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Summary: With the future at stake, Sara needs to find a way to get a drug into Lois to stop her relationship with Lex from destroying the timeline. The concluding chapter.

Pairings: Sara Lance/Lois Lane

Codes: FF, Anal, Toys

Legends Of Tomorrow/Smallville: Assignment Smallville Part 3
by The Chemist

Sara Lance had never had such a painful walk of shame as she did the moment she left Lex Luthor's mansion. Her training with the League of Assassins, which she had done twice because of the marvel of time traveling, had beaten her body and mind plenty of times. However, what Lex had done to her pussy and asshole made each step feel like they were on fire, hence the wincing.

Sitting in the car as she drove from the mansion back to her hidden time jumpship was slightly better, but she still felt it. For almost 12 straight hours her holes were used for his pleasure, any sick fantasy he thought up she was willing and powerless to stop. She would have done it anyway without the Red Kryptonite heightening her arousal and attraction to him, that way her mission would be complete and the timeline saved.

"Gideon, give me so God damn good news," the trained killer spoke as she entered her ship.

"Well Ms Lance the antidote for the red kryptonite is complete," the computer's A.I. answered.

"Fucking right," the tough blonde cheered. "So what is it? Injected into Lois, added to a drink and swallowed?"

"Actually the best way to achieve a 100% success rate with the kryptonite inoculation into Ms. Lane is via a suppository. Either vaginally or through the rectum will suffice."

"What the fuck Gideon!? How in the hell I'm I going to get a woman I just met to let me shove a pill up her cunt? Or better yet her asshole," Sara fumed, obviously still on edge from her day of getting stretched out and fucked ruthlessly by the evil Lex Luthor.

"I'm not sure if it helps but I'm equipped with a 3D printer and enough materials to make a great many of objects. Not to be crude Ms. Lance but last night I was able to learn that you and Lois Lane made lesbian love to one another," Gideon explained.


"Well, might I suggest using the attraction she clearly shares for you to bring her back into the bedroom."

"I'll gladly lick the cum from her twat but how does me banging Lois help? She'll feel a pill getting crammed in her pussy and I assume it needs to be in there a certain length of time," Sara crudely retorted.

"Quite right," Gideon agreed before sharing her idea with Sara.

"Well shit Gideon, you really are a genius," the assassin commented at the end of it. "That might just work. How fast can you have it constructed and ready for use."

Gideon took a moment to answer. "I've just downloaded plans for making said object and can have it completed with hidden latch in under an hour."

Sara gave the artificial intelligence of the Wave Rider the go-ahead to do just that, which it started immediately. With roughly 45 minutes to herself, Sara entered the small one-person lavatory and ran the longest, hottest shower possible to rinse off the vileness of Lex Luthor from her person. She hated that her mission drew her into such intimate contact with the villain but she had learnt in her short time working for a Time Master that sacrifices are required.

Clean and feeling human once more, Sara dried off before getting dressed. She didn't exactly know why she put such effort into what clothing she was going to wear to visit Lois since they would soon end up on the bedroom floor. Or at least that was the plan.


"Your object is ready and vaccine slotted and ready for use," Gideon explained as Sara picked it up from the printer's tray.

"Beautiful work Gideon," Sara commented, marvelling at the smooth surface and soft contours. "And such a lovely shade of ebony."

* * *

Lois had a great day out with her cousin Chloe Sullivan. It was unexpected to get the call from the curvy blonde mainly since the pair hadn't talked since she started seeing Lex Luthor over a month ago. So when she had her cousin show up at her apartment out of the blue and apologize to her for criticizing her choice in men, Lois was more than happy to let her back into her life.

The day in Metropolis was amazing and helped distract her from her problems. She knew herself that there was something wrong about Lex, and the more time she spent away from the bald man the greater that thought became. However, whenever she was in his presence her rational brain seemed to depart and in its stead was her animalistic libido that told her to rip his clothes off and let him use her as he desired.

"I'll see you soon, okay Lois," Chloe said as she dropped off the leggy girl at her apartment.

"For sure sweetie," Lois replied. "I had a great day."

"And for what it's worth, just listening to your stories about that Sara girl, I like her," Chloe added before pulling away from the curb and driving home.

As Lois made her way into the Talon and up the stairs towards her apartment, her mind flooded with images and feelings about the new girl she had just met yesterday. Sara Lance claimed to have gone to highschool with her, but she couldn't remember her. What she did remember was the intense chemistry they shared right from the start, which ended with the two of them in bed sharing multiple orgasms.

