Lois And Clark: Stud Or Chump Part 2 (MF,MFF,drugs,mc,cons)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Clark Kent walked out of his office at the Daily Planet. He was a tall young
man with black hair and pale blue eyes. A very handsome man dressed in a
business suit. He walked around the office with a purposeful stride.

Clark Kent walked down the hall and went into the storage room. It was a
fairly dark room but the dark did not bother him. He had the powers of a
Kryptonian, after all. Powers he used under the name Superman, the
superhero who had become an icon of justice. Clark looked around the room.
He was soon greeted by a sexy, husky female voice.

"What took you so long?" asked Cat Grant.

Clark looked at her. Cat Grant was a tall, beautiful young woman. She wore
real sexy clothing that accentuated every curve of her sexy body. "Missing
you." Clark Kent said.

This was part of their game. They often met in the storage room for sex. Cat
Grant came to Clark and in the next second, her hands were all over him. They
undressed hastily. Clark took a closer look at her hot, sexy body. She looked
at him with undisguised lust in her eyes.

"I'm gonna sex you down until you drop." she said.

Clark smiled. "We'll just have to see about that." he told her.

He grabbed her and pushed her on a desk. They kissed passionately and he
entered her. His cock slid easily inside her pussy. Gosh, she was so warm!
He thrust inside her, shoving his cock real deep. Cat was screaming like a
real bitch in heat. She was caressing her breasts and egging him on. He
fucked her, hard. He felt her hands on him, as she wrapped her arms around
him in a lusty embrace. He felt her long fingernails trying in vain to dig
into his invulnerable skin. Her pussy seemed to tighten around his cock as
she got wilder. He unleashed his seed inside her, sending a flood of hot
cum in her pussy. She screamed at the top of her lungs.

He pulled out of her. She went straight for the dick and started to suck on
it like a friggin lollipop. He was soon hard again and ready for another
round. She went down on all fours before him and looked at him with a strange
expression on her pretty face.

"Take me in the ass !" Cat said.

Clark Kent positioned himself behind Cat Grant and caressed her smooth ass.
She purred and smiled invitingly at him. He held his cock in one hand and
spat on the other. He rubbed the spit on his cockhead and then rubbed his
cock against the woman's smooth ass. He parted her firm buttocks with one
hand and rubbed his cock against her pink little asshole. Cat Grant
practically growled in anticipation. Clark slid his cock into her ass. Cat's
ass was amazingly warm and tight. Clark pushed further inside her and her
anal walls stretched to accomodate the girth of his cock.

He grabbed her by the hips and started to thrust his cock deep into her ass.
Cat Grant loved the feel of a hard cock deep inside her ass. She pushed back
against him, wanting to get more of him inside her. The sensation of a warm
tight ass around his cock felt great to Clark Kent. He thrust deep inside her
and met with some resistance. Cat grunted when Clark thrust his cock deep
into her bowels. She gritted her teeth and, with an effort she willed her
tight hole to widen itself. She wanted to get as much of him inside her as

The sensation of a hot, hard cock throbbing inside her drove her wild.
Muttering obscenities, she began to finger her pussy furiously. She was
surprised to find herself extremely wet, so excited was she by Clark
Kent's energetic ass ramming. And ram he did. He shoved his cock deep
inside her, loving the feel of her tight anal canal as it yielded under
the force of his awesome rod of power. Cat Grant's screams of pleasure
and pain seemed to encourage him. That's what she needed. A good fuck
up the ass. Clark was more than happy to provide her with that. He felt
her anal walls tighten around his cock and knew that he couldn't hold
it any longer. He came, sending hot cum deep inside her. Cat howled
like one of the damned.


It had been a rather slow week in Metropolis. Superman foiled a robbery,
stopped a psychotic woman from killing her ex-husband and rescued a cat
from a tall tree. Nothing big. Even Superman was bored. Lois Lane was out
of town in a top secret assignment.

