Little House On The Prairie: Mr. Edwards Fills In (MF,reluc)
by Wilcox

Mr. Edwards walked at a steady pace down the dusty path. His feet kicked
the dust up behind him as he headed towards his best friend Charles Ingalls
little house on the prairie to check on Charles' wife Caroline. He was a
big rough man who was something of a loner. He and Charles had become good
friends and the Ingalls family had accepted him as one of the family.

The girls adored him and he had to admit that Charles pretty wife Caroline
was the main reason he visited as often as he did. She was often in his
dreams but he had his wild side under control now. He could look at her and
let his mind think of what he'd like to do to her but the demons of his past
were only a memory of a lustful way of life that he tried to put behind him.
The demons had gotten him into trouble many times and he was lucky to still
be alive after the things he did while under the influence of strong drink.

The trip to the city to have Mary's vision problem checked offered a rare
opportunity for the girls to escape the loneliness of the farm and experience
the sights and sounds of the world. Caroline insisted that she could handle
the farm work and Charles had asked Edwards to stop by and check in on her to
make sure she was all right. "There are times when you might need a man
around here dear," he'd told his lovely wife.

Edwards was walking along lost in thought when the farm appear before him as
he crested a rise in the rolling landscape. It was a small farmstead with a
little house and a barn along a small brook. As he approached the buildings
the delightful aroma of roasting meat filling his nostrils. "My God, that
smells good," he said aloud as he got closer to the house.

"You would be most welcome to have some," said a soft female voice.

Startled, Edwards looked around. Caroline was hanging clothes from a rope
tied between two posts. He hadn't noticed her because she was hidden behind
a large quilt. She stepped out into the open and approached him.

"Excuse me, Mr. Edwards, I hope I didn't startle you?" she said with a big
smile at seeing her husband's good friend. She was lonely and the unexpected
company was a welcome relieve to the long days and nights she'd had to endure
all alone on the small farm.

"Mrs. Ingalls, I didn't see you there. My God you look more beautiful every
day," Edwards said as he gazed at his best friend's wife. Caroline wore a
simple dress with a tight peasant bodice that showed of her ample bosom. Her
figure was curvy in all the right places. She had a trim waist with flaring
hips and her eyes were bright blue. Her long hair tucked in under her bonnet
was a honey blonde.

"I've plenty of stew Mr. Edwards," she said with a big smile on her pretty
face. "It's a long walk out here and I do appreciate your coming all the way
out to visit me. Please come in and tell me all about what's happening in
the town. I get so lonely out here with Charles and the children away."

"Yes, yes of course. It smells delicious Mrs. Ingalls," he responded.

Mr. Edwards followed Caroline into the little house. It was the typical home
of a farmer on the prairie; one large room with a fireplace dominated it.
There was a small opening off to the side barely large enough for the bed
with down pillows and a stuffed mattress held off the ground by ropes. To
the side was a ladder up to the loft where the children slept. The main room
had a table set near the fireplace and in the fire was the stew pot from
which the tantalizing aroma emanated from.

Caroline filled two bowls with stew and placed them on the table. She then
poured some sprits from a large jug into a cup while Edwards was staring
hungrily into the bowl of stew. "Would you like a drink to fight off the
cold Mr. Edwards?"

"Oh no ... I ... I shouldn't, no thank you Mrs. Ingalls," he said as he
stared at the potent liquor in the cup before him. "It's not a good idea to
give me a drink while we're alone out here."

"And why is that Mr. Edwards?" she inquired.

"I'm not the best of drunks." Edwards said as he stared at the potent liquor
greedily. "I get out of control and with Charles away I don't trust myself."

"I will make some coffee then," she said moving towards the fireplace, not
exactly sure what he meant by his last remark. "Please do not wait for me,
dig in."

"I don't mind if I do," Edwards said as he picked up the spoon and found that
the stew tasted as good as it smelled. The venison was perfect, as were the
vegetables and the broth. His tongue was licking the bowl clean by the time
she sat down.

"Help yourself to some more," she said happily. She was pleased that he liked
her cooking so much and was overjoyed at having someone to talk to again.

Edwards took his bowl back over to the fireplace and filled it. "When do
you expect Charles back?" he inquired as he helped himself to another hearty
serving of Caroline's delicious stew. He felt a strange stirring in his loins
and knew that he had to fight down the horny beast within him. If only she
knew what would happen if the beast were released. It didn't take much to
cause him to lose all control and out here all alone there would be no way to
stop it from dominating his senses.