As she settled in her apartment she continued her contemplating. She didn't feel guilty for cheating on Lex since the bald man had explicitly made it a rule that in their relationship there could be other woman brought in. She knew he took advantage of that rule and it wasn't until last night that she did likewise. She still didn't know why she allowed Lex to fuck around behind her back or to bring another woman into their bed together, but she seemed powerless to disagree with him.


"Hey you," Lois said, opening the door to see Sara's beautiful face. "Did we have plans tonight?"

"That depends," the blonde retorted, pulling out a large, freshly made dildo from her purse. "Wanna play?"

"Oh damn," Lois said, eyes going wide.

"I can take that for a yes then," Sara said, stepping by her and into the apartment.

"A big hell yes," the taller brunette replied, closing and locking the door behind her. "I think we'll need some of this first."

Sara shrugged off her black leather jacket and threw it over the arm of the sofa as Lois went to her kitchen and fetched a bottle of American whiskey before pulling down two glasses. She eye-balled a normal amount of the amber liquid before pouring double the amount, figuring that more alcohol was better for what Sara had in store for them this evening.

" a good whiskey," the trained killer groaned as she downed her glass in two big gulps.

"A girl after my own heart," Lois exclaimed before killing her own drink.

"It's not your heart I'm after," Sara said, reaching out and playfully hooking a finger into the waistband of Lois' jeans.

"I'm more than happy to let you win that chase," Lois replied.

The girls were on the same page as they simultaneously leaned in with urgency and found each other's lips. The kiss was passionate and just a little bit sloppy as they let their wagging tongues spill from their mouths. Neither minded the faint amount of slobber on their face, not when they were too focused on stripping each other naked of all their clothing.

"Bedroom?" Sara asked, already raising her bare body from the couch, harness and dildo in hand.

"Bedroom," Lois confirmed, grabbing her hand and leading her back.

The pair practically ran to the back room, not really caring about acting cool. The only thing that mattered was the hot lesbian sex they were about to engage in. And this time with a special little something. As Sara kicked the door closed behind her she caught sight of Lois, who had spun to face her as she stood in front of her bed.

"God you are a specimen," Sara cooed, roaming her body with her eyes.

It wasn't even close to an exaggeration either. Despite having traveled through time and seeing women from all eras, Lois Lane may have had the best body out of them all. Tall with insanely long, fit legs, her featured only got better from there. A nice tight ass with a great thickness, a tapered waist, flat stomach but the holy grail on her were the massive D-cup tits that didn't have even the hint of sag to their perfect form.

"Really know how to make a girl blush," Lois said, suddenly feeling like a teen about to have sex for the first time.

"Get over here," the blonde demanded, bringing her in for more kissing.

As per usual, or at least their usual since they'd only gotten together twice now, the kissing was intense. The pair had genuine sparks, their chemistry felt by both parties even if it was only Sara who knew that this wasn't going anywhere. She was destined to be with Superman and Clark Kent, in love with both the man and the hero, but that wouldn't happen for a couple years yet.

"I love these big tits," Sara cooed as she grabbed two big handfuls, the pillowy boobs squeezed in her palms.

As Sara lowered her head and began to lick her way up one tit on her way to capturing a nipple between her lips to suck on, Lois' eyes flashed to the object on the bed that Sara brought with her. She was familiar with the idea of a strap-on dildo, but she had never seen one in the flesh.

"Mhmmm," Lois moaned as the blonde switched sides and gave her rounded left breast her attention.

The toy was nothing too big, a solid 7 inches long, medium girth but extremely life-like. She'd been with several black men and used many dildos in her extensive sexual history but this one was a perfect mix of the two, right down to the realistic veins populating the shaft and the small pee slit on the head.

"Something on your mind," Sara asked from between her mountainous boobs.

" distracted thinking of that," Lois replied, indicating the dildo attached to the harness.

Sara took a reluctant hand from palming one of Lois' massive breasts and ran it down her extremely flat stomach, feeling the little ridges of muscles right under the surface. The taller girl cooed as her fingers slipped over her thin strip of brown hair and found her slit. She was happy to find it was already wet, in fact it was gushing in the excitement for what was to come.

"Get on the bed and point the tight tushy back at me," Sara commanded.

The fit blonde grabbed the toy from the bed as the naked Lois Lane did as she was told, climbing up onto the mattress and staying on all 4 limbs. She looked back over her shoulder and found Sara had already stepped into the harness and was cinching the straps up tightly. When it was secured she spat onto her palm before smearing the fluid around the tip of the toy.

"Just like too many of my foreplay," Lois said as Sara stepped up behind her.

"I am more than happy to taste that yummy pussy," Sara said with a gleeful smile.

