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Kim Possible: Musta Been Something I Ate Part 1
by DCForever

"What going on, why the line separation?"

"Oh hi ya, Kim. The lady at the table said something about a free, special
treat for the cheerleaders. I don't see why considering none of you usually
eat lunch. It's that whole thing about looking fat, by the way...which none
of you look."

"Hey...I eat. And I refuse to believe that I'm like that at all. The food
here really isn't so bad. Ron, you did say free right?"

"Yeah, Kim, that is what the lady over by the table said."

"Great. That would be right around my price range."

"So meet you at the table then?"

"Sorry, but I can't. The squad is supposed to have practice in the gym in a
little while. I just came by to tell you that I wouldn't be eating with you,
but since this food was made specifically for us then I'm not going to turn
down a bite or two. So any idea what they are serving us?"

"Steak I think; fresh grilled steak at that. Well enjoy. I best get in the
normal lunch line so I actually have a chance to scarf down anything before
the bell."

"See you after school then." Kim walked over to a side table, grabbing a
plate as she stood in line behind two of the junior pep squad members.

"Ah, Possible, it's so good to see you. How would you like your steak?"
Asked the server as she held a long, grill fork in one hand a plate full of
mash potatoes and green beans in the other.

"Well done, please." Responded Kim as she licked her lips while scanning
over the food items. "You know...this is awfully nice of the school to
provide a lunch such as this. Who should I thank for such a service?"

"The school isn't providing the service. The school just gave permission to
a group of people wishing to stay anonymous and out of the headlines for
providing such a wonderful deed. Rumors have it that Bonnie's dad's company
might be behind it, but you can really only trust rumors as far as you can
throw them."

"Isn't that the truth? Well, thanks again for the steak lunch." Kim grabbed
her plate and plastic utensils from the table and headed out the lunchroom
doors. Walking down the hall with her book bag on her back, she took bite
after bite of the steak and raked in a few spoonfuls of her beans and
potatoes before pushing through the gymnasium's double doors. She continued
to eat as she walked around the edge of the gym, slowly making her way to the
girl's locker room. By the time she entered the pine fresh smelling, steam
filled room, she had finished off all she had wanted on her plate and
discarded it in a nearby trashcan. For a girl that watched her figure and
didn't usually eat much, Kim sure did scarf down quite a bit of food.

Finding her locker, she placed her book bag on the floor and methodically
opened her combination lock and threw her book bag into it. She sat down and
began undressing herself in order to change into her cheering outfit for the
upcoming practice.

As the radiant Kim Possible continued to remove her clothes, Kim's arch rival
and fellow cheerleader, Bonnie, approached her from behind.

Bonnie was returning to her locker from her routine pre-practice shower.
For the longest time, the only regret Bonnie had about being on the squad
with Kim was...well, being on the squad with Kim. She also regretted
having her locker on the opposite side of the bench from Kim's locker.
Kim heard someone's footsteps on the slightly wet tiled floor.

"Bonnie is that you?" she asked without turning around while she pulled her
shirt up and over her head, hanging it on a hanger before hanging it in her

"Yeah, Possible it's me...what of it? Geezzz...why couldn't you just wait a
few more minutes and then we wouldn't have had to see each other's face."

"Back at ya." retorted Kim as she quickly stood up, pulled her slacks down,
and sat back down on the bench. Being the only bench on the isle, Bonnie sat
down only a few feet away; still wrapped in only the towel she had wrapped
herself with upon exiting the showers.

Bonnie knew that she was good looking and had a down right smoking, hot body,
but she couldn't figure out how Kim could not look at her. Was the girl just
that polite and respectable of other's privacy or did she just not care to
look at another girl...or just Bonnie. Bonnie couldn't figure it out
considering when the other girls on the junior and senior squads were around
they were always talking to her and/or checking her out. It was natural for
girls to check out other girls while changing or in the showers, but not Kim.

