Last Man Standing: Boyd Experiments With Grandma (bF,inc,anal,cream pie,bukkakef,first)
by Dr. Demented 666

Vanessa was babysitting her 11 year old grandson, Boyd, for the weekend that happened to have Eric, one of his friends, over. Boyd was up in his room with Eric and the two were talking about sex and some of the Hustler magazines they looked at earlier in the week and what the guys and girls were doing with each other in them. Boys at their age are naturally curious and wanted to experiment so they attempted what they seen in real life and in the magazines by starting off with soft kisses that quickly turned to deep tongue thrusts into each others mouths.

Vanessa hadn't seen her grandson in a while and wondered what he was up to so she strolled up to his room and opened the door to find him and Eric on the bed kissing and running their hands up each others shirts on the bed. Vanessa was shocked at the homosexual sight before her eyes...And with her own grandson!

"Stop that this instant!" She blurted out.

The boys quickly sprang to their feet with their lips and cheeks smeared with saliva from their kisses and a worried look on their faces.

"You better go home, Eric; I need to talk with Boyd...And I better not find you doing this with him again...Understand!?" She scolded the young kid.

"Yes, Mrs. Baxter...Please don't tell my parents..." He begged as he rushed out the door and back to home, leaving Vanessa in the bedroom with a stern look on her face as she had Boyd sit back on the bed and she next to him to have a talk...

"Boyd, I need you to be honest with me...How long has this been going on?"

"Today's the first for us...We just wanted to try what we saw in magazines and others do for real."

"Magazines? What magazines, honey?" Vanessa asked with curiosity.

"Hustlers...Eric's Dad has them...They show..."

"I know what they show...That doesn't mean you have to with others, especially another boy...I mean, Boyd, aren't you interested in girls?" Vanessa asked of her grandson.

"Well, yeah! But I'm not really good with talking to them or relating to them, that's why it was easier for me to with Eric and all...But I do want to with a girl, like in the magazines." Boyd confessed.

"It's ok to feel that way but it's not responsible at your age to do so. I think we need to talk about sex and the consequences, honey." Vanessa stated.

"Can you show me instead, grandma?" Boyd said with excitement as he looked at his hot grandma in her pink pajama bottoms and striped button-up top sitting next to him with her wavy hair hanging down over her shoulders. She may have been a grandma but was very hot for her age.

"What? Boyd...NO!" Vanessa replied with shock.

Boyd knelt before her and reached out and cupped her large tit and caressed it with his palm as he smiled and felt the firm mound under her shirt. Vanessa was stunned at her grandson's advances and really didn't know what to do as she tried to push his hand away. Boyd went in with both hands and grasped at her top at the center and pulled to either side, the buttons popping off her top and bouncing across the floor as her tits became fully exposed...

"What! NO! Boyd, stop! I'm your grandmother for Christ sake!" Vanessa pleaded as she squirmed to one side of the bed with Boyd quickly following her. She was hesitant to slap him or be forceful in hopes of stopping what was happening in a different way and could certainly overpower him, but he was quite persistent in what he wanted as he leaned in and licked her nipple.

Vanessa's jaw dropped as he licked his way up her chest and neck and forced his tongue into her mouth for the first time. Vanessa could taste his favorite candy, Skittles, as his tongue rolled over hers and muffled her 'STOP' pleas. Boyd grasped at her elastic waist band on her pajama bottoms as she tried to stop him by holding on to them at the same time as he tugged them down her hips and legs. He finally yanked them free and went to work on her pink laced panties.

"STOP, BOYD! NOOOOO! DAMMIT!" Vanessa pleaded as she struggled to keep her undies on her, but Boyd got them off and pushed open her legs; exposing her perfect brown pubic mound and dove in face first.

Vanessa moaned and grasped the sheets as her grandson gave her oral on the bed, tasting her womanhood and her wetness for the first time...

