Starring Liv Tyler as Arwen Evenstar and Mirando Otto as Eowyn

Lord Of The Rings - The Return Of The King: After War, Love Upon Minas Tirith
by ErosTrek ([email protected]) (MMF,MMMF,inc,orgy,exhib,voy)

The crowd had gathered at the highest level of Minas Tirith, filling the
plaza where the White Tree of the King stood in full bloom, something that
hadn't happened in millenia.

They looked up at the stairs to the palace with expectation as the Mithrandir
lowered the crown upon Aragorn's head.

"Now come the days of the King" Gandalf announced, meeting Aragorn's eyes,
"May they be blessed."

Gandalf stepped back and Aragorn took his place. He took in a deep breath,
then turned around facing his friends and the people gathered for the
coronation. Everyone began to cheer.

"This day does not belong to one man...but to all. Let us together re-build
this world...that we may share in the days of peace."

As Aragorn said this the crowd applauded and white petals began to fall.
Aragorn began to sing ...

"Et Eärello Endorenna utúlien...Sinome maruvan ar Hildinyar tenn'

[Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come. In this place will I abide,
and my heirs, unto the ending of the world.]

As he sang, he went down the steps and past the people on both sides of the
aisle formed by soldiers. Eowyn, standing next to Faramir, smiled at him and
both bowed their heads. Eomer was next and he too bowed his head.

Aragorn moved on and was met by Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood, wearing a silver
crown upon his forehead. They stood before each other, and with smiles on
their faces, placed their hands on each others shoulders.

"Hannon le" [Thank you] Aragorn said.

Legolas said nothing, but gave his friend a smile. He motioned with his eyes
for Aragorn to look behind him. There stood Elrond of Rivendell and beside
him was a White Banner, the White Tree of the King embroidered upon it. The
banner bearer looked out from behind the cloth.

It was Arwen Evenstar, daughter of Elrond.

They walked to each other, Arwen's eyes glistening with tears. Aragorn took
the banner from her hands and set it aside. Arwen lowered her face but
Aragorn put a hand under her chin and made her meet his eyes. For some time
they stared at each other, then Aragorn finally took her into his arms and
kissed her.

The crowd began to applaud as the couple joined their lips. Elrond watched
his daughter's happiness with a smile on his face, Glorfindel standing behind

Arwen and Aragorn stroked each other's faces, staring into each other's eyes
and Arwen embraced her King tightly, laughing happily.

Elrond's right eyebrow rose slightly and twitched as his daughter and the
newly crowned King continued to kiss. It was obvious to anyone watching
that their mouths were wide open and that their tongues were locked together
hungrily, certainly not the kind of chaste kiss expected from a freshly
crowned King.

Amidst the expectant silence that had fallen over the crowd, broken only by
the moist noises of wet lips sliding across each other, there was a sudden
clang that made everyone jump.

Aragorn's breast plate had fallen to the flagstones, the heavy armor actually
making a dent in one of them, as Arwen's long fingers found and undid the
leather strap that held it in place. Her hands were now roving over the front
of the King's tunic, moving down until they found what they were looking for.

"Daughter .... " Elrond whispered loudly, but she didn't hear him or if she
did she ignored him.

The people gathered on the plaza atop Minas Tirith had begun to whisper
amongst themselves, women giggled and men nodded knowingly.

"Daughter this isn't the time ... " Elrond said again, louder this time.
Arwen was too busy, but Aragorn heard and looked at him, shrugging and
spreading his hands as if to say that it wasn't his fault ... the
Aragorn's eyes opened wide with surprise as Arwen's hands slid below his
tunic and touched his rising manhood, while her tongue darted deeply into
his mouth.

* * *

Legolas and Gimli stood to one side looking on with interest. Gimli pulled at
his long beard, then poked the elf with his elbow, "The lass seems to know
what she wants" he rumbled a grin forming on his weathered face.

