Crossfire - Crossworlds: Lost In Space - Alien Space (celeb,mc)
by Arcane ([email protected])

Heather Graham was lost.

Not just lost in the conventional sense of disorientated. She was totally and
utterly not where she was supposed to be. Where she was supposed to be was a
hotel room. Where she was seemed more like a space station.

She should have been wearing a night gown. Instead she was wearing a complete
rubber body suit.

She was lost in Lost in Space. And so far she had found no way out.

The whole thing had to be a distorted nightmare, but something told her, this
was different. For all it's unreal setting and costume, it was much too real
for her.

The outfit wasn't nearly as confining as the one she'd had to wear when
shooting the movie. In fact, it allowed for full mobility without being bulky
or hot. It was space age technology.

She had discovered some computers but had no idea how to work them. Rather
than risk blowing herself into space, she avoided them.

She began to explore. The ship was huge, corridors reaching and twisting
forever. But she was already lost so there was no danger in going further. At
least none that she knew of.

* * *

After an hour of walking, Heather was starting to get frustrated. Three times
she had walked in circles and despite it's comfort, she was starting to get
hot in the suit.

She turned her head to one side.

Had she heard something? Or was her mind starting to play tricks on her. She
was tired, confused and beginning to get hungry.

She stood. This time she was sure she had heard something.

In another time and place she might have run away, but given the monotony she
had faced for the last hour, she was willing to explore further.

"Hello?" she called down the hall way.

There was no reply so she kept walking.

"Is there someone here?" Again there was nothing.

Another sound. A rattling.

Heather stopped and turned.

At the side of the corridor there was a panel on the wall.

The rattling came from the other side. Now that she listened it was more of a

Heather reached up and pulled a release catch.

The panel slid open.

"Yaah!" Heather winced and leapt back. She stared down at the ground to a
large black spider, a foot in diameter. Refusing to be repelled, Heather
stepped forward and squashed it.

"Ow." she took a step back. Her hand hurt. Upon looking at it, she could see

In the middle of her hand was a single red spot, some sort of bite.

"Oh no." Heather took another step back. She took a deep breath and leant
against the wall. Had she needed to lean, or was it just her imagination. She
had been bitten by the spider. How long before whatever toxin took effect.

She heard tapping.

Looking up she saw another spider emerge from the panel then another. She
stepped back, watching as more and more creature flowed out.

Heather turned and ran. She felt dizzy and hot, the poison starting to affect
her. But she had to get away from the creatures.

She had to get away.

The spiders began to follow.

Heather had not been able to navigate before, she had no hope now, panicked
and drugged. She cast a look back as she ran, seeing the spider wave coming
closer and closer. She picked up pace, but her legs were beginning to fail

She ran through a door, trying to shut it.

It refused and she was forced to keep running.

The nerve toxin was kicking in more and more now. Her legs were starting to
stumble and her mind began to wander. It was hot. Very hot but nice too. Like
a sauna. She continued to stagger forward, feeling another prick on her leg.

Another rush of heat ran through her.

She made it another step and then fell forward to her hands and knees.

Through the warmth she heard scuttling, felt little pricks on her arms and
legs and then nothing.

* * *

Heather awoke slowly, the venom still burning in her system. She tried to
move but found herself bound tight. As she gradually became aware, her mind
flared with terror. She was splayed out on a giant spider web, ankles waist
and wrists bound tight.

She tugged weakly but it was clear that the webbing was iron tight. She could
feel her suit clinging to the sweat of her body.

She could feel a thick layer of sweat under the rubbery surface, the drug in
her system still working.

Then she heard a sound.

She stretched her neck, looking down to the ground below her.

Two small black spiders scuttled across the ground, climbing the web.

Heather shivered as she felt them crawl onto her body, running over the suit.

They climbed up her legs, over her torso and onto her chest.

There they stopped.

The two spiders took hold on the rubber domes encompassing her breasts.