"What are you doing to me? GOD! Oh my God! What's happening!? You're making me cum! This can't be good!" Vanessa exclaimed as her body twisted and squirmed while her breasts heaved upward and tiny squirt spurted from her pussy onto Boyd's face. Boyd knew what he did and stood beside the bed and began to take his clothes off...

"Wait! No! Don't take your pants off!" Vanessa said as she watched her grandson remove all his clothes and climbed onto the bed with his prepubescent frame and boyish good looks. He had a 5" erection with no hair on his chest, legs or nut sac as he pushed open his grandmother's legs and propped his cock up against her vaginal entrance...

"What are you doing? This is so wrong, Boy....DDDD!" Vanessa exclaimed, with the last of his name expressed loudly and with extension as he pushed himself into her; losing his virginity to his hot grandmother.

Vanessa placed the palm of her hand over her forehead as she felt Boyd take her over and over on the bed, his hard cock working her inner vaginal walls as the top ridge of it massaged her erect clit protruding from its sheath. Vanessa moaned as Boyd felt her hot insides and the wet muscles clenching at his shaft and providing a sensation he only imagined before.

Boyd pulled out and stood at the edge of the bed...

"Oh...Are you done?" Vanessa asked, thinking it was over, but Boyd took hold of her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed and put himself back in her and fucked her as he stood at the edge of the bed.

"What? More?! Fuck! I don't believe this!" Vanessa exclaimed.

Boyd spun her around so she was on her stomach and one leg dangled off the bed while they other was bent at the knee and up on the bed. He quickly shoved himself into her pussy and fucked her with moans and squints beginning to emerge on his face...

"Wait! What's that look!? Oh my God! You're filling me up?! Boyd! Oh my God! What did you do?" Vanessa stated as she felt her grandson cum inside of her and his cock pulsing his boy cum into her.

Boyd pulled out of her and stepped back after experiencing his first ever orgasm and watched what was to follow...

"God! You really are a virgin...Not anymore! You filled me like a stallion...I can feel it pouring out of me!" Vanessa stated as his white cum globs oozed from her pussy and down the inside of the leg that dangled off the bed...

"More, grandma!" Boyd stated as he went back in and jammed his hard cock back into her pussy, making her gasp and whine...

"Na na na na....NOOOOOO! Wait! GOD!" Vanessa screamed as she was forced to orgasm, squirting her vaginal fluids and his hot cum all over his boy toy in her as he fucked her while laying across her warm back and licking at her ear lobe...

"SHIT! MY ASS! BOYD! YOU'RE IN MY ASS! FUUUUUUCKKKKK!" Vanessa screamed suddenly and with shock...

Boyd was fucking her so hard and fast that his dick popped out her pussy and went up her ass just as quick, where he remained...Fucking her and making her bite the sheets as her body rocked and swayed under him from his rapid thrusting until he felt the sensation he felt earlier and pulled out to witness his orgasm in the open.

Boyd massaged his cock against his grandmother's ass crack and watched as his cum blew from the tip of his cock and across her back. Boyd let his cock rest against her ass as his humping slowed, but continued against her, as he massaged his cum into her back. Vanessa turned over onto her back and her rack stood up firm, inviting Boyd up between them.

The young boy placed his erection between her tits in her cleavage and tit fucked her as she pushed them together. Their warm jello-like nature teased him relentlessly until he blew another hot wad up her neck and onto her face. This startled Vanessa as several loads coated her cheeks, lips, forehead, chin and neck. She was a wet mess afterwords and couldn't open her eyes as Boyd laid down on top of her and began to kiss her. She couldn't believe he was licking his own cum from her face and felt the post-cum drip from his cock into her pubes down below.

Vanessa finally succumbed to her grandson's lust and gave him the tongue lashing of his life, and not the scolding kind, but the tender and loving kind he so desired. Boyd was introduced to sex by a magazine but got his first real experience from his grandma and would get many more as well...





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