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Land of the Giants
Chapter One

To refresh your memory,

It has been eight years since the sub-orbital passenger craft
'Spindrift' took its ill-fated flight towards for London,
England. The pilot for this particular flight was Captain Steve
Burton. An athletic man, with a slim physique. Along with his
copilot and engineer, Commander Dan Erickson, a blackman
who had previously participated in the Olympics Decathlon.

Also part of the flight crew was flight attendant Betty Ann
Hamilton. This beautiful blonde woman had been raised in a
very restrictive family environment. Her leaving the family
home was met with great anger on the part of her parents, but
she never looked back.

They carried along with them four passengers.

The moviestar and socialite, Valerie Ames Scott, a ravishing
redhead with shoulder length hair as soft as silk. She had made
her career through the infamous casting couch, but her movies
did extremely well. She did have the talent, both on the screen
and off. Though the studios tried to keep it under wraps, her
promiscuity always made the headlines of the supermarket rag

Sitting next to her was the multi-billionaire, Mark Wilson. He
made his fortune in electronics, following in the footsteps of his
mentor, Bill Gates in the late eighties. He was a natural wizard
when it came to anything electronic. Despite his being behind
a desk most of his life, he still managed to keep trim with a
strict regimen of exercise. He was taking this particular trip for
a take-over meeting in England.

The third passenger was a young boy by he name of Barry
Lockridge and his dog, Chipper. He was just recently
orphaned and was on his way to England to be raised by his
maternal grandparents. At fourteen, he was shy and
inexperienced in sex.

And finally we come to the fourth passenger of this ill-fated
flight, Commander Alexander B. Fitzhugh. He was actually a
con-man and smuggler trying to escape the United States with
his latest profits, while posing as a military officer with secret
documents to be hand-delivered. He planned to disappear as
soon as the flight landed at Heathrow Air Terminal.

The flight took off from San Francisco as scheduled and
reached its sub-orbital trajectory within minutes. It was here
that the 'Spindrift' encountered a spatial anomaly, which sent
the craft careening off course into an unknown universe.

When the Captain finally brought the craft back under control,
everything appeared, as it should be, except that he had lost all
radio communication with the Earth below. He was forced to
bring his craft to a landing without any tower assistance.

He saw the runway and came to a smooth landing. He and his
copilot, Dan, were immediately aware of the unnaturalness of
the airport. The Heathrow Airport should have been buzzing
with activity, yet they saw no movement through the thick fog
that blanketed the runway.

They decided to advise the passengers before going outside to
see where the problem may lie in the towing procedures. They
both stepped out of the craft and began walking in the direction
that they thought the control tower should be.

Suddenly powerful lights that immersed them in its beam
blinded them. Thinking that another craft was about to land on
top of them, they instinctively ducked out of the way.

You can imagine the shock that coursed through their bodies
when they realized that a Giant car was the source of the light.
The vehicle towered above them like a rolling ten-storey
building. So small were they that the undercarriage cleared
their heads at almost twice their height.

They ran back to the 'Spindrift' and made ready for immediate
departure from the nightmare they had just encountered.
Under the dumbfounded stare of their passengers, they revved
up the engines and began to taxi down, what they now knew
was a Giant road, for take-off.

Mark and Fitzhugh could be heard protesting this, for they still
believed that they had arrived at Heathrow Airport near
London, England. Their intended destination.

The Captain disregarded their objections and took off. But for
some reason the 'Spindrift' could not reach low orbit as it was
designed to do. After a fruitless discussion with Dan, his
copilot, it was decided to bring the craft back down and land it.
But they would try and find a secluded place, away from prying

From this high an altitude, they could clearly see the Giant city
below. At its far side was a large forested area. The Captain
and copilot both agreed that this would be a good location to
hide, until they could figure out where they were, how they had
gotten there. And most importantly, how they could leave this
nightmarish world for their own.

The landing itself was rough. Amidst screams of protest from
the passenger compartment, the Captain managed a miraculous
landing among giant trees the size of skyscrapers and bushes
the size of the Redwoods of California.

Once immobilized he knew that he would now have to explain
his action towards the remainder of the now marooned
passengers of his craft, the 'Spindrift'.

At first, none could believe the fanciful tale that this pilot was
telling them. But this was soon shelved at their first encounter
with a Giant rattlesnake, as long as a freight train. It was also
during this encounter, with the Giant beast, that Fitzhugh's
true identity was revealed to all. When his briefcase was torn
apart and his ill-gotten gains flew to the winds.

Despite this revelation, young Barry still looked up to the man.
In the years that followed, he never truly lost his flair to look
for a new con. Even though his marks were over twenty times
his present size.

Being marooned as they were left little choice in clothing. The
male crew-members had a few airline jumpsuits that they
would wear alternately while one of them was being washed.

Mark and Barry, being passengers had their own luggage with
them. And this caused no problem. That is until Barry began
growing out of his. At that time Mark agreed to share some of

The two woman have been sharing Valerie's clothing out of
her luggage. Unfortunately for the prudish Betty, these
consisted mostly of mini-dresses even shorter than her uniform,
which she always resented.

In this new world, their stature was no more than six inches in
height compared to the towering Giants that lived here. This is
how the passenger and crew of the 'Spindrift' came to be
marooned as Lilliputians in the LAND OF THE GIANTS.

Chapter Two

As I mentioned earlier, it has been nearly eight years since the
'Spindrift' was first marooned on this damnable planet. A
planet inhabited by humans twenty times taller than Earth

Through their adventures they had made allies, but the Giant's
Government had relentlessly hunted them down. They had
escaped hundreds of traps and when that failed they had luckily
managed escaped imprisonment.

Along the way they had even saved a few Giants lives. Their
Earth human nature would not allow them to let anybody
suffer needlessly if they could help it.

When they had first landed here, Valerie tried to control herself
in regards to her sexual needs. She realized soon after their
landing in this place that the men needed to concentrate on
finding a means to return to Earth safely.

But as time rolled by, they had all resigned themselves to the
situation that now faced them. Barring a miracle, they would
have to live out their lives in this Land of the Giants.

That's when she began to approach Steve, then Mark and
eventually even young Barry into her nest of sexual
gratification. She left Dan alone for Betty.

Betty, with her strict upbringing, was monogamous in nature
and was attracted to Dan, even before the craft ever left for
their ill-fated flight. Despite being in her late twenties at
departure, she had remained a virgin. To help in this, she did
seek out advice from the only other female companion of the
group. And luckily for her Valerie was a nymphomania
encyclopedia of information on the subject of sex.

But as I said, she was monogamous, and Dan would be the
only man for her.

At first, the idea of sharing the redheaded moviestar caused
great friction between Mark and Steve. That is until Valerie
took them both on at the same time.

This first threesome had Steve getting sucked by her, while
Mark was busily eating out her pussy. Then they would switch
places and continue on. That first, group get together, went
well into the following morning. Valerie had been fucked three
times by each and had sucked two loads of cum each. Let us
simply say that everyone was satisfied by the service that night,
three years ago.

Barry was finding it hard to be included into the group.
Starting in this adventure as a teen, he would grow more
mature and was continuously mothered by both Betty and
Valerie as the years rolled by.

But both beautiful women still only saw him as a boy despite
his now being in his twenties. Each time one of the girls would
pass near him he would feel his cock stir in excitement.

On his eighteenth birthday he had spied Betty bathing in the
secluded creek that the marooned group had discovered for
that purpose. He watched, hypnotized, as the blonde
stewardess began caressing her naked breast and then slip a
hand into her crotch.

He would have had his cock in his hand by now. Trying to
time his stroke to her hand. Imagining that his cock was
stroking in and out of her pussy.

As she would lie on her back against a Giant pebble, Barry
could clearly see her fingers disappear into her gaping cunt, as
she stroked her finger in and out. He could hear her breath
come in short gasp, as her own excitement approached its

Then without any warning, he would watch as her back arched
in her climax of self-gratification. He would cum at almost the
same instance every time.

After that first peeping encounter with Betty, he would try and
catch either of them at the creek whenever he could.
Sometimes he was lucky, sometimes not.

His most memorable experience was when he found Valerie
and Betty both nude on the shore. At first he was confused
about what was going on. He could clearly see the women on
top of each other, but they weren't facing each other's face.

With Betty underneath, Valerie's face seemed to be buried in
between Betty's legs, and vice versa. He looked on in
curiosity as to what the two mature women, they were in their
early thirties by now, were doing to each other. He
approached the pair cautiously, not wanting to be caught

In this instance, he got closer than he ever had before. He was
a mere ten feet away of the ravishing beauties. So close that he
could actually hear their breathing. He looked on in
amazement as he could now clearly see Betty's tongue reach
up and lick Valerie's blood swelled pussylips. And he
assumed that Valerie was doing the same to Betty's cunt.

"Oh yes Val!" Betty said. "Keep doing that. Suck my clit.
Oh God! That feels so good."

Barry could hear the licking sound emanating from Betty's
crotch. But he didn't know what a 'clit' was. He thought that
was what women called their pussylips. He pulled out his cock
again and began masturbating while observing the two women
before him.

Betty bit down on one of Val's pussylip and pulled on it with
her teeth, then let it snap back.

"Oooooh!" Valerie exclaimed. "Do that again hon. That felt

And again Betty pulled with her teeth, this time she repeated
the gesture to the other pussylip.

Barry looked on, mesmerized, at the elasticity of the woman's
pussylips. Then, unconsciously, he stepped out of his cover in
the bushes and got in for a closer look.

It was just then that Betty opened her eyes and was looking up
from between Valerie's open legs. She was shocked to see
sweet innocent Barry standing above them, jerking on his now
mature cock. Just at that moment he came.

He shot his jism over the intertwined female couple and
showered Valerie's back with his hot juices. Valerie knew that
someone had interrupted her lesbian pleasure with Betty, and
she didn't like that. She abruptly turned over and was
astounded to see that it was Barry.

Unable to control his ejaculation, Barry kept on shooting his
sperm in the air before the two women, who were now sitting
before him.

Not wanting to waste this fresh sperm, Valerie got to her knees
and crawled towards the naive young man and took his
spurting tool into her mouth and began to earnestly suck the
juices out of him.

Betty just looked on, dumbfounded. She had never actually
sucked a cock before. Despite fucking Dan now for close to
three years, she had only licked it tentatively in the past. But
now, seeing Valerie sucking Barry's cock before her eyes, she
had an urge to learn how to from her sexual mentor.

She approached the locked couple and watched closely as
Valerie's lips sucked feverishly on the young man that Barry
had grown into. She knew that Valerie was swallowing the
white fluid as she could see her throat muscles work on
swallowing. She was licking her own lips with her tongue at
the sight before her.

Barry's knees were weakening and he found himself on his
knees before the sucking redhead. Without thinking, he
grasped her thick red hair and began to energetically fuck his
hips into her face.

Being the trained veteran of the group, Valerie accommodated
him without flinching.

Betty just looked on in amazement as Valerie took in all nine
inches of Barry's cock. Neither of the women had even
realized, before now, that young Barry was now a man. Not
able to hold off any longer, Betty ducked under Valerie's
sucking lips and began licking Barry's bloated balls.

This being his first sexual encounter of his life, Barry couldn't
prevent shooting a second load into Val's sucking mouth.

"Unngghhh!" Was all that he could utter.

Once emptied, his cock began to soften somewhat. Valerie
kept on sucking, hoping for yet another shot of jism to come to
her, but he was now spent. For now.

She released his now flaccid cock and smiled at Betty who still
had one of Barry's balls trapped between her lips. She ducked
down and buried her face back into Betty's gaping cunt and
proceeded to finish what was interrupted.

"Ooooooh!" Betty's voice vibrated against Barry's trapped

The tree of them remained there for over an hour. During
which time, Valerie introduced sex to Barry. Which he
enjoyed immensely. While at the request of Betty, she would
teach the blonde stewardess the art of cocksucking. Barry
didn't mind being the learning tool in this. He was learning a
lot himself.

'Boy, was Dan in for a surprise tonight,' Betty was thinking.

It was on this particular afternoon that Mr. Fitzhugh came
upon the clearing. His eyes almost bugged out as he saw his
young prot‚g‚ being serviced, not by one, but both of the
beautiful women of the group. His eyes burned green with
envy and jealousy. Among the whole group, he was now, most
definitely the only one not getting any.

Oh sure, he could understand why the girls would reject his
approach. He was no Errol Flynn. Overweight and crooked to
booth, he never had much success, even back on Earth. But it
just wasn't fair that everybody could fuck the two luscious
women, while denying him the same.

Hiding away, he could only watch in hiding whenever one or
the other would get fucked. He had discovered their secret
love nest long ago.

Betty and Dan would usually fuck in the security of the
passenger compartment of the ship whenever they had the
chance to be alone. On those occasions, Fitzhugh would sneak
back to camp and watch them through one of the passenger

Jerking himself off and shooting his jism all over the hull of the
marooned craft. He would then have to clean off his mess
before someone noticed the telltale signs.

Valerie would usually indulge herself with both Steve and
Mark together. Their hideaway was an abandoned rodent lair
not too far away. And they would usually go there in the
middle of the night.

When he first discovered their secret love nest, he couldn't
take the chance of being discovered. He would stay at the
mouth of the entrance and listen to the heavy breathing and
climaxing that was going on in the dark recesses of the grotto.

For the next few days after that discovery, Fitzhugh would go
out into the woods alone. Nobody knew what he was up to
this time. They had given up long ago on trying to reform his

Unbeknownst to them, he was back at the grotto site. Or more
precisely, parallel to it. He had stolen a Giant spoon and fork.
The fork prong, he was using as a pick, while the spoon served
as a shovel. He was busily digging a secondary tunnel to reach
Valerie's secret love nest.

It took him weeks of digging, but he finally broke through. He
didn't want the two tunnels breaking into each other. He just
wanted to create a secret hide away of his own so he could
look in on the starlet's fucking action.

While leaving a wall between the two grottos, Fitzhugh
managed to carve out four peepholes where he could look in
on the regular orgy that Valerie would indulge herself in.

The first opportunity for him to watch the redheaded
nymphomaniac was two nights later. While feigning to sleep
he could hear the threesome sneak out of camp.