Legolas looked down at his dwarfish friend, "Yes, she is in love and if Frodo
had not destroyed the Ring she would have died. Now that her life force has
been restored, she is only more .. more ..."

"Horny?" Faramir had stepped up behind the dwarf and elf.

"Yes" Legolas nodded "you men seem to have perfected your language to
describe sexual situations."

Faramir grinned, "We may have perfected our language but it's you elves who
seem to be uninhibited about sex in public" he nodded pointedly towards
Aragorn and Arwen.

* * *

The splendid elven woman was grinding her body against Aragorn's whose hands
were tightly grabbing each of her buttocks through the thin green velvet
dress she was wearing. Her white skinned cheeks were flushed bright red as
she continued to kiss Aragorn who was quickly running out of breath.

He pushed her away for a moment and gulped in fresh air. Arwen was about to
throw herself again at him, but he raised a hand ordering her to stop. Her
eyes grew wide as she suddenly realised what she'd been doing in front of a
crowd as well as her father. Shame hit her like an orcish poison arrow. She
lowered her head, her cheeks flushing even more furiously than they'd been.
She risked a peek backwards at her father who was glowering at her sternly,
his sharp eyebrows raised on his forehead. Arwen barely dared look up at
Aragorn, "My Lord, I am sorry for having caused you such great
embarrassment ..." her voice trailed off.

"Arwen, my love, you have done no such thing." Again he put a hand under her
chin and raised her head until they looked into each other's eyes for the
second time that day. This time he didn't kiss her though. Instead he placed
a hand on her shoulder and slowly traced his fingers along it until he
reached the edge of the gown's shoulder straps.

The crowd gasped in unison as Aragorn, their new King, slid his fingers under
the tight material and pulled the strap down her shoulder exposing the creamy
white skin of her arm. He kept on pulling until her left breast popped out of
her bodice, the bright pink nipple contrasting sharply with her skin in the
sunlight atop Minas Tirith.

A strangled gasp from several paces behind Arwen could be heard as Elrond's
eyes almost popped out of their sockets as his beloved daughter was slowly
disrobed before him.

Aragorn's hands moved to her other shoulder and pulled down the dress on
that side too, until Arwen stood topless before him, her full breasts
proudly exposed, her nipples hardening in the cool mountain air. A sigh
ran through the crowd as they saw their future queen's bosom and saw
that they it was full and shapely, a good omen. Men stood closer to their
wives, younger, unmarried men smiled at the young women next to them who
smiled back. Soldiers of Gondor shifted uneasily as their heavy armors
became uncomfortable as a certain part of their anatomy attempted to rise
to attention.

Arwen stood motionless before Aragorn as he continued to undress her,
pulling her gown down over her shapely hips. She shivered for a moment as
a cool breeze blew across her nude body as Aragorn stood back to admire
her. He was not the only one looking. She could feel a thousand pairs of
eyes upon her as her father continued to sputter, words having finally
failed him. Arwen would have died of shame there and then had Aragorn not
stepped forward and hugged her to him, while kissing her on her neck. She
was about to say something when his lips moved further up, kissing and
then slowly nibbling on the very tip of her pointy left ear.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Arwen sighed loudly as Aragorn's mouth excited one of
her most sensitive erogenous zones.

The crowd was now silent as everybody leaned forward to hear Arwen's excited
gasps as Aragorn's tongue continued to tease her ear. As Arwen's cries got
louder, some men put their hands in their pockets, some openly began to rub
the bulges in their pants while others placed a hand on their female
partner's (or just the nearest woman's) butt and squeezed ...

Aragorn stroked Arwen's long black hair as he stopped licking her ear and
lowered his head until he was face to face with her gorgeous breasts. His
mouth closed on one juicy pink nipple and he sucked at the hard bit of
flesh, scraping his upper front teeth against it. He felt it grow stiffer
in his mouth and after a few seconds he turned to Arwen's other nipple and
gave it the same treatment. Arwen's bright blue eyes seemed to glow and her
luscious lips were partly open as she ran her tongue over them as her lover
teased her nipples.