Caroline paused over her meal and spoke quietly. "I'm not sure, but I think
it might not be another two weeks before he returns."

"Well it'll be really nice when they all get back then," he told her. "This
stew is excellent, by the way."

"I used some of the liquor from Charles' jug as a base for the broth," she
told him.

Edwards was almost finished his second bowl. "The jug?" he said. He stared at
the cup sitting beside him. He now knew what the feeling inside him was and
once it started he knew he couldn't control it. "Don't fight it," the demon
inside him said. "Just look at her, ripe for the taking, no one to stop you
from enjoying her charms. She's yours to do with, as you like. Take her! You
know you want to!"

The battle with his inner demons was short lived as he felt his blood come
up. The potent liquor was overtaking his emotions. "I think I will have some
of this after all. One cup can't possibly hurt," he said as he tipped the cup
up to his mouth and swallowed it all down in a single gulp. "May I have some
more stew?" he said as his eyes drifted over her curvaceous body.

"Of course," Caroline said unaware of the horny beast she'd unwittingly
released within her husband's best friend.

"And a refill?" he said with a leering smile on his bearded face.

Caroline went over to the shelf on the wall holding half a dozen jugs that
Charles had laid in for the long winter to come and refilled his cup. Edwards
refilled his stew bowl again and was lapping it up. He quickly downed the cup
when she set it down and he quickly poured himself some more as she sat down
to her stew.

"Have another with me," he told her. She started to protest as she was
already beginning to feel lightheaded but there was something in his eyes
that told her do as he said. She didn't normally drink the powerful liquor
and she coughed as she tipped her cup to her lips and was forced to swallow
it all down when he held her hand in place. "Drink with me so I don't feel
unwelcome Mrs. Ingalls," he told her in a low voice that commanded her

He had her drink again with him as they ate and when Caroline looked up from
her empty bowl she saw Mr. Edwards staring at her as he took another swig
from the jug. His stare was intense and his glazed eyes were staring straight
at her bosom. "Mr. Edwards, are you alright?" she said as a drunken nervous
tingle washed through her as he openly stared at her full breasts.

"Show me your bosom," he told her.


"I want to see your tits." Edwards was filled with lust now, the strong
drink having unleashed his emotions. He stood, as did Caroline who backed
away from him as he approached. Edwards leaped across the room and caught
her. Caroline's bodice was held together by buttons in the front. Edwards
swiftly popped them off. He pulled her back to the table while she beat
her hands futilely against his hard, muscular chest.

Edwards sat and pulled his best friend's wife between his legs, locking her
between them and the table to keep her from escaping. He grasped her gaping
bodice and ripped it open. Caroline's large proud breasts burst forth. "Oh
Caroline, your tits are beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!"

Edwards hands came up and squeezed her heaving bosom. He caressed her full
breasts, then took her nipples between two hairy-knuckled fingers. He tugged
and twirled them until they involuntarily hardened. He groaned in delight at
the hard, fat nipples capping her breasts. Mr. Edwards leaned down and his
tongue flickered out circling her nipples before sucking her entire nipple
between his lips.

Caroline moaned drunkenly from the attention, scarcely noticing that his
hands were still pulling down her dress, revealing her lean, flat belly,
navel and the tops of her pubic hair. He stopped, reaching up and pushing
the dress off her shoulders. It fell around her feet leaving Caroline
naked and at the mercy of the horny man.

Edwards let her step back so he could take in her lush beauty. Her skin was
a soft white, unblemished except for a few freckles here and there. Her pubic
mound was blonde like her head, bushy and full. Her nipples were long, fat,
and an angry red from their hardness under his ministrations.

Also letting her pull back gave his cock room to grow. Caroline was staring
down at it as it grew to its foot long length. The thick shaft was growing
longer as the cock turned fully hard. "It needs a good sucking Caroline," he
told her with a leer.

"My God, it's so big," she gasped, realizing that his huge dick was much
longer and thicker than her husband Charles's and that she was all alone with
him with no one around to help her for many miles. She'd never seen him this
way, so forceful, so overpowering. She knew that she had to please him. There
was no way out of this situation without her giving in to his lewd demand.

"Yes it is. Now show me how Charles's pretty wife sucks cock." Edwards pushed
down on her shoulders until she was forced down and knelt before his mighty
shaft. Caroline leaned in toward the head amazed at the size of his mighty
dick. "Now suck it. Get to it woman!" he commanded her.