Waiting a couple of minutes, he got up and followed them to
the grotto. He stopped briefly at the entrance to make sure
that they were there. He could hear them rustling inside. With
a wide grin he made his way to his own private cave.

He couldn't risk using the flashlight so he made his way
carefully to the far wall. About ten feet out, he could make out
the faint light coming from the other cave. This made it easier
for him now. He approached his peepholes cautiously.

The first one didn't give him any kind of a view, so he moved
over to the next. There he witnessed just how much of a
nympho Valerie truly was.

She was straddling a prone Mark. With his cock stuffed deeply
inside her cunt, while urging Steve to stick his into her
upturned ass.

Mark was busily sucking on one of her hanging nipples.

Behind her, Steve was now grasping her hips and pushing his
own stiff member in between her asscheeks.

"Oooh Yes, Steve," she yelled out. "Just like that. Stuff that
stiff cock of yours in me. Do it now!!"

With one strong shove Steve sent his full ten inches into her
willing ass. That was also the signal for Mark to start thrusting
upward into her quim.

Fitzhugh looked on, salivating, as he tugged on his meager
seven incher. He no longer cared what women thought of him,
sexually. At least now he could benefit some pleasure out of
their depravity.

Mark and Steve could feel each other's cock rubbing against
each other through the thin membrane that separated Valerie's
cunt and asshole.

Fitz didn't last long before shooting his load against the cave

'At least I won't have to clean up here!' He thought to

Then he heard a blood-curdling yell escaping from the other
cave. He looked in again and it was Valerie.
She was in the midst of an explosive climax. All the while
Mark kept sucking on her tits voraciously.

Once each of the men had shot a load, the threesome would
disengage themselves and switch position. Steve would now
get her pussy, while Mark moved on to Valerie's willing

On and on it went. Fitzhugh couldn't keep up with the
curvaceous redhead. After cumming four times himself he fell
into a blissful sleep in his own private cave.

The three fucking adults on the other side continued on into
the night. Valerie was insatiable when it came to sex. That's
probably the main reason why Mark and Steve eventually
called a truce over her.

They both came to the realization that alone, neither could
satisfy her. Even double-teaming her, they would be exhausted
by the end of the night. But Valerie would still be sucking
their cocks for just one more round.

Chapter Three

When Val came to the realization that Barry was now a man,
her mind began churning up new plans for her sexual

'Maybe now,' she thought. 'I'll get some satisfaction.'

She wasn't displeased with the performances of Mark and
Steve, but she was never quite satisfied enough after their
sessions. And since she promised hands off of Dan, to Betty.
She had to do the best with what was at hand.

But now, with three cocks available to her whim.

"Mmmmmmh! I can't wait till next time," she said aloud to no

First she would make sure that Barry would be enticed enough
to want her. This, she knew would be no problem. What
barely virgin boy could refuse something as sweet and hot as
her. The difficult part of her plans was to convince her other
two lovers to share her with yet another. But she had the most
powerful argument for them.

'One of three,' she thought of the argument she would use on
them. "Or none at all!'

One couldn't quite argue that point. True, they could rape her
anytime they wanted. And she wouldn't even mind it. But she
knew that they wouldn't risk that. For all they knew, she could
run away from camp after being raped.

She knew better, but she counted on their nobility for not
taking that kind of chance.

Valerie's first occasion to breach the subject was of course
with Barry. She told the group that she was off to wash up.
And as she expected, Barry was there already, waiting for her.

He had run ahead and was breathing heavily from the exertion
of his race. Valerie smiled at his exuberance for her body. She
walked up to him and kissed the young man soulfully, pushing
her tongue past his lips for his first frenchkiss.

It took him by surprise to feel her tongue inside of his
inexperienced mouth. But he soon found that he enjoyed the
sensations that it produced and tried to mimic her action with
his own.

From years of practice, Valerie deftly removed her clothing
while still clenched in their kiss. Then proceeded to do the
same for Barry.

Within moments the two of them were naked and their flesh
were pressed hard against each other. This was the first time
that Barry would feel naked tits against his own chest, but it
would definitely not be the last.

Val then guided Barry to the ground and took his tool into her
mouth and sucked his cock to full life. Barry took a deep
breath as he felt her engulf his penis. When Val removed her
lips from his stiff cock he objected loudly.

"No, don't stop," he yelled at her. "Please don't stop now," he

Val smiled up at him.

"Don't worry sweety," she assured him. "We're just getting

With that she crawled up his prone body until her vagina was
targeted just above his stiff missile. Then she plunged herself
down on him, burying his cock into her pussy in a single,
smooth motion.

"Ungh!" Barry groaned loudly.

Then grabbing her by the hips he began pumping his hips up
into her kneeling body instinctively. He didn't exactly know
what he was doing. But judging from Valerie's reaction, he
must be doing it right.

There's nothing that Valerie loved more than teaching a virgin
about fucking. She smiled broadly as she humped on Barry's
virile body.

'Yes, he is most definitely a man,' she whispered to herself.

Barry's first lesson lasted most of that afternoon. Betty
suspected that Valerie had Barry with her, she didn't mind.
Just as long as she had her Dan. That was all that concerned

The rest of the men were ignorant of the goings on at the
creek. Even Fitzhugh didn't consider Barry a threat, despite
having witnessed the boy's escapade with both women just a
few days before. He still thought of him as a boy.

During his first lessons, Barry learned about cocksucking, and
fucking of course. But he also learned about eating pussy. At
first he thought this too depraved to participate in. He
confused the pussy with where a woman peed from.

That is until Valerie reminded him that men piss from their
cocks, but that's where their fuck juices come from
nevertheless. He paused to consider this and had to agree with
her. So reluctantly he agreed to try eating her pussy.

It didn't take him long to be converted. And Valerie soon
discovered that the man that she only saw as a boy, until only
recently, was in fact a natural cunt licker.

Once he got started sucking her cunt, she had a hard time to
make him stop. Eventually things evolved to the next lesson.
Sixty-nining. This also, he learned quickly and felt this to be
his favorite position to date.

When the lessons were finally finished, at Valerie's insistence.
They both made their way back to the camp by different

Valerie arrived first, beating Barry by a good fifteen minutes.
Betty smiled at Valerie mischievously at seeing the flushed
look on her face. If she had doubts before, they were
dissipated now. Valerie had been making out with Barry as

Valerie's next hurdle was to convince her other two adult
lovers. Their next thrift was going to be tomorrow night. That
would be the right time to spring this on them.

Fitzhugh was ready for the next fuck session. This time he got
there ahead of the threesome. He came prepared for the show
this time. He managed to store away some food and even
some liquor from a discarded Giant bottle of whiskey he had

Yes, if he wasn't going to get fucked. Then by god he was still
going to have a good time for himself. He was all set up in his
secret viewing room, waiting for the performers to arrive. He
pulled out his whiskey reserve and poured a generous portion
into a Giant thumb-guard used for sewing. He took a deep
swallow of the alcohol and waited patiently

Sounds emanating from the adjacent cave let him know that his
three compatriots were entering. He waited a few more
minutes before peering in.

Valerie was already naked and on her knees. She had Mark's
cock in her mouth as it stuck out of his pants. Steve was busily
stripping next to them. As soon as his cock was freed, Valerie
sucked it in as well. She had both cocks in her mouth and
licking them inside.

"Mmmmmmmh!" Was all that she could utter, with her mouth
stuffed with the two virile cocks.

Both men had a hand at the back of the gorgeous redhead's
skull to keep her there as she continued to suck them both.
After a few more minutes of this, Mark stepped back to strip as
well. Steve took this opportunity to grasp her head and fuck
her face as he would her cunt. He savagely drove his stiff meat
down her throat past her tonsils.

Valerie was a practiced deepthroat artist. She loved it when a
cock was fucked into her like this. Never losing Steve's cock,
she pushed him down to the ground on his back. This gave
Mark the perfect target. Her upturned ass was now facing
him. Grasping her ass cheeks, he spread them apart and sent
his own crowbar into her ass.

Fitzhugh was watching attentively as the redheaded nympho of
the marooned group continued to perform before his eyes.
Even on laser disc back on Earth, he rarely saw such talent.
He had to admit that the starlet was indeed one of a kind.

He took another swig of whiskey as the performance
continued. Steve had now freed his cock from the sucking
vacuum of her mouth and was pushing the ass fucking couple
backwards, until Mark landed on his back. With Valerie still
impaled on is cock.

Next, Steve pushed Valerie on her back so that she was now
resting on Mark's chest, while his cock was still in her ass.
This exposed her cunt for Steve's attention. He rubbed his
cockhead over her pussylips before stuffing it into her.

"Grab her arms, Mark!" He instructed his sex partner.

Mark followed his companion's instructions.

"Now twist them into her back," he ordered next.

Again Mark did as he was told. He twisted Valerie's arms
behind her back. This caused her to arch her back and
stretching her tits taut across her chest. She loved that. She
loved it when the sex fell into pain. She loved every aspect of

Steve enjoyed the sight of her taut tits and twisted her nipples
painfully. And so did their unknown viewer, Fitzhugh.

"Ooooh, yessss!" Valerie groaned in pleasure to the pain.

Next Steve drove his full ten inches into her gaping pussy and
sent shivers down her spine at his bestial assault of her cunt.
Mark could also feel the ferocity of Steve's fucking as only a
thin membrane separated his cock from the one in Valerie's

This went on for forty minutes before Valerie called a halt to
the fuck session. She said that she had something important
before they could go any further.

By this time Fitzhugh had already drunk the equivalent of a
bottle of the whiskey. He was, quite literally, bombed. He
wasn't quite sure what was going on with his performers. He
couldn't see why they stopped, all of a sudden like that.

Valerie sat naked in the corner, facing her two lovers.

"Have you noticed how older Barry has gotten?" She asked

"Uh! What?" Was their only response.

"I said: Barry is all grown up now," she stared them in the

"I... I guess," Steve agreed.

"So what does that have to do with this?" Mark queried.

"I'm planning to add him to my games," she told them bluntly.

"What!!?" Steve responded in surprise. "You can't be

"What he said!" Mark threw in.

From his hiding place, Fitzhugh sobered almost immediately at
this latest announcement from Valerie.

'The boy!!?' He said to himself in outrage. 'The fucking
whore is adding the boy to her games.'

"Yes, I'm very serious," Valerie continued. "In case you
haven't noticed. He's a grown man now. And he has needs
the same as you two horny studs. More so, because there's
nobody else his own age to let him."

Her statements outraged Fitzhugh even more.

'What about my needs you dumb bitch,' he would think. 'I'm
a man too you know. But did you consider my needs in your
sex games. Nooooo!'

He began pacing angrily in his secret cave as Valerie went on
in her arguments to add Barry for her sexual gratification.

"Listen guys," she went on. "This isn't up for debate. I'm
TELLING you that Barry will join in, end of argument."

"And what if we don't want him to?" Steve asked pointedly.

"Then you don't," she responded just as bluntly.

"Don't what?" Mark asked.

She looked at him sarcastically as she undulated her hips in a
fucking motion. Both men got the message then.

"Oh!" They echoed their understanding of the situation.

They paused for a moment as they silently looked at each
other. Then both men consented to her demands without so
much as uttering a word between themselves. There would
now be four in this sex group in the future. Valerie had won
her victory and she was now looking forward to the inclusion
of Barry to her fuck orgies.

Now, Fitzhugh was truly excluded from the group. More so,
than ever before. Of the whole group he would be the only
one not to be allowed to have sex, with anybody. In his rage,
he stumbled his way out of his private retreat and staggered
deeper into the forest.

He didn't even know where he was heading.

Chapter Four

It was night time before anybody in the camp noticed that
Fitzhugh was missing. This concerned Barry the most. For
despite his shortcomings, he had been his mentor ever since
their landing here in this Land of the Giants.

On numerous occasions, Mr. Fitzhugh had saved one or
another of the group. But he also got into more trouble then
any three people combined. How many schemes did the old
man try to perpetuate, even here, for a fast buck.

But Barry still liked him despite his flaws. He pointed out that
he was missing to Steve and Dan, who went out a short
distance to try and locate their wayward charge. They returned
alone an hour later. It was now much too dark to continue
searching. They would have to wait till morning before

Everybody returned to their sleeping bunk, in the 'Spindrift, to

Fitzhugh wandered for miles in his drunken daze before
stumbling upon the drainage pipe. The pipe was a measly four
inches diameter by Giant standards but was about five feet by
Earth humans measurements. He would have to crouch
slightly to travel inside, but this was nothing new to any of

By this time, some of the liquor had worked out of his system.
He was beginning to think more clearly. He realized that he
was hopelessly loss by now.

"It is never a good idea to walk into a forest while drunk," he
chastised himself.

Peering deep down the drainage pipe, he figured that this
would be a good place to hole up till morning. Water was
pouring out of the pipe, but nothing that he hadn't encountered
before in other drainpipes of the Giant city.

He carefully made is way inside deeper down the pipe. From
experience, the marooned group had learned that if they were
ever separated, they should seek shelter as deep as possible
within the pipe network of the city. This would protect them
from accidental discovery by workers or even animal

He hugged the wall of the pipe as he went further into the
darkness. He could see some light streaming in at the end. A
drain grate it would seem. He carefully moved on. Trying to
listen for telltale signs of Giants in the vicinity.

As he continued to move closer to the beam of light, he could
make out laughter and squeals. Female squeals. This peaked
his curiosity. Foregoing his personal safety, he approached the
lighted grate.

What greeted him was a sight to behold. It was a shower room
of some kind. A girl's shower room. There above him where
Giant teenage girl's of every description and they were all

Most of them ranged between the ages of twelve to fourteen
by his reckoning, but a few appeared to be around sixteen or
seventeen. These were the ones that interested him. Peering
up at the treasure of naked pubescent pussies, he pulled out his
small penis and began jerking himself off.

Everywhere he looked was another naked ass being rubbed
with soap. The younger one's were too na‹ve to do anything
of interest, but the older ones were spending a long time
soaping their pussy areas.

He knew that they were actually rubbing their Giant clits, while
trying to act nonchalant to the others around them. Fitzhugh
could hear some of those girls breathing in irregular fashion as
they approached climax. He looked on with interest when he
noticed one of them had actually inserted her middle finger
inside of herself.

His eyes almost bugged out when he looked higher up to see
how her tits looked. She was a Giant teenage version of
Valerie, right down to her red hair. About sixteen he would
have guessed.

