If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you’re with

Kim Possible/Totally Spies: The Moreau Factor Part 3
by Hamster

Ron Stoppoble was in a major bind. His crush, a spy named Sam, was being
carried away by a freakish monster. Ron was hanging to said freakish monster
for his dear life as it flew over the jungle. The thing flew left and right
and did cartwheels as it tried to shake Ron off but Ron had a death grip. His
heart was pounding like crazy and he was nauseous and screaming like a little
girl with a skinned knee but there was no way in hell he was going to let go
and leave Sam to whatever fate the creature had in sore. Sam for her part was
equally hysterical.

"DON'T LET GO RON!!!" She cried.

As the Panther-Vulture approached the Habitrail it got an idea. Vultures have
a very disgusting defense mechanism and he'd been dying to try it out. In mid
flight it looked back at Ron and projectile vomited in his face. As the
rotten-meat-enriched vomit smeared across his face Ron screamed like a little
girl with a skinned knee. Unfortunately for him this was precisely the worst
time to scream. A big chunk of vomit flew into his mouth and down his throat.
Ron began to choke and he let go falling to lake Mal and what the
Panther-Vulture hoped was his grisly death at the hands of the aquatic

"AAAAARGGGHHH" He cried as he plunged towards the water below.


Elsewhere in the jungle...

"Can't you get this leaky old bucket to go any faster?" Clover yelled

"No. We will be there in the morning this is the best I can do, you do not
like, you swim."

Clover bit back a tantrum and stormed off to her quarters. Both Alex and Kim
followed her. Clover was sitting on her bed glaring angrily off into space
when the other two girls joined her.

"Are you OK Clover?" Alex asked.

"I'm just worried about Sam and Ron." She replied.

"We all are." Kim said. "Don't let it get to you sweetie, we are going to
rescue them."

Alex put her arms around her reassuringly then kissed her on the cheek.
Clover turned and looked her in the face then kissed her in the mouth. Softly
at first then very passionately. They were completely un-mindful of Kim's

"Wow you guys are lovers?" Kim said in surprise.

"Umm yeah." Clover said nervously as they broke apart.

"We didn't mean to get into it in front of you." Alex said.

"No Big. I have a girlfriend myself." Kim announced.

"Really?" Both spies said at once.

"Yeah." She replied.

Clover crawled across the bed over to her.

"You know, we might not make it alive tomorrow. This might be our last
chance for one last wild night of love." Clover suggested to Alex and Kim's

Kim felt guilty about cheating on Bonnie but you know what they say, if you
can't be with the one you love then love the one you're with.

"I'm in," she said.

"Me too." Alex chimed in.

Despite the residual guilt Kim felt a very distinct tingling in her cunt. She
was very excited about the prospect of a hot 3 way with the other two girls.
Clover got things started by lunging forward and rammed her tongue into Kim's
mouth, their sweet tongues wrestled enthusiastically. Alex quickly got
involved. She got behind Kim and lifted the red heads shirt up and off. For
this task to be finished completely Clover and Kim had to separate briefly
this gave clover a minute to check out Kim's boobs. Immediately the blonde
removed Kim's bra and exposed the lovely sweater meat that Kim was hiding.
Clover and Alex each assaulted a nipple. They licked and sucked at them like
mini lollipops as Clover began to remove Kim's belt. After unbuckling it
Clover whipped it off and chucked it aside. Alex began to nibble at Kim's ear
as she massaged the red head's tits. Clover was at this point removing Kim's
shoes and taking her pants off.

Kim leaned forward and unzipped the front on Clover's costume. Clover
facilitated by pulling the top of her costume off down to her waist. Now
Clover's red bra was exposed. Alex began to strip away her own costume.
Once the three were all naked, Kim got on all fours. Resting in front of
her was Clover with her legs spread eagle. Kim's rested on her elbows and
dipped her head down in order to lick at the outer lips of Clover's pussy.
Clover practically purred with pleasure. Alex was now behind Kim. She
began to rub Kim's pussy with one hand and reached under to squeeze Kim's
tits with the other. Kim moaned into Clover's pussy. It did not take long
for Clover to start to feel orgasmic waves of pleasure surge through her.
And as soon as she was done cumming Kim rolled onto her back so that she
could give Alex's pussy some attention. The girls got into the 69 position
and began to lick suck and smack on each other's cunts as clover looked on
while fingering herself. Soon they were all cumming again which led to more
lapping of sweet girl cum.

The girls basked in the afterglow of their orgasms before drifting into

The Habitrail...

