Last Man Standing: Kristen Gets An Eyeful Of Her Son And More (bF,Anal,Facial,Inc,CP,Squirt,First)
by Dr. Demented 666

Kristen had just gotten home from work and slipped into her jammies and headed down stairs to get a quick bite and decided to stop by her son's bedroom to see if he was still awake to tell him goodnight. She arrived at his door and opened it slowly just in case he was asleep and didn't want to wake him. When the door reached a certain point to where she could then see her son on his bed and on his back, totally naked and masturbating, the door stopped abruptly and her jaw dropped.

Kristen stood there in disbelief and utter amazement at her son's pleasuring of himself and how he slowly stroked his 5" boner with a slickened look to it. Obviously he had used some sort of lubricant and was getting great delight from what he was doing to himself as his body twitched a bit and he sunk the back of his head into his pillow as his free hand caressed his hairless stomach and erect nipples, twirling over them and down to his prepubescent balls that he gently fondled and then back up over his stomach, chest and nipples again.

Kristen found herself speechless and not sure what to do when she heard the unthinkable: "It feels so good...I can't believe you're kissing my thing, mom...Yes, keep it up, mom...Just like that...MOM! You're gonna! MY THING! IT'S! IT'S!"

Then Kristen witnessed her son orgasm, shooting thick white strands of cum into the air that arched and dropped back down onto his stomach, chest and even into his own mouth. Boyd pushed his sperm out of his mouth with his tongue and continue to stroke every last drop from his dick, allowing it to flow down and over the top of his hand that was playing with it while his other hand massaged his cum into his stomach, making it glisten in the soft room light.

Kristen couldn't believe her son just got off to a fantasy about her and him together-SEXUALLY! He's only 12 years old, she thought to herself and wondering how these thoughts came about and listening to him further.

"Mom, it feels so good rubbing against your hot leg like that. I can taste my stuff in your mouth when you kiss me, it's like some of the candy I had earlier...Yes, I do...I wanna feel you put it in you...Please put it in you, mom." Boyd fantasized to himself and answering mock questions that his mom may have uttered to him during their sexual interlude.

Kristen couldn't believe Boyd wanted her to have sex with him as he continued to play with himself even after his recent orgasm and placing his mind into yet another orgasm mode. Kristen found herself reaching down into her jammies and fondling her pussy, inching a finger into it and playing with herself as she watched her son buck his hips upward into a humping fashion as he yet again orgasmed.

Another round of cum shot into the air and landed back on him as he panted heavily with soft squeals of joy, expressing gratitude to his mom in his fantasy world: "It happened again, mom...Did you feel it? It felt so good happening in you like that."

Kristen's eyes widened as she realized her son came inside of her in his fantasy and she let out a whispered 'Yes! I did feel it, honey...' in a subconscious response to her son's question and her own orgasm wetting her pajama bottoms and her hand in the process.

Kristen quickly gathered her wits and shut her son's door, heading to the bathroom and getting changed and cleaned up; still not sure what to make of her son's sexual affection for his mother. But days went by and Kristen thought of her son and what he fantasized about doing with her and even masturbated to the idea herself about the incident. She realized she couldn't control her urges any longer and decided to make her son's fantasy become realized as her own would, too.

Kristen headed to her son's bedroom during the time he normally plays with himself and crept into his room wearing nothing but black laced panties and a pair of black nylons that stopped at her thighs and had a laced pattern at their tops.

As Boyd laid on his bed masturbating and totally unaware of his mom in the room, Kristen approached his bed with a fast beating heart and gently placed herself on it at his side and leaning into him with her naked breasts pressing against his side and her hand pushing his away and taking over playing with his hard boy toy.

Boyd's eyes quickly sprang open and he looked down to see what his mom was doing to him. Boyd had an unsure look on his face as his mom whispered into his ear: "I know what you've been doing to yourself and thinking of me in the process. So, how does it feel having the real thing done to you?"

"Wow! It's amazing! It feels so much better with you doing it for real! But, I'm so embarrassed, I didn't know you seen me doing this to myself and thinking of you...You aren't mad, are you?" Boyd stated.

"What? Mad? No, honey...Not at all...I was a little dismayed at first, but then I kinda fell into your fantasy and began to play with myself and thinking of you." Kristen confessed to her son.

"REALLY!? WITH ME!? SHOW ME, MOM!" Boyd happily replied.

Kristen got on her back and spread her legs, letting her son rise to his knees and kneel between them with his hard dick sticking straight out in anticipation of what she may have him do.

"You said you liked the feel of your thing rubbing against my leg. Well, go ahead. Lift my leg and tuck that hard thing under my nylon and rub it against my leg." Kristen instructed her son.

Boyd smiled wide as he lifted his mom's leg and propped it up over his shoulder and slid himself under the sheerness of the nylon, feeling it tug his dick close to his mom's smooth leg as he pumped his hips in a humping fashion. Kristen cooed with joy as she knew it was making her son feel good, especially when he pulled her leg close to him with his arms and licked the side of her calf.

With each thrust up into her nylon, Boyd shot a load of his hot cum that his mom felt smear against her leg under her nylon. For the first time she could feel the warmth of her son's love on her and then he pulled his dick from her nylon and let it flop down onto her panties.

"Boyd! Oh my God! You soiled my panties, honey...We can't have that...Take them off-and my nylons, too. Just roll them down my legs." Kristen instructed her son

Boyd rolled his mother's nylons down each leg and pulled them from her feet and tossed them onto the floor. Next was her panties, gripping them firmly at her waist and smiling with that boyish grin of curiosity of seeing is first naked woman in the flesh.

