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Kim Possible: Gencom: Stoppable Genie Part 1 (Fff,oral,f-dom,mc,morph)
by C. King ([email protected])

Ron Stoppable was finally getting a more modern computer then the old black and white one he had gotten from his father years ago. It was a hand-me-down like that old system, but it was only a year out of date rather then a decade. It had more ram, a color screen and a better internet hook up. Along with a number of programs already installed into the machine.

'Booyah! Ron Stoppable is finally in the twenty-first century! Now I just have to see what I go on this puppy.' Ron thought as he went down the different programs which were on the system. Most he recognized, yet there was one which he had no idea what it was.

'Let's see, Gencom. Pulling it up and... Gencom, the Digital Genie. Granting your every wish for the new century.' Ron was stopped in his tracks as he realized what he could be dealing with. Ron was no stranger to magic, having been bathed in the power of mystical monkey power. Heck, he wasn't even a stranger to science fiction with all of the dealings he had with Dr. Drakken and other helping Kim.

Holding himself back for a moment, he asked his naked mole rat Rufus, "Should I try it out? Tell Kim or Wade? Have a priest give my computer an exorcism?"

Rufus looked at the screen for a moment before making a high screaky, "Why not?"

Ron took to the program and decided to try out the system with different people. The first was himself which brought up his own personal stats, some of which he had to disagree with. 'I do not loose my pants that often, they just get a way from me from time to time. Or it's the material, Smarty Mart is just selling a lower quality of pants. I should complain to the head of the company!'

Another name he pulled up was his girlfriend Kim Possible, who was also his best non-rat friend. The fact someone who was so almost as her could be going out with him. It tended to surprise anyone who met the couple. It soon brought up the stats of the redhead, which was as expected, almost perfect in many stats.

Another two extra names he brought up were those who caused Kim the most annoyance, Shego and Bonnie Rockwaller. Both extremely sexy women whose beauty was marred by their nasty personality. With this computer program he could make them a lot more pleasant to Kim...and himself.

"So I have a magic computer and a couple profiles to fiddle around with? What do I wish for first? Or should I say, who should I alter first?"

Deciding to test out the genie program he had discovered on his computer, Ron decided to look in on the profile of his girlfriend Kim Possible. Instantly, all of the other stats transformed into small bars at the bottom of the screen. The enlarged profile with an included 'Wish' box appeared before him as he went over the stats of the woman he loved. The first thing he did was record the base line of the stats in case he made a mistake which could have messed up Kim.

'Don't want anything to happen to Kim, if this thing works the way it says. Now what would I like to see in Kim.' Ron thought as his mind lowered it's self to the aspect of sexual activity, something commonly on the mind of teenaged boys. A topic which is also in the electronic mind of the Gencom spirit.

Self conscious of the possibility of Kim leaving him for another boy, he looked at the sexual attraction component of the screen. He had to bring up the sexual attributes section of the screen which let him see how Kim mind and body reacted to sensuality. The attraction listing was clear as day as he turned to the help.

'Let's see... If I move this bar, I can alter her sexual orientation from heterosexual to homosexual or the other way round. But if I use this option here I can make exceptions for the sexual attraction, which would make me the only male she would feel sexual attraction to. A mod to this section will allow me to open Kim's mind to relationship with multiple partners.' Ron was beginning to use the program like a pro, not knowing he was being guided a perverted spirit which would love to see Ron in an orgy.

Making this part of a file 'newkp.gcd', he had two in the system with the 'originalkp.gcd'. He continued to make the changes he wanted. There was an option to make Kim a submissive to his desire, yet this would remove something he loved about his girlfriend even if it could hurt him from time to time. So he decided to go the mental route for a few seconds.

'There it is... Kim's weakness to peer pressure, the same thing which got us into trouble with the Lil' Diablios. If I can make her more resistant to falling under the sway of irrational peer pressure, I would be doing her a favor.' Ron said as he made the correction. Looking up the notes connected to it, he learned she would grow out of it in time... he just moved it up a bit.

He decided to move to the body section, to make a few upgrades. Like an improved immune system, which could kill superbugs like A.I.D.S. without the system turning against it's self. This required him to use the help screen a lot. He did his best to make the cheerleader hero healthier, before recording his changes for a Macro.

'With this little thingy, I can make anyone I want to be super-healthy. Something I want to use on myself later.' Ron thought as he tried to decide which aspect of his girlfriend to modify next, or if he should turn to someone else for the time being.

Ron decided to make some changes to the sexual desires of his girlfriend, at least at first. He was looking at the collection of beauty enhancements which he could direct his lover. Going with clothing, he had some choices with many materials to choose from. things like leather, latex, silk, lace, and spandex with a few other options for the consideration.

'Leather just doesn't seem to be Kim's style...Shego yes, but Kim no. Latex has my interest, but again seems more like Shego then Kim. Silky, lacy undergarments do seem to fit with Kim's personality. Especially if it was some of that fancy stuff you get from France and Italy. Spandex also fits with her dual life as a superhero cheerleader. And... this is going to cost me a lot of money if I get Kim clothing as presents. Unless I get a miracle or a wish.' Ron went straight to the help screen to see if he could get an advance to his cash flow.