Ever so slowly, Aragorn went to his knees before Arwen, moving his mouth down
from her tits, placing kisses all the way down her stomach until he reached
her navel. His tongue darted into it making her sigh loudly again. Then his
mouth continued downwards until he reached her mons. She was cleanly shaven,
then he recalled that elves didn't have body hair. Her wonderful slit lay
before him and he could already smell the beautiful scent of her arousal
emanating from it. He breathed in deeply, then began to caress the hood of
her clitoris with his tongue until he felt the little bit of sensitive flesh
begin to swell and push out from under its protective sheath.

Arwen threw her head back and groaned loudly, grabbing a fistful of his long
hair as his tongue continued to delight her.

"Ohhhh Aragorn!" she shouted as his tongue brushed over her newly exposed
clit making many of the people watching gasp. The sexual tension in the
highest plaza on Minas Tirith could be cut with a knife. Many couples were
now openly groping each other through their clothes while others kissed as
deeply as their King and future Queen had been doing moments before. Others,
brave young men, acting on an impulse or a dare from their friends, had
turned to the first pretty girl they set their eyes on and put their hands
on her breast or up her skirt. A few were rewarded with a slap, but in most
cases, the girls themselves had been turned on by watching Aragorn and Arwen
and had eagerly allowed probing hands to grasp their tits, asses and even
more private parts. It wasn't long before they began to return the favors by
grabbing cocks and in the true spirit of the hand maidens of Gondor, begin
to perform handjobs and even fellatio upon the lucky boys.

* * *

Elrond looked around in total astonishment as the scene of the coronation of
the King, a coronation which would be recorded in the history books as the
beginning of the 4th Age of Middle Earth, began to turn into a wild orgy of
men and women of all ages coupling together unashamedly. But what stunned
him most was that his beautiful, innocent daughter, Arwen Undomiel of
Rivendell was actually the cause of it all, standing naked before the King
as he delved his tongue deep into her nether regions. Her mind was a blaze
of sexual energy that spread across Minas Tirith. Elrond could feel it in
the center of his brain, burning brighter than the beacons that had been lit
to summon Rohan's help. He had to stop this before it was too late. His
daughter would not be deflowered in this manner, even if it meant dragging
her away by her ear. Oh he'd have to teach her a lesson or two, just wait
till he got her over his thighs and smacked her cute butt until it was
flaming red, as he'd done countless times hundreds of years ago when she was
a wild teenage elf. Oh the memories and feelings that those thoughts brought
back ...

His thoughts (and a certain amount of drooling) were interrupted by an
insistent tugging on the sleeve of his dress. He had been about to stride
forward and remove Arwen from Aragorn's presence when he looked to his side
and saw Eowyn, Lady of Rohan, niece of the recently deceased King Theodin.

"My Lord Elrond" she said and curtsied before him, then before he could utter
a single word she exposed her small, yet pert, breasts by pulling down her
already low-cut bodice and knelt before him, her long golden hair flowing
behind her.

"Wh-What are you ... ohhhhh" he gasped his words cut off as Eowyn reached
below his long elven robe, pulling it up until his cock was exposed to the
cool air. She grabbed it firmly with her hand and pulled the foreskin back
off his glans then took it into her mouth, wetting it with her warm saliva
as she ran her tongue over it. All thoughts of stopping his daughter were
forgotten as the Shield Arm of Rohan, the same arm that had chopped off a
Nazgul's head and killed the King of the Ring Wraiths, began to pump his
cock up and down while sucking it off at the same time. Never before in the
thousands of years that he had lived had he experienced such a sensation.
Oh, he had taken many a female elf behind a tree in a secluded spot of
Rivendell when he had been younger, but they all had been shy and probably
in awe of Lord Elrond, so most of them would just hike up their gown and
let him have his way with them without taking the initiative and certainly
none had ever performed fellatio upon him as this woman was doing now.