"No, no...I'm good. I wanna try it."

"Ready baby," Sara asked.

It was a fairly dumb question considering Lois was on all fours in front of her with the head of the ebony dildo rubbing along the length of her slit. However, the blonde from a future Star City still found herself asking it, which made the taller reporter look back over her shoulder and nod her agreement.

With her consent secured, Sara lined the thick toy up with her entrance and eased the dildo into Lois' pussy. As the brunette's folds spread, the tightness pushed the base of the dildo back against Sara's clit, which was where the harness had secured it, and they both moaned at the penetration.

"Oh yes," Lois cooed, her long back arching as the other girl kept pushing into her.

Her initial thrust had succeeded in wedging half the dildo inside Lois before the time traveling Legend started to pull out. Before the tip could slip from its fleshy sheath Sara smoothly pushed back in, shoving more into her lover's pussy. After a few thrusts, the blonde started getting the hang of it and started to lengthen her strokes.

" me," Lois moaned, pushing back against Sara trying to get as much of the fake cock inside her as possible.

Sara forgot all about what her primary goal for tonight was as she started to push harder. The sheer physical pleasure she experienced as the base of the dildo pressed against her clit was marvelous, but the visual of the gorgeous brunette taking the length of the black toy into her pink snatch was almost as erotic. After all, she had a gorgeous girl on her hands and knees begging to be fucked.

For Lois it was even more intense. She'd been fucked by both men and with the dildo numerous times, more from her college days, but this was different. She had such a charged and heated connection with the girl she'd only known for a very short while, plus it turned out the blonde really knew how to fuck someone the right way.

"I think I need to make more trips back to this past," Sara thought, working up a sweat as she fucked the future Mrs. Clark Kent.

"God...feels amazing," Lois grunted, feeling Sara's hips slam her ass time after time.

To Gideon's credit, she really had crafted a hell of a dildo. It seemed to be the perfect size for Lois; thick enough to spread her hole and give that full feeling without stretching her to her limit. It was also long enough to probe deep into her twat without being too long where it was pounding her insides.

"You like that? Getting fucked by a girl," Sara asked, slowing her thrusts but going all the way into her tight snatch.

"Very much," Lois happily answered, moaning all the while as her fingers started rummaging through her slit.

After a few slow, hard thrusts, Sara once again picked up the pace. She was working up a sweat inside the bedroom as she fucked the beautiful reporter but it was well worth it. Lois' snatch was now loosened up enough for Sara to have her way with her, anyway she wanted, which meant going fast, deep and hard.

"Just like that," Lois encouraged, feeling that tingling sensation deep in her loins.

"Yeah...gonna cum for me," Sara asked with a smile, pulling back on her womanly hips to drive even harder.

"Getting close," Lois warned, her moans getting louder.

Sara wanted to time injecting the vaccine for red kryptonite just right, in case it could be felt as it was pushed inside her. She kept going with her thrusting but lowered one hand down by the base of the dildo, pressed against her own clit. Off to the side was a small little switch and as Lois erupted into a powerful orgasm, her body going ridge as she flooded the plastic toy in her juices, Sara flipped the toggle and the suppository was shot into her pussy.

She had no idea if the drug would work in the first place or if a few seconds was long enough, although Gideon did reassure her on both those points back in the jumpship. Hoping the A.I. was correct, which of course it always was, she left the fake cock inside Lois for a few more seconds before she retreated and pulled it free.

" are a great ride," Sara complimented as she looked over her beautiful form still kneeling on the bed.

"Hey Sara? Think I can try that? Seemed like you had fun," the curious girl asked.

"Have at it," Sara smiled, loosening the straps and letting the harness with dildo attached fall from her hips. "Best of both world. Getting fucked but by a hot girl."

"Like this," Lois asked as she pulled the device up her body.

"Perfect," the blonde replied, cinching the leg straps to hold it in better position. "Now come and fuck me."

Lois wondered if the other girl needed any lube or for her to go down on her to rev her engine, but as she slid the head of the fake dick through her folds she realized the blonde was ready to go already. Lois also found that her own heart was racing as she prepared to try something so novel as she had never even considering fucking another girl like this before.

"Hell yes," Sara hissed as the first several inches slid into her. "Feels great Lo."

"This is so exciting," Lois exclaimed with an astonished look on her face.

Subconsciously, Lois started to pump her hips forwards then back, driving the tool into Sara for a few inches then retreated but not nearly as far. In a minute she had easily pushed the entire length of the dildo into her new friend, fucking her with all 7 inches to both of their delights.

"Fuck me Lois," Sara all but demanded now, urging her to go faster.

