The following story contains sex between adult women and very young girls.
This story will have a number of well known celebrities and no one should
consider what these celebrities do in this story to be that celebrities true
sexual nature. The story is purely a work of fiction folks.

The characters of Serena Southerlyn and Jack McCoy are from "Law and Order"
which is copyrighted to Wolf Films Production in association with Universal
Network Television. The following celebrities will make an appearence in this
story: Elisabeth Rohm as Serena Southerlyn, Catherine Bell as Aunt Carolyn,
Dakota Fanning as Sally Fredericks, Elle Fanning as Mary Fredericks and Nancy
Grace of CourtTV as Joann Fredericks the mother of Sally and Mary, Daveigh
Chase as Laura Richards the babysitter.

Law And Order: Serena Southerlyn's Lust For Young Girls Part 2
by SUVYankee

After pulling into her garage Serena took out her new puppy and showed it to
Sally who had run over to say hi. "Well Sally do you like my new pup?"

Sally said, "Oh yes Ms. Southerlyn he's adorable."

Serena said in a mock serious tone of voice, "Now Sally Fredericks I've told
you before to call me Serena and I meant it."

Sally blushed and said, "Ok Serena."

As they walked into the house Serena said, "Why don't you go in back and play
with the pup? Oh and where's little Mary, she'd like playing with the pup

Sally was in her Catholic School uniform, a grey pleated skirt, yellow
blouse, green sweater and black and white saddle type shoes. "Serena I don't
want to get my uniform dirty. Mary is visiting some doctor, mom thinks Mary
needs help overcoming her shyness or something."

Serena smiled, "Sally you go on and play if you get dirty, I'll wash your
clothes. What doctor is Mary seeing? Will your mom be working at the tv
studio late again tonight?"

Sally jumped up and down with excitement. "Thanks Serena I really wanted to
play with him. Mary is seeing Dr. Carolyn Randolph. Mom will be working late,
I'm supposed to call our babysitter later on."

Sally ran out back with the pup. Serena smiled and thought, Mary is seeing
Carolyn hmm. I bet she's having fun with both Mary and Joann. I wonder who
Sally meant by their babysitter?

A little while later Sally came back in dirty of course. "Oh Serena I knew
I'd get dirty."

Serena looked at her and said, "Well take off your clothes and I'll wash

Sally was a little surprised, "Serena I can't go around naked here."

"Why not? It's just us girls here right?" said Serena.

"Well ok."

Sally took her clothes off and handed them to Serena who put them in the
washing machine. She couldn't get over Sally's sexy body and hairless cunt.

"I'll tell you what Sally if it makes you feel more comfortable I'll take my
clothes off too."

After Serena was nude Sally said, "Wow you have a beautiful body Serena."

Serena smiled and said, "Thanks you have a cute bod yourself."

Sally blushed.

Serena handed Sally a coke spiked with Spanish Fly and said, "Let's sit on
the couch."

After they sat down Serena said, "Does your mom still smoke Sally?"

Sally sipped her coke, "Yes she does."

"Do you think she looks sexy when she smokes?"

Sally thought a bit and said, "Yes she does look sexy when she smokes. Why
do you ask?"

Serena said, "I was wondering if she taught you how to smoke yet. I mean a
big girl like you should be smoking by now don't you think?"

Sally was squirming a bit on the couch as the Spanish Fly took effect. "Mom
says I'm too young to smoke but I don't think so. Would you teach me how

Serena smiled and taught the sexy ten year old how to smoke.

By now Sally was very horny and didn't know what to do about it. "Serena
my private area itches like crazy."

Serena smiled and said, "You mean your cunt itches real bad don't you?"

Sally said, "MMM yes my cunt itches real bad."

Serena said, "Well let me scratch that itch."

She started to finger the hairless cunt making Sally moan.

As Serena got on her knees she said, "Who's your babysitter Sally?"

Serena began tongueing the girls pussy. Licking and sucking the juicy lips,
shoving her tongue in and out of the cunt.

"OOOOHHH Serena mmmmm. Laura mmmm Roberts is our babysitter Don't stop

Serena thought, Laura Roberts she's that cute brunette always running around
in her cheerleader uniform. As she continued to tongue fuck Sally, Serena
fingered the little girls asshole. "Sally how old is Laura?"

Sally was going crazy with lust now and wanted something else in her cunt but
didn't know what to ask for. "She's almost 14 Serena. Oh stick something
bigger in my cunt PLEASSEE!"

Serena smiled and strapped on a 8" dildo. She covered the girls mouth and
shoved the dildo in her cunt. The girls eyes got big and she cried. As the
dildo went in and out she moaned in pleasure and when Serena started blowing
smoke in her face, Sally began bucking up to meet Serena's thrusts.

* * *

While Serena was fucking Sally's brains out, Dr. Carolyn Randolph was indeed
having fun with Joann Fredericks and her six year old daughter Mary. Carolyn
was a big believer in hypnosis therapy even before she became a lesbian
pedophile and now that she was a lezzie pedophile she used hypnosis for
purposes other than therapy.