Behind him Glorfindel sniggered. Elrond looked around and skewered him with
a frown. Glorfindel cleared his throat and looked down at the floor to avoid
Elrond's gaze only to see another beautiful woman kneeling before him in the
same manner that Eowyn was kneeling before Elrond. Indeed all the male elves
in the entourage from Rivendell had a maiden of Rohan about to pleasure them
intimately. The women were all hand-maidens of Eowyn and were following her
bold example in every moist, lip-smacking detail.

* * *

Meanwhile, Arwen was feeling a weakness in her legs as Aragorn spread her
outer labia wide, his tongue caressing her pink inner lips as well as
sliding into her dripping wet vaginal opening, suckling at its delicious
nectar, making her entire body tingle with each penetration. She spread
her legs wider apart for stability which in turn facilitated Aragorn's
access into her deepest recess. His tongue was joined by a couple of
fingers which he inserted into her vagina with vigorous thrusts, causing
her to moan loudly with intense pleasure.

* * *

Gandalf had remained on the steps and was now looking down over the plaza
as Aragorn seemed to take leave of his senses on touching Arwen. The white
wizard rolled his eyes and looked skyward and mumbled what could have been
an incantation .. or an oath. He leaned on his staff, content to look on as
the wave of sexual energy poured out of the elf's body infecting everyone
on the plaza except the Mithrandir. Such matters concerned him no longer,
not after his fight to the death with the Balrog and his subsequent return
to this earthly plane. As more and more people succumbed to their erotic
fantasies and the entire plaza was teeming with wildly copulating couples,
threesomes and more, Gandalf decided to intervene if things got too out of
hand, but for now he'd let the people of Gondor free to indulge their
desires. After all, it was less than a month ago when a major battle had
been fought on these very ramparts and these people had risked being
overrun by Sauron's orcish army. They needed this release of tension,
though Gandalf had never expected it to happen in this manner.

* * *

Arwen Evenstar felt her legs give way as Aragorn's tongue lingered over her
engorged clitoris and she gasped in pleasure and also surprise as she fell
backwards. Legolas sprung forward from where he and Gimli had been looking
on and cushioned her fall with his hands.

"My lady, I am always at your service" he said as he lowered her naked body
to the ground.

"Thank you Legolas" she whispered, shuddering again as Aragorn's tongue
darted into her.

He bowed his head and made as if to get up from his knees and leave, when
Arwen put a hand on his thigh.

"Do not go" she said in a sultry voice, then raising it so that Gimli could
hear her too, "come closer Master Dwarf."

Gimli stepped forward until he was standing next to Legolas. "I too am at
your service, my lady."

"Then get down on your knees and remove your clothing. You too, Legolas."

Gimli and Legolas looked at each other in astonishment, then looked at
Aragorn. He stopped from a moment from his cunnilingus and grinned at them,
his beard wet from Arwen's juices.

"Come on, do as she says, obey the Queen!"

The elf and the dwarf looked at Aragorn as if he had taken leave of his
senses, then they both shrugged. For the past 13 months, together they had
run and ridden for days on end. Together they had faced death as they fought
orcs and uruk-hai. Together they had faced Sauron's armies and defeated them.
So it was only natural that together they would take Aragorn's betrothed.
Barely a minute passed as they removed their pants, their rock hard erections
standing stiffly above Arwen's face.

Arwen had a wide smile on her face as the two cocks hovered over her head -
one a long and slender elven one, the other short but as thick as an arm
almost hidden amongst a thick mass of pubic hair. Her hands grabbed each
of the cocks and lowered them towards her mouth. Her tongue snaked out and
licked each of their undersides, lingering over Legolas' hairless balls. He
shut his eyes and stifled a moan as Arwen's deft tongue tickled his ball
sac before returning to his glans. Soon it was Gimli's turn and she licked
the underside of his cock until his thick foreskin slid back, though when
she tried to find his balls, the hair was so thick and knotted that it was
an impossible task.