He could see that her tits were in full bloom. The lips were
just as sexy looking and the eyes, those green orbs were just as
mesmerizing. And from her public performance before the
dozen girls around her, he suspected that she may well be just
as much a nympho as the Valerie he knew back at the camp.

One by one the girls in the shower room would leave. Drying
themselves off as they wrapped their towel around their chest
and made their way out of the room. They had all left until
only the Giant 'Valerie' was the only one left.

She looked around to make sure that she was alone before
digging into her towel and pulling out a dildo. It was over
eight Earth feet in length and about as wide as Fitzhugh's
portly body.

Fitzhugh looked on as the Giant sixteen-year-old began
massaging her tits with the instrument. She would then bring it
up to her mouth and suck it in. This was just to get it
lubricated before she brought it to where it was really needed,
her pussy.

Fitzhugh jerked furiously on his cock as he watched
mesmerized, as the Giant dildo was forced deep into the
crevasse that was her pussy. Already four feet of the Giant
wand had been swallowed by the cavernous vagina.

He could hear her breathing coming in short gasp as she
continued to push even more of it inside of her. Fitzhugh was
now timing his stroke to her stroking of the dildo into her
sucking cunt. He could also clearly make out her clit. The nub
had grown as big as his forearm and was being rubbed freely by
her free hand as she continued to stroke the dildo in and out of
her clutching pussylips.

Fitzhugh came in a powerful surge. The best that he had ever
had, as near as he could recall. At that same instance, the
focus of his attention was also cumming. He could see her
juices just pouring out of her and heading his way through the
drainage pipe.

He stumbled closer to the lip of the pipe to try and drink in the
sweet juices that was coming. Gallons upon gallons of it
cascaded over him. Drenching his clothes in the succulent
juices. He just opened his mouth as wide as he could to drink
in as much as he could.

Up above, the redheaded teen slipped to the floor. Exhausted
from her climax. She pulled the imbedded dildo out of her cunt
and brought it up to her lips to suck it clean. Though she had
never heard of bisexuality, none of the Giants had, she found
the taste of her own juices intoxicating. She would lick it and
suck it clean before hiding it from prying eyes.

In fact, in this world of Giants, such things as bisexuality was
so taboo that if a person was caught it would mean an
minimum two years in jail, no appeal.

Back inside the drainpipe, Fitzhugh had finally had his fill of
the girl's cum and just sat dumbstruck in a pool of tepid water.
Not caring that his clothes were now a complete mess. He just
looked up with a stupid grin on his face.

'What a paradise,' he told himself. 'Pure heaven, this is.'

He then noticed that his Giant 'Valerie' was leaving the shower
room herself. He poked his head out of the grate to make sure
that nobody was around and then climbed out to follow this
teen beauty that he had just discovered.

Looking around the corner of the doorway he could still see
her walking down the empty hallway. Keeping to the wall he
cautiously followed. She stopped at a door and entered.

'This must be her room,' he thought.

Scurrying across the hall to the opposite side, he approached
the Giant door, which was now closed. Looking around one
more time, he got to his stomach and slipped through the crack
under the door.

Once inside the brightly lit room he looked immediately for a
hiding place. He made his way like a scurrying mouse to the
legs of a nearby night table. From here he could study the
whole room in safety.

The first thing that came to his attention was that his target
didn't reside here alone. It was a room for six, and they were
all there at the moment. Fitzhugh was disheartened
momentarily. He was hoping that the ravishing teenager slept
in a single room and so would be sleeping in the nude. This
hope was shattered with the presence of so many other teenage

Four of them were fairly young, probably only about twelve,
the other was only slightly older. Her tits were only now
beginning to grow. No, only his redhead was truly grown up.
Full chested and hair around her pussy to prove it.

He just watched, hoping to catch another glimpse at that
magnificent body of hers. He would not be disappointed.

The Giantess dropped her towel to the ground, exposing her
firm breast to the occupants of the room. The younger ones
just laughed at the strange appearance of their roommate.
They didn't yet realize that one day, this would also be
happening to them.

"Aww c'mon Anguel," the other teen protested to the sixteen-
year-old. "Put your PJs on. That's disgusting. Parading
around like that."

"Anguel," Fitzhugh murmured to himself. "So my beauty's
name is Anguel."

Anguel just stuck out her tongue mischievously at her younger
roommate, before conceding and slipping on a loose nightgown
over her head. She let the loose fitting garment slip down her
naked body until it covered everything, to Fitzhugh's

He watched the goings on in the room until all of the
occupants got under their individual covers and Anguel clicked
off the lights to the room. Obviously, because she was the
oldest, she was also in charge of this room. Her bed was next
to the window, which allowed the moonlight to shine over her
sleeping form.

Fitzhugh continued to wait in the shadows for another hour
before he made a move. He crept along the wall towards
Anguel's bed. He quietly ran under it to the far side. There he
took hold of the bed sheet that was hanging down and
strenuously began climbing up towards her sleeping form

Being so out of shape, meant that it took him a good ten
minutes before he finally reached the top of the mattress. He
fell to his knees, desperately trying to catch his breath after
exerting himself so much. He stayed like that for fifteen
minutes more, before he felt well enough to go ahead with his

He cautiously approached the sleeping Giantess until he was a
mere foot from her slumbering face. He gazed admiringly at
the ravishing teen beauty before him. Then he turned and
slipped under the covers and slowly made his way towards her

After only a few feet he realized that he'd have to use his
flashlight. He'd hoped that the covers would mask any light
from outsiders, it did. He could now clearly see her nightgown
hanging before him. He looked around for an entrance and
could find none.

He'd have to go to the foot of the bed and work his way back
up. It took him a few minutes to accomplish this. The Giant
bed sheet kept pressing down on him and the weight was
considerable to his Lilliputian size.

Finally he reached her feet, and there before him was the open
bottom of her nightgown. After one final moment of
consideration he went on. He knew that he was about to take
a considerable risk. At any moment she could stir, roll over and
crush him or he could inadvertently wake her. But he wanted
to, no, needed to see her close up.

He cautiously made his way along her long, naked legs. They
seemed to go on forever. He finally reached her crotch and
there before him was the jackpot of all pussies. Her gash was
nearly six feet in length and he knew that it was cavernous
from witnessing that eight-foot dildo disappear inside of it

He took a deep whiff and could only detect a fraction of her
sexual essence in the air around him. He then shined his
flashlight towards her clit. He could clearly see that it had
remained aroused and stiff. He wished that he had the courage
to touch it, but he didn't dare risk it.

Taking a deep breath he moved on. He would pull the
nightgown away from her slumbering body to make room for
himself as he kept moving forward. A few minutes later he
reached her heavily hanging tits.

They were mountainous. Her nipples were still stiff from her
climax and they were the size of his own head. He gazed,
mesmerized, as they moved towards him with every breath that
she took. Each mound was almost twice his size.

Not able to control himself he approached the nearest one and
touched it lightly.

"Mmmmmh!" Anguel murmured at that touch, but she did not

Taking heart that his touch didn't wake his quarry, Fitzhugh
pushed his body into the yielding mound. It felt like an over
filled waterbed. Not much give, but still flexible. A grin
spread across his face at the warmth that emanated from the
fleshy mound.

Anguel also reacted to the mild crushing sensation that he had
exerted on her tit. She had unconsciously slipped a finger
under the covers and was pulling up her nightgown so has to
reach her cunt.

Fitzhugh felt the movement but was as yet unaware of its
significance. He buried his face into her mound and licked the
Giantess flesh with fervor now.

Anguel's hand reached her pussy and was lightly rubbing the
lips in circles. This aroused her clit and it too was growing
stiff. Next, she slipped a finger inside her gaping hole and
began a slow in and out fucking motion. While all the while
remaining asleep, the Giant teenager was masturbating herself
towards yet another orgasm.

Fitzhugh realized that something must be amidst as he could
feel the teens breathing becoming erratic and shallow. Siding
to the side of caution, he slowly made his way back towards his
exit. Following the curves of her waist he finally discovered
what had been causing him distress. She was finger fucking
herself in her sleep.

A wide grin appeared on his face in anticipation to yet another
shower from this ravishing beauty. Shinning his light directly
at the finger action before him, he got closer. Already the
smell of her sex was intoxicating him. He could clearly see
how wet her pussylips had gotten in such a brief time.

He got even closer, careful of the Giant hand manipulating the
pussy. Then he figured that, while her pussy was being
distracted, this would be a good time to indulge himself.

Throwing caution to the wind, Fitzhugh approached the
bloated pussylips and took a hold of one of them and pulled
with all of his might to open the sexual chasm for a better look
inside. He wasn't disappointed. He could clearly see the Giant
finger disappear in the light of his flashlight. And then come
back out again, soaked with her love juice, then disappear yet

Dropping to his knees he began to earnestly lick along that
Giant pussylip for himself. He licked along the rim, a mere
foot away from the shoving finger. He no longer cared. He
was finally getting pussy. After eight long years of neglect
from his own people, he was finally getting some.

When the flashlight caught a glint of the protruding clit, this
caught his attention as a magnet does nails. The thing was

By his scale, it measured three feet in length and a foot wide.
Not caring about anything anymore he approached it and began
stroking its side.

This brought out a loud moan from the still slumbering Anguel.
He stopped momentarily, remembering exactly where he was
and what he was doing. Relieved that the girl was still
sleeping, he resumed his stroking of the Giant clit.

After a few minutes of this he even wrapped his arms around it
and hugged it for all he was worth. All the while kissing it and
licking its large surface.

"Mmmmmmh!" Anguel moaned in ecstasy, as she rolled over
and her legs moved apart instinctively to give better access.

In that instant, Fitzhugh found himself lifted up as the Giant
teen rolled onto her back, legs spread open. He was now
standing on her groin, still hugging her clit. Now was the time
to panic. How could he extricate himself from this situation
without being caught.

Anguel moved her hand over her pussy so as to drive her finger
deeper inside of her. Her wrist was towering over Fitzhugh
blubbering head as she brought it down slowly towards her
vacant pussy.

Fitzhugh ducked its approach but slipped on the wet skin under
him. He involuntarily slid along the crevasse of her groin until
he landed heavily in between her spread open thighs. The
slight friction along the length of her gash, as he slid down, had
an immediate reaction from the sleeping beauty.

"Oooooh!" Was her slumbering response to this new

Fitzhugh was breathing heavily at such a close call. Then he
looked up at the open groin area of his Giant's paramour, and
smiled broadly as a shower of female jism came trickling down
on him. He just stood there, mouth wide open as he tried to
capture the juices.

For the second time this night he was soaked with the teen's
juices and he couldn't remember when he was happier. But
now, it was time to leave. So he reversed course and back
tracked his route here.

He got to the lower portion of the nightgown and then
followed the Giantess' slim body to the neck of the nightgown.
He peered out to make sure that the coast was clear. In the
bright moonlight, he could see that his fantasy girl was still
soundly asleep.

He crept out from under the cover and prepared to leave.
Looking back he couldn't help but stare at the young beauty.
Her head turned in his direction and her mouth slightly open.
Breathing steadily now after her sleeping orgasm.

Seeing those sweet lips open, ever so slightly before him, he
couldn't help himself. Pulling out his small seven-inch cock, he
began stroking it back to life. After what he had just gone
through, he expected that it wouldn't take too long before he
was as stiff as he could get it. He was right.

Within a minute he was finding it hard to keep is balance as he
could feel his blood pressure mounting from the exertion. He
slowly approached the Giantess' face and aimed his cock
towards her gaping lips.

A few more strokes and his cum came shooting out and hitting
her on her lower lip. He redirected his aim and the next shot
disappeared into her mouth, landing on her tongue and taste

This was her first ever taste of sperm and she smacked her lips
shut as she swallowed the minute amount that was there.
Never waking, her tongue surged out and licked her lips, trying
to gather more of the tasty fluid that was there.

Fitzhugh knew full well that he could never satisfy such a Giant
appetite, but to observe this Giant teenager hungrily seeking
out more of his sperm brought a sense of accomplishment to
his old bones. Now satisfied with himself, he turned and made
his way back to the floor some twenty feet below.

Once on the ground he checked his watch to see that he had
spent over two hours with the sleeping Anguel. Again a smile
came to his lips. Even when paying a hooker, he rarely stayed
more than thirty minutes.

'I'll have to come here again,' he told himself.

He cautiously made his way back to the door, and slipped
under it, back into the hallway. The lights were dimmed
everywhere now, but caution was still paramount to survival.
He made his way back to the shower room and the drain that
brought him here in the first place.

He slipped in and found himself a corner to nestle for the night.
For the first time in years he had a restful sleep.

Chapter Five

At the crack of dawn, the remainder of the marooned travelers
had organized themselves into search parties to look for the
missing Mr. Fitzhugh.

Mark and Dan headed East, Steve and Barry took the West,
which left Valerie and Betty to search North. Nobody
bothered with the Southern zone, for that was all swamp and
quicksand. Each of them had learned through experience to
avoid that area. Even Fitzhugh.

Fitzhugh woke suddenly to the rumbling sound of Giants
scurrying about. In a panic he fell into a tepid puddle of water
that had accumulated under his sleeping area. He got up
sputtering water as he tried to get his bearings. Then he
remembered where he was.

Getting lost in the woods, the drainpipe that led him here, and
last night. Yes, most definitely, last night. The shower scene
with all of those naked teens. But most especially the Giant
Anguel. The one that was a Giant teenage twin of Valerie.

He calmed down after that. Looking around he could see that
he was still safe inside the drainpipe. Then what was all of that
stomping that woke him so suddenly.

He cautiously approached the drain grate and peered out.
Nothing going on there. He poked his head and looked

There in the hallway were dozens of teenaged girls in school
uniforms. They varied in age from about six to eighteen. And
there just at the edge of the doorway was his Anguel.

"All right girls," he heard someone shout. "Today we have
more studying and if some of you are lucky enough. New
prospective parents."

'An orphanage,' Fitzhugh thought. "It's an orphanage."

"All right seniors," the headmistress ordered. "Take your
charges to their classrooms and then go help out where you're

Fitzhugh looked on as the different groups were marched off to
various classrooms. He saw that Anguel was leading her
younger roommates to class.

'That must mean that she's one of the seniors,' he surmised.