Heather struggled but the twin spiders clung tight,

Suddenly, each pressed a needle like stinger through the rubbery fabric, not
damaging her skin, but reaching the space beneath.

She felt them suddenly spray something on her body filling the space between
skin and suit. Heather wondered what was happening but seconds later she felt
a tingling sensation. Within instants her nipples were fully erect. The
tender nipples pressed against the inside of the suit, stimulating them
further. Heather felt the unwanted thrill run though her body. She gasped,
her breath becoming heavier suddenly. Inside the suit she felt the substance
coat her breasts, making the skin ultra sensitive. The spiders kept pumping
the liquid into her suit, filling the air tight space. More spiders began to
crawl over her, over her arms and legs, each beginning to fill her suit with
the substance. Heather felt the tingle of the substance as is dripped over
her breasts and began to slide down her chest, past her stomach, past her
belly button and down between her legs.

"Ooo!" She couldn't help but let out an exclamation as the first of the
substance slid over her crotch. More and more kept filling the suit. Heather
felt her arms and torso being dissolved in pure bliss. Likewise her legs
slowly filled up. She felt numb with pleasure. And when the substance finally
massed about her hips, Heather moaned aloud, unable to contain herself as she
was consumed. The spiders detached, leaving her body trapped on the web and
surrounded, neck to foot by the pleasuring gel.

She didn't even notice them go.

* * *

An infinite period of bliss passed before she felt new movement.

A spider scuttled down the web, resting on the top of her head. She felt
the claws hold her scalp tight but the pleasure that still filled her body
blocked out any discomfort.

She only winced slightly as a slim needle pierced the back of her neck. For
a second she lost feeling in her body but it returned quickly. She tried to
move her fingers but couldn't. Her body had lost all motor function. But he
didn't care. she wasn't moving anywhere anyway. She felt two more stingers
pressing against her temples, equally thin. They slid through the flesh,
almost unnoticed.

White hot agony seared through her.

She tried to scream but her voice refused to come out. Instead her mouth
opened wide, unable to articulate the pain she experienced. But gradually
the pleasure began to build, overflowing the torment until it was all but
forgotten. The pleasure returned, twice what it had been. She would have
cried out in pleasure but her voice was no longer her own. "humanoid unit
established." she said in a voice unlike her own.

Heather would have been horrified if her pleasure hadn't increased ten fold.

* * *

The force guided her through the halls, only vaguely aware of the outside
world. Through the delirium of her perpetual orgasm, Heather caught glimpses
and flashed but no real sense of the world, not that she cared.

She walked, or rather her body did, slowly, not quite sure of itself.

By chance she managed a look at a sign on one of the walls.

She was heading towards the medical bay.

Then she realized how wonderful she felt, and all curiosity was utterly

* * *

Her head was spinning.

That was the first thing Lacey Chabert noticed as she awoke. She blinked,
trying to figure out exactly what had happened to her.

She couldn't.

The last thing she remembered was going to sleep. There had been a storm

Now she was here.

About thing only thing that was as it should be was the fat that she was on
a bed. But it was most certainly not her bed.

It was the bed of a sci fi medical bay. And she was strapped down to it,
metal clamps at her wrists, ankles and waist.

Her pyjamas had been replaced with a black rubber body suit, clinging tightly
to her body.

Much too tightly in fact. She recognized the set and costume from Lost in
Space but that was years ago now. The suit which had been skin tight then was
now much more so.

She shuffled, sweat rubbing against her.

She wondered how long it would be before the suit cut off her circulation.

She also wondered just what the hell was going on.

When the door slid open, she thought she might get an answer.

Instead, all she got was more questions and more fear.

Heather Graham, dressed in a black rubber suit.

Her expression was perfectly neutral, almost sleep walking.

"Heather? What the hell is going on? Get me off this thing."

Heather looked at her, walking up to the table.

It was then that Lacey saw it.

