Leave It To Beaver: June Cleaver Gives Eddie A Ride (MF,mF,oral,first,voy)
by Swanson

Eddie and Wally were talking in front of their lockers when Lumpy walked up and said, "Wally my car has broken down again. Do you think we can use your Dad's car to go to the carnival tomorrow?"

"I'll ask my Mom, my Dad is out of town. Maybe you should ask your Dad?"

Lumpy said, "I'm not sure if Daddy will lend me his car, he's mad at me."

"You two are still going to the carnival, that's for kids." Eddie said.

Lumpy responded, "Eddie it might be for kids but girls from all over town will be walking around."

The next morning Eddie decided to go with Wally and Lumpy to the carnival and walked over to Wally's house. He noticed Mr. Rutherford's car parked in the street and he said to himself, "So Lumpy's old man did let him use his car."

Eddie knocked on the door but no one answered. He thought he heard some sounds coming from upstairs so he tried the door. It was open, so he walked in. As he got to the top of the stairs he heard Mrs. Cleaver saying, "Oh Fred fuck me; your big cock fills me up. Fuck me."

A stunned Eddie froze; Mr. Rutherford and Mrs. Cleaver were having sex. As he stood there he heard a couple slapping sounds and Mr. Rutherford say, "June you cheating whore, I'm going to punish you."

June replied, "Yes Fred punish me, hit my ass harder." There were more slapping sounds. "That's it make it hurt, fuck me Fred."

Mr. Rutherford said, "June your pussy so tight. I'm about to.... AAHHH!"

Eddie stood still afraid to move in fear he would be caught. After a few minutes Mr. Rutherford said, "June I got to go, I told Gwen I was going to the hardware store."

"But Fred I didn't...., if you have to go."

"Maybe we can meet next Thursday at lunch if you're free." Mr. Rutherford said.

Hearing this Eddie scrambled and ran into Wally's room before he could be caught. He heard Mr. Rutherford open the master bedroom door and say, "June see you, sorry to run." Eddie thought, how can I get out of here without being caught.

Just then he heard the water running in other bathroom. Mrs. Cleaver must be going to take a bath. When the water stopped running, Eddie thought it was a good time to make a break for the stairs. As he past the door to master bedroom, he noticed Mrs. Cleaver standing in front of the mirror on the dresser naked. Eddie never seeing a naked woman in person, stopped in his tracks. Mrs. Cleaver saw his reflection in the mirror and turned around quickly and yelled, "Eddie Haskell! What are you doing here? How long have you been watching me?"

Eddie tried to speak but seeing Mrs. Cleaver's tits and pubic area had him mesmerized. June walked towards him and grabbed his arm and pulled him into Wally and Beaver's room. Shoving him onto the bed, she stood over him with her arms on her hips and said, "You answer me, what did you see?"

A frighten Eddie stammering said, "I only saw you naked in front of the dresser. I didn't see you and Mr. Rutherford."

"Oh my God, you heard Mr. Rutherford and me? What am I going to do? I have to call Fred."

Eddie replied, "Mrs. Cleaver, please don't call Mr. Rutherford. I promise I won't tell anyone. I really promise."

June realizing she was still naked tried to cover herself with hands and arms said, "Well Eddie I don't believe you. What can I do to make sure you won't tell on me?"

Eddie pleaded, "Please believe me, I won't tell."

June started to pace the room. She thought Ward would know how to keep Eddie quiet but how can I ask him without letting him know I was fucking another man. June looked back at Eddie on the bed and noticed a bulge in his pants, he had an erection. She knew what she had to do to keep Eddie quiet.

Eddie trying to hide under the covers said, "Mrs. Cleaver, I'm very sorry but I never have seen a naked woman. I told the guys I been with several girls, so I won't tell anyone because they will know I lied."

Stepping towards Eddie and she grabbed his crotch, and started to unzipped his pants. She reached into the opening and pulled out his dick. "Oh my goodness, Eddie!" Seeing his 10" dick she continued saying, "You will be very popular with the girls once the word gets out about your dick."

Eddie, who never had a woman touch his dick before, could not talk. He was in heaven, just having Mrs. Cleaver holding his dick, almost made him cum. June undid his belt and pulled off his pants and underwear. She then knelt down in front of him and began rubbing his dick up and down with her hand. She leaned forward and put his dick in her mouth, she moved up and down sucking as she moved. She pumped his massive dick with both hands and her mouth. She then pulled off his dick and licked the underside of the shaft, swirling her tongue around the tip.

Eddie moaned, "AAHHHH!" At that moment he shot his load into her mouth.

June opened her mouth and showed Eddie his cum on her tongue and then swallow. She said, "Now it your turn to make me happy." Sitting down on the bed next to him, she said, "OK on your knees, I'm going to show you how to make a girl happy."

June said, "OK gently pull my pussy lips apart, and lick me."

Eddie did as she commanded; he licked her pussy lips nervously at first. Then as he worked up courage, he insert his tongue as far as it could go. Mrs. Cleaver let out a small moan and said, "Next put your finger in me and move it in and out, fuck me with your finger. And then rub here." She touched her clit.

Again Eddie did as he was told. As he rubbed her clit, as she started moaning louder, and eventually she screamed, "Yes, that's the spot right there. Don't stop, lick my pussy."

Eddie moved his head back to her pussy and began licking her. She held his head against her pussy as he continued to lick and rub her clit with his finger. Mrs. Cleaver's body started to shake; Eddie thought she was having a fit as her body convulsed. She yelled, "Yes, yes Oh My God yes."

Eddie stopped as Mrs. Cleaver let go of his head. An out of breath June said, "Thanks, now lay down on your back."

By this time Eddie's dick was at full erection. June climbed on top of him and positioned herself over his dick. She slowly guided his dick into her pussy, taking in a few inches at a time before almost pulling his dick out of her pussy. After several ups and downs she had his entire 10" dick inside of her. It was hitting places no dick has ever touched. She could not believe how good it felt. She started to ride him hard as Eddie reached out and grabbed her tits. He pulled her forward and with his lips started to suck on her nipples. She said, "Oh my God that feels good. Roll over on top of me; I want you to fuck me."

Eddie now on top started to pump her pussy. He repeated what he heard Mr. Rutherford say said, "Mrs. Cleaver you cheating whore, I'm going to punish you."

June yelled, "Yes Eddie punish me, fuck me harder. Fuck me as hard as you can."

Eddie sped up and started to slam into June's pussy. He almost knocked her off the bed. June grabbed a hold of his shoulders, wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled herself off the bed. Her body was tingling and she knew she was close to having another orgasm. She dug her nails into Eddie back as she screamed, "Yes, Yes Oh my God yes, keep fucking me."

As she screamed, Eddie came. She could feel his dick pulsate, shooting sperm deep inside of her. This caused her to have an orgasm.

For several minutes they lay next to each other in bed quietly. June finally said, "If you want to fuck me in the future, you better not say a word about today. Understand."

"Oh yes, I want to fuck you so I promise not a word. One thing you better not let Mr. Cleaver see your ass; you have a big red hand print on it."

June laughing said, "Thanks Eddie. Mr. Cleaver will never see the hand print; we fuck with the lights off"


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