Last Man Standing: Mandy's 'Romper' Room With Her Mom And Sister (FFf,herm,anal,DP,facial,first,inc,squirt,cream pie
by Dr. Demented 666

No one was home except Mandy, her younger 16 year old sister Eve, and their mom Vanessa. Mandy was down in the family fallout bunker where she had her dress shop set up and was working on making new dresses. Mandy had no clothes on and was trying on various designs she came up with and was about to try on another when her mom waltzed in on her totally naked.

Mandy looked at her mom who just came back from a night out on the town in a tight black dress that Mandy had designed for her and let her moms large tits show for pleasure and her MILF figure come to life in ways never before as her long legs stunned anyone she walked past. Vanessa's bare shoulders and deep cleavage said it all as her wavy sandy blonde hair hung down past her shoulders as she stood there in the entry to the room and gazed upon her naked daughter...

Mandy stood there with a smile and her voluptuous model body and firm breasts with no puberty down below as she liked to shave herself clean. But what really got Vanessa's attention was what was growing in size between her daughter's legs as they both stood there speechless...

"Jesus! Mandy! Put that thing away!" Vanessa exclaimed to her hermaphroditic daughter as her penis grew by the second.

"But mom, it's getting like this because of you..." Mandy exclaimed...

"Me!? What the hell are you talking about?" Vanessa wondered...

"Well, yeah...I mean, look at you...That dress I made for you really sets off your hot features I never considered before...Look at it mom...Look at how hard you're making me..." Mandy stated with a huge smile and giddiness.

"Stop that, Mandy...I'm your mom...Put it away..." Vanessa again urged her daughter.

By now, Mandy was strutting her way towards her mom and reached out and took her moms hand and pulled it towards her body and clasped it around her hard erection and began to work it over her long 10" boner...

Vanessa's eyes bulged with disbelief as Mandy cooed: "Just like that, mom...God! It feels sooooooo good...You like playing with it, don't you mom?"

Vanessa shook her head in a 'No' fashion but really didn't pull her hand away as her daughter forced her to continue to pleasure her hard cock and feeling the pulsing blood pump through it as Mandy leaned in and plunged her tongue into her Mom's mouth and stunning Vanessa yet again with the next level of an impending incestual relationship.

Vanessa shut her eyes and fell into her daughters snare, relinquishing her motherly instinct to stop and actually started tonguing her hot daughter back. Suddenly, Vanessa felt her other hand being pulled and wrapped around something else, her eyes sprang open and she broke her lip lock with Mandy. There standing naked in the room with Vanessa and Mandy was Eve who was making Vanessa stroke her own 8" hermaphroditic cock...

"Jeez, not you too Eve..." Vanessa exclaimed as she rolled her eyes in disbelief as both her daughters were seducing her in a way that never should happen.

Eve relished in the handling her mother was giving to her hard cock and massaging her smooth shaven balls just as her sisters private area looked-nice and bare. Eve got behind her mom and tucked her hard cock under her moms dress as did Mandy in the front, letting the dress pull their cocks snugly against their moms smooth warm leg as they dry fucked it with great pleasure from behind and in front of their mom.

Vanessa gasped with surprise as she felt pre cum coat her leg and smear against her as her daughters licked her neck and kissed her with heated desire as Eve slowly unzipped the back of her moms dress and lowered it to her hips and then unsnapped her bra. Vanessa felt her black laced bra fall off of her and to the floor and Mandy leaned in and flicked her wet tongue over Vanessa's stiff nipples as Eve licked the center of her mom's back at her spine.

Eve dropped to her knees behind her mom and pulled her mom's dress the rest of the way down and off of her and then did the same with her mom's black laced panties. Mandy began to rub her hard shaft against her mom's golden curly pubes that were neatly trimmed but deep with fluff, teasing her mom and herself at the same time.

Vanessa knew what was coming next but nothing could prepare her for the immense feeling of her own daughter penetrating her and fucking her. Eve pushed her mom's right leg up Mandy's side so it hooked around Mandy's hip as Mandy eased herself into her mom's wet snatch. Vanessa gasped and her jaw dropped as her daughter sunk the full 10" into her pussy with a smile...

"You're in me, Mandy! You're taking your mother!" Vanessa squealed with a look of horror mixed with pleasure on her face...

"I'm taking you alright...Feel it, mom? Feel how good it is in you? God! That pussy! It's so wet and hot! And tight! Damn mom! Fuck! FUCK!" Mandy blurted out as she thrusted into her mom's pussy with great joy and virginal bliss.

Eve went to work and licked her way up the back of her mom's leg, starting directly behind her knee and glided her wet tongue up the backside of Vanessa's gorgeous leg until it met her asshole. Eve fluttered her tongue about her mom's anal entrance and then plunged its full length into her mom's as and flicked it about inside of her.

Vanessa jolted in reatcion to her daughter's anal tonguing and let out a loud puppy-like yelp with a long high pitched 'Ooooooooooh'....

"What is it, mom?" Mandy asked her as she continued to fuck her.

"Eve! She's licking my ass!" Vanessa stated.

"You like that, don't you? Your daughter's tongue up your backside?" Mandy asked with a devilish smile.

"I do...I...FUCK!" Vanessa stated loudly, with the word FUCK emphasized as Eve yanked her sister out of their moms pussy and broke her ass tonguing to suck her own sister off.

"Holy shit, mom! Eve's sucking your pussy juice off my cock...FUCK!" Mandy exclaimed, with the word FUCK again emphasized when Eve inserted her sister back up into their mom's pussy after sucking it off.