Knowing that nothing more would be accomplished by his
staying any longer, Fitzhugh turned and made his way back to
the outside world. He followed the drainpipe in the reverse
direction that he had taken when he first sought shelter.

Within a few minutes he reached its edge. As always he
looked around to make sure that the coast was clear. Seeing
nobody, including animals, in the area he stepped into the
sunlight and stretched his body awake with a loud yawn.

He decided that before he would make his way back to camp,
he'd want to be able to find this place again. There was no
way that he was going to forget about Anguel. He promised
himself that he would return for seconds. And after being
sexually satisfied for the first time in years, this was a promise
that he was going to keep for himself.

He climbed up the steep valley wall, which was actually just a
gully, and got his bearings.

"Ah! There is the orphanage," he said to himself. "Now
where is the name?"

He looked along the face of the building in question for a
name. Seeing none he looked along the wall surrounding the

"There it is!" He exclaimed aloud. "GOVERNMENT
they would have an agency even to deal with orphans. These
people are worst than the old communist regimes back home."

Satisfied that he knew what to look for in the future, he turned
around and made his way back into the forest and headed for
their camp.

The 'Spindrift' search parties had been scouring the forest for
signs of Fitzhugh for over an hour already. Steve and Barry
had had no luck. While Mark and Dan were momentarily
trapped, by a curious dog that was sniffing, inside the hole that
they hid in at its approach. They had to stay there for nearly an
hour before the dog's owner finally showed up and leashed his
wayward pet to take him home.

It would be Betty and Valerie that would eventually come
across the trail left behind by the drunken Fitzhugh the night
before. They followed the stumbling trail for over an hour
before the incident happened.

A half-hour earlier, a teenaged Giant had set up snares to
capture new specimens for his collection. He was hoping for a
chipmunk type rodent, which frequented this particular part of
the forest.

He was an awkward looking teen. At fourteen, he wasn't too
athletic and had to wear glasses. He was an extremely shy lad.
Every time a girl would talk to him, he would stutter to the
laughter of everyone around at the time. What a lot of teasing
teens back on Earth would call a geek. His name was Glivard,
Glivard Simms.

Enthusiastic about finding Fitzhugh's trail, the two women of
the group made the fatal mistake of letting their guard down.
They weren't paying attention to the trail ahead, when
suddenly the spring loaded net trapped them in its confines.

"Oh! Uh!!?" They both exclaimed in surprise as they found
themselves tossed around as the trap closed around them like a
bear trap.

They had never encountered this type of a trap before. It
consisted of two half-hoops connected at the edge with a
spring system. The mesh of the net was metallic, not fibrous.
This would make it very difficult for the girls to cut their way

The fact that they had never seen this type before was
understandable, for it was an invention of Glivard's. He may
not be much around people, but around his draft board he
could invent just about anything he put his mind to.

Because of his shyness he buried himself into his hobby which
was biology. He planned to become a veterinarian when he
grew up. To help him out in this, he would collect as many
animals as he could for study.

When he was done with them he would release them unharmed
in the wild where he had captured them. That was why he
invented this humane snare. The same one that Betty and
Valerie were now trapped in.

It only took them a minute to figure out that they would
require outside assistance to escape this snare. So reluctantly
they agreed that they'd have to shout out for help.

"Help!" Betty yelled out. "Steve! Mark! Help, we're

"Barry! Dan!" Valerie joined in the chorus. "Where are you
guys? We need help here."

Unfortunately, all of the men were at the outskirt of their
search areas and there was no way that they could have heard
them, being so far away. Fitzhugh was another matter. He
was just then approaching that same area from the opposite

He heard the call for help a mere two hundred yards ahead of
him. He recognized the two voices as the two women of the
group. If they dared shouting out, then they must be in deep
trouble indeed, he knew.

"What have those dumb bitches gotten themselves into this
time," he complained aloud.

Ignoring the fact that any trouble they were in was because
they were looking for him. As far as he was concerned, it
wasn't his fault. He approached the area cautiously. Knowing
that any trouble could be lurking nearby. And he knew that
there was definite danger that the sound of the two girls might
well attract unwanted company, of the Giant kind.

He came around the root of a tree and saw the trouble. They
were trapped in some kind of snare. Cringing behind the cover
of the tree, he looked around for any signs of Giants. He
couldn't see anybody. So he decided to approach the trapped
women to offer his assistance.

"Pssst! Betty, Valerie," he whispered to them. "Quiet! You
want the Giants to hear you?"

Betty turned at the sound of the familiar voice.

"Fitzhugh," she let her breath out. "Am I ever happy to see
you. Quick, help us out of this."

Fitzhugh stepped back to look at the mechanism. With his
arms crossed and a hand supporting his chin he studied it
carefully. Then he spotted what looked like the release.

"Ah! This must be it." He told them, as he headed for the

The two women, in their mini-dresses waited patiently as they
followed Fitzhugh to the other side of the snare. He was
valiantly struggling to get the release mechanism to work when
they all heard the loud rustling in the bushes nearby.

"Faster Fitzhugh," Valerie said in a panic. "Someone is

"What do you think I'm doing. Ungh!" He shot back at her.

"Hurry!" Betty begged him.

"I'... I'm trying," Fitz would grunt. "It just won't turn."

Just then the lever slipped from his grasp and he fell in the
underbrush. This was just before Glivard turned the corner to
inspect his snare. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when
he saw what he had managed to catch.

There in his trap were two of the Little People the government
kept warning everybody about.

It had been years since their last sighting. Everyone came to
believe that the whole thing was a hoax. And yet there they
were, right in front of him.

He looked around to see if anybody else was around. Seeing
no one he crouched down to take a better look at his prize.

Fitzhugh remained in the underbrush, out of sight.

Down at ground level to them, he realized that not only were
they Little People, but they were both female as well. And this
close he had to admit to himself that they were very beautiful,
despite their size. He could clearly see their feminine curves
this close up.

Betty was the first to get the courage to speak out. Putting on
her best stewardess smile, she approached the mesh near the
staring teen.

"Pl... Please," she said softly. "Please little boy. Could you
please let us go?"

Glivard was surprised to hear the Little Woman speak his own
language. From the way the government propaganda
described them, they were alien invaders of some kind. So he
half expected some type of alien gibberish.

"Yes," Valerie chimed in. "We haven't hurt anybody."

"Ho... how do I know that?" Glivard asked honestly.

"Well," Valerie stretched out her arms along her slim body.
"Do you think that someone as small as us could hurt one of
your people?"

Glivard had to admit that it didn't seem likely. But he couldn't
just release them without considering things first.

The two women looked on helplessly as the teenaged boy got
to his feet. They knew that their plea failed when, instead of
opening the snare, he picked them up and stuffed them in his

"No! Don't!" Was the last thing that Fitzhugh heard from
Betty's lips as the sack was zipped shut before his eyes.

He looked on helplessly as the young boy headed out of the
forest for home.

Fitzhugh picked himself up and began following. The teen's
Giant strides made it impossible to keep up to him. Fitzhugh
would have to rely on tracking him from a distance.
Something everybody of the marooned group had learned
throughout the years.

It only took five minutes for Glivard to get home, which was
right next to the forest. He slammed the door shut as he ran
for his lab in the basement.

"Glivard!" His mother shouted at him. "How many times do I
have to tell you not to slam the door like that!"

"Sorry, Mom!" He yelled up the stairs as he laid his backpack
gently on his workbench.

He went to the door to close it. Then after a few seconds of
reflection, locked it from the inside.

'No use getting caught with them,' he thought to himself.

He returned to the workbench and pulled out his snared
captives. They were jostled about a lot as he ran home. But
overall they were none the worst for wear.

He set the snare gently on the tabletop and then pulled the
release mechanism. The two half-hoops fell open to either

Chapter Six

As Betty and Valerie stepped clear of Glivard's snare, they
looked around for possible escape routes. Glivard knew
immediately what they were looking for.

"Don't bother looking for ways out," he told them. "This
whole basement was designed to keep my specimens inside in
the event they got loose."

He explained as he waved his hands to the far wall. There they
could see dozens of cages holding a whole menagerie of
animals. Rodents, amphibians, reptiles, snakes and even a few
cats and dogs.

"You see," he went on. "I want to be a veterinarian when I
grow up. So I've been studying them for years now."

"I see," Betty interrupted. "And what do you do with them
when you're finished studying them?"

Surprised to hear an adult, even a tiny adult, taking interest in
his career plans, he told her. He never hurt any of his
specimens, and that after a while he simply releases them back
in the wild where he originally caught them.

"And what about us?" Valerie interrupted.

Glivard was at a loss for words on that one. He had no idea
what he should do with his two Lilliputian captives. Should he
let them go? Should he turn them over to the government? Or
should he just exterminate them?

"I... I don't know," he finally admitted to them.

"Why not just let us go," Betty reiterated.

"No," he blurted. "Not just yet, anyway."

"And why not?" Valerie insisted.

"Wel... well, I'd like to learn more about your people," he
finally admitted to his curiosity. "If you don't mind."

Betty and Valerie looked at each other and smiled at the
innocent request of Glivard.

"Okay!" Betty told him. "What do you want to know?"

Glivard was pleased that he was about to get first hand
information from the Little People themselves. Something very
few of his own kind could boast about.

"Well to begin with," he started hesitantly. "Do you have
names. My name is Glivard, Glivard Simms."

"My name is Betty," she told him, and pointing to her
companion. "And this is Valerie."

He smiled at their cooperation. For a geeky fourteen-year-old,
he had a nice smile.

"Why are you invading my planet," he asked without thinking.

"We're not invading your home Glivard," Valerie explained.
"We got here because of an accident, that's all."

"Then why don't you go home?" He continued his questions.

"We wish we could sweetie," it was Betty's turn to answer.
"But the truth of the matter is, that were marooned here. We
have been for over eight years."

"Gee! I'm sorry to hear that," Glivard said sorrowfully.

Betty and Val could sense in his voice that he honestly meant

"Its okay Glivard," Valerie told him. "It's not like it was your

He smiled at her reassurance. He didn't know why he felt
guilty for the Little People being marooned here, but he did.

Betty wanted to evaporate the morose tone that the
conversation had taken and asked Glivard to show them his
animal lab. He cheered up immediately and proceeded to show
them the creatures that he was studying lately.

One by one he would bring one of the small cages to the
tabletop and show off his specimens. He would go on and on
about how and where he caught each one. Then he would tell
them what he had learned from each one of them.

This went on for nearly an hour. By this time it was nearing
supper time and they could hear his mother yelling down at him
to come wash up for dinner.

"Its okay Glivard," Betty told him. "We can talk some more

Glivard smiled broadly knowing that someone was finally
taking an interest in his biology studies. He left them on the
tabletop and left the basement laboratory, making sure to lock
the door behind him. No use having somebody discover his
new friends.

As soon as he left Betty and Valerie scurried to the edge of the
high table and searched for an escape route. They slid down
the lamp's electrical wire to the floor and began a thorough
search of the lab. They looked at the door and saw that even
the bottom crack was sealed tight to prevent escaping animals
from leaving. Then they saw the air duct, but that too was
covered with a grate too small to fit through.

After half an hour of fruitless exploration they had to concede
that Glivard was right. All means of escape were foreseen by
the boy. They reluctantly climbed back up to the tabletop and
waited patiently for Glivard to come back from his supper.

It was an hour later before they heard the lock being opened.
Glivard slipped in with a plate of food and milk. He brought it
over to the two women who smiled at him gratefully. He went
back to the door and again locked it from the inside.

"I thought that you might be hungry," he told them.

"That was very sweet of you Glivard," Betty smiled up at the
towering teen.

He blushed profusely at her attention to his feelings. He pulled
out two small cups from his baby sister's tea set and using and
eye drop filled them with milk from his glass.

It had been a long time since any of the marooned group had
come across a friendly face among the Giants. The plate was
filled with meat and vegetables. Betty and Valerie had to eat
with their bare hands, as there was nothing available to use as

Glivard sat quietly, watching as the two women ate their fill.
They left a huge amount of food in the plate, which was really
not all that surprising. They were finishing their cups of milk
along with Glivard. After a brief respite, Glivard resumed his

It would cover everything from the Earth peoples races,
science, and medicine. He was amazed to hear that space flight
was not only theoretical, but an everyday occurrence back on
Earth. On this planet, they had yet to send a satellite in space,
much less a man.

"What about you Glivard," Valerie asked. "What do you like?
Other than your animals."

"Nothing much really," he answered her.

"Oh come on," Betty threw on the charm. "A cute boy like
you must have a girlfriend at least."

Upon hearing about him and girls, Glivard blushed a deep red
before their eyes.

"N... n... n... .no," he started stuttering uncontrollably. "N...
no I... I... I don... Don't."

Val recognized the signs of his shyness immediately.

'How cute,' she thought. 'The boy is so shy, he can't even talk
about girls.'

"Its okay Glivard," Betty tried to settle him down. "We don't
have to talk about that."

Glivard took a couple of deep breaths to get his speech back to
normal. Then he looked down on his Little friends.

'God! They're beautiful," he thought to himself. 'As beautiful
as the models in my magazines.'

And as he thought of that, his gaze went to the drawer where
all of his girlie magazines where hidden. It took a lot of
creativity on his part to get his hands on those. And he wasn't
about to let his parents find them, for this too was taboo on
this Giant's world.

Just the fact of owning these few magazines Glivard was
risking a mandatory three years in juvenile detention. That,
plus the fact that he was harboring Little People, would mean
that he could face up to fifteen years of jail time, but he never
gave much thought about this at the moment.

Val noticed him staring at the drawer and immediately
suspected what might be inside. She pulled Betty aside to talk
privately to her.

"Do you think that maybe we should help Glivard out of his
shyness," she asked the blonde stewardess.

"How?" Betty asked.

"Well, we could start by showing him that there is nothing to
be afraid about a woman's body," she winked.

Betty gasped in shock at what she knew Valerie was thinking
about. She knew full well about the actress' reputation, even
before the flight. All of which had been confirmed over the
years with her cavorting with every man in the group. Except,
thankfully, her Dan.

But this was a new low as far as she was concerned. Valerie
was suggesting the immoral act of displaying themselves to a
juvenile. No, her upbringing just couldn't allow something like
this to happen. Even to a Giant.

