Leave It To Beaver: Willy's Tales Part 3 - Willy In MayField Part 2
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Willy made friends with Beaver, so he could have a place to stay. Willy met
Wally his older brother and read his mind. "Another Dopey friend." Then he
met his father and mother, which he was taken by.

"Mom! This Willy Ford. Can he spend the night?"

Willy looked at both grown ups and planted the word "yes" in their head.

* * *

They were up in Beaver's room.

"Did you like fucking Judy Henster?" Willy asked.

"Gee, yes!" he smiled .

"I have a secret," Willy said.

"Really?!" Beaver said," I won't tell anyone."

Willy soon showed Beaver his true form, but changed back after he heard Wally
coming up the stairs. They were laughing, he spoke to Willy, "You can sleep
in my bed. Don't mess it up." The weekend coming up so he would be at Eddie
Haskel's house.

That night as they ate the wonderful meal June made, the normal questions
came. Where he was from and so on. Willy was ready with all the answers. He
even had a phone number. He helped with the cleaning of the dishes. He read
her mind quickly. It was full of chores to do with the house and how to
please her husband and family.

So the time came for bed. Willy took a bath he made a change of clothes. He
slept in underwear no PJs. As the night went on he slipped into the parents'
bedroom. He stood on the side of Ward. Soon he reached over touched his wife,
kissing her shoulder and neck. He pushed her gown off her shoulders, his
fingers touching her nipples which soon became hard. June rolled over. Ward
began to lick and suck on her nipples.

"OOOHHHH!" June moaned pulling her gown off, she wore no paintes. Her hands
were busy taking Ward's pants off. She found his cock began to stroke it till
it became hard. Without a thought June had it in her mouth. Slurping sounds
filled the room as June feasted on the cock. She moved around, so Ward could
eat her pussy. Both tongues were working their magic. June teasing his piss
hole while Ward was flicking her swollen clit.

June was soon riding his hard cock and rubbing her nipples. "FUCK ME!" she
moaned, "Harder! Faster!" Her hands pressed into Ward's chest as she moved
her pussy faster. "OOOHHH GOD AM CUMMING!" her head thrown back as Ward's
cock exploded deep inside her.

She lifted off only to reposition herself. She held her ass cheeck apart
before she empaled herself on his hard cock once again. Fingering her well
fucked pussy, her ass was full of cock. She reached for his balls and
squeezed them. He groaned and shot a load up her ass. Laying there covered
in sweat he kissed his wife. She slid down and took his cock in her mouth
which just came out of her ass.

Willy made his way back to bed.

The morning arrived. June kissed Ward deeply, got out of bed naked and went
to the bathroom. Ward laid in bed scratching his head. He thought it was just
a dream.


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