Edwards' glazed eyes stared lustfully at the nude woman as she reached a
tentative hand out and wrapped it around his cock. She pulled the foreskin
back so that his big head emerged. Her tongue flickered out, only to jerk
back when she touched him. Growing bolder, Caroline's tongue came out again,
this time licking around the head. Then Caroline leaned closer and began
licking his big cock. "Enough licking woman. Suck it," said Mr. Edwards
growing impatient after a few minutes.

Edwards eyes rolled up in his head and he groaned as she took his cock-head
inside her warm mouth. Caroline bobbed her head over the tip until it scraped
the back of her throat. She relaxed her jaw, skillfully breathing through her
nose and his cock entered her throat.

Mr. Edwards was impressed by her oral skills. Caroline knew how to suck
cock. She did Charles' almost every night and her husband loved her skillful
attention to his throbbing member. Edwards wanted more and he grabbed her
shoulders, pulling her into him.

His cock shot deep into her throat, surprising her and for the first time she
started to gag. He relaxed his grip a bit and she pulled back until only the
head was in her mouth. Edwards pulled her into his cock again until her lips
were at the bottom of his thick shaft and her nose disappeared into his thick
pubic hair. He relaxed again and put his hands on her head to control the
pace as he made her suck him faster and faster. "Yes ... yes ... Suck my cock
Caroline," he groaned at her.

Caroline worked her hand under his cock and found his heavy balls. Her hand
began massaging the twin testicles as her head moved rapidly over his thick
prick. "Milk it, that's it, milk it. Yes ... yes. I'm cumming, Caroline, I'm
cumming," he growled through clenched teeth. Edwards threw back his head and
groaned loudly as the semen shot up his cock, into her throat and slid
straight down into her belly.

Mr. Edwards relaxed his grip on her head and Caroline pulled back until his
cum began filling her mouth and dripping down her chin. His cock plopped out
of her mouth as she lost her balance and fell back on her ass.

Edwards stood and walked to the shelf on the wall, retrieving another jug.
"You're one hell of a cocksucker Caroline," he said pulling the cork out and
swallowing a mouthful of the potent liquor. "Charles is a very lucky man to
have you for a wife."

"Thanks, I guess," said Caroline, shaking her head. "I feel funny. All warm
inside." She giggled a moment like a little girl, then stopped suddenly as if
unsure what she was laughing at. Had she just sucked off her husband's best
friend? Her drunken mind was betraying her and the realization that she was
at his mercy was lost in the swirling emotions that course through her. She
was a lustful woman beneath her prim proper exterior and Edward's had
triggered a change in her as he'd forced her to suck him off.

Edwards pulled the buxom woman to her feet where she swayed unsteadily. "We
should get you to bed Caroline," Edwards said as he led her over to the bed
and pushed her down on her back.

His cock was hard and ready to go as he looked down at the woman of the house
on her bed. Caroline was very drunk and his to do with as he pleased. When he
was like this there was no thought of the consequence for his actions. He
tried to resist the evils that strong drink brought to him. He'd been careful
for a long time and today he'd unknowingly consumed the devil's brew that
made him a horny beast capable of just about anything.

That this was his best friend's wife was of no importance to him. He was
drunk and horny and she was a woman with holes to fill with his demanding
cock. That was all there was in his world tonight.

Edwards leaned over the drunken woman. He tipped the jug to her lips and let
the stream run into her mouth and down her throat. Edwards set the jug down
on the floor by her legs and leaned down over her lips. His tongue flickered
out around her lips. He then proceeded down, licking her neck, chest, and
breasts. Caroline appeared to have passed out, but moaned softly in her sleep
as his tongue curled around her hard, pointy nipples.

Edwards stood and walked to the end of the bed, pulling her legs down so that
they hung over the side. He knelt between them and leaned forward to push his
tongue into her navel. He licked around her tummy, slowly working his way
down to her hairy mound as she squirmed in her sleep.

Edwards paused and took a big swig from the jug while running his free hand
affectionately through her pubic mound. He then lifted her legs and threw
them over his shoulders. He looked down at her ripe pussy as he pushed her
legs back, opening up her crotch for him. His glazed eyes stared at her
pussy lips and then drifted down to her puckered little anus.

He dipped his head and the tip of his tongue swirled around her rosebud,
continuing to swirl as he pushed it in a couple of inches. Caroline moaned
and squirmed again. Edwards pulled is tongue out and flattened it over her
anus. He licked up and across her pussy lips, clitoris, and over the mound
where her pubic hair started. He licked back down, pressing his tongue
harder into her skin. This time Caroline moaned louder.