"What are you whispering about?" Glivard interrupted.

The two women turned to face him again. Valerie smiled up
and slowly began unzipping her mini-dress before the
astonished teen.

Betty reached over to try and stop her. Val just slapped her
hand away from her.

Glivard was beginning to feel his throat tighten up again, but
he just couldn't tear his eyes away from the redheaded Little
Woman. Slowly and inexorably, the zipper kept sliding lower
and lower down the front of the dress. Her naked skin could
be seen with each passing moment.

For the marooned group, underwear's were a thing of the past.
Both Betty and Valerie had long since lost their last vestige of
underwear from wear and tear. For the last two years they
have been dressing without benefit of anything underneath.
Valerie thought it liberating, while Betty took longer before
accepting the inevitable.

Already Glivard could make out the cleavage of Valerie's
breast. He opened the drawer with his magazine collection and
pulled out his magnifying glass. He didn't want to miss this
opportunity. Looking through the glass, he watched as Valerie
opened up more and more of her cleavage for his entertainment

Betty gave up on the lewd show that Valerie had begun
performing on the innocent lad. She walked over to the edge
of the table and looked down. She was staring into the open
drawer full of girlie magazines. She was shocked at some of
the poses that were visible to her.

They mostly consisted of a women fucking herself with one
instrument or another. They vaguely resembled dildoes, but
they were visibly hand-crafted. Obviously on this world,
dildoes didn't have the same level of marketing value that they
had back on Earth.

As far as she could tell, none of the magazines had any
couples. None of any kind. No man/woman, no
woman/woman. None whatsoever. It would seem that sex
was very strict in this Giant society. Even literature was
strictly monitored. So strict that just owning such magazine
was punishable with jail time.

She turned back to see where Valerie was at. She had
removed her dress and was dancing suggestively for Glivard
while only wearing her booths. Just like a stripper from the
late seventies. Val was squeezing her tits together and pulling
her nipples up to her mouth to lick them.

Glivard was having a hard time focusing on her as he was now
sporting a raging hardon in the tight confines of his pants. He
reached down and freed his cock. It stuck straight out of his
pants. Luckily for him, it was out of sight of the two woman
on the table. He would die if they saw his thing like that.

His breathing was getting ragged as he kept trying to follow
Valerie's performance. What was also making difficult to
focus was that his glasses were fogging up from the
perspiration of his brow.

Betty smiled at the comical scene before her. She didn't like
what Valerie was doing, but the look on Glivard's face as he
continually wiped the fog from his glasses was priceless.

She decided that what was done, was done. So she might as
well try to make things easier for poor Glivard. On that note,
she approached him on the table until she was standing just
under his chin.

"Its okay Glivard," she tried to reassure him. "What you're
feeling is perfectly normal. Everybody gets them."

She then reached up on the tip of her toes and gave him a
gentle peck on that Giant chin.

Just then Glivard choked a bit on his breath. The sudden
cough threw Betty balance off and she tumbled off the
tabletop. Right onto his lap.

Valerie saw Betty fall and screamed in distress. Glivard,
realizing what had just happened looked down and smiled in
reassurance to Valerie.

Chapter Seven

Valerie reached the edge of the table and looked down herself.
She too smiled when she saw that Betty was holding onto
Glivard's stiff cock in desperation from her fall. She hadn't
realized yet what she was holding on to. All that she knew
was, that she had fallen on something that was hard and soft at
the same time. She also found that it felt rather hot in her
panicky grip.

Glivard stood slowly and brought his cock over the tabletop,
along with the grasping Betty so she could release him. Only
when she saw the tabletop under her feet did she finally release
the gigantic member.

She fell to her knees and tried to catch her breath. She had the
scare of her life at that moment. Valerie came to her side and
helped her to her shacking feet.

"Wow, Betty!" Valerie said jokingly. "You sure know how to

"Uh!!? Wha... what do you mean?" Betty looked up,
confused. "What are you talking about?"

Valerie then realized that Betty had no idea what she was
holding on to just moments before. So she decided to play it
out for laughs.

"I said," she went on with a straight face. "You sure know
how to pick a cock."

"Uh!?" Was all that Betty could utter.

Valerie took the blonde's shoulders in hand and spun her
around to face Glivard. There, just a few feet away was the
biggest cock that any Earth woman had ever seen. It measured
over ten feet in length, by their standard, and its girth was the
size of a car.

Betty just blinked her eyes dumbly at the huge penis. She had
to swallow hard after it finally dawned on her that she had been
holding onto that monster cock for dear life just seconds
before. She looked back at Valerie who was sheepishly
sporting a Cheshire smile.

Then all three of them roared in uncontrollable laughter. For
the first time in his young life Glivard was not shy in front of a
girl. Girls? Woman... women. Whatever.

Here was the shy Glivard Simms, with his exposed thing before
two beautiful Little Women who were showing him the best
time of his life. He looked down at the bare breasted Valerie
and the still clothe Betty. He knew then that he wanted to see
her naked also.

"Mi... miss Betty?" He asked hesitantly.

Betty and Val brought their laughter under control at the sound
of his innocent voice. They both turned to face the Giant cock
and the boy.

"Y... yes Glivard?" Betty answered.

"Wo... would you mind showing me?" He stuttered, though
not as badly as earlier.

"Show you what, Glivard?" She asked, confused at his

All he could manage was pointing to the naked Valerie, who
smiled broadly at his daring request. She knew that just
moments ago, this boy would never even have dared ask
something so brazenly of a woman. She grabbed hold of Betty
and pulled her aside for another private talk.

"What do you think your doing?" Betty asked.

"Listen Betty," Valerie told her. "Glivard is asking to see you
naked too."

"You can't be serious," Betty objected, looking back at the shy

"You can't turn him down now," Valerie went on. "He's just
getting his confidence in motion. If you say no, he'll shrink
back and avoid girls like the plague for who know how long."

Looking back at Glivard, Betty could see that Valerie was
probably right. He was coming out of his shell. But to expose
herself to a juvenile went against everything that she was
thought about decent behavior. But after a few more urging
from Valerie and Glivard she conceded.

She approached Glivard and explained things to him first.

"Now listen Glivard," she began telling him. "It's not proper
for a boy to ask a girl to do what you just did. But for this one
time I'll let you watch me get naked, okay."

All that Glivard could do was smile a silly looking grin in
anticipation to what was about to happen in front of him. He
settled into his seat and let Betty do a striptease in front of his
leering eyes.

Doing a slow dance in front of the Giant boy was not
something that she was comfortable with. That much Valerie
could see. So she decided that she should help out her blonde
friend in giving an adequate performance for the boy.

She moved up behind the unwary Betty and slipped her hands
around the blonde's waist and guided her into undulating her
hips suggestively. Just like being lead in a dance, Betty
followed Valerie's lead. She undulated her hips in sync with

Glivard stared dumbfoundedly at the female pair on his
tabletop. In this world, women just didn't behave like this, not
even in dirty magazines. Lesbianism was unheard of in his
frame of mind. But he just couldn't look away.

Valerie brought her hands up to Betty's breast and squeezed
them through the dress material.

"Ooooh!" Betty moaned gratefully to the attention.

Never missing a beat, Valerie whispered directions into Betty's

"Take off the dress," she would tell her.

And Betty would obediently begin unzipping the front of the
dress before Glivard's eyes. All the while, Valerie would slip
in her hand under the clothing and play with her blonde friend's
stiffening nipples.

The scene playing out before him was getting to be too much
for young Glivard. He stood up, exposing his jutting cock to
the two women and began to jerk himself off before them.

Betty was unaware to what he was doing. She kept her eyes
closed ever since Valerie had joined her in this illicit strip
dance. But Valerie smiled up at the excited Glivard as she
watched his huge hands slide along the length of the gigantic

She was hoping that he would shoot his jism all over their
naked dancing bodies. To keep things going in the right
direction, she slipped a hand into Betty's crotch and began
playing with her excited pussy.

Betty remained oblivious to what was going on just in front of
her. Having made bisexual love to Valerie in the past few
years, she allowed her redheaded friend to continue playing
with her cunt. And she herself pushed her back into Valerie's
already naked bush, and rubbed the rough material against the
actress' sensitive clit.

"Oooooh! That feels nice," Valerie said excitedly.

"So does your fingers in my pussy," Betty returned the

Valerie looked up into Glivard's face and judged that he must
be nearing his own orgasm. So she leaned her head to the side
of Betty's and whispered into her ear.

"Open your eyes and look at Glivard," she instructed the
blonde stewardess.

Betty did as she was told and looked up at the jerking
teenager. Just then the first stream came shooting out of the
Giant cock with the force of a high-pressure fire hose,
knocking them both on their asses.

As they tumbled back and landed hard, and because Valerie's
hands where inside of Betty's dress, the material ripped open
exposing her full breast to the torrent of jism that was being
shot at them.

Betty's arms were still within the long sleeves of the mini-
dress. And in their tumble, she found her arms pinned back
and entangled in those sleeves. Valerie immediately recognized
the helpless position that her blonde friend now found herself
in, and a sly smile crept across her lips.

Rather than releasing her, Valerie pulled back on the dress and
held Betty's arms pinned to her back. Betty could only sit
there helplessly as Glivard continued spraying the Lilliputian
couple with his gooey cum. So vast was the quantity that it
covered both women completely within the second spurt. It
clung to them in large clumps of sperm.

Betty struggled to get free from her vulnerable position, but
Valerie refused to let her go. In fact, she did her utmost to
make sure that the gigantic spray of jism would hit them both.

After a fruitless few moments to get clear, of Glivard's
spraying cock, Betty submitted to it. No use protesting now.
She was already covered with the thick jism. It clung to her
body, and Valerie's in globs that would fill both their hands if
they scooped it. One such scoop would probably satisfy even
Valerie's nymphomaniacal needs. Well, maybe.

Glivard kept his eyes closed and was as yet unaware of where
his white stuff was landing. When he finally opened his eyes
and saw what he had done he panicked.

"Oh, I'm sorry Miss Betty, Miss Valerie," he apologized
desperately. "Please don't be angry with me."

Valerie just smiled up at him sweetly.

'The dear boy is really freaked out about this,' she thought.
'This must truly be his first time.'

Glivard was near tears of fright at what he had just done. He
pulled out wads of tissue paper from the box nearby and
started to clean up the two splattered women.

When Val saw Glivard approaching with the tissue paper she
got up rapidly and released the slightly struggling Betty and
signaled him to stop.

"No Glivard," she protested. "Don't do that. It's all right, we
don't mind. Honestly."

Glivard stopped, and puzzled over what the tine redhead was

"How can you like that," he said pointing to his white fluid that
covered their naked bodies.

"There's nothing wrong with that, Glivard," she explained as
she took a handful off of her tits and lapped it up into her
willing mouth. "You see. This taste very good. Tell him

Betty, being more conservative about sex than Valerie
hesitated. Val threw her a warning glance.

"Ye... yes Glivard," she said with her head down. "There's
really nothing to be ashamed of."

"You see," Valerie turned back to face him.

Glivard smiled weakly. He was glad that what happened
wasn't upsetting his new friends. He threw the tissue paper
into the trash and sat back down to observe what the Little
Women planned to do next.

What did happen caused him to wink in disbelief. Valerie sat
next to the now kneeling Betty and proceeded to kiss her full
on the lips, just like a man would. He could also see that Betty
was returning the kiss. He followed the action as Valerie's
hands would then explore the blonde woman's breast and rub
his very own jism into the malleable flesh.

Betty had given up protesting against Valerie. She knew from
experience through the years that whatever miss superstar
wanted, especially regarding sex, she got. She reciprocated by
moving her hands to Val's firm breast and massaged the gooey
cum into her companion's flesh.

The two woman continued performing before young Glivard
for the next hour. The most fascinating thing that he witnessed
was when Betty and Valerie performed a sixty-nine before his
eyes. They were busily trying to swallow as much of his scum
off of each other's body. But as Betty surmised earlier, there
was more than even the ravenous Valerie could swallow.

The session ended with Glivard filling an instrument tray with
warm water, which the women gratefully used as a lavish metal
bathtub. It had been a long time since they had had such a

Glivard then constructed mattresses for them out of discarded
foam padding. It wasn't the most beautiful bed in the world
but he managed to make them very comfortable.

Saying goodnight, he left them for the night and went back to
the main house, making sure to lock the door as he left.
Though Betty and Valerie were disappointed that he had
locked them in again, they felt sure that he did it for their own

They settled in for the evening and fell into an exhaustive

Chapter Eight

It had been over three hours since Fitzhugh lost sight of the
Giant boy as he ran with his captured mates. But the lad's trail
was easy to follow. Finally he reached the house where they
were taken. Scurrying up to the door he slipped through its
gap at the bottom and explored the house cautiously, as he
tried to locate the two missing women.

For the next hour he saw no sign of them, nor the boy that had
taken them. He was about to give up and look elsewhere,
when out of a sealed doorway came the very boy that he was
looking for.

'He must have them in there,' Fitzhugh deduced.

He waited patiently for the teenager to disappear. As soon as
he was out of sight, the rotund man ran across the floor to the
huge door. He expected that he could get in as usual by sliding
under the door. But it wasn't until he got to the door that he
realized that it was completely sealed to prevent his entering.

But he wouldn't give up. Not yet anyway. He looked around
for another access. He saw an air vent nearby and tried that.
This too proved useless. It lead into the room's vent, but that
too was sealed to prevent entry by him.

He then decided that there was only one hope. He would hide
near the door until morning and when the lad went back inside,
he would rush in and hide nearby before being spotted. It was
a bold plan, but it was the only one that he could come up
with, in such short notice.

So he found himself a hiding place, not too far from the door
and settled himself for yet another night away from the camp.

Meanwhile, back at the 'Spindrift', the remainder of the group
had returned some hours hence from their own search. They
spent a restless night after determining that the two women of
their groups were now also missing.

The next morning, Fitzhugh woke at the crack of dawn. He
waited patiently for the Giants to get up. He had to wait
another forty minutes before the parents of the Giant family
came out of their room and made their way towards the
kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Another fifteen minutes went by before a little girl came out,
about six or seven he guessed. She was rubbing the sleep out
of her eyes with a doll in her arms. But the teenaged boy that
he was searching for was still missing.