Mr. Dr. Possible had been placed in the Moreau Factor machine that had turned
him into a seal-man. His feet were now flippers, his hands were webbed, and
he seemed to posses both lungs and gills. Worse yet he had a frick'n tail

He had been held in a locked room with a small pool and was not allowed to
see his wife or anyone else for that matter. Every once in a while somebody
would slip food under the door for him. He wasn't even allowed to have
cloths! He'd been told that once his technical knowledge was needed that
they'd summon him.

A servant came to his door once again but this time it was different. She
opened the door and came inside with the food. The servant was a very
attractive woman with fangs, feline ears, whiskers and a squirrel-like

"I brought you some food," the cat/squirrel said with a swish of her tail.

"Why am I held prisoner like this, why can't I see my wife?" Dr. Possible

"I'm sorry but I don't know." The cat-squirrel girl said with a shrug.


"Don't yell at me, I'm just a servant." She shot back.

"Uhh I'm sorry. I'm just a little agitated." He said.

"I understand, I wasn't always a kitty. I used to be a lab assistant to one
of the scientists here. Stein had his way with me a few times then he got
bored with me and used the Moreau factor to turn me into this." She said.

"That's terrible. I'm sorry." He said.

She pointed to the collar around her neck. "He uses this thing to control me.
If I don't do as he says he inflicts terrible pain on me."

"What a bastard!" Dr. Possible said.

"Yeah." She said.

Suddenly and very unexpectedly she reached for his penis then leaned forward
and wrapped her mouth around it.

"Hey just what do you think you are doing young lady?" He demanded.

"Please I'm supposed to get you off or Stein will torture me terribly." She

"Now see here, I don't want you to be tortured, but this is wrong." He said.

She began to suck on his penis.

"Now stop that right now!" He moved to try to push her away. She popped her
razor sharp claws and held them dangerously close to his balls. "Well that's
dirty pool."

There was nothing left for him to do put sit back and enjoy himself as she
sucked him off. Her head was bobbing up and down on his shift and she was
seemingly trying to suck the meat right off the bone. He moaned as the feline
femme fatale felaciated him.

"Oh my that's quite nice. Mmmm..."

Dr. Possible was really beginning to enjoy himself. He felt guilty about but
be couldn't let the poor girl be tortured he reasoned. He was filled with
guilt but the pleasure that the girl was providing him was undeniable. He
grabbed the back of her head and forced his cock further into her mouth. The
pressure and suction on his cock finally yielded results and he filled the
felines mouth with warm sticky cum.

"Uuuuuuhhh that was very, very nice young lady." Dr. Possible moaned.

Outside the Habitrail...

Ron wiped the vulture vomit from his face as he surfaced for air. After
getting his bearings he looked around for Rufus.

"Rufus were are you buddy?" He cried.

Suddenly he saw the pink form of his pet mole-rat swimming for him but
something red and hideous was chasing him. It looked like a combination
Piranha/baboon. Complete with an ugly mouth full of teeth and a bright
red ass. Ron screamed like a girl and began to swim for his life. Finally
he made his way to the Habitrail but the monkey/fish was right on his
heels. A jellyfish/tiger was standing guard at the Entrance.

"Hey, who the fuck are you?" It asked.

With his mastery of monkey kung fu Ron grabbed the Tiger/jelly by the ears
and flipped him backwards into the piranha/baboon. The collapsed into the
water as Ron quickly got inside the Habitrail.


Sam was led to Dr. Stein's chambers in chains; she had been dressed in a teal
harem girl's outfit similar to Dr. Possible's.

"Well if it isn't our little spy!" Stein said gloatingly

"Let me go Stein!" Sam demanded.

"Forget it. You are going to be a cooperative little slave or I'm going to
be forced to kill and mutilate people until you cooperate. I have plenty of
expendable and innocent people locked up here and I don't think you want
their deaths and dismemberments on your conscience." He said.


"That's what she keeps saying." He said pointing to Dr. Possible.

"You must be Kim's mom." Sam said.

"Yes." Sam said.

"Don't worry she'll be joining you both soon." Stein said. "But for now I
want to tap some ass."

Sam felt nauseous. It looked like she was going to be forced to have sex with
the most repulsive man alive.

"Let's go quit stalling and strip," He ordered.

"Leave her alone you monster." Dr. Possible demanded.

"You stay out of this. Remember your husband's life is at stake." Dr. Stein

Sam tried to find a way out of her predicament but could not see one. She
sighed and looked down then began to remove her top. Stein sat down to enjoy
the show. The evil doctor was practically drooling as he watched her unveil
her bouncy young tits.

"Hop on the bed and spread'em baby." Stein ordered.