She continued to alternate between Gimli's and Legolas' members, suckling on
each of them for several seconds each, then running her tongue up and around
them until both the elf and the dwarf were grinding their teeth together as
they tried not to blow their loads right then on Arwen's pretty face.

* * *

Across the plaza, the petals of the White Tree of the King continued to fall
over the writhing, naked bodies of the people of Minas Tirith. Men and women
made love to each other openly, having lost all inhibitions. Some women had
more than two men around them, filling their every hole as they contorted in
every imaginable position. Moans of ecstasy filled the same air that had been
rent with screams of terror and orcish war chants only weeks before.

* * *

At the center of this madness, Elrond put a hand on Eowyn's head as she
continued to suck on his rock hard cock.

"Get up" he ordered and Eowyn obeyed. She stood before him, her head lowered
slightly as if unable to look him straight in the eyes as he fondled her
small breasts, teasing her nipples with his long, delicate fingers. He put
his hands on her shoulders and forced her back down onto the ground, until
she was on all fours. Elrond knelt behind the Lady of Rohan and pulled up her
flowing skirt until it was around her waist and her firm bottom was bared. He
ran a hand over her buttock's smooth, creamy white skin. Finally he forced
her legs apart and slid a finger through her slit noting with pleasure that
she was wet and ready for him.

"Oh my Lord!" she cried as Elrond forced his stiffness into her tight pussy.
He grabbed her long, blonde hair in his hand and held onto it tightly like
the reins of a horse as he pounded her cunt savagely, his face contorting
into a wild grin.

"Lord Elrond, what are you doing ....?" Eowyn said in puzzlement as the
elf's thrusts stopped suddenly, then her eyes opened wide and she gasped,
"... ohhhh noooo, not in there, ahhhhh ..." but she couldn't talk anymore
as he tugged even harder on her hair until the pain was almost unbearable
and she felt his cock press even more insistently against her puckered
anus. She tried to resist him but couldn't. Under intense pressure from
the pointy penis, her sphincter opened wider until Elrond's dick slid in
slowly but surely. Eowyn screamed again and again as her virgin asshole
was violated.

Faramir drew his eyes away from the exciting sight of man, elf and dwarf
having sex with Arwen and rushed to Eowyn's side drawing his sword and
holding the sharp tip against Elrond's neck.

"Stop!" he shouted his eyes flashing with anger but Elrond ignored him, lust
clouding his eyes, as he reamed the woman's ass.

Eowyn's screams had died down, but she still moaned loudly as Elrond impaled
her again and again. Even though she was overwhelmed by the intensity of the
feelings generated by her first ever anal penetration she managed to raise a
hand to grasp Faramir's wrist and pulled his sword down.

"Faramir .. ugh .. it is fine .. aghh .. it hurts so .. ohhh .. but it .. is
enjoyable .." she managed to gasp, "Now come here .."

Faramir looked down in utter astonishment as Eowyn reached under his tunic
and groped around until she found his penis, pulling it out into daylight,
and began to suck on it noisily even while her tight ass continued to be
stuffed with elven cock. His sword fell to the ground with a clang as Eowyn
took his cock deep down her throat and kept it there as she breathed through
her nostrils.

* * *

Some people had already cum over their sex partners and now were sitting
back as they watched the others still engaged in frenzied sex. Women
bathed in the cum of the small groups of men that had been fucking them
now gathered together and began to engage in acts of lesbian sex, a taboo
for the people of Minas Tirith until now. They kissed each other, licked
cum off each other's bodies, sucked each other's stiff nipples and dipped
tongues into very juicy cunts. Other women sat opposite each other,
intertwining legs, rubbing wide open slits together, their moans of
pleasure reaching new heights as red hot clits scraped against each other.

