Last Man Standing: Eve Babysits (bf,oral,first)
by Insomniac

Eve was considered the good child. Her dad's favorite by far and he didn't try to hide it. She got good grades, didn't have a slut reputation like her sister Mandy, and didn't have a kid during in High School like her other sister Kristin. She was the youngest of the three and had her mind set on West Point Academy.

Eve was now 15 years old and starting to develop the typical feelings of a teenager, going beyond her schooling, and looking at boys. She had a boyfriend, but all they did was kiss, she didn't want to be labeled a slut like Mandy, who floated by on her looks. But, she was curious what it would feel like to do more. She took her own virginity with a toy so that she wouldn't show any pain the first time she did end up having sex. She hated to show weakness. She watched porn for pointers, and saw how a woman can control a man like she does daily on the football field, or Army training. The only problem was she didn't have anyone to control, or practice on, or pleasure her.


Eve walked down stairs to see the rest of her family...

Kristin: Dad, I need to go to the restaurant to make sure the kitchen is all set for the big open tomorrow, but I forgot my key there, can I borrow your set?

Mike: You know something I have to set the floor, let me take you and I can let you in.

Kristin: Mandy can you please watch Boyd and make sure he gets into bed. Please please please.

Mandy: Uh, sorry Kyle and I are going to Kyle's grandmothers.

Kyle: Yeah, she was found wandering downtown with her cat... only problem was she was naked... and the cat was a raccoon.

Kristin: Eve? Please, we may be out a little late and Boyd needs to get some sleep, he didn't nap today and has been grumpy all day.

Eve: What about mom? I have stuff to do, studying and things. Better than watching the terror nugget.

Mike: You know mom is off at a resort with Carol for a few days. Eve, if you can do this you'll be my favorite.

All the girls chimed in, "she's already your favorite"

Mike: yeah, but you'll be even farther ahead!

Eve: FINE, oh my god why do I get stuck with this crap all the time.

Kristin: thank you so much!

Within a few minutes they left, and shortly after Kyle and Mandy left as well.

Eve rounded up Boyd.

Eve: So squirt, what do you want to do? I'm putting you to bed in an hour.

Boyd was now 7 years old and felt very independent.

Boyd: I want to play video games and stay up until mom gets home, c'mon aunt Eve you're the cool one. Let me stay up.

Eve: Nice try, but I invented twisting people to get what I want.

Movie? She asked, hoping this would be an easy night.

Boyd picked out a movie and put it in, then proceeded to go sit on his aunt's lap.

Eve: oh my god kid you reek, how long has it been since you had a bath?

Boyd: uhhh, three days I think.

Eve: well change of plans, we are going to get you a bath, I'm not letting you sleep in that filth. You smell like your hippy dad.

Eve walked Boyd upstairs and turned the water on. She had only given him a bath twice and it had been over a year since the last time.

"ok, off with the shirt, now take your pants off, then undies" She stated.

Boyd without hesitation removed his shirt, then his pants to his white briefs, then removed his underwear.

Eve noticed herself looking at his body a little different. He had a tight little butt, and for his age it seemed a decent sized dick. Kristin had him circumcised as a baby, and of course no pubes had grown. But Eve estimated his dick to be around 4 inches flaccid. Eve noticed that her nipples were hardening a little and she was a tad wet.

Here is someone I can control... someone who I can be sure won't label me a slut.

But what if he says something to Kristin, his mom... my sister. It's so wrong.

She decided maybe one step further was ok...

"OK squirt get in and move to the front, I'll hop in with you. Eve started to strip as well. She removed her shirt and jeans down to her black bra and black boy-short underwear. She was very reserved in almost every way. She reached back an unclipped her bra. She had noticeably smaller breasts than her sisters and mother, secretly hoping they would get larger with time. Her nipples were a light pink and dime-sized. Then pulling down her panties to the floor revealed a small light brown patch of pubes on her pussy. Compared to the porn she had seen, she thought her pussy looked great. The lips folded in and she had the "thigh gap" she always read the boys liked. She had seen her sisters and mother naked several times and it seemingly was a family trait. "No wonder Mandy is a slut and Kirstin has a kid" she would think to herself. We've got smoking hot bodies. Though she did notice her sisters were shaved at the time, she saw no need for this. Too much effort and no one to impress. However, it seems Boyd noticed this as well.

As Eve sat on the edge of the tub to rinse Boyd, she put a leg on either side of him. As he looked over he looked directly at her pussy.

Boyd: Why do you have hair there? Mommy doesn't.

As he asked this question, he reached over and stroked her pussy, touching her pubes out of curiosity, not knowing the effect it would have on his aunt.

At Boyd's touch, Eve shivered. She had never had anyone touch her bare pussy besides her. The surprise and direct contact with her clit sent a tingle up her spine.

Eve: Oh Boyd you shouldn't... as she went to protest she noticed his dick was now getting hard. It had now grown to a hard five inches. Was he getting as excited as she was?

Boyd: What? He questioned

Eve: I was going to say you shouldn't touch or talk about people's privates, unless you trust them. You trust me don't you?

Eve was setting the situation to see how far this could go, she couldn't deny that she was getting horny, and here was the perfect test dummy for her pleasure.

Boyd: Of course I trust you Auntie Eve.

Eve: Good, so stand up and we will have some fun secrets, but mom or Mandy or Grammy can't know ok? They would be so jealous.

Boyd: OK!

Boyd stood up in the tub, putting his hard five-inch boyish dick right in her face.

Eve had never sucked cocked before, and decided it was time.

