earth is again threatened by the evil of
Sauron! But fate changes everything as the Gold Dragon in human form Shi
Lung forms an elite force of female warriors and wizards who are all
lesbians and love BDSM sex to protect the ring bearer, a young half-elf
girl known only as Urchin. Can they destroy the 'One Ring' or will Sauron

Note: Tyval played an important part in the writing of this story. He
wrote me and suggested I re-do it adding Lord of the Rings and wrote the
LOTR parts for me and helped me with some of the rest.

Fantasy; NC-17 for F/F sex.

Disclaimer: Arwen and Galadriel are created by J. R. R. Tolkien and are
used without permission. The other members of the Fellowship are from me.

Lord Of The Rings: Enter The Dragoness Part 1
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected]) and Tyval ([email protected])

A long time ago; 3 rings for the Elves, 7 for the Dwarf Lords, 9 for the
Kings of Men, and 1. One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.

Three Thousand years have passed since the defeat of the Dark Lord Sauron.
The ring passed to Gollum, then to the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins. Gollum was weak
and was possessed and thus was warped, but Bilbo's will was stronger. Bilbo
was able to leave the ring with the wizard Gandalf for his nephew Frodo. But
events in this world would be different.

On this world the baby who would grow up to become Strider, Aragorn, died at
birth. Gandalf, after leaving Frodo and telling him to go to Bree, was then
killed at the hands of Saruman. Perhaps on the plus side was the death of
Gollum after the Orcs decided they had no more use for him.

But without Gandalf and Aragorn, Frodo's fate was sealed. By luck, Frodo and
Samwise did manage to escape Bree, but Merry and Pippin fell. Murdered at the
hands of the Ringwraiths! With nowhere else that he could think of to go,
Frodo tried to make it to where his uncle Bilbo had told him the elves lived.
Towards Rivendell. For quite awhile Frodo managed to keep the great river
between him and the Ringwraiths, but knew that it would be almost impossible
for 2 Hobbits on foot to elude the inexhaustible riders.

As a last resort, in case they were caught, Frodo decided that he would throw
it into the river. That way it would be at least be harder to find. The end
came. Sam sacrificed himself to give Frodo a few extra seconds. Frodo died
quickly as the wraith decapitated him. But he had thrown the ring into the
river, the day before. The Wraiths searched in vain for 7 days, unaware that
the ring had been discarded 10 miles from where they were searching.

But the ring had always had a mind of it's own. With it's master calling, the
ring had attracted a salmon as it sank. The fish swallowed it as it continued
it's journey, to the place it was born to spawn.

* * *

The huge basket over her head hid her face as the woman, dressed as a Sohei
priestess from distant Nippon, entered the city. The robes she wore also
concealed her body to such a degree that it was difficult to even tell that
she was a woman. As is so often the case, appearances were deceiving. The
woman was actually from Chin and was disguised as a priestess so as to avoid
drawing attention to herself.

Underneath the robes was a muscular, yet highly feminine body, rigorously
trained in the martial arts. Under the oversize basket hat was a beautiful
exotic face. The only thing that would reveal her true identity was the
un-natural golden blonde hair hidden under both the hat and a hood. In fact,
she wasn't a woman at all. Her name was Shi Lung and she was a 500 year old
Gold Dragon!

Gold Dragons had the natural ability to turn human at will. This is what made
Shi an outcast among her own kind. For Shi Lung preferred being human and in
human form craved her own sex. Shi Lung was a formidable fighter as both
human and dragon. In human form she had trained for 400 years in various
martial arts styles and also knew a variety of clerical and wizard spells.

Shi also carried a trick staff. The staff was actually segmented into 3 parts
that, with a twist could become a 3 sectioned staff. Another trick was a foot
long stiletto concealed in the top section that could be activated by tapping
the butt end of the staff. In this manner it functioned as triple staff, bo,
or spear.