The lad came down the hallway, half-dressed. He was busily
trying to tuck his shirt inside his pants has he hurried to the

'Finally,' Fitzhugh sighed in relief.

He could hear the clutter, as utensils were being used on
porcelain plates. He took a strong whiff of the air and savored
the smell that reached his nostrils.

'Oh god!' He gasped. 'Fresh coffee, (sniff) and pancakes.
God I miss that.'

His stomach grumbled in protest. Only then did he remember
that he hadn't eaten anything for the last thirty-six hours. Even
in the most desperate of situations, his appetite would manage
to surface. On more that one occasion over the past eight
years had this placed him, and the others, in danger.

The Giants continued eating their breakfast while talking about
family matters. The father would complain about the heavy
workload that was waiting for him, the mother about her
lecherous boss. While the two children would tell their parents
about what was planned for school today.

Fitzhugh waited impatiently underneath the telephone table that
he was hiding under for them to finish. He kept pacing back
and forth for over half an hour before he heard the dishes being
put away in the sink.

Realizing that the time might be approaching for his bold plan,
he scurried nearer to the target door. While remaining behind
one of the tables thick legs for cover.

With his eyes, he followed the Giants as they headed for the
door. The father kissed his wife goodbye and pecked his
daughter on the cheek and left.

"Glivard," the mother called out. "Don't be late for school,

"I won't," he promised.

Then the mother also left with his baby sister in arm. She
would be dropped off at a day care unit on her way to work.

Making sure that everybody had left, Glivard returned to the
kitchen and came out with a plate of pancakes and a glass of
milk. He was coming towards the concealed Fitzhugh. Or
more specifically, towards his lab.

He was sure that his two tiny guests must be hungry by now.
He got to the locked door and placed the plate of hot food on
the tabletop above Fitzhugh's head. After unlocking the door,
he turned back to pick up the plate and go inside.

This was the opportunity that Fitzhugh had been waiting for.
In a mad dash, he scurried to the open door and made his way
inside. He looked around the room desperately for somewhere
to hide. Seeing a stack of metal containers, he ducked behind
them an hid from sight.

Glivard followed just moments after. He walked up to his
workbench and deposited the plate on it, before going back to
the door to close it. He then returned to the table and looked
down at the two sleeping Little Women.

He gave out a loud cough to announce his presence to them.
Betty was the first to stir. She opened her bleary eyes and
momentarily panicked upon seeing that Giant face staring
down at her. She instinctively pulled up the sheet to cover her
still naked body from the previous night.

Their sexual escapade had exhausted them so much that neither
of the two women had bothered putting their clothes back on.

"Good morning, Miss Betty," Glivard smiled down at her.

That's when she remembered about Glivard. And she
immediately relaxed. She reached over and nudged the still
sleeping Valerie who stretched out her arms, and in doing so
let the cover slip down to reveal her naked breast to the
teenaged boy's view.

"Val," Betty admonished her lewd behavior. "Cover yourself
up, for God's sake."

Valerie just stuck out her tongue mischievously at her and
returned a curt smile to the gaping Glivard.

"I hope that you're hungry," he asked them as he pushed the
plate in their direction.

The two women dressed hurriedly. Betty having a harder time
doing so, as her dressed had been ripped open last night. They
both rushed to the plate of hot pancakes and thanked Glivard
for his thoughtfulness.

They reached over and pulled a handful of the hot pancakes for
themselves. They had to blow on it and toss it from hand to
hand as it was still too hot to handle. And since nothing was
available for them to use as utensils they had no choice.

Glivard refilled the toy teacups with milk as they continued
with their meal. He watched them as they returned for more.
After three large portions each, the girls told him that they had
their fill.

One portion was like a stack of three pancakes back on Earth.
They finished their milk along with Glivard before broaching
the subject of their release.

"Glivard," Betty asked pleadingly. "When will you let us go?"

He paused briefly before answering.

"I'm sorry, Miss Betty," he said in shame. "Not just yet."

"But why Glivard?" Betty threw in. "You don't still think that
we're a threat to you or your family do you?"

"I thought that we were friends," Valerie added.

"Oh no! Its nothing like that," looking over to them he
apologized. "Its just that I was hoping... that maybe... you

"What Glivard?" Though Valerie suspected what the boy
wanted. "What do you want?"

"I thought that maybe..." he hesitated before continuing.
"That maybe you could show me more about..."

He couldn't bring himself to say the word.

"Sex," Valerie blurted out. "You want to learn more about
sex, don't you?"

"Ye... yes, Miss Valerie," he said shyly. "I didn't mean to
upset you both."

Down on the floor, Fitzhugh could hear the conversation from
above and he couldn't believe his hears. Not only wouldn't
these two bitches refuse to service him, but now to add insult
to injury, he finds out that they had sex with a Giant. A Giant
boy no less.

"Fucking whores," he muttered under his outrage.

Valerie pulled Betty aside for a private talk.

"What do you think, Betty?" She asked the blonde stewardess.
"Do you think we should?"

Betty knew the right answer to that should be NO, but she
looked up at the pleading eyes of Glivard and she was at a loss
as to what to do about this situation.

"We really shouldn't," she finally told the redhead.

"But what else can we do?" Valerie pointed out. "We can't
leave this room without his assistance. And besides, its

Betty had to agree that they were trapped in the lab and that
their only means of leaving would be by pleasing Glivard
enough. So, resigning herself that they really didn't have a
choice in the matter she agreed to follow Valerie's lead.

They turned back to face the Giant boy and agreed that they
would stay a little longer.

He was really happy at hearing that. He wouldn't have kept
them if they had refused, which they had no way of knowing,
so he was glad that they would stay with him for more sex

Chapter Nine

Happy to know that his two tiny women were willing to teach
him more about sex, he picked up the plate of pancakes and
left the room to return it to the kitchen.

A few moments later he returned and was preparing to leave
for school.

"Hey," Valerie shouted out to him. "What about us?"

"Uh?" He couldn't understand what she meant.

"You can't just leave us here like this," she explained. "What
if someone comes into your room?"

This was unlikely, but even so, he still couldn't understand the

"Glivard," Betty tried explaining. "What if someone comes in.
There's nowhere for us to hide on the table."

He looked at the bare surface and realized their misgivings.

"Hold on a minute," he told them.

He looked around the lab for something that could be used to
hide his friends if the need arose. That's when he thought of
his hamster cage. Well not really a hamster, but it was close
enough to its Earthly namesake for descriptive purposes. He
walked over to the bookshelf and took it over to the table and
set it down next to Betty and Valerie.

Then he opened its door and invited them in.

"Here," he said innocently. "You can hide in here. There's
lots of roughage on the cage floor and you can hide in the
cabin too," she told them, pointing to the miniature cabin in the

The two women were apprehensive about entering the cage
and Glivard couldn't understand why. But how could he. He
didn't consider the number of times that they had been
imprisoned in similar cages over the years. Only to barely
escape with their lives.

Betty urged Valerie, by pulling her by the arm, and they slowly
stepped inside the enclosure. Betty trusted her instinct and felt
that Glivard wouldn't do anything to intentionally harm them.
Valerie was more hesitant, for she had been captured much
more frequently than Betty had.

Glivard smiled as he watched them move around in the cage.
He was sure that Gilden, his hamster wouldn't mind the
company. He thought that it was just a harmless little rodent
and would present no danger to the girls. Unlike his wild
specimens in the lab.

No this was the best solution he felt. He closed the door to the
cage and headed for the outer door and left for school.

"I'll be back in a few hours," he told them as he closed the
door behind him and locked it as before.

Glivard failed to realize that any creature presented a danger to
the Little People.

From his hiding place, Fitzhugh saw his opportunity to carry
out his rescue plan. He scurried across the vast floor under the
workbench and headed for the electrical wire of the work light.
Grasping it with both hands he struggled his way up the long
cable. His out of shape body made the going slow and hard.

Meanwhile, back at the 'Spindrift', the men were preparing for
another search. This time for three missing comrades. They
went off in the zone that the girls were searching the previous
day. That being the logical starting point.

Back in Glivard's laboratory, Betty and Valerie were moving
about inside the hamster cage with impatience. They had three
long hours to kill before young Glivard returned home for

A sly smile crept across Valerie's lips. This was a smile that
Betty recognized immediately. Valerie was horny again. She
knew from experience that whenever Valerie was like this,
there was no denying her needs. She would always manage to
get whoever she set her sights for. All except her lover, Dan.
And in this instance, the only other person in her sights was

She knew that it was useless to ignore her when she was like
this. And besides, the blonde stewardess didn't mind these
bisexual thrifts. It wasn't like she was cheating on Dan. At
least not with a man that is.

Both women stripped off their clothes and began wrestling
playfully in the confines of the cage. They landed on their side
in the deep roughage and found it made a comfortable
substitute to a mattress.

They continued struggling with each other. They tried to grab
onto each others firm tits, making a game of it. Finally, Valerie
flipped Betty on her back with an amateurish wrestling toss.
She immediately took the upper-hand and jumped on top of the
struggling blonde woman, pinning her shoulders back. They
both laughed as they continued wrestling with each other.

Valerie bent her head down and sucked in one of Betty's
jutting tits into her mouth, running her tongue across the
laughing woman's aureole. Then she shuffled forward further,
trying to get her pussy within range of the struggling
stewardess' face and tongue.

Betty kept trying to throw her competitor off before she lost
this game. She finally managed to get her off of her and
jumped on her. They rolled intertwined as their breasts
crushed against each other's. She then planted her lips on
Valerie's and they proceeded to have a deep frenchkiss.

They rolled through the roughage, making the loose material
crackle as they did so.

All of this noise and laughter had awakened Gilden, the
hamster, from his slumber. He had remained quietly in the
miniature cabin all this time. He began sniffing the air for signs
that fresh food might have been deposited for him by his

What he detected instead was the unmistakable fragrance of
sex. Female sex.

Glivard knew about Gilden. But neither Valerie, nor Betty
were yet aware that they had a roommate inside the cage with

They continued rolling and kissing through the roughage.
Valerie once more managed to get on top of the struggling
Betty. This time she was facing the blonde covered pussy of
her friend and without any hesitation she planted her lips on
that succulent morsel.

"Ooooooh! Yessss," Betty exclaimed.

Valerie was slightly disappointed because her own overheated
cunt was being neglected.

'Well,' she thought playfully. 'That can be fixed easily

And with hardly a thought, she flipped her body around so that
her pussy was now hovering above Betty's face. The blonde
stewardess needed no prodding as to what was expected of
her. With no second thought, she lifted her head and began
suckling on Valerie's protruding clit.

"Ohh! God!" Valerie gasped. "You do that so well, Betty.
Keep going. Yes, right there!"

Betty wasn't about to relinquish on the seeping pussy above
her. With full knowledge that her pussy was being taken care
of, Valerie buried her head into Betty's crotch and resumed her
own sucking.

Just then, Gilden the cage's permanent resident, poked its head
out of the cabin and searched for both the source of the noise
that woke him and the sexual pheromones his sensitive nose
had detected earlier.

What he saw were these two strange looking, and hairless
creatures that were playfully rolling around in his cage. The
hapless pet couldn't understand what these creatures were
doing here. Nor could he fathom the strange behavior that
they were exhibiting.

The only thing that he knew for sure was that they were the
source of the sexual fragrance that was even now causing his
cock to twitch instinctively.

Chapter Ten

Fitzhugh was barely halfway up the cable, as Betty and Valerie
were continuing their own mini orgy between themselves.
None of them yet realized that things were about to take an
unexpected turn.

As Valerie continued lapping hungrily at Betty's seeping pussy.
The blonde woman took her companion's relaxed attention to
flip them over. She now was above the gorgeous redhead.

She bent her head into the starlet's crotch and proceeded to eat
her out like a pro. Valerie's surprise at Betty's aggressiveness
only lasted a second before she too resumed sucking the
blonde pussy that was now floating above her face.

As their excitement mounted, Valerie wrapped her legs around
Betty's head and pulled her in tighter against her cunt. She did
the same with her arms, wrapping them around the blonde
stewardess' waist and effectively restrained her.

While all of this was going on, Gilden crept out of his cabin
and circled the two frolicking women. His nose twitching
continuously at the smell of sex that now surrounded the
interlocked couple.

Neither of the women were aware of the presence of their
bestial audience. But that would soon change very quickly.

Valerie came first. Her orgasm sprayed Betty's licking face,
who immediately plastered her lips upon the red furred pussy
to capture all of the juices. This, in turn, triggered her own
orgasm which showered the movie star's face beneath her.

This sudden outpouring of orgasmic juices was all that was
missing to cause Gilden to react sexually. The Giant rodent
bolted forward and stuck its large snout into Betty's shooting
bush and began licking the juices as fast as she could release it.

"Eeeeeek!" Betty exclaimed in surprise. "Wh... what is that?"

She didn't know what had suddenly pounced on her, but she
knew that it couldn't have been Valerie. She could still feel the
redhead's tongue near her thigh.

Betty's surprised outburst caught Fitzhugh off guard in his
climb. His hand slipped on the wire. He barely managed to
grasp it again before plummeting to the floor ten feet below.

Nonetheless, he did slide down a few feet before he managed
to control his fall. Looking up to where the panicky yell came
from he doubled his efforts to come to the aid of his female

Valerie was just as shocked at this development. So shocked
in fact, that she didn't even think of releasing Betty from her
restraining grasp. Betty remained trapped by Valerie's limbs,
which were still wrapped tightly around her head and hips.

Betty struggled to get free. She still couldn't figure out what
was licking her cunt, and so fast.

Valerie just stared blankly at the rodent's tongue as it
continued lapping at such a blistering pace that she could
barely make it out as it shot out, only to disappear into the
thirsty beast's mouth, and return for seconds just as fast.

"Oooh! God!" She gasped.

By now, Betty's body was reacting excitedly to that talented
tongue. She had forgotten, for the briefest of moments, that an
unknown element was doing this to her.

Valerie finally regained her senses enough to release her hold
on Betty. She was somewhat surprised when Betty did nothing
to try and escape the probing animal tongue.

She kept watching, dazed at the bestial performance unfolding
before her eyes. She recalled seeing something similar on
Websites back on Earth, but she never considered trying
anything like this. Not with any kind of animal. Now she
wished that she had taken up the invitation of some of her
female friends back home who had tried to convince her to try

For the first time since this assault began, Betty looked back to
see who her aggressor was, she was shocked to see the large
ears and fur of a rodent.