"Such a naughty girl, begging to be fucked," the taller girl said as she drove in and out of her pussy.

To Lois' amazement, she found she was getting excited sexually by fucking another girl with the fake cock strapped around her waist. And based on the way the clearly experienced blonde was moaning, she was doing a damn fine job of it. Continuing to act on instinct, the reporter grabbed hold of Sara's spread thighs and used them to garner more leverage, fucking her even deeper now.

"Yes...make me cum all over your fake dick," Sara gasped, her moans reflecting her finger now rubbing her clit.

"Oh you'll cum...cum all over my cock," Lois rebutted, completely thriving on the dirty talk.

"Shit, fuck, shit," Sara screamed, on the verge of a quick orgasm.

"Are you fingering her ass," Lois asked, the question rolling off her tongue before she could stop it.

" me...ahhh yes...cum," Sara moaned, her index finger completely wedged in her backdoor.

"And that feels good," she followed up, unable to control her tongue.

"So good I'm gonna beg you to fuck my ass when I cum...which is now...shit, shit, shit!"

With her fingers working to rub her sensitive clit as another probed her responsive asshole, Sara was pushed past the brink of her orgasm. Her muscles went rigid, giving Lois a wonderful look at her ridged abdomen as she came hard. Despite spending hours with Lex's cock in her various holes, the bastard hadn't made her climax like Lois just had.

"Were you serious, you know, about the other thing," the brunette asked, the toy still wedged in her pussy.

"100 percent," she consented, at which point Lois pulled out of her but didn't go far.

Sara waited on her back, arms reaching down so her hands could hold apart her ass cheeks for Lois. Being careful though the blonde didn't really care for it, the taller girl smeared some lube she always kept in her bedside drawer onto the large ebony toy before she positioned the head of the dildo against Sara's asshole.

"Yes...push it in," Sara instructed, the anticipation killing her.

The moment the words were out of the blonde killer's mouth, Lois pushed forward. She felt the hard flat surface of the toy push back against her still sensitive clit before watching as Sara's eyes bulged slightly as her anus spread to accept the dildo. Though she was the one who had it made, she hadn't quite realized just how big the toy actually was.

"It's so big," Sara gasped as Lois had kept pushing until hearing her comment.

"Oh shit. Want me to stop," Lois asked, stopping her momentum and letting half the length sit inside her asshole.

"Not on your life. I'll get used to it in no time," Sara assured, wrapping her strong legs around the other girl's waist to hold her in position.

From above the sexy time traveling, Lois's eyes were bulging as well, but for completely different reasons. While Sara's eyes were bursting out of their sockets from the unexpected size of the plastic cock being shoved up her well used but still tight ass, Lois' eyes were wide open with excitement of the moment. It just looked so hot to have such an up close view of such a kinky act and to experience the thrill of fucking someone in such a taboo way.

Sara realized she wouldn't have felt the initial discomfort of her asshole being spread and fucked again if it wasn't for the marathon sex session she had with Lex. However, with Lois it was everything her time earlier with the demented Luthor wasn't. Here there was passion and excitement and longing.

"You are so sexy," Lois told her date as she started making short thrusts inside her bowels.

As Lois started to fuck Sara's ass with short strokes to bury a little more of the toy in her ass with each one, the blonde decided it was time for her help herself. With the pain largely starting to fade and be replaced by a twinge of pleasure, she released one of her cheeks from her grip and used it to flick a finger against her clit.

Having seen the blonde frictioning her clit with a good deal of effort, Lois gripped Sara's hips and lengthened her strokes. The tightness of the other girl's asshole loosening but there was still enough resistance, forcing her to take it slow but she started to work about half of the toy in and out of her very thick ass.

"Yes! Fuck my ass," Sara gasped, the pleasure from both holes crashing together inside her, her pleasure amplified greatly.

As if to help make her point, the feisty lesbian used her legs that were already wrapped around Lois' narrow waist and dug her heels into her butt, helping pull her forward into her own ass. While she was doing that Sara slipped two fingers into her pussy and immediately felt a shudder of pleasure run through her own body. Her palm was still getting pressure on her slit, but she loved the feel of Lois' strap-on rubbing against her fingers through the walls of her pussy.

"Don't fucking stop," Sara screamed as she was fucked from all directions.

"I don't plan to," Lois promised her as she increased the tempo of her thrusts a little.

It was obvious to both girls that Sara was clearly steamrolling towards one hell of an orgasm. She was so close, right on the verge of a dramatic climax. However, it wasn't until she curled her fingers and bumped against her G-spot, but when she did it was enough to set Sara off like a firecracker.

