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Kim Possible: Kim Learns The Truth (mf,m-mast,anal,bond,oral,tort,viol)
by Bondsnake

On my monitor I could see Kim possible as she walked into her room and sat
down at her computer.

"What the hell is going on?" Kim spoke softly. "Why didn't the police know
who I am? I better check my web site."

Kim typed her web address but got an error screen. She decided to put her
name in a search engine.

She got only one match, a Yahoo Group called KPUndresed

She clicked it and was greeted by an up-skirt photo of herself.

"What the fuck!?" Kim almost yelled.

She then joined the group to see what was inside. Kim clicked the photos
section and was appalled to find pictures of herself! She knew some were
fake, but knew that most were real.

"How did they get those? Oh my god, they must be able to see me, they're
probably watching me right now!"

And I was.

She reached into her pocket and grabbed her Kimunicator.

"Wade, what is going on? No one seems to recognize me and there's this web
site..." Kim said as she showed Wade the screen.

"Kim, there's been some kind of flux in the fabric of space-time, the whole
has some irregularities. As for the web site I'll see what I can dig up. Kim,
you should relax some, I think your gonna be busy for a while."

"OK Wade, see ya!"

Kim looked up at her wall clock, it read "Friday 5:02pm." Then she walked
into her family room and turned on the TV. The TV began blasting the Kim
Possible theme song (Call me, Beep me).

Kim nearly jumped thru the ceiling.

"WADE! I'm on the TV!"

"Kim I'm working on it. Wait, here it is, the web site is owned by the screen
name bondsnake2000. His real name, get this, is Mr. Snake, a Mr. Bond Snake.
He lives in Upperton; you should go check him out."

"You rock Wade. This guy won't know what hit him."

"No, Kim," I thought "You won't know what's gonna hit you!"

Meanwhile across town-

I could see Ron as Wade told him about Kim's porn website. There was no
missing the excitement in his eyes as he hurried to his computer. As the page
loaded he couldn't believe he was going to see Kim naked, he had wanted to
for years.

As he pulled up the first pic of Kim, he unzipped his pants and pulled out
his cock. He took it in his hand and began stroking it, up and down, up and

He began breathing iraticly as he approaches his point.

Then Kim walked in.

"Ron there's some pervert who -- What the hell!"

"Aghh, Kim I can explain."

"Don't bother Ron, I get it, but if you wanted to see me naked all you had
to do was ask."

And with that, Kim pulled her green top off over her head, revealing her dark
green bra.



"Help me get undressed!"

Ron took his pants and shirt all the way off revealing to Kim his nude body,
before reaching over and undoing the clasp on her bra. With Kim's tits freed
he takes each in turn into his mouth. Kim let out a small moan.

Ron stopped and tugged at Kim's pants. After pulling them off he literally
ripped Kim's panties off. Once they was free of her still socked feet, Ron
lowered his head to her lower lips, spreading them gently apart with his
fingers as his tongue danced around the edges, tempting Kim cruelly before
slowly working his way in, easing his tongue through her inner lips and
flicking her vulva and sucking her deeply. Kim writhed in pleasure as Ron
continued to assault her cunt. She cringed as he dipped his rough tongue
deep into her hole, stroking her flooded inner walls and viciously sucking
her clit. Within seconds, Kim's hips were grinding against Ron's mouth as
she groaned aloud, urging him on with her burning cries of desire. As Ron's
pace increased, he caressed her tight bottom with his hands, and a couple
of his fingers found their way to her tight asshole. After slickening one
with Kim's own dripping juices he slowly inserted it. Kim's mound was
tingling with lust, aching it be penetrated, her head lolled back, her full
red lips wide as she breathed in and out. It felt soooo good, Kim was gasping
now, her chest heaving, Ron was barely able to hold on, as pleasure raced
through her body, Kim began moaning long and hard, and she clutched at him.

"Yes! YES! OH GOD YES!" she came hard and fast, her ass banging on the floor,
her legs splaying in delight.

She tightened the cheeks of her perfect ass for a moment then pulled away.

"Ron I need you now."

She paused a moment, before lowering herself slowly onto his rock hard cock.
Thrusting her hips back and forth she guided him in and out of her pussy.
Her muscles seemed to grip his cock, milking it while at the same time being
smooth. She leaned back and caressed her breast. He moved his hands back and
forth from her pussy to her hips. He felt his balls swell as she quickened
the pace. Like a volcano erupting, he shot his load deep within her. She
moaned softly and pushed herself hard onto his spamming cock and gave herself
up to her own orgasm. The waves shooting through her entire body. They were
frozen together for what seemed like an eternity, until they collapsed onto
the floor.

A short time later:

"Beep Beep Beep Beep."

"What up wade?"

"Where are-- whoa!"

Kim quickly realized she was still nude, and despite the fact that Wade had
seen her photos on the website KPUndressed, she still felt embarrassed.

Kim quickly threw on her clothes, and picked up her Kimunicator again.

"OK Wade, what's the stitch?"

"You and Ron are supposed to be checking up on Bond Snake, remember?"

"So what's with the urgency wade?"

"I think this guy is behind it, although I have no proof. The TV show about
you is produced by a company called "Disney." Bond Snake became that
company's CEO only months before that show premiered. He's also an incredibly
wealthy physist. He is probably the only person with the resources to pull us
here from our dimension."

"Hold up Wade, are you telling me that we're in a parallel universe?"

"Yes Kim, we kinda are."

"Great, just great. Come on Ron let's go."

Three hours later in Upperton...

"Ron do you see the guard coming?"

"Wait, wait, now!" Ron said as Kim dropped the guard with a thud.