"OH GOD!" She blurted out weakly. "This can't be
happening. This isn't right."

She was not very convincing in her objections. For the next
three minutes Gilden continued his assault on Betty's
vulnerably exposed pussy. In that short time, Betty came
thrice more. She couldn't believe that she had already had four
orgasms, counting the one that Valerie gave her just moments
before. Never in her wildest dreams had she reached such a

Seeing Betty cum for the fourth time got Valerie jealous. She
wanted to cum like that herself. Well, maybe later she would
have her chance at that talented beast tongue. Not wanting to
miss out on all of that delicious female cum, she stretched her
head upwards to share it with the still lapping hamster.

But for now she would have to satisfy herself with the show
just inches from her face.

By now Gilden was ready for the next step that his mind
instructed him

Chapter Eleven

With no forewarning, the Giant hamster jumped onto Betty's
back. And with its hand-like paws grasped her tiny shoulders.
This gave the rodent the leverage it need to shuffle its body

Though the hamster-like pet fit easily in the palm of one of the
Giant humans that inhabited this world. But to the humans
from Earth, it was larger than a St-Bernard dog, but just
slightly smaller than a pony. And by their standard, he weighed
in at over one hundred and eighty pounds.

The sudden addition of Gilden's weight on her back caused her
to bow her back from the strain. Beneath her, Valerie never
stopped licking Betty's seeping pussy. She stared in wonder as
she saw the Giant rodent shuffle his groin closer and closer to
Betty's upturned ass.

Turning her sight upwards towards the beast's groin, she was
amazed to see its stiff cock jutting out. It was huge, by her

Gilden kept shuffling forward, his prick humping blindly in the
air, seeking the warmth of Betty's hot cunt.

"God Betty!" Valerie exclaimed. "You won't believe the size
of his pecker!"

Valerie's mentioning of the animal's cock brought her out of
her daze. She still didn't quite realize what was happening
around her. It was all just to surreal.

"Its gotta be at least thirteen," Valerie continued describing it
to her. "No, at least fourteen inches long."

To the Giant humans this was insignificant. Barely more than
an inch long. Even Glivard with his interest in biology hardly
noticed it. But to a woman the size of Betty, this graphic
description woke her immediately from her daze like a bucket
of cold water.

"Get it off," she yelled back pleadingly. "Get it off of me,
please. Oh God! This can't be happening."

Valerie was helpless to aid her companion. She was pinned
under the thrusting bestial couple above. She could just stare
curiously as that animal cock kept getting closer and closer to
those blonde covered pussylips.

It finally got close enough that it was jabbing Betty's butt with
each hump. Betty was glad that it couldn't find her cunt. But
the continuous poking was getting to her. So hard was the
rodent humping that she was actually finding it painful.

Valerie looked up excitedly at the scene being exhibited before
her eyes. That thick rodent cock hitting Betty's upturned ass
like a baseball bat. And with each hump, she could hear Betty
wail in pain. A devilish grin appeared on her lips.

With no consideration to her friend, she reached up and
grabbed hold of that stiff cock. It was covered with a thin
coating of slimy pre-cum.

'Must be to lubricate the female,' she thought.

Then she pulled it downward. Guiding it to its goal, Betty's

As soon as Gilden felt the warm pussylips kissing his cockhead
he shoved mightily into her body. In that first surge, nine thick
inches of its rodent cock disappeared into Betty's vagina.

"AAIIIIEEEEE!" Betty let out a blood curdling scream that
echoed across the room.

Fitzhugh heard that scream and knew that one of the girls must
be in great distress. He speeded up his climb. He could make
out the ledge of the table now. Just a few more feet.

Valerie stared, mesmerized at the ferocity that the Giant
hamster had invaded Betty's cunt. She honestly didn't expect
to witness half of that cock go into the humble stewardess'
pussy at the first shove. But that was what happened and

Gilden never paused after entering the tight confines of the
human pussy. He kept on humping non-stop, shoving a bit
more of his stiff cock into the sucking cunt.

Betty was helpless to do anything about this rape that she was
now enduring. She could feel her pussy stretching out to
accommodate still more of the bestial cock.

Beneath the now fucking bestial coupling, Valerie stared in
disbelief. Betty was taking that cock and she couldn't hear any
sound of protest from her.

In fact, Betty had lost her voice at the shocking invasion of her

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" Was all that she could utter
with each of Gilden's thrust.

Valerie continued staring as that cock continued pummeling
the helpless woman. Looking at her hands, which were still
covered with some of the rodent's pre-cum, she curiously
smelled the slimy substance. Finding the odor not that all
disturbing, she stuck out her tongue and tasted it tentatively.
She smacked her lips together as she tasted it.

'A bit gamy,' she thought. 'But I've tasted worse.'

She licked her hand clean of the residue. Then not wanting to
be left out any longer, she lifted her head up and licked Betty's
pussylips where the rodent cock merged with it. Here she
found the best of both worlds. A pussy to suck and a cock to

Gilden continued his thrusting. Ten inches of his Giant cock
were now inside of Betty and she was now reciprocating by
fucking back into him.

Valerie noticed this change as well. She turned her eyes
upward, towards the rodent's humping rump. That's when she
noticed the knot.

She recalled seeing something similar on dogs back on Earth.
In those bestiality Websites she had visited out of curiosity on
the subject. But none of them looked like this. It was huge.
She figured it to be about the size of a grapefruit. And it was
getting closer and closer to poor Betty's pussylips.

She realized that this was going too far. She was desperately
trying to get out from under the copulating twosome. She
knew that the only way that she could save Betty was not from
beneath as she presently was.

Betty remained oblivious to what was approaching her
stretched out cunt. By now she felt self assured that things
couldn't, in any way, get worst. Besides, this was the best
fuck that she had ever received.

Fitzhugh was just crawling his way past the ledge to the table
top. The first thing he did was slump down to his knees, trying
to recover his breath from such a strenuous climb.

At that same moment, Valerie had finally extricated herself
from the bestial couple and was just standing to help the
impaled Betty.

Before anybody could do anything, Gilden shoved his last few
inches, knot included, into a now whimpering Betty.

For the second, time in ten minutes, Betty let loose another
blood curdling scream before passing out from the painful
stretching of the knot into her tight cunt.

Valerie watched helplessly as she saw Betty slump unconscious
to her face. Gilden didn't pay any attention to his bitch's
distressed situation. He continued humping into the
unconscious stewardess' still clinging cunt.

This was definitely the tightest pussy that he had ever
experienced in his hamster life. But in her unconscious state,
her cunt muscles relaxed just enough to allow the remainder of
Gilden's knot to enter past her pussylips, locking them as one.
Betty was now tied to a Giant hamster.

Fitzhugh approached the cage silently and cautiously. He still
wasn't sure what had caused Betty to yell out so deafeningly
just moments before.

As he got closer he saw Valerie just standing there, naked,
inside of the cage. She was motionless. But where was Betty?
He continued his cautious approach.

Finally, he got close enough to see the furry body of the Giant
hamster, but still no sign of the blonde stewardess. Then he
noticed something particular about the rodent. It was humping
its hindquarters. As if it were fucking something.

He got to the cage bars and looked down into the roughage
beneath the humping animal. There he saw Betty lying
submissively under the humping beast.

Her eyes were closed so he assumed that she had passed out
right after that last scream. He looked on with interest. Back
on Earth, he was an avid zoophile collector. He had a vast
library of videos on it, and had a large list of contacts around
the world.

'Oh! How I miss those days,' he thought to himself.

He turned his attention back to the naked Valerie. She hadn't
moved a muscle. She was mesmerized by the action at her
feet. He could well understand that. He saw the same reaction
by newbies all the time during bestiality performances.

Again his mind slipped back to scheming. If only he had a
camera to capture this moment.

'Just think of the fortune this would have brought,' he
schemed. 'Back on Earth.'

He rubbed his hands together at the mere thought of such an

'This would be an exclusive,' he kept thinking. "Nobody else
could come close to this. No one could even conceive of a
woman fucking a Giant hamster.'

He snapped his mind back to the business at hand. Now was
the time to save the naked damsels.

He crept closer to the cage, careful not to make any noise.

Chapter Twelve

As Fitzhugh approached the mesmerized Valerie, who was
hypnotized at the sight the blonde stewardess getting fucked by
Glivard's Giant hamster, Gilden. He crept quietly so as not to
alarm the fucking rodent.

He grabbed hold of the bars and stuck his head in as far as he
could without getting stuck in between them.

"Psssssst!" He whispered in Valerie's direction. "Valerie, it's
me. Fitzhugh!"

"Eeeeeek!" Valerie shrieked in surprise.

She turned around as she jumped away from the familiar
sounding voice. A broad smile took hold of her lips as she
rushed the bars to hug the rotund man. Forgetting that she
was completely naked before him.

"Sssshhh!" He hushed her, along with hand signals.

He looked over to the fucking hamster to make sure that her
outburst hadn't startled it.

Gilden kept fucking merrily away. It would take more than a
loud sound to disrupt his fucking. Being a domestic pet did
have its advantages. He had been around the Giant humans
since he was a cub, and was used to such outburst. Though, he
had never seen a human this tiny before.

"Oh! Fitz," she began excitedly. "We've got to help Betty."

Fitzhugh led her to the door of the cage, and together they
managed to release the latch that kept it closed. With her arm
in his, Valerie and Fitzhugh cautiously approached the still
impaled Betty and her bestial lover. They didn't want to startle
the domestic rodent.

They could hear her begin groaning on the ground. She was
beginning to regain consciousness.

"Well, at least she's still alive," Valerie whispered to Fitzhugh.

Fitzhugh patted her hand reassuringly, then slipped a hand to
her naked breast and squeezed unabashed.

"Hey!" She yelled at him. "What do you think your doing?"

"Ssssh!" He said through his finger on his pursed lips as he
pointed back to Betty.

She slapped him across the face to make her displeasure known
nonetheless. Valerie was angry at the portly man's audacious
move. But the incident also reminded her of her nakedness
before him. She tried covering herself with her hands, not
remembering where her clothing had wound up. She knew that
they were somewhere under the roughage, but she couldn't see

He reciprocated with an even louder slap across that beautiful

"Listen you fucking whore," he told her arrogantly. "Ever
since we crashed on this godforsaken planet you two have been
parading those cunts from one bed to another. And you never
gave me the time of day."

She was shocked at his vile outburst. Though she knew that he
had her dead to rights on the complete statement. In eight
years, she and Betty ignored Fitzhugh's sexual needs like the

"Well today," he went on. "Alexander B. Fitzhugh will have
his needs fulfilled."

With that statement, he grabbed Valerie by the shoulders and
pushed her down to her knees in front of him. As he kept a
hold of her, he opened the fly of his pants and fished out his
measly seven inch cock. Likely the smallest dick that this
Hollywood whore ever handled, but he didn't care.

Grabbing a handful of he long red hair, he pulled her face into
his crotch.

Seeing no immediate way out of this, Valerie relinquished and
took the puny cock into her mouth.

'If I get him off fast enough,' she thought. 'It wouldn't be so

As soon as he felt her expert lips wrapping themselves around
his penis, he began fucking into her face like a cunt. He looked
over the kneeling actress to the continuing bestial fuck a few
feet away.

He could see Betty's eyes flutter open as she slowly regained
consciousness. He could also hear her grunt weakly with each
thrust from the huge rodent on her back.

He continued fucking into Valerie's sucking mouth as he
watched one of Betty's hands creep along her body towards
her crotch.

"Oh! Go for it Betty," he cheered aloud.

Valerie looked sideways to try and see what he was cheering
about. She too could see Betty's hand, just as it reached her
stuffed pussy. Never missing a stroke on Fitzhugh's cock, she
slipped her own hand down to her crotch and began playing
with herself.

The cocksucking couple looked on as the blonde woman began
rubbing her clit, desperately trying to achieve a new orgasm.

When Fitzhugh finally came, he buried the protesting Valerie's
face into his crotch. Refusing to release her until he knew that
she had swallowed every drop of his jism.

Once satisfied, he let her go and looked down at the still
fucking beast/woman couple next to them. He was fascinated
by the endurance of the rodent. He wouldn't have expected it
from such a low class animal.

Valerie also turned her attention to the bestiality scene
unfolding before her. With her hand still in her crotch, she was
nearing her own orgasm.

"Oooooh! Mmmmmmh!" She let out a low moan as she

Fitzhugh looked down at her and smiled his pleasure that she
was behaving like this in front of him.

Both of them returned their attention to Betty. They noticed
that she was trying to lift herself up. But the overbearing
weight of the heavy creature on her back made it to much for
her to handle.

In silent cooperation, Valerie and Fitzhugh approached the
large rodent on either side. With them lifting him and Betty
pushing upwards, they eventually allowed Betty to lock her
elbows in place. This gave her a much more comfortable
fucking position, one that was all to familiar to the
nymphomaniac Valerie Ames Scott.

In this position, another opportunity presented itself to the sex-
crazed star.

Chapter Thirteen

With the blonde stewardess now in a doggy fucking position as
the Giant hamster kept fucking its fourteen inch cock into her.
The always horny movie star saw an opportunity she couldn't
pass on.

Throwing herself on her back, she pushed with her legs until
she was directly under the blonde woman's cock stuffed cunt.

What a sight this presented her. Without hesitation, she lifted
her head higher and began licking that scrumptious looking
cock, not forgetting about Betty's seeping pussy.

Valerie discovered that she could get a maximum buzz by just
letting that huge pole glide along her tongue as it kept on
fucking Betty's vagina. In the out-stroke, it would be covered
with Betty's juices, giving her a combination platter.

Fitzhugh watched a minute more before stepping in front of the
now kneeling Betty. She had her head down from the
exhaustive fucking that she was enduring.

He reached down to her chin and lifted her face. He was now
kneeling and his cock was stiff once again. He shuffled
forward a bit more and slipped his rod past her gaping lips.

Betty didn't even realize what she was doing. Her lips
instinctively closed around that stiff member and sucked it in
deeply. All the while, she kept pumping her ass back into the
Giant hamster's groin. Trying to find even more cock of which
there were no more to be had.