Kim tried her hardest not to give Bonnie the time of day outside of the
cheering itself and Bonnie pretty much played by the same rules. Only in
practice or at a game of some kind did the two work well together and for
the most part got along. Bonnie hated that Kim was part of the squad...
always had...but when she was cheering and attempting hard, difficult stunts,
she wouldn't perform them without Kim being a part of the base supporters.
The girl had strength, skills, and talents many of the other girls didn't and
with Kim there...Bonnie always felt she was safe for some reason.

Even if Kim wouldn't look at her wet body, Bonnie sure did take her fair
share of glances toward Kim as she undressed and dressed. For a long time,
Bonnie has enjoyed looking at Kim and a few of the other highly attractive
girls, but kept her thoughts and feelings to herself while she was a main
stay cheerleader on the squad. There was something about Kim that Bonnie
just couldn't shake...a feeling that always seemed to build up in her
stomach and lower regions when the beautiful girl was in her vicinity.

Meanwhile, Kim's slacks and shirt were hanging in her locker as she finished
pulling up her cheering skirt. She had a feeling that Bonnie was staring at
her as she had so many times in the past, but she felt there was something
more. While fixing her hair, she turned her head and caught Bonnie licking
her lips while she stared directly at her. Bonnie quickly turned around and
started fumbling with her locker combination.

Kim quickly swiveled around on the bench to face the other girl's back.
"What were you looking at Bonnie?" Kim knew she shouldn't have phrased her
question that way because as normal it was an open gate waiting to be flooded
with a rhetorical smart-ass answer or worse.

A moment passed and Bonnie still hadn't dropped her towel as she fumbled
around with her clothes in the locker or responded to Kim's question. She
had been caught doing something that she knew she could never live down and
was embarrassed...embarrassed to a point that she couldn't think straight...
definitely not straight enough to deliver one of her trademark responses.
No, she tried to hide her head behind her locker door as Kim looked on in

The silence was too much for Kim. "Okay Bonnie...what's wrong? By my watch
you haven't said anything derogatory to me in the last five minutes? What's
the syche?" Bonnie still didn't reply. Kim stepped one leg over, straddling
the bench in the middle of the locker isle and laid her hand on her nemesis's
shoulder. Bonnie flinched at the touch allowing a brief and pleasurable
smile to beam across her face before returning to her usual self.

"Nothing, Possible. Nothing is wrong; can't a girl just not respond to her
polar opposite? Haven't you ever heard silence can be a deadly weapon? I
read you know. I'm not just some plain Jane bimbo cheerleader. So if I'm
not talking to's because you aren't worth talking to.

Kim shook her head, not believing why she even tries with Bonnie or even what
brought about her verbal tirade. "Whatever. I just thought..."

"Possible...take the hint...and kiss my ass. I don't want to talk-k-k-k."
In an instant, Bonnie could have swore that Kim was literally kissing her
naked, wet ass. She quickly turned around and found the girl kneeling by
her legs. Indeed, the head cheerleader was kneeled behind the girl, with
her face buried in Bonnie's backside extremities.

"What do you think you were doing? Have you gone crazy?" Shouted out Bonnie
before lowering her voice and taking a minute to think. "Well? You know you
can't just go around kissing other people's asses because they tell you to.
Who do you think you are?" Bonnie wasn't thinking about her words as she was
still in a state of shock. Without realizing what she was doing, her leg
lifted up onto the bench, causing the towel to part, revealing her slight
bush. "What if someone told you to go jump off a bridge..." Kim immediately
stood up and started for the exit. "...or better yet...lick their pussy?"
Kim quickly turned and rushed back to the bench. "What then?" Bonnie's last
words hadn't fully left her mouth before Kim's head was buried between her
exposed thighs, weeding through her curls, targeting the girl's pussy. Kim's
tongue darted out and lapped at the girl's vaginal lips and just as quick,
pulled her head back. The other girl had immediately shuddered at the
contact, causing her to almost lose her balance on the slippery floor

Kneeling on the floor, Kim looked straight ahead, staring between Bonnie's
outstretched legs. Water from the girl's earlier shower was still present on
her inner thighs, slowly trickling down her body, making its way toward the
tiled floor below. Bonnie didn't know what had gotten into her nemesis or
why she was doing whatever she told her, but quickly got over it. "Well
aren't we full of surprises. So you lick pussy as well?" Kim couldn't tell
if she was being asked a question or if the girl was stating the obvious.
She remained quiet.