Clark Kent was bored too. He got whiff of a plot to kill Superman from an
ex-con. The ex-con mentioned that two women blamed Superman for the death
of Lex Luthor and those women were Dr. Gretchen Kelly and Arianna Carlin.
Both of them had been involved with Lex Luthor. He went to the office of
Dr. Gretchen Kelly. He entered and took a look around. There was no one
there. It occured to Clark Kent to check out the basement and he did. He
went in and saw two women working inside what was looked like a lab. He
remained hidden from them.

"Is the product ready?" asked a pretty brunette.

Clark recognized her as Arianna Carlin, Lex Luthor's ex wife.

"Almost." said a blonde woman with short hair clad in a lab coat.

Clark recognized her as Gretchen Kelly, the beautiful doctor who once loved
Lex Luthor.

"We are gonna test this before trying it on Superman." said Gretchen. She
held a beaker containing a green liquid inside of it.

"Soon our beloved's killer shall be avenged." said Arianna Carlin.

Clark smiled to himself. If those two only knew that he was listening to what
they were saying... right here. He watched them as they worked on whatever
diabolical invention would ensure the demise of his superheroic alter ego.

Gretchen mixed chemicals together and Arianna warned her to be careful. "It
is ready!" Gretchen Kelly said enthusiastically.

She came closer to Arianna Carlin, wanting to show her. As Gretchen walked,
she tripped over something and fell. The beakers fell on the floor, and
broke. Almost immediately, fumes appeared all around them. The liquid had
turned into gas upon contact with the open air.

"No!" Arianna screamed.

Clark readied himself to try to rescue them if need be. They were criminals
and he would make sure they got locked up for a long time for their scheme
but he wouldn't let them die like this. He rushed into the lab...and froze.
Clark Kent breathed in the smell of the fumes. He was...affected. Suddenly,
he found himself looking at Arianna and Gretchen.

The two women were looking at him in a very strange manner.

"Who are you?" asked Arianna. She looked at Clark Kent....lustfully.

Gretchen came closer to him and smiled.

Suddenly, both women were on him. They were flirting with him and touching
him... everywhere. Normally, Clark Kent would not get into this. But, he was
affected by the chemicals as well. He was suddenly feeling very horny.

"Kent." he told them.

"Show us what you got, stud." said Gretchen Kelly.

"I need to feel your bod." said Arianna Carlin.

Clark looked at them and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. He showed them his
fine, muscular body. "Like what you see?" he asked boldly.

The two women looked at him like predators on the prowl. "Sure." they said.

"Let's see your stuff, my lovelies." said Clark.

The two women began to undress right before him. Gretchen Kelly had a nice
body. Slightly plump but still sexy, she looked beautiful with her short
blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes. She turned around and Clark looked at
her fantastic ass. Hmm. He reached and patted her behind. So nice and soft.
He smacked it.

"Ow." Gretchen said playfully. She smiled at Clark.

Arianna Carlin had gotten nude as well. She was tall and lean, with a hard
and fit-looking body that athletes would envy. She had nice, firm tits and a
nice, flat stomach. Her sculpted body looked beautiful. She had a slim waist
and nice, round and tight-looking ass.

"You're both so fine!" Clark said.

The two women grinned. Both came to him and Clark Kent couldn't wait to
ravish them both.

Gretchen knelt before Clark Kent and started sucking at his balls. The
short-haired blonde was a really good sucker. Not half as good as the sexy
brunette Arianna Carlin. Clark moaned when he felt the two women's mouths
sucking on his cock and balls. This felt really good to him. He pulled
Gretchen onto the desk and spread her legs. He rubbed his cock against her
hairy pussy. She purred. He slid his cock into her pussy. She felt both hot
and wet. He started to pump his cock inside her, shoving it real deep. He
felt Arianna's hands on his butt as he thrust his cock inside Gretchen