Sam sighed deeply and obeyed. Stein was little kid on Christmas as he happily
jumped up onto the bed. He guided his cock to the entrance of Sam's pussy.
She made a face of displeasure as the penis forced its way into her. The
creep slobbered all over her tits as he thrust into her over and over. Sam
did her best to chew back her disgust as Stein fucked her like a jackrabbit.
Stein felt the pressure build and Sam's cunt was quickly filled with cum
before she was even close to an orgasm. Unsurprisingly Stein was only
interested in his own pleasure.

Outside the Habitrail...

The girls had arrived early in the morning expecting a major battle with
Stein's guards. Instead they found the guards inexplicably unconscious and
the entrance wide open. The girls tied up the mutants and entered the

"We need to rescue the hostages first, that way he can't blackmail us into
doing his will." Kim explained before looking into her communicator. "Wade
can you tap into Stein's computer system and give us a layout of his lair?"

"It may be difficult. ((Short pause)) Got it. You'll be able to pull it up
on your comm." Wade said from the other end.

"Thank you Wade, you rock." Kim smiled.

"Who is that guy?" Alex asked.

"10-year-old super genius." Kim replied.

The cells...

The guard did not see Ron Stoppible come around the corner. Ron had during
his tenure as Kim's sidekick learned many things. One of those things was
monkey kung fu. The guard was out cold before he could react. On the wall
was a big red button that was labeled prisoner release.

Ron, of course, pushed the button.

Chaos erupted.

There was a general storm through the halls as former prisoners rushed from
their cells and began to overpower the guards. Many tried to call for help
but Rufus had already sabotaged the communications system in the Habitrail.
Ron was trying to make his way through the general chaos when he ran right
into a familiar looking seal man running hand in hand with a cat girl.

"Dr. Possible?!" Ron exclaimed.

"Ron! Thank goodness. I will lead the former prisoners in a revolt. You must
find Stein and take him down." Dr. Possible said.

"Uhhhh ok." Ron said.

Stein's quarters...

Stein had continued to have fun with the girls.

Sam was shackled by her wrists to the ceiling and was totally naked. Dr.
Possible who was equally naked had been ordered to whip her. Sam bit her lip
nervously as she awaited the inevitable lashing of leather against her skin.
Dr. Possible did not want to whip this poor girl but she didn't see that she
had a choice.

Stein leaned back in his leather chair and watched with a very smug grin on
his face as the leather whip screamed through the air and lashed across Sam's
boobs. Sam's breasts bounced and jiggled and a bright red mark marred he
flawless skin.

"EEEEK!!!" She screamed with each lash of the whip.

Dr. Possible felt very guilty but she couldn't help but feel somewhat aroused
as she made Sam's boobs dance with each swipe of her whip. She then began to
alternate between the boobs and Sam's pussy. Sam was thrashing in her bonds
and screaming her ass off. Meanwhile Stein had his cock in his fist and was
whacking off like a man possessed. Finally he blew his wad out into the air
and onto the floor.

"All right pant, pant doctor that's good." Stein said.

A very relieved Dr. Possible stopped. An even more relieved Sam slumped in
her bonds. It was at this point that two of his animal hybrid guards came
crashing though the doors and fell to the ground before him in a heap.

"What the hell?" Stein said as he stood.

Alex, Clover and Kim stormed into the room.

"Kim!" Dr. Possible cried.

"Mom!" Kim cried.

"Alex! Clover!" Sam cried.

"Sam!" Alex and Clover cried.

"Spies!" Stein cried.

"Stein!" Alex, Clover and Kim cried.

"You will never defeat me!" The insane doctor cried, despite the reality of
the fact being that his minions were defeated and he was at the mercy of the
teen spies.

"Like you DO know that you're alone and screwed right?" Clover said.

Stein clasped to his knees at Clover's feet.

"You're right. Please, please don't hurt me." He begged with tears rolling
down his eyes.

"Eww Don't touch me." Clover said as she scooted away from him. She kicked
him hard in the stomach. "That was for Sam."

Kim kicked him in the face. "That was for my mom."

Dr. possible whipped him. "That's for my husband.

Alex stomped on his back. "That's for being so creepy and evil."

Ron suddenly stormed in.

"Ron!" All the girls cried.

"Who?" asked the beaten Stein.

"He's the one who orchestrated your defeat. By releasing the prisoners and
breaking down you communications he gave us the advantage we needed." Kim
informed the defeated scientist.

"I'm so glad your safe!" Ron opened his arms and ran in the girls' direction.

Kim was expecting to catch him in a hug but he ran past her and threw his
arms around Sam.

To be concluded

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