Here was the demure Betty Ann Hamilton. A decent woman,
with a strict upbringing, being fucked by an animal. Her pussy
sucked by another woman. While at the same time sucking on
a man old enough to be her father.

Within a minute of this sexual gang-bang, Betty exploded into
the most powerful orgasm of her life. Valerie tried to drink as
much of the female juices as she could, but it just didn't want
to stop.

Valerie had lost count as to how many orgasm the blonde
woman had experienced. Was it six, or maybe seven.

Betty was even more lost to the count than Valerie was. For
her body had three or four while she was unconscious earlier.

Finally Gilden, the Giant hamster, came as well.

"OOOHHHH! Godddd!" Betty gurgled past Fitzhugh's cock.

This also triggered his second cum in as many minutes. His
jism washed its way past her tonsils into her sucking throat as
the hamster's cum shot deep inside her womb. When he finally
finished he pulled his cock free of Betty's still sucking mouth
and sat down to watch the bestial climax unfold.

For its size, in the animal kingdom, he was sending a large
quantity of semen into the young woman. So much so that it
began spraying past his cock and her pussylips as it
overflowed. Valerie desperately clamped her lips at the
junction drinking in as much of it as she could. It consisted of
a mixture of hamster cum and Betty's own juices.

Even as Gilden finished cumming, he remained stuck inside of
Betty's vagina. This was causing some concern to both
woman. That his until Fitzhugh, with his bestiality knowledge,
explained the purpose of the knot and that it would eventually
shrink and pop free.

For ten long minutes they remained locked together. This was
the purpose of the knot. It was to increase the chances of
fertilization in the female.

When it finally did shrink enough to be pulled free. It came out
with a loud POPPING sound and was immediately followed by
a gush of animal jism.

Not wanting to let any of it go to waste, Valerie flipped the
weak Betty onto her back and dove into the blonde's seeping
pussy. She lapped up the animal semen as if she hadn't drunk
in days.

When the last of it was gone, she crept up along Betty's prone
body to her face. There, she opened her mouth and let the last
gulp that she kept there trickle down to Betty's gaping mouth.
She in turn swallowed animal semen without even giving it a
second thought.

Fitzhugh watched in full admiration the two woman as they
kissed naked in front of him. He was pleased with himself as
well. He had actually taught something to that snotty know-it-
all Valerie.

After resting for almost an hour they all agreed that it was time
to get dressed and find a way out of the enclosed lab.

Fitzhugh explained how he had gained entry in the first place
and decided that they could do the same to escape.

Before scrambling down the electric cable, Betty and Valerie
left a note for Glivard using a Giant pencil. They were sorry
that they had to leave, but promised to come back soon to
teach him whatever he wanted to know.

Of course they were also looking forward to visiting with
Gilden at the same time. But they both agreed that that was
one aspect of sex that Glivard wasn't ready to learn yet.
Maybe in a couple of more years.

A few days later the two women kept their promise to Glivard
Simms and returned to his house voluntarily. They were
waiting for him in the bushes outside as he came home from
school one afternoon.

Chapter Fourteen

Betty and Valerie kept their promise to young Glivard Simms
and gave him a thorough education on sexual practices.

Over the next few months they would teach him all that they
knew, except of course their fondness for his hamster, Gilden.

As time went on, Gilvard became a staunch ally to the Little
People. Leaving them supplies in predetermined locations in
the forest whenever they required something. Yes, life was
getting easier for the marooned group.

It took months of convincing. But eventually, even the men of
the group came to trust their newfound Giant friend Glivard.
And they didn't even mind demonstrating sexual intercourse in
front of him with the two willing women.

Glivard was particularly fascinated in the interracial coupling of
Betty and Dan. In the Giant's society this was yet another
taboo element. With magnifying glass in hand he would watch
as the black cock disappeared into her gaping pussy. And hear
her exclaim loudly as he fucked his eleven inches into her.

Valerie, as always, would show whatever else he needed. He
was shocked at first to know that a woman could take on more
than one lover at a time. But he could quickly determine that
for himself as he watched the beautiful redhead take the other
three men of the group

He was a bit puzzled about the overweight man that would
accompany them on occasion. He only seemed to come
whenever they planned to stay overnight in Gilden's cage, as
they did that first day, so long ago.

Only on these occasions would the two women indulge
themselves to Gilden's bestial cock. Since Fitzhugh already
knew all about it, it would be the only time that they would
allow him to get intimate with them.

He didn't mind that at all. Giving up steady fucking for the
sake of his true interest which had always been bestiality, was a
godsend on this lost planet. And since this was his field of
expertise, he took great pleasure in educating the two women
on the ins and outs of animal fucking.

On these visits he would even feign interest in Glivard's
research. Asking him to show his specimens up close. He
would point out silently the various animal cocks to the two
aroused women.

But they would never risk having intercourse with any of these.
For they were all wild beast and represented a real danger of
being killed.

But one day, he noticed that the one called Fitzhugh was no
longer coming over and asked his tiny friends why that was.

He was shocked to learn that he had disappeared without a
trace one day. Despite a thorough search, they could find no
trace of him. Eventually they had resigned themselves that he
had been captured or worst yet, killed by some wild animal.

Over the years, Glivard had learned a lot from his Lilliputian
friends. His body built up in stature and he switched from
glasses to contact lenses. An invention that Mark explained to
him in detail and for which he now owned the sole patent on
his world. Thanks to this, his family would be in need of
nothing. Their financial future had been secured thanks to the
marooned Earth people.

By the time Glivard reached high school, he had already gained
a strong following of girls wanting to experience his know-how
about sex. He lost his virginity at fifteen to his seventeen-year-
old neighbor who dared him to show her a good time as a joke.

She didn't laugh afterwards, thanks to Valerie and Betty's
excellent tutelage. From then on his reputation spread like
wildfire throughout the school and would follow him for the
rest of his adult life, most likely.

Yes, he would most assuredly become this world's Hugh

After he graduated from college with his veterinarian diploma
in hand, Betty and Valerie had a surprise gift for him.

For the first time in the three years that he had known them.
The two women showed their talent with his pet hamster,
Gilden. He was fascinated to learn how truly versatile a
woman could be sexually.

He came so powerfully that it took him an hour just to clean up
after himself. He listened attentively as he learned ways to
introduce this practice to women of his own Giant stature.

And this fit in so nicely with his interest in animals.

And what ever happened to Fitzhugh, you ask?

Chapter Fifteen

After accompanying Valerie and Betty back to Glivard's lab
that first time, Fitzhugh wanted to indulge himself in his own
Giant fantasy. He remembered the beautiful seventeen-year-
old redhead at the orphanage. The one named Anguel.

He studied the routine at the orphanage for weeks afterwards
and learned that all of the children would shower every second
day. And that Anguel would always repeat her performance at
the end of her shower in the same fashion.

She would wait for everybody to leave the shower room before
fucking herself with that hand-crafted eight foot long dildo.
And go to bed immediately afterwards.

Once he had her routine down pat he planned his moves

He had learned his lesson from his first visit. It would be too
hard to explain why his clothing reeked of female cum every
other day. So he took the habit of stripping naked at the
drainpipes entrance before coming near the shower drain.

Now he could baste himself in her juices at his heart's content.
He would then follow her to her bed and repeat his tender
mercies on her naked body under the nightgown she always
wore and be gone before daybreak.

For months now, Anguel was feeling refreshed every morning.
None the wiser of her nightly visitor.

As he continued gaining more and more confidence in himself.
Fitzhugh finally convinced himself to go for his masterstroke.

As with all the other times previously, he watched the beautiful
redheaded teen masturbate herself into orgasm and followed
her back to her bedroom. He would creep along the wall to
her bed and climb up her sheet. Then duck under them and
make his way to her Giant naked body through the bottom of
her nightgown.

But on this particular day, he had a more ambitious plan in
mind. Rather than follow the length of her body up to her
naked tits, he traveled between her outstretched legs to where
they met at her crotch.

There, he shone his flashlight as the huge pussy slit above his
head. Taking a deep breath for courage, he grasped those
monstrous lips and pulled himself up.

Once he reached her pussy mound, he looked back down. Her
gash was about four or maybe five feet long.

'Yes this should work,' he thought to himself.

Turning, he walked over to her huge clit and licked its surface
for luck, which brought out a moanful response from the
sleeping Giantess.

Taking some deep breaths, he knelt on her mound and began
tugging on those pliant Giant pussylips. He would spread them
open and slowly an opening would appear below him.

He smiled as he became full of confidence that is scheme was
about to bear fruit for him.

Taking courage that her hole was large enough, he began
climbing inside of the Giant pussy. It was a tight fit, especially
at the entrance, but he knew from the size of her dildo that his
rotund body was about the same girth as the instrument.

He continued deeper into her cunt. Rubbing his naked body
against the vaginal walls has he continued squeezing his way

"Mmmmmmh!" The sleeping Anguel would respond to his

Fitzhugh continued exploring the cavernous pussyhole as he
made his way still deeper in her virginal womb. Along the way
her would scratch his Lilliputian nails across the pussy wall.

"Oooh!" The teenaged Giantess groaned.

Fitzhugh knew that he was affecting his host, as her moans and
groans would vibrate even where he was. This didn't
discourage him. In fact, that was what he was hoping would
happen. He wanted to live the ultimate pussy suck. And
nothing back on Earth could beat what he was doing at this
very moment.

He knew that he could die from this experience, but he also
knew that he would die a happy death.

By now Anguel was so aroused that she had to relieve herself,
even as she slept. Her hand traveled down her waist and began
pulling up the nightgown to give her access to her young

Once that was done her fingers traveled to her clit and began
rubbing it in a circular motion. All the while, her other hand
moved up to her naked breast and began massaging those
mountainous mounds of flesh.

Her breathing was getting shorter and shorter as she neared her
orgasm. Inside her womb, Fitzhugh knew what was going on
as his light shone on the walls as they turned bright red from
her excitement. He figured that he'd help things along further.

He moved to the bottom of her vaginal shaft until he came up
to what was obviously her hymen. Rubbing his nails on his
chest like a safe cracker, he reached up and scratched his nails
across three or four feet of the towering obstruction.

"Aargghhh!" Anguel yelled out as she sat bolt upright from
her sleep.

She came so strongly that it looked as if she wet her bed.

Her loud outburst from her sleep also woke the other
occupants in her room, scaring the younger ones. She had to
rush over to quiet them down.

Inside her womb, Fitzhugh was being tossed about as Anguel
ran to the nearest bed to console one of her younger
roommates. He wasn't sure what was going on outside, but he
figured that this would be a good time to exit his love tunnel.

Back in the outside world.

"Sssssshh!" Anguel was trying to hush the other children, even
as she felt another orgasm approaching.

She had to control herself long enough to rush out to the
washroom. But before she could do that, she had to get the
other girls back to sleep.

"Its okay," she would say softly. "Everything's all right. I just
had a bad dream, that's all. Now go back to sleep."

It took nearly ten minutes for the room to quiet down enough
for her to leave. All the while, Fitzhugh was struggling his way
back towards her pussy opening, exciting Anguel's young body
with every movement that he made inside of her.

Anguel finally entered the washroom and locked herself inside
one of the empty toilet stalls and lifted her gown up to expose
her juicing pussy. She sat on the seat and lifted her legs against
the door in front of her.

She was just about to insert her finger inside her pussy when
Fitzhugh's head popped out of her gash. He just stayed there,
motionless, staring at the beautiful green eyed girl looking back
down at him.

She just blinked her eyes unbelievably at the tiny head in her
cunt. She kept staring without saying a word as Fitzhugh
struggled his way up to his waist.

"Yo... you're one of the Little People, aren't you?" Anguel

Fitzhugh didn't dare look up at the teen beauty. With his head
down he told her he was.

"What's your name?" She asked next. "Mine is Anguel."

Taking a deep breath and sucking in his stomach as much as he
could, he looked her straight in the eyes and boasted out his
name proudly.

"Alexander B. Fitzhugh," he bowed. "At your service ma'am."

She laughed at the Little man's gallant mannerism.

"Di... did you do that to me?" She asked shyly. "Back in my
room, I mean."

Fitzhugh stared downwards with shame. Like a child caught
doing something wrong, he was caught red-bodied in the act.

"Y... yes," he told her demurely.

He was surprised at her next response.

"Tha... thank you," she smiled down at him. "That was the
best one I ever had."

She was referring to her orgasm. She was still too naive to
have a name to describe what she had experienced.
Masturbating being taboo in this Giant's society.

"Cou... could we do it again sometime?" She hesitantly asked
of him.

He smiled up at his conquest and agreed. He then told her that
he would meet her each shower day at the drainage grate.
From there she would hide him in her towel back to the room,
where he would indulge himself as he wished.

At least once a week, he would invade her pussy as he had
tonight and give her another thrilling climax.

He even managed to convince the naive teenaged girl to allow
him to shoot his jism in her mouth. She was reluctant to do so
because it sounded so disgusting. He explained to her that
there was nothing wrong with doing this, and she believed
anything that her masterful Lilliputian lover would tell her.

He came to her smiling face, while in bed one night, jerking on
his stiff cock before her staring eyes. And aimed for her open

His first shot landed on her tongue and tastebuds. She
immediately smacked her lips as she tasted semen for the first
time in her life. She found it not too distasteful. And there
was even something familiar about the flavor, but she couldn't
recall from where.

Fitzhugh smiled at her telling how familiar the taste was. He
recalled his first secret visit to her where he shot a load in her
mouth while she was sound asleep. He was glad that it had left
such a lasting impression on her.

Seven month's later, Anguel was released from the orphanage
as she was now an adult. She invited Fitzhugh to come live
with her that very day. He agreed readily. That was the day
that he disappeared without a trace, leaving no word of his
whereabouts to the marooned group.

Eventually they gave him up for dead.

Glivard eventually would marry a dog lover that he had
indoctrinated, thanks to the guidance of Valerie and Betty.

And Fitzhugh made the mistake of convincing Anguel to try a
dog as a sex partner. She loved it immediately, but poor
Fitzhugh met an untimely death when the dog chased him
down one day while Anguel was out working.

She never realized what had happened to her lover. But at
least she still had the large Shepherd-like dog, the one that
Fitzhugh told her to get. They had named him Alex, after him.

Will this adventure ever end????

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