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Note: Penny is 16, Will is 13.

Lost In Space: Will Robinson Hits Puberty
by Tricksterson

As Penny Robinson undressed in her room she knew her younger brother Will was
watching and planned to give him a first rate show and then some.

She had been aware of his intentions for a few months now. Long enough for
her to start seeing him as a solution to a problem of her own.

The Robinson family had been wandering space for three years now,
occasionally finding a planet to resupply on but none hospitable enough to
stay on permanently. Nor had they found a way to either return to Earth or
to reach their original destination, Alpha Centauri. With an unreliable
navigation system every venture into hyperdrive was a gamble, they weren't
even sure that they were still in the Milky Way galaxy.

Three years.

And in that time, she had gotten laid exactly once.

Maybe if she hadn't had that one time she wouldn't be so desperately horny
now because she wouldn't know what she was missing.

It had been a moment of weakness about a year ago for both Don West and
herself, during one of the off periods in his on-off relationship with her
sister Judy. Shortly after that Major West had proposed and their father, as
official captain of the Jupiter 2 had married them. She had always wondered
if there was a link between the two events but wasn't about to ask. Neither
her pride nor their marriage needed the potential stress.

Still, the memory of her and Don's tongues mingling, of his fingers pinching
her nipples, of the feel of his cock inside her made a warm, tingling wave of
sexual electricity wash through her body, adding incentive to her plan.

She had first noticed one of Will's spybots in her room a two weeks ago but
it had been several months since she had realized that he was watching her in
a way that brothers weren't supposed to look at their sisters in.

It was only natural she supposed, although most people would have considered
it anything but. Will was thirteen now and puberty must be hitting him with a
vengeance. God knew that she wasn't settled down yet. She had considered
telling their parents but then realized that her little brother just might be
the answer to her horny prayers.

So she had started a campaign of enticement. The uniforms they had originally
worn obviously weren't meant to be worn continually over several years so the
ships fabricators had been reprogrammed to produce a substantial wardrobe for
all of them although, not surprisingly, the women had chosen to make theirs
both more varied and more decorative. Over the past two weeks, especially
when she knew, because she had usually made sure of it, that she and Will
were going to be alone together, Penny had made sure that her dress were
tight, her hems high and her cleavage cut low. She had also taken to bending
over to give him flashes of her cleavage or her thong clad ass, not to
mention brushiing him with her breasts at every opportunity. Finally she had
decided he was ready for the next step.

She lay on her bunk, running her hands up and down her young, smooth body.
One hand caressed her small but firm right breast, stroking upward, her thumb
making circles around her nipple while the other stroked down her belly until
it came to her depilated labia, rubbing the palm of her hand against them,
provoking a soft moan. She closed her yes and bit down on her lips as she
used her index and ring fingers to spread her pussy lips and insert her
middle finger, her "fuckfinger" as she thought of it, and let out another,
louder moan. Fortunately all the private cabins were soundproofed or she
wouldn't have dared do this, much less what she had planned for later. This
had resulted from her sisters wedding night when it was revealed that not
only was Judy a moaner *and* a screamer but a howler and an utterer of sounds
supposedly impossible for humans to make.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" she let out as she added a second finger into her pussy and
arched her back as her clit popped out from under it's hood. "Fuck, yesss,
FUCK!" Then she added her piece-de-resistance. "OHHHHHHWILLLLLL!"

After she had come, and taken a few breaths she looked up at the ceiling and
said, "Did you like tht Will? Did you like watching your big sister coming on
her fingers?" She didn't know if the spybots were above her, they moved, but
it was as good a place to direct her message as any. "Are you tired of
watching? You want to do more? I sure do so come here so we can fuck. Now.
This is a one time off..." Her ultimatum was cut off by a knock on her door.

Before she let him in she arranged herself so that she was sitting on the
bunk facing the the door with her legs spread wide open then said, "Come in."

The door slid open to show her borther dressed in the loose jersey and
stretch pants that was their usual off-duty clothing. As intended the closeup
sight of her naked body had him stunned, his jaw dropping.

"Well, come in. We don't want anyone to see us do we?" As he entered, eyes
still on her she added, "Jeez, for a super genius you can be really dumb
sometimes." She patted the bunk next to her and said, "Let's get those
clothes off of you."

When he sat down, looking both aroused and nervous she realized that she had
better slow down herself. After all her practical knowledge was only a little
greater than his. She ran her hands over his chest and arms slowly, noticing
the bulge in his crotch as she did so, then helped him take off his top.

