Little House On The Prairie: Albert And Caroline (MF,F-best,inc,BDSM,ws)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Caroline Ingalls, a beautiful woman who is sexy when not covering her body
with those dresses she wears. Since her and Charles have moved to the state
Senate, Caroline has worn more revealing style of dresses for parties and

Two weeks have passed since Charles had to travel to Washington, so Caroline
decided to head to Walnut Grove to visit her family. She knows that they are
all busy out of town with farm business. Albert is the only one she expects
home that evening that she arrives at the farm. Upon her arrival, she unpacks
in the room that is to be hers while she stays with them and she knows that
it will be next to Albert's room. In her mind she has had the urge to see
what sexual deeds she can commit with her adopted son.

Early that evening, Albert arrives home to be greeted by his stunning
almost naked mom. She says hi to him coyly and opens her thighs to reveal a
pantiless pussy. Licking his lips, Albert feels an erection coming on and to
alleviate it he lowers his zipper and pulls out his cock. Caroline sees this,
wets her lips and then kneels before him to begin the process of her dreams.
Grasping Albert's large cock, she licks the head while gently squeezing his
balls. Her tongue wakes up the organ to the point it jabs Caroline in the
eye, she moves towards his balls and takes one and then the other in her
mouth to suck on them. Albert wants to back off, but his oh so gorgeous
mother grabs his butt to hold him while she makes him cum over and over

Once Caroline has swallowed a couple of loads of her son's jism, she begs him
to eat her unshaven country cunt. She spreads her thighs as far as she can
on the wooden floor of the kitchen and Albert lowers himself to her gaping
pussy, kissing her inner thighs until he reaches his prize. Caroline has a
smile on her face as she thinks that Charles hasn't been this attentive for
a few months and wants her son to continue for the longest of times. With no
one else to stop the sex, mother and son wallow in sin as they cum more than
ever before.

Albert is afraid of what Charles might do when he finds out that his son
sexually had Caroline. She sees his puzzled look and tells him to keep it a
secret, but Albert isn't so sure she can herself. Once he has made her have
multiple orgasms, Albert jams his tongue in her ass, but finds out that she
is ready to crap and he stops. Caroline has found a way to have him hold
the secret of their tryst by asking him to eat her shit. She threatens Albert
with the idea that he raped her to have him hold his tongue. Not wanting to
make wave, Albert licks the shit out of Caroline's ass and does as she
suggests. His face turns red at the thought of doing such a vile thing, but
continues until he feels he has to piss. Now Albert has found a way to have
his mom keep silent on the subject. He stands tall, begs his mom to close her
eyes while opening her mouth and begins to pea in her open mouth. Caroline is
no dumb bitch, as she knows that Albert is securing her silence by pissing in
her mouth.

Each of them has secured the silence and continues to fuck. Albert drives his
dick in her ass and ass fucks his mom while she screams in ecstasy. The ass
fucking goes until his cum fills her hole, but by this time both are feeling
queasy from the excrement and body fluids each endured earlier. Running
behind the barn, Caroline and Albert puke their guts out and walk into the
barn. Caroline isn't done the unthinkable before her son, as she takes the
horse closest to her, strokes the animals cock until it is hard and then
slides under to accept the cock of the stallion in her pussy. For nearly
twenty minutes she fucks the horse, not letting up until she knows the horse
will cum. Dropping to the hay covered floor, Caroline lies quietly, opening
her thighs and pointing to Albert to fuck her still hot pussy.

Albert lowers between her legs one more time and plunges his rigid cock in
her cunt, fucking her harder than he fucked Laura. Caroline gasps as her son
has magically taken her heat from her tonight, not realizing that Charles has
been watching the whole proceedings. Albert lies on the floor, tells Caroline
to put her ass over his cock and he again ass fucks her. Albert places his
hand over her eyes and waves Charles in. Charles not one to wait for the
moment to be asked a second time, quickly removes his clothes, strokes his
cock long enough to have it as erect as possible and drives it into
Caroline's waiting pussy. With both cocks in both of Caroline's holes, Albert
removes his hand from her eyes so she can see who is fucking her bushy cunt.

Mrs. Ingalls moans as both her favorite men fuck her holes as hard as
possible. It isn't long before Caroline is tired and has to wait for the men
to stop ravaging her body. One hour later, all three lie limp on the floor,
as Charles tells Albert that is your mom is that horny while I'm away don't
hesitate to accommodate her needs. A shocked Caroline knows he meant this and
now has to look for another lover to keep secrets with her, but this won't
happen as she is pleased to have her adopted son fuck her without making him
eat her shit ever again.

Charles isn't completely done with his wife yet, as he reaches for a leather
strap and whips his wife while she lies on the floor. Albert joins the
action, as he takes some rope and ties his mom to the ladder to the hayloft.
He then ties Charles to her as he makes him watch the next part of his move.
Taking the strap he whips both parents until a suggestion of pink appears on
their asses and stomach's. Next, Albert eats his mom's pussy once more, but
is even more surprising to his father as he shows his need to go both ways as
he gives Charles a blowjob. Charles is perplexed that a child of his would
show some gay tendencies toward him or any man. Albert assures him that he is
straight, but can go both ways if he desired. Once Caroline and Charles have
cum, Albert unties them and the three heads to the house for dinner. Sexually
satisfied, they will satisfy their need to strengthen themselves by chowing
down on steak and potatoes for dinner.

The End


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