Boyd pulled his mother panties down her legs and off her body, tossing them to the side and watching as she opened her legs and exposed her full naked body to her own son. Kristen softly stirred her fingers over her nipples that were as hard as diamonds as her brown pubes glistened from her already wet pussy. Boyd took great pleasure in playing with his mom's lowly trimmed pubes that showed off her womanly grace and weren't over gown passed the premise of what's acceptable in todays society.

"Here, honey. Lay on your back. I wanna put you in my mouth and pleasure you like in your fantasy." Kristen instructed her son.

Boyd hurriedly got onto his back and lifted his head, watching his mom's wet tongue glide up the sensitive underside of his hard cock as it rested against his lower stomach. She lifted it and gently raked her teeth over his cock head and put him into her mouth, all where staring directly into his eyes and taking in every expression he gave her.

Within seconds, Boyd was cumming; filling his mom's mouth with his cum as he balled the sheets up into his fists and shook his head side to side in his pillow with loud panting squeals of pleasure that only a girl should give off.

Kristen slid up her son's body until they wer face to face and pressed her lips against his as they stared into each others eyes. Boyd slowly opened his mouth as id his mom, allowing his cum to pour from her mouth into his that was hurriedly mixed with their tongues. The pupils of both their eyes dilated with delight as Kristen rubbed her soft muff against her son's hard cock in a fucking fashion.

"Oh man, that feels so good, mom...What you're doing to me down there with your vaginal hair." Boyd stated to his mom.

"Yeah, you like that huh? Well, lets try something else that you may like." Kristen told her son while smiling and rising to her knees and straddling her son at the waist.

Kristen lifted herself fully into a kneeling position and reached down with both hands and pried open both her vaginal lips, exposing the pink interior of her pussy that dripped her horny wetness onto her son's wet shaft and her erect white clit emerged from its sheathe.

"Lift your thing, honey. That's it, hold it up for me." Kristen told her son.

Kristen gently lowered herself onto her son's shaft and felt it penetrate her fully, her pussy grasping at his shaft with a horny massage-like grip. Her pussy immediately drenched his cock with a rush of vaginal fluid that she couldn't control as she laid across the top of his body and began to kiss him as she fucked him.

"God! Boyd! I can't believe you're in me like this! It feels so fucking good, honey!" Kristen blurted out as she fucked her son.

"Mom! You swore!" Boyd said to his mom.

"Hell yeah! We're having sex and things just slip...FUCK! SHIT! BOYD! BABY! MY PUSSY IS GONNA EXPLODE! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I CAN'T BELIEVE MY SON'S GONNA MAKE ME CUM!" Kristen screamed as she felt her son explode in her pussy and she gushed onto his dick and lower extremities.

Boyd wasn't sure what just happened with his mom but loved the unexpected development as his dick flopped out of his mom and she pulled herself up so she straddled his face.

"Lick my pussy, baby...Eat that hot cum of yours out of me...I know you like how it tastes." Kristen begged of her son as her soft bush tickled his face as she ground herself against it.

Boyds wet tongue sunk deeply into his mom's pussy, tasting her berry-like flavor and his candy-like cum mixed together and sort of resemble cotton candy as it soaked into her wet pubes that smeared against his face. Kristen threw her head back over her shoulders and stared up at the ceiling that spun in the room as she orgasmed yet again, spraying all over her son's face who turned his head to avoid drowning.

Kristen howled as she clenched the head board that slammed loudly against the wall from the hard quivers her body gave off from the most powerful orgasm of her life, ending with splatters that turned to lengthy gushes onto her son.

Kristen sunk back down onto her drenched boy and raked her fingertips through his wet hair and massaging her orgasm into his scalp as her pubes tickled his dick into a state of erectness yet again.

"Really, Boyd? You're hard again? Well, lets see what we can do about that...Put it in me, baby." Kristen told her son.

Boyd lifted his cock and pressed it up against his mother's pussy as she lowered herself onto it. But his dick slipped upward and straight into his mom's ass. Kristen's eyes widened with surprise and pain on her face as a shock wave shot up her spine and her son stared up at her with a curious face...

"Mom, what's wrong? You look hurt..." Boyd asked of his mom.

Kristen waited a minute with her son's cock still seated in her ass and she eased herself all the way down onto his dick, fully impaling herself anally and her face turned from a look of pain to a look of joy as a wide grin appeared and she purred softly to her son...

"Boyd...You're up my ass, honey...I never had it back there before...Fuck, it feels so good." Kristen stated to her son as she began to fuck him.

Boyd felt great splendor in the new feeling of his mom's tight ass wrapped around his cock and clenching at it each time she lifted herself up to its very tip and then seating herself back down on it. Kristen began to scream with heated desire and hot 'YES's' with each thrust down onto her son's shaft. Boyd had his head turned to the side and his mom's tit squishing against the side of his cheek and coercing him into licking her breast.

Boyd swirled his wet tongue over his mom's stiff nipple and suckled it, making her squeal: "Fuck yeah, baby...God! You haven't done that to me since you were a baby, and certainly not like that."

Then Boyd's cock swelled with intense pressure and exploded inside of his mom's ass. Kristen screamed as she felt the hard pulses against her anal walls and without control exploded onto her son, gushing onto his nether region with hot vaginal fluids and her hot breath against his face as she slammed her tongue into his mouth and swirled it over his as they both continued to orgasm together.

Boyd's dick sprang out of his mom's ass and finished shooting his cum onto her ass cleavage and the small of her back as his cum flowed from his mom's ass gape, down the front of his dick and around his balls; pooling onto the sheets at his ass.

Kristen pressed her forehead against her son's and they stared into each others eyes with a dizzy look and smiles that said it all. Kristen softly kissed her son, whispering to him as she did so: "This is our little secret, no one else can know...OK?"

Boyd nodded an approved 'YES' as his mouth was preoccupied with hers, leaving nothing to doubt that soemthing like this will happen again and again in the future.


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