At first it had seemed like a cap of sorts but now Lacey realized that
Heather had a spider firmly attached to her head. It was not just sitting
there, it was gripped tight.

Lacey screamed. Then she gritted her teeth. This might well be a nightmare
but she wasn't going to give in to fear.

"What are you?" she spat the question at the woman standing above her.

"I am a slave unit of the hive mind." Heather slurred, as if unable to speak.

Lacey swallowed.

"The hive? The spiders. What have you done to Heather?"

"This unit has been converted to the use of the hive mind."

"But what happened to her? Her mind?"

"The consciousness of the entity is intact. Her intelligence is now
accessible to the hive mind."

"You have her mind?"

"Yes. You are the entity known as Lacey."

"Why am I here?"

"You are here to serve the purpose of the hive mind."

Lacey took a breath, doing her best to stay rational. Obviously the
intelligence of the hive was limited to it's own ends."

"How did I get here?"

"The manner in which you arrived at this ship are unknown."

So much for that answer.

"Who else is here?"

"There are no other life forms on this ship apart from hive warriors, this
unit and your unit."

She sighed. There was no rescue team coming. But there was no point

"What are you going to do to me?"

"You will be processed to serve the hive mind."

Lacey couldn't help but shudder at the suggestion.

"You're going to make me like you?"

"No. It appears impractical. The conscious of this unit refers to a distrust
of units of this appearance. However, the files accessed by this unit have
offered a more efficient means of conversion."

Lacey had no idea what she was talking about but nevertheless, felt a pang of
fear run through her.

Heather walked to a table and lifted a visor.

Instinct told Lacey that she should struggle. But somehow her rational mind
told her that there was little means of escape.

She forced herself to remain still as it slipped over her eyes.

At first there was blackness but Lacey knew what had to be coming next.

Her vision exploded with a kaleidoscope of strobe lights. Despite herself she
felt her body jump, tugging against the bonds.

Hypnotism. Mind control. She knew it had to be something like that. She
remembered Jennifer and Neve having a discussion about it once. Apparently
they'd had experience with it somewhere. Now Lacey wished she'd joined in.

It wasn't painful, though the intense light made her squint.

"How does this work?" she said aloud, hoping there would be a response.

"The optical neural interface is the first part of the procedure. Access to
your suits bio-functions will now begin."

* * *

Lacey heard movement then a series of snaps, wires attaching to her suit. She
guessed it was more than rubber after all.

She let out a shriek.

An intense electric sensation had briefly flowed through her body, not
painful but quite unexpected.

"Bio access to this suit is now functional. It is the experience of the
hive that pleasure is best used to by pass the defences of units. The
consciousness of this unit offers knowledge of the optimum areas for
pleasure induction."

Lacey heard a click.

Then she felt millions of tiny shocks tickling the skin of her breasts. It
was not enough to make her laugh, but it was an undeniably pleasurable
sensation. She grunted as she felt her body responding. Despite the pleasure,
it was somewhat uncomfortable. She had filled out considerably in the last
few years and her chest was tightly compressed in the suit. Now that it was
being tenderized, more blood flowed to it, making the discomfort more marked.
Her nipples became erect, rubbing against the inside of the suits. It was
tender and somewhat pleasant, but certainly not mind blowing.

Another click.

She felt a tingling flow through her groin. Again it was pleasant, a nice
vibration, but it was a far cry from anything like she knew she was capable
of feeling.

"Calculated time for full conversion is 62 minutes. This unit will return at
that time."

Lacey heard foot steps moving away, a door sliding open then closed.

She lay there, lights flashing, body stimulated in mock foreplay.

She wasn't quite sure why but she certainly didn't feel like she was being

Once again, she wondered just what the hell was going on.

* * *

Time passed. Not quickly, not slowly. It simply passed.

Lacey did notice an increase in the pleasure to her body. Her breasts felt
quite nice and her crotch was certainly wet. but it was a far cry from sexual
bombardment. In fact, more than once she wished she could reach to touch her
self, to alleviate the desire.

