Disclaimer: Laverne And Shirley belongs to the Henderson Production Company,
Miller-Milkis Productions and Paramount Television. This story is
not-for-profit, but I own it.

Date: 09/11/2005

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, voyurism, female solo sex, female/female sex

Category: Slash

Pairing: Laverne DeFazio/Joey Heatherton

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Archive: Yes

Other Notes: This AU story takes place after Laverne and Shirley move
themselves from Milwalkee to California and is a birthday gift for Joey
Heatherton, who was born on September 14th, 1944.

Summary: Laverne describes her first encounter with Joey Heatherton... and
the shocking surprise that came with it.

Dedication: Happy Birthday to Joey Heatherton!--ATK 2005

Laverne And Shirley: First Time Ever
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

My name is Laverne DeFazio and way before my roommate and best friend,
Shirley Feeney had moved ourselves out of our little basement apartment in
Milwalkee all the way to the Sunshine State of California, I was only
interested in trying to get some great-looking guy to invite me over to his
place, so that we should fuck each other's brains out for the rest of our

But that was before September the 14th, which was a few weeks after me and
Shirley had finally gotten ourselves settled into our new apartment and
which was also when Shirley has gone to do something romantic with her own
hot lover, Carmine 'The Big Ragoo' Ragusa, our neighbors, Leonard 'Lenny'
Kosnowski and Andrew 'Squiggy' Squiggman were doing something stupid in
their apartment--like I would really give a shit and our other neighbors,
Rhonda Lee and Sonny St. Jacques were off doing their own bits of show-biz

Which had meant that I've had no choice, but to sit around and wait for my
own father, Frank DeFazio -- who is now a manager of Cowboy Bill's with my
stepmother, Edna Babish-DeFazio -- to call me on the phone and give me
nothing, but grief.

But then, after I had plopped myself on the sofa, the sound of our own
doorbell has caused me to get off the sofa, walk over to the door and open
it, just in time for me to see a beautiful blonde stand in front of me and
ask, "Could I come in for a little bit?It's so hot out there."

"Sure thing. Oh, by the way. My name's Laverne DeFazio," I had answered,
after I had allowed the blonde to step into the apartment an closed the
door behind us. "What's your name?"

"Oh, my name is Joey Heatherton and I had moved out here from Rockville
Centre, Long Island, New York with hopes of making it into show-biz big
time," she had answered me with a smile on her face. "Could I go upstairs
and check out the view from your bedroom window?"

And after I had said 'yes' and allowed her to go up the steps and into mine
and Shirley's bedroom, I had walked into the kitchen, took a Pepsi out of the
fridge and took a swallow of it, just before I had suddenly realized that
Joey might want to have some Pepsi as well.

But after I had gone up to the bedroom and stepped inside, the look of shock
has suddenly appeared on my face, for I had spotted a bare-ass naked Joey
sitting on the bed, pumping two of her fingers in and out of her cunt and
carressing her own tits.

Then suddenly, after she had turned towards my way and noticed that I was
standing right where I was and staring at her, a smiling Joey has gotten
herself off the bed, walked over to me and asked, "What's wrong, Laverne?
Don't you like what you see?"

And then, after she had noticed that I was still having a problem with
getting some words out, an understanding Joey has placed the tips of her
fingers on my lips and said, "On second thought, Laverne. You don't have
to say anything. You also don't need to be afraid. All you need to do now
is just relax... and enjoy it."

And with that, the both of us had kissed each other ever so passionately on
the lips, just before Joey had helped me take all of my clothes off and we
had placed our nude bodies on the bed.

"Aaaahhhh! What are you doing to me, Joey? Please don't do that! I don't want
it! Stop it! Oooohhhh! Please, Joey! Don't stop!" I had said to Joey, after
she has started licking all over my body -- all the way down to my hot, wet
pussy and carressing my firm breasts. "Yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Joey!
Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, at that exact moment, I had suddenly realized that I was
experiencing something with another women for the first time ever, for I was
able to experience pure and untamed erotica... and enjoy every minute of it.

Just then, after she has placed herself in front of me and started rubbing
our pussies against each other, a sexually-charged Joey has placed one of
her hands on her own tits and the other hand on my bare leg and yelled,

And then, after we had started moving harder and faster and our lovemaking
has taen its last sip of milk and Pepsi, the both of us had came and
collapsed due to exhaustion.

Then, after we were both finally able to catch our breath, Joey has placed
her head on my chest, let out a sigh and asked, "Well, Laverne?Are you
feeling any better?"

And after I had looked at Joey and realized that she was able to help me step
into a whole new world, I had placed my gentle hand on my newfound lesbian
lover's head, let out a smile of my own and answered, "Surprisingly enough,
Joey. I really do feel better... and I want to thank you for it."

And then, after we had looked and smiled at each other, me and Joey had
snuggled-up to each other and fell asleep with our naked arms in a love's

Just then, after she had finally returned home and placed her purse on our
dining table, Shirley had looked at me with a big smile on her face and said,
"You should've been there with us, Laverne. Carmine and I had a wonderful
time at the flea market. I'm so sorry that you had to stay here and have a
boring day."

"That depends on your point-of-view, Shirley," I had said to Shirley, after
I had taken a sip of my cup full of milk and Pepsi. "That depends on your



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