Bonnie felt her legs growing tired as kept them spread apart. "Fine then...
maybe you prefer just being told what to do. Why don't we try that? Kim, I
order you to lick my pussy." Kim started leaning her head forward. "No, no.
I change my mind. Kim Possible...I order you to lick, finger, and eat out my
pussy." ordered the cheerleader in a sultry voice. The cheerleader didn't
even have time to crack a smile before Kim's head was once again between her
legs licking away at her inner most treasure. She flicked at Bonnie's clit
and pussy lips like a cat lapping at its milk. Bonnie quickly rested her
hands on the back of the girl's head, making sure that it didn't go anywhere

* * *

The next morning, "Hey Kim, wait up." Ron Stoppable sped up to catch up with
his friend as she continued walking down the school's hall.

"Are you okay, girl?" he asked as he neared her. "You look a little out of
it? You aren't coming down with anything are you? You know the world can't
afford for its top secret agent to fall sick."

"I'm fine, Ron. I just have a lot on my mind is all."

"Yeah, I would say. You must have a lot on your mind for you to have dressed
yourself like that this morning. What gives?"

Kim stopped in her tracks and looked down at the clothes she had worn to
school that day. She was dressed in what today's society would call a sexy,
micro skirt, along with a tight top that ended just short of her belly
button. To anyone's eyes...especially Ron's was obvious that she
wasn't wearing a bra either, as her twin nipples pressed through the tight
fabric, giving the appearance of two very noticeable symmetrical peaks.

Ron couldn't stop looking at his best friend no matter how hard he tried.
His eyes kept drifting back to her chest and the long, smoothness of her
legs as they became lost beneath her skirt. Meanwhile Bonnie was enjoying
watching the dweeb ogle over his best friend, from an opening between two
sets of lockers, and decided that maybe he wouldn't mind learning a thing
or two about his precious Kim Possible.

Bonnie approached Kim and Ron, placing her hand on the boy's shoulder,
quickly getting his attention. Ron turned at the girl's touch, staring her
in the face. He was shocked to see that the beautiful and very popular
Bonnie wanted to talk to him. He pinched himself to be sure he wasn't
dreaming. Of course, he couldn't formulate a complete sentence, as he was
lost in her beauty and the uniqueness of the situation.


"Okay Stoppable...I guess if this is going to go any further it's up to me."
Looking up, past the boy's shoulder at the best rug-muncher she had ever
met...okay, the only one she had ever met. "My oh my...Kim, I love your
outfit. That's so looks so much like one of my own outfits. What
a coincidence."

Moving her attention back to the boy still stuttering out the girl's name,
"Ron, oh Ron. We so need to talk." She wrapped her arm around the boy's
shoulder and led him to an empty classroom.

Bonnie found Ron's actions quite entertaining as she tried to get him to calm
down. Finally, with the help of a good ol' slap across the face, Ron stopped
stuttering and looked at the other girl of his dreams standing only a few
feet away from him.

"It's an honor." Stated the boy causing Bonnie to giggle.

"Okay that is just retarded, Ron. Look...I think there is something going
on with Kim...and I might just happen to know what that something is.

Ron's demeanor quickly changed. "Bonnie, if you did anything to harm Kim...
you don't want to know what I will do." It didn't hurt to talk all big
and bad, but in actuality, he knew he couldn't do anything to harm the

"Hey, I didn't do anything to the girl...but she did do something for me.
You like her don't you?"

"Of course, I like Kim. She is my best friend and a great sp...yeah, of
course I like her." He caught himself before revealing information that
others weren't on the need to know basis.