* * *

The lights were distracting and annoying. But she was able to focus herself
enough not to be utterly absorbed in them. Had her body been seriously
treated then she might have been unable to resist. But that certainly didn't
seem to be happening.

Lacey was aware of the possibility that she was being programed against her
knowledge but she did her best to keep a level head.

She heard footsteps then clicking. The sensations over her body stopped.

The visor was lifted from her head, revealing Heather once again.

"Is the process complete?"

"Yes." Lacey responded in the most neutral voice she could manage.

"What is your purpose?"

"To serve the hive mind."

This answer seemed to do the trick. Lacey felt her wrist and arms freed.

Maintaining her dead calm she sat up and hopped off the bed, standing dead
still. It was a struggle to retain calm but she wasn't an actress for
nothing. She had to wait for the right moment.

"I am experiencing discomfort." Lacey stated. "I believe this suit is
inadequate for my form."

She swallowed, hoping that the creature would accept her story.

"Understood. Alternative suits may be accessed in the storage cupboard

Lacey nodded. She walked to where Heather had pointed. She took a deep breath
and, without any further hesitation, she unzipped her suit, unappealing it
until she stood naked. There was no point in being modest when your life
depended on it.

Physically it felt good to be out of the suit, cool air flowing over her

She lifted the suit, for the first time seeing a name label.


Suddenly Lacey understood. It was not her suit, it was the suit of her
character. Thus it had been too small for her. But that discomfort had saved
her mind. The computers that Heather had used had accessed the bio signature
of the suit not it's wearer.

Had she been Penny Robinson, or had her body been what it had years earlier,
she would have succumbed to the brainwashing process. But the pleasure worked
on her new body in different ways, pleasant but now mind numbing.

She lifted a suit from the shelf, seeing a suit marked Judy.

She knew it wouldn't fit her perfectly but it was more suited to her present
body size.

She looked through the supplies, finding what she needed.

"I require assistance in securing this suit."

Heather walked to her, helping her zip up.

Lacey turned to face her.

"I believe the monitors are registering an anomaly." Lacey pointed.

Heather turned. Lacey moved.

Even as she swung her hand up, she wondered if her action would kill Heather.
If it did, it would be saving her rom a worse fate.

The scalpel cut through the spiders stinger.

Black ichor sprayed Laceys new suit.

Heather screamed.

She fell to her knees, clawing in agony at her head.

Lacey did her best to ignore the actresses agony.

She ripped the black spider off her head and impaled it on the scalpel.

It shuddered once then died.

Heather was still screaming, writhing on the floor.

"Computer!" Lacey yelled out, hoping that something would respond.

"Affirmative." came a calm voice.

"I need a tranquillizer to render human adult unconscious."

"Seventh draw at station nine. Cylinder seven."

Lacey ran and grabbed it, returning to Heather. It was not a hypodermic
needle but she pressed it to Heathers arm and there was a hiss.

Heather stopped screaming.

"Computer. What other life forms are on board?"

"I register over thirty thousand life forms in lower decks."

"Are they moving?"

"At present, they are converging on sick bay."

"Computer, depressurise all ship except sick bay, lock off this area. All
non-humans are hostile life forms."


Lacey sat down, feeling her heart beat against her chest. She looked down at
Heather, now blissfully asleep.

"Ship depressurised. Hostiles slowed. Full quarantine impossible. Estimated
time until breach, ten minutes."

Lacey closed her eyes and took a breath.

"Computer, activate ship self destruct sequence. Authorization, Robinson,

"Robinson, Penny is not the highest ranking member of this crew and is unable
to give that order."

"Judy Robinson is incapable of giving the order. I am the only one conscious
at this time."

"Bio scan confirms. Time till self destruct."

Lacey swallowed and sighed.

"Five minutes. Silent countdown"


Lacey sat on the floor, leaning against a cupboard.

And waited.


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