In her natural form, well, few creatures can stand against a flying, 125'
long dragon, with 2' long razor sharp teeth and claws, and the ability to
breathe fire or just as lethal smoke or poisonous chlorine gas.

Shi Lung had left Chin because of her scandalous affairs with human and elf
girls. Now she had finally arrived fully in the west. During the day she
walked, during the night she cautiously flew. The journey had taken a mere
month compared to 6 months by horse or 3 by ship.

Money was no problem. Since her scales were 24 caret gold when shed she had
almost unlimited wealth. Gold Dragons naturally shed a few scales every day.
To keep gold from being overabundant and ruin the economies of humans and
demi-humans, dragons usually destroyed or melted the discarded scales.
Unshed, their scales were as strong as 4 inches of solid iron. Gold meant
nothing to most dragons of course.

A fairly large city was just ahead as Shi traveled along the road. Plowed
fields and farmhouses became closer together. There were soon many people
going to and from the city as Shi easily blended in. Shi quickly learned
that the name of the city was Dracul. Shi giggled as she learned that it
was this land's word for dragon. How appropriate, Shi thought.

The city smelled horrible, Shi thought as she entered the high and strong
city gates. The guards at the top of the wall seemed more alert and vigilant
than most. They were even fairly well groomed. This was one city that looked
like it could take care of itself in a fight. Shi had seen so many cities
were the guards were little more than ill-kept drunken louts. Only prosperous
cities had such competent guards.

Still, the guards gave Shi no more than a cursory look as she walked among
farmers, traders, and even other pilgrims. This, despite a rumor of war
brewing further to the west and south. One word seemed to be on everyone's
lips. Mordor! A name that caused even the dragons to shiver.

Soon however, the smell of strange new foods, the feel of different fabrics
and weaves, and the sight of unusual goods caused Shi to momentarily forget
all about rumors of war, as she wandered through the bustling marketplace.
Shi smiled as she ate her first ever caramel apple. Many new sights caused
her head to spin as she tried to take everything in at once. Shi had never
seen Hobbits before, and the sight of her first centaur caused her to stare
in wonder.

The hour was growing late. Shi didn't want to sleep in a flophouse, but
didn't want to draw attention to herself by staying at a wealthy inn. Finally
she settled on one that appeared to be upper middle class. Paying for her
room, for a week, with a small lump of gold - a melted and clumped scale,
disguised so as to hide it's true origin - Shi lay fully clothed on a
surprisingly comfortable bed and fell asleep.

Shi woke up, instantly alert as she had trained long and hard to do. The nap
had been short, perhaps 3 or 4 hours. The sun was down and Shi felt the first
pangs of hunger. I'll have a cow, medium rare, and a pint of diet beer, Shi
thought to herself and giggled. Putting her basket hat on and grabbing her
staff, Shi walked down the stairs and back out into the street hoping to buy
something to eat.

Shi was surprised to find the market was still in full swing. Gone were the
farmers, fishermen, and those who traded during daylight. The marketplace
was now packed with a vigorous night life! Outdoor taverns and restaurants
now lined the streets, whores beckoned from balconies. Rings for boxing,
wrestling, and weapons combat had been set up, many were full. Acrobats,
fire-eaters, sword-swallowers, and others plied their craft.

Shi took special note of one attractive half elf girl, who threw knives with
unerring aim, at various targets, as she performed some of the most complex
gymnastic feats imaginable. Shi was no slouch at gymnastics either, but had
to admit that this girl was her superior in that area. Shi dropped a few
coins for the girl, who smiled at her knowingly. Shi smiled back, hers hidden
by her hat, and continued exploring.

Shi passed other stalls featuring dancing girls, then a couple that had
muscular men and boys. And of course, Shi noticed the usual assortment of
thieves and cut-purses moving among the crowd. Especially around the games
of chance. They paid little attention to Shi, who, after all, was dressed
as a penniless nun. There were few that could steal from a martial artist
of her caliber anyway. Although they didn't know it.