The solution is simple, 'I already have millions in the bank. Seems a nickel on each taco doesn't stop with one payment. My parents are taking care of it till they think I can handle it. Well, a quick edit on myself and I will be rolling in the green. So let's leave that for later and work on Kim. Spandex, lace and silk are go.'

'Add to this a like of cosplay. I know that she'll never be the fan of the same things as me and Larry, unless I make her, it would be fun to play around while making love. Her cheerleader costume alone would make for a lot of fun in the bedroom. I just have to give her a little encouragement, even if it's restricted to the bedroom. It's no different then when she wears a costume to a party.' Ron thought as he made the corrections. A bright idea then hit him to make things a little more easier for his life.

'If I make it so Kim had a liking to being altered in mind and body plus altering others as well.... Let's see if I can do that. Of course, there should be limits to this. Only friendly transformers like me should be able to change Kim. I'll give her a strengthened protection to changes except for a list of people. The only name on that list right now... Ronster!' Ron continued with the Gencom.

Ron tried to make a choice of what to do with the physical attributes of his girlfriend, and knew a few things he wanted to do. Like a small increase in her bust-line for instant. It was simple in his mind, "Something a little bigger then what she has at the moment, like going from a modest B cup to a C cup or even a small D cup. I would have to fix things so she could continue her cheerleading career. A little boost to the ass to make it fuller, a little edit to the skin to make it soft and sexy shade of pinkish rose. Hair shiny and silky in a perfected version of her own shade of auburn. This should do it for Kim right now."

Other thoughts come up about other things he could do with his digital genie, the most obvious being the cheer squad and Kim's supervillain nemesis, Shego. The first part was much easier to deal with since he could just load it up into a macro for the entire squad other then Kim. He knew what he wanted to do with this as well.

'Give them some of the same physical changes I gave Kim. Increase with T and A with the ability to retain their natural nimbleness. Perhaps hair and sexy skin, bright eyes and shiny teeth. Then I can tie in the perfect health macro within the group as well. I can also add my system of quicker learning to help them all get high grades and memories the routines easier then normal.' thought the sidekick as he loaded up the macro to enhance the cheerleaders.

Yet it was then he had some of his most naughty ideas, 'Of course it would help if there was some more discipline in the squad. So if they followed orders from their leaders, no matter the command, it might help things out. Of course it would be cruel to force them against their will, so it would make sense to have them willing to follow the commands of their superiors. Following those orders would give them some pleasure when they are obeyed. I will have to list who is able to give those orders, which will have to names at the moment. Kim Possible, Cheer Captain and Ron Stoppable, Mascot Master.'

'So the cheer macro is set for the moment. Now for something a little more personal. Having Kim as my girlfriend is a dream come true, but the ladies are missing out on the manliness of the Ronster. A few women in my life would might make the Ronman's life more fun. I still would love to ride Shego, especially since it would be sick and wrong. Then there's Yuri, the girl who I didn't know liked me liked me before Kim. Or there's Monqiue for some dark chocolate fun. So what do I do next?'

Ron decided to work on the major foe of his beloved girlfriend, who just happened to be a sexy older woman in her own right. The devilish Shego, the green bombshell who had the power to emit a plasma with many fire like abilities. She was self-absorbed and cruel at times, yet she still appeared to Ron's sex drive. He his mind flashed to images of the woman's green tinted body without her trademark black and green uniform.

'So just a few modifications to Draken's hench-babe might be fun, even if she would kill me for calling her a hench-babe. Back to the sexual identity bars, the same modification I made with Kim. Moving from the hetro side of the bar to the homo end, with the exception box filled with my name set. I should make this another macro, something SI Ron 1 or something like that. Would make it easier in the long run.' thought Ron as he made one further modification to the box, placing a time delay so this change would happen over a period of days or week rather then at once. He also added his health macros as well, deciding to wait for the learning sub-program until he had more control over Shego.

'I placed Kim with lace, silk and spandex. Yet when I was thinking of Kim, Shego popped up in my mind with regard to the materials of leather and latex. Shiny and dangerous seem to fix the bad girl image. I could buy Shego all new clothes of the right stuff when she come to me, yet if this can alter people why not people's clothing. So if I find the right help option, there it is. Retroactive changes to person's history, the help option says this is the spot to make the change. Just write in a minor fetish for wearing leather and latex, starting at the point she left Team Go. Once trigger all of her clothing will change as well as the memories of everyone except for me since I am in this exception box. Okay, finished this section. Time for the next part of this master system.'

'Add the cosplay element like I did with Kim. Place the element of the acceptation and even desire for mental and physical alterations under my direction. Give her some trust for me to make such alterations on her and others around both of us. Add a little to her bust, like a single cup size with maximum support on her back. Make her skin a warm color of... green, like her long green-black hair. Boost to the ass too.'