* * *

Aragorn tired of muff-diving even though this elven muff was so wet and tasty
that he almost couldn't pull his mouth away from it.

"Arwen, my eternal love, are you ready for me?"

Arwen mumbled something unintelligible as her mouth was full of Gimli's cock.
With some difficulty, she managed to remove it even though an annoyed Gimli
wasn't much help as he jacked himself off while attempting to shove it back
into her mouth.

"Whenever you are ready, my Lord, I am ready. Oh Aragorn, take me now ..."
she sighed. She was about to say something else but Legolas had taken this
opportunity to place his aching cock back into her warm mouth before Gimli
beat him to it.

"Damn elves" Gimli grumbled from under his beard "why can't they let a dwarf
have a proper blowjob?" Arwen heard him and though still sucking on Legolas,
her hand closed around Gimli's cock and began to jack it up and down much to
the dwarf's satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Aragorn had gotten to his knees between Arwen's widely spread
legs. He put each of her sexy ankles over his shoulders, while leaning
forward using her thighs to support his body as he placed his cock against
her flaming red, open cunt. He slid in very easily since she was extremely
wet from his long minutes of cunnilingus and fingering, though her vaginal
walls molded tightly to his dick.

"Yessss, ugghhh, fuck me hard Aragorn!" Arwen cried biting on her lower lip,
her mouth free of Legolas' cock who had withdrew it moments before and was
busy jerking it heavily as he was just moments away from cumming.

Aragorn thrust once and deeply, skewering her with his ramrod. Again and
again he stroked his cock into her, each time going right down to the hilt.
Beads of sweat dripped down his face as his pace increased and his hips
thrust his cock wildly into Arwen's welcoming vagina.

Arwen Evenstar opened her mouth to shout with pleasure as Aragorn repeatedly
hit her g-spot with the head of his dick but before a sound came out Legolas
came, splashing his semen across her tongue and it slid down her throat. She
gagged on the thick stream of cum, barely managing to swallow it. Arwen
gulped the mouthful down and looked up with startled blue eyes at the elf
who had cum without warning when suddenly her beautiful face was deluged by
Gimli's seed. Spurts of thick, dwarfish cum splattered onto her forehead,
nose, cheeks, lips and chin, covering her beautiful features in one wet mess.

She spluttered, her breath coming in ragged gasps, as the cum dribbled into
her mouth and covered her nostrils. Her eyelids were coated in the stuff and
she couldn't open her eyes until she reached up with both hands and wiped it
off. Finally able to see again she looked up at Gimli and shot him an angry
look, but he ignored her as he sat back on his haunches a content look of
ecstasy on his face.

Aragorn laughed as Arwen tried to wipe off the dwarf's semen from her face
but only managed to get her fingers coated with the sticky strands.

"Master Dwarf" he admonished though from his voice one could tell he was
joking, "I will have to banish you from Gondor for having come in such a
manner on Arwen's face."

"Oh no, my King, look at how much she enjoys it. What will she do if you
banish me?" he asked a hurt tone to his voice.

Indeed, Arwen, having given up trying to wipe her face clean, was licking her
fingers and swallowing the large dollops of cum that clung to them each time
she ran her hand across her face.

Seeing her do that, her face covered with a double load of elvish and
dwarfish cum, brought Aragorn to the boiling point.

"My love ... I-I'm cumming ..."

"Ohhh yes... Ohhh Aragorn ..." Arwen moaned as the King shot his wad deep
into her womb.

* * *

Silence descended over Minas Tirith's highest plaza as everyone stopped what
they were doing as Arwen's voice screamed in a high pitched tone as she came
as Aragorn's seed splashed inside her. Everyone gasped, then smiled and
applause broke out in scattered places, rising to a crescendo as everyone
began to clap and shout with joy. Their King and Queen had cum!