Edwards curled his tongue making it pointy again and explored her labia,
then moved on to her hardening clit. Satisfied he'd gotten her sweet cunt all
warm and squishy he pushed his tongue into her pussy and started working it
around. He pulled it out and teased her clit before pushing it back in deep.
His tongue was moving around every inch of her insides, touching everywhere
it could.

Edwards loved the view from where he was. Her pubic hair was tickling his
nose. Beyond that he saw her two full firm mounds of jiggling tit flesh,
topped by stiff hard nipples. Caroline was still passed out and moaning
softly with a little sigh every now and then.

Soon she was moaning more and more. Her head tossed and turned and her golden
colored hair flew wildly as he viewed it from between her ripe breasts.
Caroline arched her back and her eyes flew open with a soft cry of pleasure.
Grinning in her pussy, Edwards moved his tongue back to the spot that had
triggered her reaction and teased it mercilessly. He knew the spot well from
his younger days as a drunken beast preying on unsuspecting women whenever he
got the chance. He'd learned how it drove them wild when he worked his tongue
or fingers over it.

Caroline's breathing quickened. She ran her hands over her breasts and up
through her beautiful hair. The flat plain of her belly began undulating as
her pussy mound rose up into Edwards's mouth. Caroline arched her back again
and screamed in pleasure as she orgasmed. Edwards wasn't done yet. He kept
teasing the spot until Caroline shook all over.

She struggled, squirmed, writhed, and whimpered with pleasure. Then Caroline
raised her head, her bright blue eyes staring into his bloodshot, glazed ones
and she came again. Edwards lapped it up, Caroline's body spasming a little.
"No more, please," she begged, still drunk, her pussy now feeling too
sensitive. Edwards pulled his tongue out from her pussy, but couldn't resist
curling it around her hard little clit until she came a third time.

Mr. Edwards laughed in delight, stood and looked down at her as he reached
down for the jug. He swallowed a long sip, then looked down to see that he
was sporting another huge erection. He climbed onto the bed, lifted and
spread Caroline's legs wide open and hooked them up over his shoulders so
that her little blonde-fringed gash was spread out, totally exposed and
vulnerable. He moved forward and placed his huge dick against her, sliding
his big cock up and down the full length of her wet, swollen slit.

God, she looked so good spread out on her bed like that he thought. Her big
full tits jiggling as she began to roll her flaring hips. His cock head was
rolling her erect clit as he stroked it through her sweet quim and she
unconsciously responded as he prepared to fuck his friend's pretty wife. She
gasped as she felt his massive cock enter her and sighed as he began to push
it in and out of her, the wetting passage becoming covered with her juices
as he pushed deeply into her.

"Ohhh, ..G-G-Godddd ..soooooo ..biggggg ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Caroline
moaned loudly as the thick cockhead forced its way into the slick glove tight
entrance. "Ohhhhhh, ...Goddddd ... sooooo biggggggg ...!" she moaned again
as the thick shaft began to rock back and forth, gaining another few inches.

Her tight cuntal sheath stretched around his thick dick as he continued to
push himself forward until he'd buried his big dick into her well-lubed
vagina to the hilt. He felt the tip of his cock hitting her cervix as his
heavy balls slapped against her upturned little ass. His long thick cock
was much thicker and a good four inches longer than her husband Charles's
and he was fucking virgin territory, never before penetrated tissue.

She was besides herself, horny beyond belief and was milking his fully
embedded member with her instantly spasming cuntal canal as she slowly rolled
her hips up to meet his long deep thrusts into her sweet little cunt. Never
had she felt such sensations. She was pumping and rolling her hips hard up
into Edward's. Her breathing was in loud gasps and moans. She was clinging to
him with all of her strength as her fucked her powerfully in her marital bed.

After a long hard fuck that brought her to orgasm he pulled out and told her,
"turn over," I want you on all fours. He growled "NOW woman," when she was
slow to obey. She rolled over onto her tummy and as she rose up to her knees
his strong hands locked onto her flaring hips and pulled her back to him. He
pointed the tip of his cock at her pussy and pushed it into the hilt in one
powerful thrust. "Oh my GOD," moaned Caroline pushing back. "Your cock is
sooo big, Mr. Edwards."

Edwards was surprised and delighted that she easily took his entire cock in
this position. Of course after having children he should have expected her to
adjust to his size but his drunken mind wasn't fully rational at the moment.
Caroline and Mr. Edwards ground their crotches together before Edwards
started giving her a slow deep fuck. He guzzled from the jug while slowly
rotating his hips, then put it down, grabbed her hips, and fucked her hard
and fast.

