Disclaimer: The following work is complete fiction. It comes from my
twisted imagination and should not be confused with reality. All the standard
warnings apply. Any comments would be appreciated.

Lost In Space: A Lost In Space X-Mas Story (MF,Mf,mff)
by Denver47 ([email protected])

It is 11:45 pm on December 24; the Jupiter 2 is preparing to enter a cloud of
white gas. All scans have indicated that the cloud is harmless and contains
no threat to the crew of the Jupiter 2. My co-pilot Don West and myself are
monitoring all of the ship's equipment. Dr. Smith was monitoring the radar
screen. The rest of the crew is in their sleeping quarters. As the ship
entered the cloud there was no effect to the ship, the equipment or to the
crewmembers that were awake. However, the crewmembers that were sleeping
received an unusual Christmas surprise.

Maureen Robinson was sleeping quietly in her bed when she heard a door
slamming. When she got up she was no longer on the Jupiter 2. She was in a
lucrative bedroom with a four-poster bed, beautiful curtains, silk sheets,
and she was now wearing a white nightgown with ruffles. While she tried to
understand what she was seeing the bedroom door opened and in walked a very
good-looking man in a white suit. He bore a striking resemblance to the
actor Clark Gable.

"It's about time you woke up Scarlet. I'm sick and tired of your behavior.
You are my wife and it's about time you start acting like it." Stated Rhett
Butler. He grabbed her and ripped off her nightgown making her nude and
throwing her onto the bed. He quickly stripped and mounted and started
fucking her. Maureen had always had a crush on the actor and decided to go
along with this great dream.

"Faster Rhett, Faster." begged Maureen. God he is a lot bigger than I
thought he would be. He's twice as big as John thought Maureen. His hands
were roughly massaging her breasts. Everytime he came, she thought he was
done. Everytime she was wrong. The man continued to screw her bringing her
to climax over and over and over again.

"I must have died and gone to heaven" thought Maureen.

* * *

As she was living out her childhood fantasy of screwing her favorite actor
next door her daughter Judy was experiencing a similar dream.

Judy was sleeping when something hit her leg. She looked down and saw a beach
ball. Two kids ran over and grabbed the ball. "Sorry" they apologized as they
ran off to their game.

"So are you enjoying yourself Annette?" asked the handsome guy next to her
on the towel. She recognized Frankie Avalon immediately and the fact they
were on the beach. She was wearing a conservative two-piece swimsuit and
Frankie was wearing his standard blue trunks. Frankie dropped his trunks
and climbed on top of Judy.

"What are you doing Frankie?" she asked innocently.

"Don't be silly replied Frankie you know you want it." Frankie then lifted
off her top and started sucking her breasts. He yanked down her bottoms
after she lifted her ass enough so he could get them off. Judy loved the
way Frankie felt as he shoved his large penis inside her making her making
her cum almost immediately.

"Boy you really are horny." Smiled Frankie. Frankie continued while Judy
continued to moan in pleasure. Frankie kept her pinned on the beach. The
towel they were laying on had gotten wadded up and Frankie just pulled it
out from beneath her the whole time never slowing down the thrusts of his
penis into her cunt.

* * *

In the next room Will heard a girl's giggle. He opened his eyes and looked
over and saw Marcia and Jan Brady standing next to his bed.

"Hi Greg. We really appreciate you popping our cherries. Before he could open
his mouth they both dropped their nighties exposing themselves to him. "So
who do you want first me or Jan?" Asked Marcia.

"Are you real?" Asked Will. The girls looked at each other and giggled again.

"If I wasn't real could I do this?" Asked Marcia as she pulled down his
pajama bottoms and started sucking his cock.

"Do these feel real?" Asked Jan as she pulled off his top and started rubbing
her breasts all over his chests. As the two girls continued Will shot his
load into Marcia's.

"Will! That was suppose to go into my pussy." Reprimanded Marcia. "Now we
have to start all over again." Marcia then placed his cock into Jan's pussy
while Marcia massaged his balls with her tongue.

"If we are going to do this then I'm in charge." Stated Will. Will got into
bed and told Marcia to climb on top of his cock, which she did gladly. Jan I
want your pussy on my mouth now. I want to lick that pussy with my tongue.
Jan quickly complied. After he shot his load twice he had them trade places
and they did it again.

* * *

Penny Robinson woke up in her bed on earth. She heard a noise downstairs. She
went downstairs and saw Santa Claus by the tree. He was leaving her another

"Santa, I don't want a doll. I want a wagon. Didn't you get my letter?" Asked
Penny. Santa turned and looked at her.

"Of course I did but I only give wagons to special girls." Replied Santa.
"Are you a special girl?" Asked Santa.

"Yes. I guess so." answered Penny.

"Come sit on Santa's lap."

It was then she realized that Santa was not wearing pants and he had a rather
large erection. Penny went over and jumped on Santa's lap. Santa helped her
off with her nightie and panties and started fingering her pussy.

"Ho Ho Ho you are a special girl. Can you show Santa how you lick a lollipop?
You can use my cock."

Penny continued giving the perverted Santa a blowjob while his finger was
sliding in and out of her pussy.

Santa lifted Penny up and placed her pussy directly on his rock hard penis as
he started fucking her over and over again.

Penny could feel his large hands rubbing her nipples. She could also feel his
tongue sliding in and out of her mouth. Penny felt Santa squirt something
into her pussy.

At first she thought he was peeing in her pussy. But then she felt him pull
it out and continue squirting his cum all over her face and nipples.

* * *

All of a sudden everyone woke up. Will was covered with pussy juice. Judy had
sand in her ass crack. Maureen had red marks on her shoulder where Rhett had
tore off her nightgown and Penny was covered in cum. They quickly cleaned up
and ran to the bridge of the Jupiter 2.

"John. What happened?" Asked Maureen.

"We just passed threw a cloud. Why?" Asked John.

"Can we go back in?" Asked Judy.

"Please," begged Penny and Will.

"What's going on?" asked Major West.

"The cloud caused our dreams to become very realistic. I was dreaming we were
with grandma and grandpa on Christmas on their farm" lied Will.

"Please John. After all it is Christmas." Reminded Maureen.

John looked over at Don who was shaking his lead laughing as he turned the
ship back toward the cloud. "I guess we could spend the night in the cloud."
Answered John.

* * *

Maureen returned to her room where Rhett was waiting.

"There you are," said Rhett, "I wasn't done yet."

"Neither am I" said Maureen with a smile on her face.

* * *

Judy went into her room and was greeted by Frankie. "Where did you go?" he

"I went to get the sand out of my ass. This time I'm on top." Answered Judy.

* * *

Will entered his room. "Greg your back. You're not done already. Are you?"
Asked Jan.

"Done. Ladies we are just getting started." Smiled Will.

* * *

Penny got back to her room and saw Santa smiling. "You still have a little
work left if you want that wagon." Said Santa.

"Fuck the wagon. I want that whole damn bag of toys." Replied Penny

"HO HO HO Then young lady you have a lot of work left." Answered Santa.

Penny dropped her nightgown. "Then let's get started."

* * *

Don and John were watching the equipment when they heard a voice. "Oh Betty
Jo, Oh Bobbie Jo, Oh Betty Jo!"

They looked over at the radar equipment and saw Dr. Smith sound asleep
having what appeared to be a very nice dream himself. Don started to wake
him when John stopped him. "Let him sleep."

"Robot, I want you to monitor the equipment. We are going to take a nap. Wake
us at any sign of trouble."

"Affirmative!" answered the robot as the men kicked back in their console
chairs and went to sleep.


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