"Gonna, mmm, gonna cum," Sara moaned as her orgasm hit her.

Her pussy clamped down on around her grinding fingers and her asshole constricted around Lois' thrusting toy. Every muscle in her body clenched at the same time and her body quaked as the waves of pleasure coursed through her. Lois found that she wasn't able to push into the blonde any longer so she waited for the Legend to stop cumming before slowly and painlessly sliding out of her asshole.

"Holy crap," Lois cooed, having slipped the harness from her legs and falling onto the bed beside Sara, her massive tits bouncing in front of her.

"I know," Sara cooed, running a hand through her golden locks.

"Wanna stay the night?"

"Only if you buy me coffee in the morning," the Legend retorted with a smile.

"Deal," Lois said as she swung back up to her feet. "Now I need to shower. Care to join?"

* * *

The pair woke up the next morning feeling rest but requiring a coffee nonetheless. Of course, as Lois slept soundlessly the whole night, Sara had used her assassin training to quietly leave the apartment to make a quick stop back at the jumpship. It was an important trip as Gideon had informed her that the timeline was indeed restored to its original version now that Lois was protected from Lex Luthor's advances.

"Wow I feel good," Lois cooed as she stretched her arms out to the side.

"Me too," Sara said, having crawled unnoticed back into her bed hours earlier. "Coffees?"

"Mmm, the Talon has come great cappuccinos if you're game," the taller girl suggested, covering her beautiful tits with a bra and tanktop.

The pair got dressed then headed out the door and down the steps. It was 10am on a Saturday so the trendiest coffee shop in Smallville was obviously bustling with business. It took them a minute or two until the cashier was able to take their order and another few more before the bold hot drinks were ready.

"Well hello there beautiful," Lex said as he came up from behind Lois.

The tall girl spun around excited...until she saw who had made the comment. She was suddenly awash with disgust and anger. Lex must have seen the change in her facial expression as well, going from having a broad smile to a tight-lipped frown and narrowed eyes. Wisely he stopped his progress and didn't go for the kiss he originally was going for.

"Don't beautiful me," Lois shot back.

"Lo, what's wrong?"

"I don't know what sorcery or witchcraft came over me but that trance is officially broken. Lex, at best you are confusing with your motivation. At worst, you're a schemer, murderer and likely the son of Satan himself," Lois raved, getting the attention of the patrons closeby including one Clark Kent.

"We can talk later," the bald man retorted quietly, trying to avoid a scene and likely to tinker with his formula.

"There won't be a need. Bye Lex," Lois remarked, drawing gasped and some light laugher from the crowd.

Once all the murmuring and excitement started to die down, Sara touched her girl friend on the arm and asked for a moment to talk privately. "Listen Los, I had a great time but I'm not looking for anything serious."

"Oh is this about ending things with Lex? That had nothing to do with us. That was all about me and getting out from his oppressive thumb. Honestly I have no idea what I was even doing with him," Lois commented.

"I figured as much. I just wanted to let you know I'm leaving soon. Well, today actually," Sara corrected herself.

"Wow. Sudden," Lois said, not able to hide her disappointment.

"I'm not right for you anyway. I'm fun and exciting, not the settling down type. Besides, I'm not entirely convinced you're 100% into girls," the blonde added.

"Not really if I'm honest. Just between us, I'd rather suck a cock then lick a pussy," the future reporter commented crudely. "But that said, I was 100% into you."

"Take care Lo...but something tells me you'll be just fine

* * *

"That couldn't have been easy leaving them Ms. Lance," Gideon commented once Sara returned to the ship.

"Right you are Gideon," she answered. "So why don't you track the time beacon from the Wave Rider and reunite me with my people."

The jumpship booted up immediately and once finding the large time ship, they were off. Sara Lance didn't know how much time elapsed before she felt her smaller craft slowing, causing her to look out the main windshield. It was a sight for her sore eyes - the Wave Rider. She was docked moments later and when the door opened she was greeted by the entire crew of Legends.

"About time," Mick huffed before stalking away. "But glad to have someone who can actually handle their alcohol back aboard."

"I said I was sorry about throwing up on your pants," Ray apologized, following after the fiery man. "Happy you're back Sara."

"Me too Ms. Lance," Martin Stein said as he gave her a fatherly hug.

"Yeah, I guess you're cool and stuff," Jefferson said as he acted nonchalant.

"Congratulations on your first solo mission Sara. Gideon said it was a massive success," Rip said once the pair were alone.

"First mission?"

"Well...I may have something of another matter needing your expertise," Rip hinted.


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