Shi continued to explore, out of the marketplace and into the city interior.
It was always best to know the ground she thought. The city was pretty big
and Shi encountered another, albeit smaller, marketplace, also bustling with
night life at the south gate.

Shi was again amazed at how well lit the city was. Few alleys were dark
enough to hide cut-throats and the city guard seemed numerous and well
trained, although they turned a blind eye to some activities. Actually
makes sense, Shi thought. Too many throats get cut, too many thefts, and
the city will lose business. The guards and local thieves guild must have
some kind of arrangement. Shi had wandered for 2 hours when she remembered
how hungry she was. Shi was in a small courtyard, admiring a beautiful
fountain in the center, when she heard the words "Stop, thief!"

Shi sighed. She really didn't want to get involved, she wasn't looking for
any trouble, but trouble started anyway. Shi had barely turned when a figure,
dressed in rags and carrying a salmon that was ridiculously too large for
her, collided headlong into her. Shi did a kip up and looked down at the
person that had collided with her. A girl, a young half-elf by the pointed
ears that were shorter than the ones possessed by full elves. Much like the
acrobat she had watched earlier. But that was where the similarity ended.

Even under the dirt and rags it was easy to see the girl's beauty. The eyes
were wide and frightened as she desperately clutched the fresh - if smelly -
fish she had obviously just stolen. The girls rags were thin and torn,
concealing little of her slim body. Anyone who saw her could tell she was
half-starved. A lone thief, frightened, desperate, and hungry. A far cry
from the confident, athletic, sandy haired acrobat.

The doe eyes of the girl looked frantically for escape as 2 muscled guards
appeared followed by a fat red faced fish monger. Shi was between her and
freedom, the girl knew she was trapped and began to cry. Getting caught was
the end of the line for a lone thief, especially a girl. The dungeon, with
days of torture and rape followed by publicly having her hands chopped off
was all that was left for her.

"There she is! Get her!" the fat man ordered.

"Lucy! You stupid child!" Shi yelled out thinking quickly. "Don't tell me
you lost that crown I gave you to buy that fish for me! Excuse me good sirs,
good handmaidens are so hard to find these days. If you will allow me, I
will pay you triple what this little idiot took. I promise to punish her
quite severely."

"What are you waiting for?" the fat man wheezed.

Oh well, guess I'll have to do this the hard way, Shi thought. The guards
made the mistake of going for the girl, ignoring Shi completely. Shi landed
the butt end of her staff in the first guards gut, then cracked the second
across the temple. Shi followed up by planting a spin kick into the second
guards stomach, followed by a chop to the side of the man's neck taking him
out of the fight. The first guard was just starting to stand back up when
Shi hit him with 3 good shots to his head, then a fourth to knock him out

The fishmonger had stood stunned as Shi had taken both guards out in 15
seconds. He started to run when Shi threw her staff tripping him up. The
fat man fell hard and Shi was on him at once.

"I suggest you take this money and forget you ever saw me or the girl," Shi
said pressing a silver coin worth 20 fish into his hand. "Because if you go
running back to the guards, or try to retaliate against either of us, I will
kill you. If you are lucky."

Shi raised her basket hat and looked the man eye to eye, allowing herself
to revert back just enough for him to see her eyes change from human to
dragon. The fat man lost control of his bodily functions. Shi rose in time
to see that the girl had risen and was frantically running away, still
clutching the oversized fish. Shi leaped and flipped, landing right in
front of the fleeing girl.

"What? Not even a thank you?" Shi smiled, her eyes back to normal, her hat
on the ground where the merchant had been. "I just saved your skinny ass, I'd
at least like to know your name."

To her surprise the girl simply sank to her knees and sobbed.

"P-p-please d-don't hurt me," the girl cried, her tears real, her eyes full
of fear. "P-please. I'll do anything you want."

"Get up. I'm not going to hurt you," Shi sighed. "Unless you think a hot bath
and some honestly bought food is painful. And I simply am not going to walk
around with you dressed like that. Yes, some new clothes, too."