"No silly. I mean you really like her don't you? I've seen you on occasion
looking at her and I'm pretty sure you weren't thinking about doing homework
with her either with those stares. I understand. You're a teenager with
hormones and a sexual appetite that is probably a lot worse off than most
people considering your social status and pretty much being a retarded dweeb.
See...I do understand. I bet after hanging with Kim all day the first thing
you do when you get home is stroke your boner. Yes? No? Which is it?" Ron
couldn't stop from blushing as Bonnie rattled on and on about his lack of
opportunity for sexual experience.

"Don't you think you've had enough fun? Okay so sometimes I like her more
than just friends, but that is all she will ever see me as...and I accept

"Now that is honorable, but what would you say if I told you that you could
be more...or at least do more with Kim? Does that sound like something you
would be interested in? Well?"

"What are you talking about, Bonnie? Kim would never..."

"Oh dear boy...don't ever say never. That friend of yours is quite the girl
if you get what I'm talking about. She's very talented when it comes to sex.
You could say that the two of us have an understanding. She will basically
do anything you tell her. I mean who would have ever thought she could be
like that? So...are you interested now?"

"Are you trying to tell me that my Kimmy is a submissive? I think not. I
don't know what you've been smoking girl, but it's not for you."

"Okay then...if you don't believe me then meet me after school in the girl's
locker room. I'll let Kim know she is to report there right after classes
get out and she's not to wear any clothes. Would that satisfy you? Oh...
even better...I'll tell her to do one thing upon your request and being my
submissive...she will do it without saying a word. Therefore, when you see
her Ron, give her a command. And since I'm only giving you this one
opportunity...if I was you...I would make it sex related. It wouldn't hurt
you to get a little experience before you're old and gray and have no teeth
or stamina."

"Fine Bonnie. I'll meet you after school. I'll meet you just to prove
you're wrong. I know my friend and she is nothing like the person you've
been describing to me."

"Yeah...I was once just as naive and thought the same thing about the girl,
but once I learned about her other identity there was no turning back. Why
do you think she is dressed do differently today? Hello, like she would ever
own an outfit like that? It's mine sweetie. Like there is even a bigger
slut in this school than me...well maybe there is a bigger one now. You
sweet and innocent Kim spent the majority of the night at my house last night
and she, boy, was she ever great. The word no...wasn't ever spoken. No
matter what I told her she was up for the task. Oh, what a sweet mouth that
girl has on her. I'm getting wet just thinking about it. Just you wait and
see. After school. The girl's locker room. Be there."

Bonnie slipped past Ron and stepped into the hall, quickly making her way
towards the girl's bathroom. Meanwhile Ron stayed in the empty classroom
pondering over everything Bonnie had told her about his friend.

"And to think I thought I knew everything there was to know about Kim."
Thought the boy as he too stepped back into the hall and headed off for his
first period class. He knew the day was going to be long and drawn out all
because he really wanted the school day to come and go as fast as it possibly

The rest of the school day was as normal as ever, students going to their
classes, lunchroom filling for devouring of food, test grades being handed
back out, and lectures being presented. Yep, just another run of the mill
school day.

Ron went from class to class with only one thing on his mind the whole day,
"I am Kim's master." Kim and Ron ate lunch together and chatted like they
always if nothing had changed from the normal. Of course, throughout
the day, Ron was thinking that Bonnie could just be planning some evil trick
to pull on him. He sure wouldn't put it pass her to cause yet another
embarrassing moment in his life. The collection of moments was already quite
huge from over the years. The boy definitely had more important things on
his mind than listening to his teachers go on and on about stuff that he
would never need in the real world...or in the world of spies.

Ron was perspiring as the long hand on the clock slowly ticked off second by
second, coming ever so closer to the bell signaling the end of class. As the
bell sounded, Ron was already halfway through the door, leaving the rest of
his classmates in the dust. He quickly scurried out the classroom and down
the hall as he sought out his locker. He grabbed the books he was going to
need for the homework that he was supposed to do that night, but knew it
probably wouldn't get done, and then headed directly towards the gym. As he
opened the double doors to the gym, he thought about their meeting place.
The gym was usually a busy place after school with sports and cheerleading
and other extra curricular activities taking place so he knew he must be
careful and keep his eyes and ears open for anything out of the ordinary...
well besides a boy going into the girl's locker room.