Arianna caressed Clark's firm butt and parted his ass cheeks. She licked
around his asshole, then slid her tongue inside it. Clark grunted when he
felt Arianna Carlin's tongue inside his ass. He fucked Gretchen even harder
and she screamed as she was fucked. Arianna licked Clark's ass like it was
the sweetest thing she'd ever tasted. He kept thrusting his huge cock inside
Gretchen's pussy. Gretchen lay on her back against the desk, caressing her
big tits and moaning softly as Clark slammed his cock inside her. He felt a
rush in his loins and knew he was about to cum. He came inside Gretchen
Kelly, sending waves of hot cum deep inside her. Gretchen Kelly screamed in
both pain and pleasure.

Arianna Carlin stopped licking Clark Kent's ass and took his cock into her
mouth. Clark thrust his cock inside her mouth. She fingered her pussy as she
sucked his cock. Clark looked at the beautiful brunette and watched as she
sucked him off. Gretchen Kelly looked at them. Clark invited her to join in
but she said that her pussy was sore. She left the room.

Clark smiled at Arianna. They barely knew each other but it was not their
conscious minds operating their bodies but primal instincts. Clark pushed her
onto the floor where she got on her hands and knees. He entered her from
behind. He thrust his cock inside her pussy. Arianna gasped. Clark's cock was
huge! He stretched her pussy. He started to shove his cock deep inside her,
slamming it as far as it would go. Arianna had seldom been fucked like this.
Clark Kent had his hands on her hips and was ramming his cock deep inside
her. He shoved it in, and pulled out, before slamming it right back down
there again. Arianna moaned under his savage thrusts. She heard something.

It was Gretchen, she was coming back into the room. She had something on her.
Something strapped around her waist. A strap-on dildo ! She came and inserted
it into Arianna's mouth. Arianna was surprised but started sucking on the
dildo, puzzled by this weird and sexy new development. Clark continued to
fuck Arianna, ramming his cock deep inside her pussy. Gretchen grabbed ahold
of Arianna's face and continued to thrust the strap-on dildo inside her
mouth. This went on until Clark expressed a marvelous idea.

Gretchen lay flat on the floor and aimed her strap-on dildo straight up.
Arianna came and lowered herself onto it until the plastic cock was sheathed
inside her pussy. Clark Kent came up behind Arianna and rubbed some lube on
her ass. He applied some around the girl's asshole. Then, he slid his cock
inside Arianna's ass. Arianna gasped when she felt Clark's thick cock inside
her tight little ass. Arianna began to bounce up and down on Gretchen's
plastic cock as it ravaged her pussy. Clark shoved his cock deep inside
Arianna's ass. Arianna screamed as she was taken at both ends.

Her two sex partners thrust their tools, both organic and synthetic deep
inside her love holes. In and out they went. She felt like she was being
split in half. She looked at Gretchen. The blonde woman was enjoying this,
using a rubber cock to fuck the shit out of Arianna. Clark seemed to really
love the feel of a tight ass around his cock. In and out they went.

Arianna screamed and bounced up and down on the two cocks that ravaged her
insides. Gretchen grasped Arianna's tits in her hands and started to lick
them. Clark gently caressed Arianna's back and stroked her face as he fucked
her. The sensation of her lovers's merciless fucking and tender caresses
soon sent Arianna Carlin over the edge. She screamed at the top of her lungs
and came in a powerful orgasm. At the same time, Clark came, sending hot cum
flooding Arianna's asshole. The sensation of the plastic cock rubbing against
her own pussy triggered an intense orgasm in Gretchen and she came as well.

The three lovers lay on the floor, spent. Clark Kent was the first to
recover. He left the room abruptly. Once outside, he took to the air and
flew away.

Arianna Carlin and Gretchen lay side by side.

"Our plan worked." said Arianna.

"Completely." said Gretchen.

"Our formula can turn the average man into a mindless sex slave." Arianna

"Can't wait to use it on Superman." Gretchen smiled at her partner in crime.

"All in good time, my dear."

The End


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