The girl looked at Shi with puzzled eyes. In her whole life no one had ever
been kind to her. Now this strange woman had saved her and was telling her
she wasn't going to hurt her. The girl had always felt an attraction to her
own sex without truly knowing that she was a lesbian. She had been raped a
few times by men and because of that hated them.

The 16-year-old girl lost herself in Shi's jade green eyes. Only kindness was
in them and the girl fell madly in love with her savior. Shi sighed, looked
to her like she had a puppy.

"I'm Shi Lung. Do you have a name?" Shi asked again.

"No, I never had a name, Mistress Shi. Everyone just calls me Urchin," the
girl said.

"Then Urchin you shall be until we can come up with a better name for you,"
Shi laughed. "Now, for a hot bath. I could use one, and you really really
need one. Especially after lugging that fish around. I promise, I'll get you
something better."

Shi cast a minor fire spell that incinerated the fish, leaving behind a small
ring with letters written on it. The girl picked it up, it was cool already,
but Shi could read elfish and had seen what was written on it. Shi shuddered
in fear now. She knew what that ring was! Shi also dared not take it from
Urchin. Urchin was innocent and could withstand it's power for awhile. The
one ring!

"Mistress, look! A ring," Urchin smiled.

Urchin started to put it on, but Shi stopped her. Thinking quickly on her
feet, Shi smiled and pulled out a small silver chain.

"Here Urchin, put this around it and wear it as a necklace," Shi smiled
warmly to calm Urchin. "Yes, it would look far better as an amulet. There."

Hundreds of miles away the Ringwraiths finally sensed the ring again. The
distance was great. It would take even them a solid month to ride to Dracul!
But ride they would!

* * *

Even among the standards of the elves the beauty of Galadriel was almost
unearthly. Her gait was so elegant she seemed to glide rather than walk as
she entered the great hall. She had left her own home to consult with Elrond
in Rivendell. Arwen, her grand-daughter joined her. Arwen was also a great
beauty, but whereas Galadriel had the beauty of a model, Arwen's beauty was
that of an athlete.

The scandalous incestuous lesbian affair they were having was well hidden.
They were well matched, Galadriel was the most powerful sorceress of the
elves, Arwen was their best female ranger. Only Legolas was better, and that
was mostly attributed to his being the best archer of all Middle Earth, no
small feat considering the skill of the centaurs and other elves.

"It is good to see you again," Elrond said as Galadriel approached. "But I
know that this is not a social call. I regret not affording you the honor and
usual protocol that you deserve."

"You know why I have come," Galadriel started. "A few weeks ago I received
your message about Gandalf and the betrayal of Saruman. Then came news of
the unfortunate brave hobbits. The Wraiths failed to recover the ring thanks
to Frodo's courage, but only a short time ago I saw a vision. The ring has
resurfaced. A girl, a girl with elf blood, innocent in so many ways. She has
a powerful protector, but she needs more. I have seen it."

"You risked a teleportation spell to bring me this news," Elrond said.
"Forgive me, but have you seen more? What must we do?"

"I had hoped to avoid it, but I had a vision. I must take an active role in
the quest to destroy the ring," Galadriel said.

"What?! You risk yourself! That is madness!" Elrond shouted, coming out of
his chair," If you should be killed or even seriously hurt it would devastate
our people! You are Queen!"

"And as Queen I must protect my people. We are willing to die for our
freedom. As Queen can I do any less?" Galadriel said. "My life would be a
small price to pay to defeat Sauron for all time. No, Elrond, I cannot shirk
from my duty! I have seen it! Women are to be the key! I must have Arwen
as well, for she was in the vision. Only a special force of women can now
succeed. I must travel to Dracul. There I must gather them. All things happen
for a reason. They are unaware of the task they must do even as they converge
upon Dracul. Yes, human, dragon, elf, half-elf, swanmaiden, even one lost in
time. They are gathering there. And I ... I must meet them."

The End - Chapter 1


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