She enjoyed turning little girls into sluts for an afternoon and then making
them forget anything had happened. For instance she had both Joann and Mary
strip for their sessions. Then she'd have Joann finger herself while either
rubbing Mary's pussy or drooling over Carolyn's 36DD's. Today Carolyn told
Joann to do two things, get Mary hooked on cigarettes and then eat her pussy.
If she did well Joann was told Carolyn would fuck her.

As Joann taught little Mary how to smoke, she continued to tell Carolyn how
shy Mary was, totally oblivious to what she was actually doing. Joann then
ate out her little girl. She tongue fucked her, sucking the lips and driving
Mary wild with one orgasm after another.

Carolyn took photos of this for her personal collection. After awhile she had
Joann stop and lie down on a couch, she had Mary smoke and finger her little
cunt. She then fucked Joann blowing smoke in her face and letting Joann suck
and bite her huge jugs. Carolyn wanted to fuck Mary or maybe get photos of
Joann fucking her daughter but she knew Joann lived next to Serena and that
Serena would want to do Mary.

When their session came to an end she had them get dressed and forget
everything that happened. Before she brought them out of their trance Carolyn
decided to have fun with Joann. She made Joann get sexually aroused by big
boobed women and underage girls. The catch was Joann wouldn't know why she
was getting aroused.

As the mom and her daughter left the office Carolyn couldn't help laughing
and wondering who Joann would do first a big titted woman or a little girl.
All the way home Joann couldn't help but look at Mary with lust in her eyes.
She couldn't figure out why she felt this way. "Now Mary mommy has to go to
work late tonight make sure Sally calls Laura to watch y'all."

Mary said, "Ok mommy. I'm glad Laura's gonna watch us she's so nice."

Mary got out of the car and went in the house. Joann drove to the studio and
after parking she had to finger herself good due to being so wetand horny.
She thought to herself, mmm yes Laura is very nice. I'd love to do her and
Mary and Laura not to mention that big titted new assistant running around
the studio mmmm.

Mary couldn't find Sally at home and figured she was at Ms. Southerlyn's next
door. So she called Laura. "Hey Laura this is Mary Fredericks. My mommy wants
you to watch us tonight is that ok?"

Laura was lying on her bed in her cheerleader uniform. She had been fingering
herself thinking of a football player at school when Mary callled. "MMM sure
Mary I'll be over after dinner ok?"

Mary said ok and hung up the phone thinking Laura sounded weird. Laura hung
up and thought how much she liked sitting for the Fredericks children. Then
she went back to fingering her pussy imagining the football team taking turns
with her pussy, mouth and maybe her butt.

Mary went next door to find Sally. She found the new pup in the backyard and
played with him a bit. When she looked in a window she was shocked at what
she saw. There was Sally and Ms. Southerlyn naked and they were doing
something strange. Serena was fucking Sally's adorable asshole and Sally was
loving it. This made Mary a little scared but what scared her more was her
physical reaction to what she was seeing. Mary's fingers were going in and
out of her pussy.

So Mary ran to a park across the street to think things over. She was crying
a little when she sat down next to a lady and her dog. The lady said in a
thick Russian accent, "What's wrong little girl? My names Ekaterina what's

Mary said, "Hi I'm Mary. Where are you from?"

Ekaterina said, "I just moved here with my two sisters from Russia. I am
29, my sister Katya is 19 and my sister Masha is 10. How old are you Mary?"

Mary thought Masha must be the foreign girl that Sally told her about.
"I'm 6 and my sister Sally is 10."

Ekaterina had been very lonely since moving to the states and even though
Mary was 6, she was appreciative of someone to talk to. Mary told Ekaterina
what was wrong. The more she told the hornier Ekaterina got. Terina as her
friends called her was bisexual and had never done a girl this young before,
still she wanted this girl so bad. "Let's go behind some bushes and we can
talk in private."

Mary said that was fine. Terina took her hand and led her behind some bushes
then she hugged Mary and started to French kiss her. Mary was surprised but
kissed back, their tongues twirling in each others mouths. Terina couldn't
believe how hot she was for Mary and thought how much fun little Masha would
be in bed. Terina then yanked Mary's panties off and began eating her. As she
drank in Mary's juices, Mary just moaned. She thought this was the first time
she'd been eaten due to Carolyn making her forget things. Suddenly Terina
felt something mount her, it was her dog a mutt named Pavel. Terina reached
back and grabbed the dog's cock and put it in her ass.

So Terina had finally found a guy who met her sexual needs, so what if the
guy happened to be a dog. The dog pounded her ass like a jackhammer as she
ate Mary.

Mary saw what the dog was doing and realized what Sally and Ms. Southerlyn
were doing this made her cum hard. After the dog came he went away and Mary
fell into Terina's arms where they french kissed some more. Mary stood up
and dressed. "That was fun Ekaterina maybe we can do it again. I have to get
home now, I live right over there."

Terina looked at Mary and licked her lips, "Yes we will have to do this again
my sweet Mary."

As Mary made her way to Serena's home hoping she and her sister were through
doing it. Terina dressed and as she walked her dog home she thought how hot
it would be to see Pavel fucking her sister Masha and little Mary.
_ _ _

Well this ends Part Two of Serena Southerlyn's Lust for Young Girls. Let me
know what you all think at [email protected]


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