Eve rose to her feet and began to swirl her index finger tip around her moms puckered ass as her hard shaft rubbed against her mom's hot bottom. Vanessa looked back over her shoulder with a bewildered look on her face...

"What are you doing?" Vanessa asked of Eve.

"Shhhhh...Relax, mom...It'll be all over soon enough..." Eve whispered in her mom's ear...

"Soon enough for WHA-UT! FUCK! FUCK! OW! MY ASS, EVE!" Vanessa screamed, with the last words screameed out as her daughter anally penetrated her for the first ime ever in her life and at the same time giving their mom her first ever DP session.

Mandy lifted her mom's other leg up her other side as Eve cupped her mom's bottom, now Vanessa was suspended and held up by her two daughters who continued to fuck her at the same time in her pussy and ass. Vanessa couldn't believe what was happening to her by her own children, but the burning pleasure Eve's cock was giving her ass and making it swell to proportions she never imagined as Mandy fucked her vaginally was overwhelming...

"Jesus! Girls! You're gonna make your mother cum! GOD! MANDY! EVE!" Vanessa screamed as her eyes rolled back in their sockets and turned white...

"Fuck yeah, mom! I'm gonna cum, too! I'm gonna fill your hot ass with my jizz!" Eve stated with a high pitched voice as her cock swelled and exploded deep into her mom's rump with pulsing throbs...

"Holy shit, mom! I can feel Eve's cock throbbing through your vaginal and anal walls! God! I'm gonna fill you up, mom! Here I CUUUUUUMMMM!" Mandy screamed as she exploded inside of her mom's pussy and giving her her first ever dual vaginal-anal cream pie.

Vanessa's body twitched and convulsed as it continued to be suspended by her daughters as they finished in her. Mandy let her mom's legs down to the floor and Vanessa opened her eyes and stared into Mandy's with a glossy 'What the fuck just happened?' look in them. Both Mandy and Eve pulled from their mom and hot globs of cum followed and slid down Vanessa's legs in front and in back.

Slowly the two Baxter daughters licked their way down their mom as she stood, Eve down her back and Mandy down her front; encircling her tongue around Vanessa's naval and then down to her muff. Vanessa gasped with excitement and a profound smile as Eve lapped up the cum from her mom's asshole and Mandy doing the same from her mom's pussy. Mandy gobbled her spew until her mom's inner vaginal walls turned from the milky white to the redish pink they naturally were.

Mandy then went to the golden pubes of her mom and wrapped their curly ends in her lips and tugged at them, pulling the sticky cum that remained in them off and into her mouth. Vanessa cooed as her pubes straightened with each tug and then curled back to their natural state when Mandy released them. Chills ran up Vanessa's spine and goosebumps formed on her skin, making the hairs on her arms stand on end and the slight hint of peach fuzz at the small of her back and on her bottom stand erect.

Suddenly, Vanessa let out a loud howl and a jolt of her hips as she shot a long squirt that resembled a garden hose on jet stream all over Mandy. Mandy flinched and shut her eyes as her mom unleashed her full capacity onto her daughter in a violent orgasm...

"Mom! My pretty hair! You're soaking it!" Mandy squealed as she shook her head side to side to try and avoid her mom's squirts.

Vanessa finally stopped orgasming and her girls stood and led her to the bed where she got on it on her back and had her head dangling off the foot of the bed. Mandy went to her mom and sunk her long cock deep into her mouth and began to face fuck her while Eve went to the bathroom and got her mom's lady razor and came back in and proceeded to shave her mom's snatch smooth.

Vanessa relished in the feeling of her pussy being groomed to a smooth shaven state by her youngest daughter and the coolness of the room air gliding over the freshly shaven area as Eve went down on her and licked her tight vaginal lips and prying them open to plunger her tongue inside of her mom. Eve then worked her way up her mom until she was face to face with her, watching as her mom's cheeks bulged from Mandy's hard cock pushing out on them from the inside of her mouth...

Eve slowly sunk herself into her mom's pussy for the first time and listened as her mom moaned with muffled pleasure as she took her again and again. Eve couldn't believe the feeling of her mom's tight pussy clenching at her cock and massaging it with wet hotness as Mandy pulled form their mom's mouth and began to cum.

Load after load shot onto Vanessa and Eve's faces, making Vanessa squeal: "You're cumming all over my face...Mandy! Stop! My hair!"

"You fucked my hair up, now it's your turn...Take it! Take it all, mom!" Mandy shouted with a smile as she jerked off all over her mom and sister.

As cum dripped from Eve's face onto her mom and she playfully licked it off of her, Eve exploded in her mom's pussy. Vanessa's eyes sprang open with surprise as she felt Eve fill her like a stallion and the throbs of her cock banging against the inside of her pussy and clit sent her into orgasm mode. Vanessa lifted her lower half and then dropped it while surging her legs around Eve and pulling her into her pussy forcefully as she squirted all over her daughter.

Hard squirts spurted passed Eve's cock and onto her smooth legs and soaking the sheets as Mandy slapped her hard cock against their faces and rubbed it through her mom's hair. Vanessa's orgasm finally gave way and her legs let go of Eve. Mandy sunk to her knees and the three engaged in a 3 way Frenching that lasted for minutes, each Baxter girl lapping up cum from their faces and sharing it with each other.

The bunker was where Mandy made her rompers for her clothing line, but never did she think it would turn into a 'Romper Room' with her mom and sister...





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