For the most part Ron found the gym fairly empty with only some of the boys
from the varsity basketball team doing stretches on the far side of the
court. Other than the few of them, the place was deserted.

"Maybe I was mistaken about the gym and Bonnie's ulterior motives," thought
Ron as he stepped over the threshold to the girl's locker room. He slowly
entered the forbidden area, stealthily peaking around each bend in the wall
and each set of lockers as he made his way across the room. "Being a spy
sure pays off in instances like these," thought Ron as he moved throughout
the room.

He had made it halfway across the room when he pulled up short and his mouth
fell aghast. Looking over at one of the benches, he spotted Kim sitting
down, straddling the bench while playing with her naked breasts. His heart
immediately began beating a mile a minute as he looked on with interest. He
slowly approached his red haired friend, wondering when the loud scream would
come. Even after she lifted her head and looked up at him, the scream never
came and somehow he knew it never would...unlike him as he gazed at her naked

She continued playing with her nipples and massaging her breasts as she kept
eye contact with the boy. Ron looked around seeing that they were indeed
alone. He stepped closer and straddled the bench, sitting a few feet apart,
facing the girl. Neither broke their concentration as Kim lowered her hand
over her stomach and down between her legs. Ron could already see the bench
was wet from her juices and was getting wetter by the second as two of her
fingers worked over her pussy.

Out of nowhere came a voice, "So do you like what you see, Ron? She's
magnificent isn't she? And she's all mine. Now silly you believe
me? Kim is my very first slave...well besides the maids and
housekeepers that the rents keep around. Yep, the bitch is all mine. Isn't
that right, Kim?" She directed her question towards Kim as she walked over,
running a finger over the girl's folds before pulling it back towards herself
and casting it between her own lips for an afternoon snack of sorts.

"Yes, I am most obedient to you, Bonnie. You are my master and I'm all yours
and whoever else you wish for me to be with," spoke the girl as if her words
had previously been recorded. Ron knew there was something odd with his
friend and once he was sure he shouted it out for all to hear.

"I knew Kim wasn't like that? She's been brainwashed. Bonnie, what have you
done to her? Guess the more important questions would be how and why?"

"Brainwashed? Me? I might be gorgeous and popular, but I'm no brainwasher.
I thought that stuff only went on in the movies. You mean you really can be
brainwashed? Wow...who knew? Okay...well besides you."

"Oh don't play dumb with me Bonnie. I'm an expert at playing dumb."

"Hehe...don't you mean being dumb?" She cracked a smile at the boy's

"You know what I meant. So how did you do it? I want how's, why's, where's
and I want them now. You can't just go to your neighborhood drugstore and
buy brainwashing ingredients. Well maybe you can, but anyway it isn't just
something that is readily available. So where..."

"Okay Ron, you're starting to freak me out here. You sound like you've done
this interrogation thing before. You know your stuff...and I know...that I
haven't done a thing to your poor loser of a friend."

"Alright...let's say you are telling the truth for once in your life. We'll
pretend that is. So how did you learn she would do things you say? Remember
carefully...any and all information could be vital and learning what the
source was and possibly where it came from."

"Fine. Whatever. Let's just get this over with. I don't know how much
longer I can just stand here while she's playing with herself and getting me
all hot. Yesterday we were both in here changing clothes and like usual we
exchanged a few words with each other. The next thing I know the girl is
licking my ass and then my pussy and from there it's all pretty much a blur."
Of course Bonnie left out a few details in her recalling of the previous
day's events.

"You said you two exchanged words? Any of those words come to mind?"