Caroline orgasmed again and again. With each orgasm, her front fell a little
until her head was buried in her mattress and only her ass was thrust into
the air. Edwards thrust his cock deep into her womb for what seemed to be
hours before he threw his head back and groaned loudly as he drained his
balls into her lovingly milking pussy. He collapsed to the side and fell to
the bed. He pulled her to him and fondled her big tits as he recovered from
the incredible fuck they'd shared. They both drifted off to sleep and
eventually Edward's woke with the need to take a piss. It was dark outside
now and he smiled as he returned to the little house of his best friend
Charles Ingalls.

He came back and stroked his cock back to life as he looked down at Charles's
pretty wife. She looked so good naked on her bed with his semen oozing out of
her cunny and running down her legs to pool on the sheets. He picked up the
jug and took another long pull as he decided that he wanted her tight little
asshole next.

Edwards rolled her over, got between her legs and pulled Caroline up so that
she was on all fours on the bed she shared with her husband. Mr. Edwards
squeezed her ass cheek and worked his thumb into her anus. Caroline struggled
as she woke to the strange sensation in her ass, but he squeezed her ass
until she quit moving. She pleaded with Mr. Edwards. "Not there. Please, your
too big."

Edwards set the jug down and smacked his palm across her ass while working
his thumb in deeper. "Quiet woman," he ordered, "I want your ass and I'm
going to take it."

"Please," she said, then "OW," as he spanked her again. "There's some butter
in the cupboard."

"Yes of course," said Edwards releasing her and retrieving the butter. He
returned, took another drink, then stuck his cock straight in the butter
crock. He pulled it out and smeared the butter all over his shaft until it
was well lubricated. Then he took a thick gob of butter on his finger and
worked it into her tiny anus, stretching it and pushing his finger in as
deep as he could. He then fit his gooey cock against her and pushed the tip
into her tight little anus. It caved inward and stretched wide open under
his pressure as it slipped inside.

"Too big, too big," cried Caroline and she struggled to pull away. He grasped
her by her hips and dragged her back to him sending another two inches up her
glove tight asshole. She tried to crawl away from him, but he grabbed her
again by the hips and locked her in place.

Edwards groaned with excitement at her struggling and grabbed her hair,
pulling back on it until half his cock pushed deep inside her ass.
Surprisingly, her ass wasn't as tight as he would of thought and his cock
easily slid in deeper as it slowly relaxed. What he didn't know was that
Charles often fucked Caroline up the ass. She'd come to love being
sodomized but Edwards massive cock was stretching her anal canal like
never before.

She continued wriggling to escape him while Edwards held her hair and started
humping his hips. Caroline quit struggling and soon was pushing her ass back
to meet his thrusts as her ass became adjusted to the huge prick ramming
deeper than she'd ever felt before. Charles cock felt good in her ass but
Edwards massive dick was driving her beyond anything she'd ever felt before.

"You like it Caroline, don't you?" Edwards taunted her, releasing her hair.
"You love my big dick up your ass, don't you? You want to cum again, don't
you?" Edwards reached around her leg and slid a finger into her pussy. His
skillful fingering and the big cock pumping her ass quickly had Caroline
cumming again. After thrusting a several dozen more times, he shot a large
load of semen deep into her bowels.

Edwards reached for the jug and took a big swig. He pulled his huge cock
out of her ass with a loud plop and Caroline collapsed in exhaustion as he
watched his thick semen welling up out of her ass. Her body was weak and her
head rested listlessly on the bed. She twitched and jerked in the aftermath
of her orgasms. Edwards got up to get a fresh jug then return to lay beside
Caroline, kissing her deeply and fondling her full tits and ass as he
prepared to fuck her again. Three more times that night, Caroline got the
best fucking of her life, each time her womb was filled to the brim with Mr.
Edwards's thick rich jism.

When he woke up, the room was spinning and his head hurt. He tried to
remember what had happened and where he was. Oh yes, I went to see if
Charles' wife was OK and needed anything, he thought. OH God, my poor
head ... I must have been drinking again. Damn my dick is throbbing as
much as my head is. Wait a minute ... He opened his eyes to see Caroline
on top of him pounding her pussy down on his hard cock. His best friend's
wife was fucking him with total abandon.