Eve: See if feels good when somebody touches your privates, like what you did with me. But, it feels so much better when someone puts their mouth over it.

With that she bent forward slightly and clumsily took Boyd's whole cock in her mouth down to her chin touching his small balls. Boyd didn't react out of pleasure at first. Was she not good at it, she thought to herself? Although Boyd would never know.

Boyd: Oh cool, you put the whole thing in your mouth! It feels like when someone sucks on your finger, he said giggling.

Maybe he's too young to feel good from this? She wondered. Maybe the sensation comes once you hit puberty.

Eve: Here you sit on the edge and I'll stand up. And all you have to do is lick below my hair.

Boyd thought this was odd but did as he was told. He watched as his aunt stood up and lifted one leg up on the side of the tub. She then spread her pussy lips and put her finger over her clit.

Eve: Lick here, she instructed.

Boyd hesitantly stuck his tongue out as if he was licking a lollipop. He licked exactly where auntie Eve told him to and instantly saw the reaction. As soon as his tongue made contact with her pussy Eve tensed and grabbed the shower rod above her.

OH FUCK she gasped.

Boyd: Auntie did I hurt you? He asked worriedly

Eve: No honey that felt so good. Please do it some more for auntie.

Boyd: It tastes weird, like salty and juicy.

Eve: Just ten more licks and I will make you feel really good. Please.

Eve didn't wait for a reply, she grabbed the boy's blonde hair lightly and shoved his head back into her pussy. Eve felt his tongue go to work. Long licks. Eve was in heaven; she could now see why her sisters had sex as early as they did. Boyd was deep into his aunt's pussy. He was struggling to breathe, he counted himself at 6 licks. He tried to break free to get some air, by doing so he reached around and grabbed his aunts butt to try and pull himself away. All this did was squeeze Eve's ass, which caused her to buck her hips forward and grind across his tongue.

As soon as Eve counted to ten, she let go of his head and grabbed him under the arms lifting him off the side of the tub.

Eve: Wanna feel good? She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. She could taste herself on his lips.

Boyd catching his breath just shook his head.

Eve laid him down on the bathmat. "Here, just lie back and let me do the work"

Eve took ahold of Boyd's cock, she put her legs over his hips, and guided his dick into her pussy. This time Boyd showed immediate enjoyment. Her pussy was so warm and wet. Eve didn't have any experience in this situation either, so she again emulated porn. She slowly rose her hips up and down gliding across his cock. When she eventually got all five inches in, her eyes were rolling back in her head, grabbing her tits. She then touched her pussy lips all the way down to Boyd's pelvis and began to grind her hips back and fourth furiously. Boyd was definitely enjoying himself now. He was letting out small grunts, he saw his aunt grab her boobs so he thought he should do the same. He reached up timidly and started pinching her nipple.

Eve: Oh baby Boyd that feels so good. Fuck your Auntie baby.

She bent over and stuck her other nipple in Boyd's mouth, he nibbled a little bit but Eve didn't mind at all. She decided she wanted to see what it was like to not be in control. She got off.

Eve: Here bud, I am going to bend over the tub. I want you to take charge. Stick your thing inside me like it was, and just pull it almost out, and then back in with your hips ok?

Boyd: OK auntie.

Eve bent over the tub, her perfect tight smooth ass on full display for her underage nephew. She reached back and spread her cheeks to help him find her moist cunt hole. Boyd took his dick and lined it up with her asshole and shoved it in.

Eve: OW! Not there!

Boyd was almost three inches in before he realized he was in her butt.

Sorry! He said.

Eve was a little shocked, and it hurt.

Eve: That's fine honey, but a little lower. It hurts there.

Boyd pulled his dick out and lined it up with her cunt. He found it went in easier this time and shoved his whole cock deep into his aunt. Who showed just how much she liked it.

Eve was matching his clumsy rhythm, meeting her ass to his pelvis as he moved forward. She found he was able to go deeper in this position and was running across her G-spot. She knew what to do in this instance. She reached down and started rubbing her clit with her hand while her nephew was taking her from behind.

Eve: Oh baby you feel so good. Do you like how this feels?

Boyd: yeah it feels warm and wet and my thingy is starting to get tight.

Eve knew he couldn't cum, there was no worry there.

Eve: I want you to grab my butt cheeks with each hand and pull me into you. I think you're almost done and it's going to feel really good in a second.

Boyd wondered what she meant but did as she suggested. Her grabbed each of her ass cheeks with his hands and slammed his cock deep inside her. Suddenly, after a few strokes he realized what she meant. His body started to shake and he could feel his balls tighten. He didn't know what was happening but it felt amazing.

Eve noticed Boyd slowing and knew he was having his first orgasm, no cum would come, but his body would react accordingly.

Boyd pulled his dick out and noticed it returning to its normal size and getting soft again.

Eve: Thank you so much for playing with Auntie. I had so much fun. But remember, it's a secret between us ok? Pinky promise!

Boyd: of course Auntie I wont tell anyone.

Eve put Boyd to bed and then went to her room and finished herself with a toy. She knew she had to have more sex, but Boyd couldn't get the job done. She loved fucking her seven-year-old nephew. So dirty, young, incest... but she needed someone that could finish her too, more experience and possibly a bigger dick.

Several hours later Kristin and Mike came home.

Kristin: Hey how was Boyd?

Eve: good, he went to bed around an hour after you guys left, and I haven't heard him get up.

Kirstin: Good.

She made her way to check on her son and make sure he was asleep.

Kristin: Man is he out cold, you must have really tired him out. Good Job.

Eve: Yeah...

I don't think you'd say good job if you knew how I tired him out. She thought.


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