* * *

It was a while before Arwen staggered to her feet and two female elves rushed
to her side helping her get back in her dress. One of them brought the white
banner which Arwen had been carrying and they used it to clean up her cum
splattered face, though nothing short of standing under one of the waterfalls
at Rivendell was going to make her feel clean again. Aragorn stood at her
side, his regal cock now back under his tunic, though a bulge was still
visible, something which Arwen would have to deal with again soon though in
a more private place. She smiled at the thought. Then a frown crossed her
face. Her father! He was going to be raving mad with her for what she had
done. Ridiculed the good name of Elrond of Rivendell in front of mere men!
What shame!

"Father ..." she called out and turned to look in the direction she had last
seen him. "Father!?" she gasped as she saw him still kneeling behind Eowyn,
holding on tightly to the woman's shapely hips as he continued to pound her
from behind, alternating between her anus and cunt.

Cum dripped down Eowyn's chin where Faramir had blown his load into her
mouth minutes ago. Elrond seemed to have outlasted everybody on the plaza
and he was still going strong! Eowyn seemed to be out of it, her eyes
rolled back into her head as wave after wave of ecstasy rippled through
her body with each of Elrond's penetrations. She had orgasmed repeatedly
but Elrond continued to fuck her relentlessly.

Arwen looked back at Aragorn, who had seen what she'd seen but didn't have
any suggestions. She looked at Gimli and Legolas but they were out of it,
lying back on the ground, exhausted. She caught Glorfindel's gaze but he
just looked at the ground, he too having now idea how long Elrond was going
to last.

"Father, stop it, can't you see what you're doing to that woman" Arwen
finally told him, striding up to stand next to him. He chose not to reply
or didn't hear her as he continued to pound his cock into both Eowyn's

Arwen looked around and finally spotted Gandalf in his brilliant white robes.
She gave him a questioning gaze and he answered her, his voice carrying over
the plaza clearly.

"You know what to do, it is the only way" the sage wizard told her, the
corners of his eyes wrinkling in a smile.

"But .. But ... I .. I can't do that .." Arwen gasped as she finally
understood what he meant. She looked down at Eowyn who was moaning constantly
now in a state of intense orgasmic bliss. Everyone on the plaza was looking
in their direction. Arwen steeled herself and knelt down next to Elrond. Her
hand trembled for a moment, then she placed it between the two heaving bodies
locked in sexual embrace and after a bit of fumbling found what she had been
searching for.

Her fingers closed around her father's balls and began to squeeze gently.
A grim look swept across her face as she did what had to be done. Her
incestuous touch continued, until her constant pressure on her father's
balls began to have an effect. His ramming of Eowyn's cunt changed in
rhythm, becoming faster and faster until Arwen gave a final tug and
Elrond's dick pulled out with an audible wet pop. Another squeeze of his
balls and Elrond came, streams of cum spurted out over Eowyn's ass and
her lower back. His daughter continued to lovingly milk out the seemingly
inexhaustible supply of his love juice by squeezing her hand down the
length of his cock, getting it coated with his sperm in the process.

Finally freed of the elven cock, Eowyn fell to the ground on her side, her
body still thrumming from a continuous orgasm. Her handmaidens rushed to
her side, all of them in a state of undress, and though they too were in a
post-orgasmic state they did have the prescence of mind to tend to their
exhausted Lady.

Elrond looked around as if just coming out of some sexual trance and he
looked down between his legs in great astonishment to see his daughter's
fingers still curled around his balls and the base of his cock.

"Arwen ... what have I made you do!?"

"Oh father" she cried and put her arms around his shoulders.

It was their last time together as Elrond and the last of the elves would
depart from Middle Earth over the Great Sea, never to return.

* * *

Samwise Gamgee scratched his head in puzzlement as he looked around at the
now dispersing crowd of sexually satisfied men and elves.

"Mr Frodo, I think they've forgotten about us ....."


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