"Yeah. I believe I told her she could kiss my ass. Of course, I didn't
think she would take it literally. After our romp, I felt like something
was off with the girl, but then all doubts vanished when she kissed me
before going to cheering practice. I just thought maybe she was finally
releasing her true built up feelings for me. Cause I know I sure have
been wanting her to." The last part slipped out before she could stop

"Practice? So, would this be the practice that was being held during lunch?
I remember her saying that she was going to get a bite to eat before heading
off to practice. Or was it your normal after school practice?"

"The one during lunch; the one that lingered into fourth period? It really
was an odd time to hold it, but that is what Mr. Anonymous had suggested."

"That's weird. Why would the same person send a special meal to the
cheerleaders and then ask that they hold practice during the same time?"

"I don't know, Stoppable, but what's even more the two of us
standing around shooting the bull when Kim is naked and letting her sweet
juices waste away on that there bench. Tell me for this one time that you
would love to be that very bench right about now? Come on. You can say
it...even better...why don't you tell it to her. Okay so what if she's
been brainwashed or something like that. It just means you have a decision
to make, Ron. Do you not do anything and be a honorable friend and help
her out or do you say the hell with it and take the opportunity for what it
is...a once in your pathetic lifetime of a chance to have sex with the girl
you've always dreamed of being with, but don't have a chance in hell with?"

As Ron thought over his options while keeping his eyes locked on Kim's
ministrating hands, Bonnie walked behind the girl to her locker where she
began removing her clothes. Slowly Ron's eyes drifted upwards, eventually
allowing him to see both of his fantasy girl's in their naked states. His
head was starting to think along the same lines as his penis as it quickly
sprung up and out for attention. Bonnie happened to look down when she
bent to remove her panties and immediately was awe struck at the tent like
tightness protruding from between Ron's legs. She blushed and smiled as
she stepped out of her panties and reached down to throw them into her

Bonnie turned and straddled the bench while scooting closer and pressing her
naked breasts against Kim's bare back. Ron thought he was going to explode
when Bonnie's hands appeared from behind Kim's back and began massaging the
lower portion of his friend's breasts. His decision had just been made for
him as he stood up and stepped back away from the bench. Bonnie gave him a
look of disappointment as he backed away, and then gave him a wink as he
stopped and started kicking off his tennis shoes.

His pants and shirt came off next leaving only the one interesting aspect of
the boy's body that Bonnie was looking forward to seeing, hidden behind his
tented and now slightly stained underwear. Ron looked down and felt
embarrassed because of the stain that had formed and started to cover himself
with his hands. Bonnie immediately saw the boy's embarrassed state and for
some odd reason felt sorry the boy. For once, she was thinking about someone
else's feeling instead of her own. She stood up and stepped back to her
locker and retrieved her own soiled undergarment.

"Don't worry Ron...see, it's natural for a turned on person to leave a stain
or two behind." She lifted her panties up and threw them over to the boy
before returning to her previous position on the bench, picking up where she
left off with massaging Kim's twin mounds of flesh.

Ron couldn't help but stare at the soiled panties and back to the girls and
then back to the panties before lifting them to his nose. He sniffed the
garment and knew he would never forget that smell as he lowered Bonnie's
panties and bent down to slip them into his pockets in the jeans laying on
the tiled locker room floor. Bonnie shook her head and smiled in disbelief
as she watched Ron folding and pushing her panties into his pocket.

"Looks like I'm going to be down a pair of fairly expensive underwear when
spring inventory comes back around," she joked before leaning down and
kissing Kim's exposed neck. Ron watched the girls as he tried to be
extremely careful while pulling his underwear down, knowing that in his
aroused state that any wrong move would be the end to him. He pulled the
material just over his member and quickly pulled them down his legs and
stepped out of them. He lifted his head with his eyes closed shut.

Courage slowly built in the guy as he fought through his fear of
embarrassment and opened his eyes. The look on Bonnie and Kim's faces
were none short of framing quality as they now stared at the shaft of meat
towering out from between the small mass of hair between his legs. He
looked down and was amazed through all the embarrassment and all that he
was hard as a rock if not harder. His member protruded out its full seven
inches...a length the boy wasn't used to seeing himself.