She let her eyes roam over the developing musculature of his developing
body and let her hands do the same. When he lunged for her tits however she
grabbed his hands.

"Slower. You don't want to hurt me do you?" He shook his head. It seemed
that no matter how smart a male was, when it came to sex they all belonged
in trees.

"Here let me show you. Don't claw, pat, stroke, mmmm, that's niiice. Now take
my nipples between your fingers and rub. You can pinch a little too, but not
*too* hard. Yeah, oh yeahhh!" As he was doing this she slowly pushed him down
beneath her and met his mouth with hers. It took a few seconds for her to
tease his lips open but he was a quick learner, quick enough that when she
felt his hands leave her tits to slide down her back and grope at her ass she
didn't object.

When the kiss broke off Penny kissed her way down her brother's chest and
stomach until she reached his pants then took the waistband in both her hands
and pulled both them and his underpants down to his ankles.

"Impressive," she said with a smile and in truth at about six inches it was
impressive for a thirteen year old. She suspected that in time he would be
bigger than Don. She took her younger brother's cock in her hand, gave it a
little squeeze and took the head into her mouth. This at least she had some
real experience with having given head to a couple of the boys in school as
going away presents before they had left for the stars. Without closing her
mouth on it she started giving the head quick flicks of her tongue that
turned into a slow swirl of her tongue first clockwise then counter while
her hand was stroking up and down the shaft.

But it wasn't her mouth that she wanted her brother coming in so she pulled
her face off his cock, giving it one last flick of her tongue and savoring
the taste of precum.

"Penny, why did you...," Will started to protest but was stopped by two of
her fingers across his lips.

"Shh, big sister knows best," she said and then straddled his hips and
slowly lowered herself onto his erection.

"Ohhhhsisssitsogood!" Will exclaimed

"Yeahh, for me too." She had forgotten how damn *good* a dick felt. As she
started moving up and down his pole her brother reached out to fondle her
tits, adding to her pleasure. A year plus of only her fingers and a life of
virginity on his part had them both coming quickly.


* * *

"Is it always so fast?" Will asked his sister as she lay on top of him, his
cock still inside her.

"No and the next time is going to be slower and even better."

"When is that going to be?," he asked eagerly.

She smiled at him. "Very soon but first there's something I want to teach
you. Now let's switch positions." This was accomplished with a bit of
difficulty and with Will accidentally clocking her in the ribs with his
elbow due to the smallness of her bunk.

'We'll have to come up with some more comfortable arrangement,' Penny
thought, but at last she was on the bottom with her brother straddling her.

"Push back and put your face between my legs."

"Why?" Will asked, wrinking his nose at the heavy, musky smell of her pussy.

"Did you like it when I sucked your cock?"

"Oh yeah!" he replied enthusiastically.

"Well, this is payback. Put your face down there and lick my slit."

Her brother hesitated but then shrugged. She was right, if he wanted to get,
he needed to give, and anyway how bad could it be?

Not bad at all as it turned out. Not unlike saltwater but tangier. Following
his sisters direction the young genius licked first around her labia then up
and down the slit. When she told him to push deeper he used his fingers to
spread her lower lips then speared his tongue in while still moving it up and
down. That he was doing well he guessed from the moans and whimpers coming
from above, not to mention Penny's fist clenched in his hair and the
tightening of her thighs around his head and neck that made it a bit dfficult
to hear her instructions. His own hands went on to explore the softness of
those thighs and of her belly.

When he found her clit, still following her orders and started licking and
sucking on it those soft thighs clamped down on him like an iron vise and a
wordless howl came from his sister.

After a minute or so he was able to disentagle himself to find Penny
beckoning upward.

"Let me lick my juices off of you." As she did this she sent a hand down into
his crotch to find him rock hard.

"Mmm, that was beautiful. Now I want you to fuck me again. You want that?" He
shot her a look that told her just how silly that question was. "That was
rhetorical. Now put that nice hard cock in me and make me come!"

This time, with him on top, he required a bit of guidance to get in but soon
he was shoving eagerly into her and had her purring and arching her back in
no time. Soon he felt her arms and legs wrapping around him, her fingers
clawing at his back, trying to drag him deeper into her.


* * *

As they lay together, her fingers running through his hair and up and down
his back, his lips kissing her breasts, she said, "God I wish you could stay.
But we can't be caught."

"I know, besides it's kind of cramped." He looked into her eyes and asked,
"Do you love me?"

There was a long pause before she answered. "I don't know. I think I will
eventually though. And I really love what we just did.." She kissed him on
the forehead. "Is that enough?"

"Yeah, I think so."


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