Kim and Ron both tied the ropes of there rappel guns to their pants and Kim
was on the roof in seconds, Ron however was having some difficulty, only his
pants made it to the roof. He tried again losing his shirt. "This is Tokyo
all over again!" (Author's note: For those of you who don't watch the show,
Ron really did lose his shirt and pants in the episode "Crush" in a manner
very similar to that described above) Ron tried once more and lost his boxers
leaving him very much exposed.

"Ron, we don't have time for that now." Kim teased.

"Ha ha very funny, it's gotta work this time. On 3, one...two...thr--"

A guard tackled Ron just as he pulled the trigger and the rappel carried Ron
horizontally into a brick wall. Hearing the noise, five more guards rush
over. Kim is torn, Help the world or help Ron. A guard lifts Ron's head only
to find that the back of Ron's skull and a large chunk of brain still lie on
the ground in a pool of blood. Kim breaks down on the spot; she is unable to
accept that her best friend had just died before her eyes. She is so overcome
with grief that she doesn't notice the guard sneaking up behind her. And once
she's caught she hardly seems to care.

* * *

"... and that brings us to where we are now." I said as I stop writing and
put the log down. "Any questions Kim?"

"Just what do you want with me?" Kim screamed at me.

"Oh Kim, it's rather simple, your the only one who could stop me in my evil

"But then why did you bring me here?"

"Because I made a few 'business arrangements' with some friends of yours.
Using my advanced physics knowledge I was able to peek into your reality. I
saw your life and knew that it would make a great TV show. I tried to produce
it but no one would listen to me. So I made a deal with Senior Senor Sr. he
supplied me with $28 billion dollars which I used to launch 58 satellites
which collect solar radiation and beam it down to me in the form of
concentrated microwave rays. And with that money I repaid SSS and I
engineered a takeover of Disney so I could tell your story. But as my part
of the deal I was required to remove you from your reality, leaving it ripe
for conquest by the Seniors."

"OK you got me, what more do you want?"

"Kim do you see that portal over there in the corner? It will vanish in 2
hours leaving you trapped here, forever. Everyone you recognize here exists
both in this dimension and in your own; everyone, except for you. Then you
will be my personal fuck-toy."

"You pervert!" Kim spat.

"Oh yeah, well take a look at your crush, Josh Mankey, and his true love...
Bonnie Rockwaller!"

And then the movie started:

We see the inside of Bonnie's room where Josh had one hand on Bonnie's waist,
and the other hand was feeling her ass. Bonnie's eyes were closed and she was
moaning softly. Josh's hands moved from Bonnie's ass to the back on her neck
where he undid her bikini top and it fell to the floor, revealing Bonnie's
lovely 36B breasts. He started to work his tongue down her body to her
breasts, he started to suck on her left nipple while massaging her other
breast. She liked what he was doing but she wanted him to go down lower, to
her most intimate of areas. Josh went over to the bed and got on top of
Bonnie. Bonnie opened her eyes when she felt him licking at her pussy. He
then started to lick on Bonnie's hard clit, and then he started to eat out
her pussy his tongue was licking all up inside her. Bonnie was moaning really
loud, she could feel her orgasm building up inside her she couldn't hold back
anymore "Oh Josh mmmm oh yessss" she said as her orgasm took over her body...

"I think you get the idea."

Kim was so blinded by jealousy that all she could say was "That slut Bonnie,
she's so lucky she's not here, I'd ... Rip her head off."

"Actually Kim, Bonnie IS here," I said as I pushed a button revealing a
nude Bonnie chained to the wall. "Kim this is your chance to determine her

Kim walked over to Bonnie, unsure of what to do. Then Kim slapped her, Bonnie
started to complain but Kim picked up the nearby roll of duct tape (from the
table I placed near her so Kim would have things to use on Bonnie) and
covered Bonnie's mouth with it. Then she grabbed the stainless steel dildo
from the bowl of ice water and roughly shoved it in Bonnie's pussy then
quickly removed it.

"Cold isn't it?" Kim mocked Bonnie totally overwhelmed by jealousy (and
possibly the drugs we injected her with).

And then she grabbed a red hot metal dildo off the grill I provided and
jammed it into Bonnie's pussy burning her sensitive tissues. As Bonnie
continued to scream Kim looked at the table of torture and picked up a
small beaker of hydrochloric acid which she threw in Bonnie's eyes,
instantly blinding her and causing her incredible pain. Now I worried
things had gone too far, but before I could stop Kim, she had pulled the
plug on the nearest lamp, ripped the cord off of the lamp, and attached
it to the cold metal dildo. Then Kim shoved the dildo into Bonnie's ass.

"Kim, No!" I screamed.

But it did no good, for Kim plugged it in and Bonnie was dead in a matter of
seconds when all the water in her body turned to steam and blew her apart.

We all stood shocked, but it was Kim who recovered first, she leaped over me
and grabbed her Kimunicator.

She said only two words "Wade, holograms," and suddenly the room is full of
Kim Possibles.

I yell the only thing there is to say, "Get her ... them ... whatever!"

"Wade we only have 12 minutes until the portal closes, how do I get out of

"Just get through that portal and make sure they don't follow."

"Cool Wade."

"No, the power surge fried the main computer," I exclaimed, "Self destruct
has been activated."

I do the only sensible thing turn and run. "You may have won this round, but
you won't be so lucky next time" I shout as I flee with my control laptop
under my arm. What else is there to do?

I still have time to see Kim dive back through the portal, no doubt relieved
to have escaped.

From one mile away I can see my lair explode, a fiery orange ball against a
black desert sky. But I know that this is not the end, but a new beginning.


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