All of a sudden, he was filled with confidence as he looked back up at both
Kim and Bonnie. Roles had been reversed with the girls now caught staring
and ogling over Ron's manhood. Ron stepped over to the bench and was about
to sit when he remembered what Bonnie had mentioned earlier. Deciding to
remain standing, he wrapped his hand around his member and walked over to
Kim, directing her to take it in her mouth.

"Kim I would like it if you would suck on my tool for me?" Bonnie nodded in
understanding as Kim leaned forward placing her mouth over his member. Kim
began stroking his shaft while her tongue moved along the length, licking up
his precum in the process. Ron knew he wasn't going to last anytime being
that it was his first time and he was already worked over do to previous
actions. Bonnie kept an eye on Ron's face as Kim sucked on his cock. She
knew he wouldn't hold out for anytime, but after catching a glimpse at what
he had been keeping a secret from all the girls in the school, she wanted a
taste for herself.

"I think I'm going to c..."

"No!" shouted Bonnie as she forward and pulled Kim's head back from
between the boy's legs. "I've got a better idea." Ron was grateful for
the interruption and lack of attention as he tried his hardest get his
uncontrollable member under control. "Kim, I'm going to take Ron and I
want you to eat me out while I do it. Understand?"

"Sure whatever you say, Bonnie. After all you are my master." Ron and
Bonnie both realized a difference in Kim's obedient response. They
questionably looked at each other.

"Ron is she..."

"Looks like the brainwashing hasn't completely taken over all her senses.
Like this, for most of the day, she was just ordinary Kim, but then
earlier she returned to her robot like ways. Hey don't look at me...I
don't understand the rules of brainwashing like some people might. I
just recognize it when it happens to a friend. Now where were we?" asked
Ron before scooting closer to Bonnie's naked body and laying his back
against the wooden bench.

Bonnie welcomed the new position as she leaned over, taking the full seven
inches down her throat. The girl was known around school for knowing a
thing or two about taking a cock. The topic sometimes even came up in the
teacher's lounge as the male teachers privately discussed how talented her
oral skills were. Bonnie lifted her butt far enough off the bench to allow
Kim to work her head underneath her body. Kim immediately started licking
and nibbling at her fellow cheerleader's inner pinkness.

Kim skillfully used many of the techniques she had learned on her many spy
cases across the globe, causing the other girl to climax within the first
minute upon contact. Surprisingly, Ron lasted slightly longer before
creaming the inside of Bonnie's fast moving mouth. Her own experience paid
off, as she was able to capture all of the boy's cum, allowing not a single
drop to escape her lips. Lifting her head she smiled at Ron's upturned and
pleasure filled face and then opened her mouth showing him just what he had
given her. She closed her lips and swallowed, reopening her lips a few
seconds later showing Ron that she had indeed swallowed all of his seed.

She was wiping her mouth off when her second climax of the afternoon rocked
her pretty hard, soaking Kim's face as she continued pleasuring the girl.
Bonnie didn't know what hit her when he suddenly felt a hand on her head
forcing her mouth back around Ron's cock. Ron used Bonnie's hair for support
as he literally began fucking the girl's face.

Bonnie was stunned at the boy's bold move and impressed at the forcefulness
of his thrusts as he hammered into her mouth. After a few thrusts, he found
a decent rhythm that Bonnie was able to accommodate for as his member jolted
the back of her throat. This was the first time that she could remember in
all of her sexual experience where a boy rocked her head both sexually and
mentally like Ron was currently doing. This was one fucking that she never
wanted to forget.

It didn't take long for the energetic Ron and sore-throated Bonnie to pull
away from each other, as spent as they were. Ron pulled back, wrapping his
hand around his member, gently stroking it in hopes of making the pain ease
down some. Meanwhile, Bonnie was also trying to soothe her throat by
massaging her neck muscles. She stood up, allowing Kim to see something
other than her pussy, while she moved forward and straddled Ron's waist.
Ron couldn't believe his luck as Bonnie reached down between their bodies,
grasping his cock by the shaft and guided it to her pussy lips. She lifted
up allowing his member enough room to enter her inner domain.