'Making a few personality tweaks will need to be done, since an evil Shego isn't going to work with Team Possible. Yet a good Shego just doesn't seem right either, it would just drive me nuts. Until I adjust to it but most of the sexiness is tied to her bad girl cred. Is there anything between a hero and a villain? Is there a section on this program about asking questions? Is there... wait here's a question bot. Okay, searching, searching, searching.... Okay, the best bet are an anti-villain and an anti-hero. Anti-villain is a villain with a moral code, an anti-hero is a hero who does bad things in regard to their heroism. so I guess the last one is the one to use.'

'One final touch to is needed. I just have to bring up the profile for Kim again. Now I place an attraction to Shego for Kim and an attraction to Kim for Shego, second to their attraction to me. This looks like the limit for the basic mods, I might have to make more of them later but that's enough for now. So what next? Mod a few more ladies? Like the exotic Yori or the perky Monqiue? Go after a celebrity like Brittina? Another female villain? Or just go to school tomorrow and watch the fun play out with the world at my command?'

Ron looked at the computer and started to think about all of the possibilities. Anything he could wish for was at his fingertips, literally. He had to just reach out and touch the heaven without any limits. Not only was anything possible for a Possible, but now it looked like there was nothing which could stop a Stoppable!

Meanwhile in the home of one Kimberly Anne Possible...

Kim was lying down on her bed, trying to finish up some particularly pesky homework. Reflecting on the fact, 'I can survive a pit of snakes, deadly laser weapons, and insane supervillains. Yet homework can make me cringe up and get nervous. At least I'm almost done, just a single word problem for my algebra homework. Ron does seem to be getting his homework better these days, so it keeps me from trying to breakdown these problems to their simplest form. You would think that a boy displaying natural number crunching skills like Ron could have done simple math or even algebra.'

As she approached the final digitals and letters of the problem, she started to feel a tingle cover a certain private part of her body. The lips of her vagina were being to feel like and electric charge was flowing over it. The feeling was weak to begin with, so she was able to push through the tingle to complete the problem. Once this was finished, she turned on her back and gave up the clenching of her body to suppress the sensation. Pleasure surged up and down her body as she felt a minor release which caused some of her juices to flow from her pussy.

'I guess its time for some private care for me, let's see what I can do to make me start to purr. Ron shirtless, and pantless like usual, while working out with his monkey kung fu when he can use them. Sweat pouring down his body, not too muscular but he is putting on some brawn. What else can I put in this fantasy?' thought Kim as her fingers drifted down her tone torso to where her cunt was located. Nimble digits were pushing themselves inside her body, to touch those of her most sensitive to feeling. Places which would react with pleasure if tended to in the right way.

Kim would have normally been thinking of boy band members, male actors and other manly figures that all teenage girls thought of as they masturbated themselves. Yet she didn't notice the surprising lack of male imagery in her mind, or the fact the males which should have been there had been replaced by her boyfriend Ron or any of the number of women she knew. The first to appear was a strange duo of her twin archenemies, Shego and Bonnie. Both were naked except for a collar on each of then, green for Shego and black for Bonnie. They were crawling on hands and knees as she sat on homecoming throne, while Ron was flexing in the foreground.

"Please forgive us, Mistress Possible. We are so sorry for being a pair of bitches to you. We are here to accept the right punishment we desire." spoke Bonnie as she bowed her head at Kim's feet.

"Yes, Mistress Possible. I should have known I couldn't have taken you in a fight. Please punish us, we need to be punished for being so naughty." spoke Shego without the attitude or sarcasm that she was known for.

The Kim in the sexy daydream spoke up, "I have decided your punishment will also be a reward as well. The first step is to lick out my pussy until it is suitable clean, following the mess you will be making in the first place." spoke the queen like Possible within the dream. This Kim was not acting like the usual perky and nice possible, but it was nice to change things up when it was just a fantasy.

"Yes, Mistress Possible." spoke the duo at once as started to kiss Kim's bare feet and move up her bare legs. It was at this point Kim noticed her dreamself was naked save for a homecoming tiara. As the two tongues were reaching her feminine mound, they started to drag across the skin in a way to trigger her tender nerves on the same mound.

The twin fleshy points started to tease the lips of the redhead's cunt, yet at the same time they were fighting a duel over this territory. Each one was trying to get the jump on each other, with one on the right trying to go the left while the left one was sneaking into the opening on the right. One the right tongue was back to block the left tongue, before trying to get back to the left and being blocked by the left tongue. Then one of the tongues slipped pass Kim's folds and entered her body, yet the competitive woman who was left outside took this as her invitation to enter as well. It felt like two huge fingers or two tiny peni within her, each one trying to find the one magic spot to bring Kim off before the other one did.

What neither one of them had expected was for the two of them to find two different, yet equally sensitive nerve clusters within her vagina. Each tongue seemed to hit the points at once, while in the real world Kim's two fingers hit similar nerves at the same time. The shocking orgasm which occurred ripped her out of her fantasy and into her own bedroom again. Her fingers, panties and pants all had a wetness and slipperiness to them.

She smiled as she thought to herself, 'Perhaps I should clean up? Or maybe I should see if it's possible for a round two so soon after round one?'


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