Her hands were on his shoulders as she slammed her pussy down over his
big fully embedded prick. A jug was sitting by the bed and he grabbed it,
drinking to clear the cobwebs from his skull. He looked up, amazed to see
Caroline as she rode on his pole. Her long blonde hair was flying around
her head and her big boobs were bouncing and jiggling as she bounced up
and down upon him.

"Good morning," she said rolling her hips and working his hard cock with
her tight pussy. "I always do the milking first thing and when I saw your
cock all big hard when I woke up I thought I'd start with it."

He reached up and filled his hands with her bouncing tits, watching intensely
as his thick cock glistened with her juices. Everytime she landed he could
here a loud squish. After fifteen non-stop minutes he couldn't take it
anymore. He wanted to really let her have it.

Mr. Edwards rolled Caroline over so he was on top of her. He hooked her
long legs up over his shoulders and started to fuck her brains out. As he
powerfully thrusted, he repeated buried every long thick inch he had into
her tight passage.

Caroline screamed in delight as he pounded her pussy with his massive cock.
The intense feeling of being fucked by such a large cock made her have one
orgasm after another as he pounded her hard and deep for another ten minutes
before letting her legs down. He held her waist as he powerfully thrusted
his meat into her faster and faster. Caroline was bucking wildly as she
moaned in delight. He was amazed by how hot and wet she was. He pulled out
of her and rolled her trembling body over.

Caroline was in spastic ecstasy as her body was creaming out of control. Mr.
Edwards couldn't believe it as he looked down and saw his gigantic cock as
big and hard as he has ever seen. It was all sticky with his best friend's
wife juices dripping from it. She rolled her sexy ass in front of him and
begged him for it as he raised her to all fours and mounted her from behind.

She arched her back and moaned as he easily landed his huge cock into her
swollen drenched cunt. He loved how her tight little body looked as he
hammered away with his big prick. His cock glistened with her flowing juices
as he watched her sweet little pussy take it hard and deep. Caroline buried
her face against the mattress as he fucked her for all he was worth.

He reached up under her and mauled her hanging tits as he ram fucked her.
After a while he lifted up and grasped her flaring hips as he rode her.
Eventually he couldn't take it anymore, Caroline's sweet pussy was the best
he'd ever had and it was milking his big cock for his load of heavy cream
hungrily. With a mighty thrust, he rammed all he had inside of her and held
it buried to the hilt in her tautly stretched little quim. His muscular body
tensed as his testicles exploded and Caroline came again when his semen shot
up inside her.

He pulled her against him as hard as he could as his cock emptied inside of
her spasming pussy. His potent sperm filling her to overflowing as they both
collapsed physically emotionally and sexually drained. "What a way to wake
up," he moaned as she cuddled in against him.

"I couldn't help it," she said. "When I woke up and realized what we'd
done ... I figured, in for a penny in for a pound. I saw that incredibly big
cock of yours and I just had to have it again. We've got a lot of time before
Charles comes back, so I might as well take advantage of your big cock while
I can. It'll be my way of thanking you for helping me around the farm."

They worked the farm during the day and then would retire to her bed for more
fun at night. He fucked her in the barn, up in the loft, in the long grass by
the brook, whenever and wherever the urge hit them. They went at it for the
entire two weeks it took for her family to return.

She was in the house and he was in the barn when Charles rode up in the wagon
with the girls. Caroline fixed a welcoming home meal and as they ate Charles
told Edwards that he didn't know how he could properly thank him for looking
after Caroline while he was away.

"Don't worry about it," Edwards told him. "What are friends for if not to
help out when there's a need. I'm just glad I could satisfy your wife's needs
while you were away. That's thanks enough."

Charles didn't see the look on his wife's pretty face, but Edwards saw the
sly smile and knew that there'd be plenty of opportunities for he and
Caroline to continue their satisfaction of mutual needs in the times ahead.

Edwards made his leave shortly afterwards as the girls went up to bed and
Charles was falling asleep at the table, exhausted from the long trip. "I'll
just check the livestock in the barn before I go," he said. Caroline joined
him ten minutes later, telling him that the girls and Charles where all fast
asleep in the little house.

Edwards couldn't resist the buxom woman standing before him. His cock
hardened one more time and he pulled her down into a pile of hay in one of
the stalls. He left her head down, ass up, with a pussy full of sperm as he
started the long walk back to town.

"Best fucking I've ever had," mumbled Caroline as she pushed herself to her
feet and walked unsteadily back towards the little house where her family was
sleeping. Life is going to be so much better from now on she thought, I just
know it.


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