Slowly and carefully she gradually lowered her body until she was being
completely supported by Ron's legs and hardening member. She lifted her
legs a couple inches off the floor, increasing her weight and pressure on
his rod, but Ron was up for the task. He grabbed a firm hold on the girl's
hips and together they began a slight rocking action before ending in a
frantic, hard pounding, up thrusting fucking as she rose and fell hard on
his cock. Within minutes, the two were fucking like they never dreamt
possible, sounds of flesh rapidly hitting flesh echoing throughout the
large ceramic tiled room.

Kim tried to find a way to get into the action, but found that task a lot
harder than first predicted. There was no place for a third party during
Ron and Bonnie's fierce fucking. The pace was too fast and the flesh
smacking too hard for the two, much less an addition of another participant.
Kim steadily stroked her own burning pussy while getting turned on more and
more watching the two wildcats go at each other.

Seemingly, a half hour later, the two finally parted letting loose a
squishing sound as their bodies separated from their heat intensified
stronghold on each other. Ron shook his head in disbelief, as he couldn't
believe he had just finished fucking one of the most popular, if not the
most popular girl in their school. The jury was still out on that one.

The blonde haired teenage boy was grinning from ear to ear relishing in his
monumental accomplishment. On the other hand, Bonnie couldn't believe it
herself. She had actually lowered her social standing to fuck a guy everyone
knew as nothing more than a dweeb and surprisingly found it to be the best
fucking of her experienced teenage life.


"Ron..." they both spoke out at the same time, neither finishing their
statements due to the other's interruption. Silence fell among the teenagers
as they just stared at each other is questionable disbelief.

"You first," spoke the chivalrous Ron Stoppable.

"I ca-a-an't. That is so unlike me not to have something to say." The girl
was beside herself.

"Yeah, tell me about it. I mean usually you don't ever shut up that
profanity-ridden mouth of yours. Guess a great fucking has its advantages."
Obviously, Ron had no problem formulating words and sentences, as he openly
was able to talk to the popular cheerleader without closing up or making a
fool of himself. "Is all fucking like that?"

Bonnie couldn't believe the nerve Ron had for talking to her like that; a
way that no guy had ever talked to her before. He was talking to her and
not over her. He wasn't afraid to say what he was feeling or what he meant.
Everything for once just flowed out like he had rehearsed it in his head
instead of the usual last split second changes before it came out of his
mouth. The typical nervous guy curse had been broken and Bonnie was looking
at a new and improved, confident and willing Ron 'The Stud' Stoppable. And
the more she thought about it...the more turned on and overheated she became.

"No Ron, not all fucking is as great as that just was. In fact...I've never
felt the way I do right now. You were incredible. I feel sorry for the
virgin you take home because she will be sore for days...if not weeks. From
my experience, that definitely isn't what I would call a normal fuck. Not by
a long shot, stud." Neither of the teens could believe that the word stud
actually came out of Bonnie's mouth.

"You mean that? You think I'm a stud? I'm not a dweeb anymore?"

"Dweeb...or no dweeb, I'll latch onto you anytime you want to get down and
dirty. Your attack would be considered primal in many parts of the world and
I'm more than ready for an overseas adventure or two. That was such a primal
fucking and I've got the bite marks on my shoulder to prove it. Seriously,
that was fucking at its finest. It most certainly wasn't anything close to
making love or casual sex. I'm quite sure if given the proper atmosphere and
the right chance...that is what you will want to do with Kim here. I've seen
that look of love in your eyes before. No, me it is there. She
will come around some day."

A moment later, verbal silence overcame the room as the three after school
participants redressed themselves and started heading for the exit; one
knowing he finally had a sexual experience, another realizing that she didn't
know everything about sex, and another just following the sound of others.

(To be continued in part 2)


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