Kim Possible: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 28
by Hamster

I'm your basic average girl,
And I'm out to save the world,
You can't stop me ‘cuz I'm
Kim Possible

Dr. Drakken had once again placed the world in great jeopardy. He had a giant
heat ray set up in southern Argentina. The ray would be used for the purposes
of melting the Ross Ice shelf and flooding 65% of the planet's dry land
unless of course they bowed to him as the new ruler of the world. Naturally
Kim and Ron were on their way to stop him. They were not however traveling in
style. The path up to Drakken's secret lair was only accesable by Lama. The
wooly hump-free little camels were stubborn and had a nasty habit of
constantly spitting on Ron.

Ron wiped a thick nasty luggie away from his face for the 18th time that day.

"Kim, next time could we just parachute or handglide there?" Ron asked.

"We've already done that Ron. I wanna stay fresh." Kim said.

"Easy for you to stay fresh when you aren't covered in lama spit." Ron

The pair were halfway up the mountain when suddenly a small avalanche
necessitated Kim pushing Ron out of the way. On an outcropping above them
with her hands all a-glow stood She-go.

"I know I don't pay you enough compliments so just let me say 'You Rock'."
She-Go said as she caused more rocks to tumbel toward Kim, who had to perform
an acrobatic flip to escape being crushed.

"Really funny She-Go. Did you come up with that one a long time ago and just
wait around for the best time to use it?" Kim asked sarcastically.

She-Go dropped to the ground near Kim and began to fire energy blasts at her
opponent. Kim flipped from left to right as Ron did his best to grab the
Lamas and get the heck out of the way.

"Face it Kimmie, Drakken has you beat this time. You'll never get to the top
of this mauntain in time." She-Go taunted.

Kim closed in on her and the pair began to trade blows.

Bob the cupid watched in great interest as the women jumped and kicked. A
good catfight was always enough to get the juices flowing. It was the annual
Valentine's Day panty raid and his rival cupids as well as himself needed to
collect as many panties as possible. Quality counted as much as quantity so
Roseanne's panties weren't too valuable. These two uber-babes however...

Bob notched a couple special fetish arrows and fired. Each arrow had the
same effect as his regular arrows plus they also inspired a special fetish.
In this case one was a Dominance arrow and the other a submissive. The pair
flew at the girls and plunged into their targets then filled them with
unbelievable horny-ness.

Kim punched at She-Go and fell off balance. She go took the opportunity to
jump down on top of her and straddle her waist. Something about the whole
situation was turning on both girls. Ron stood and began to run in their
direction but She-Go knocked him out with a green energy bolt.

Kim glared up at She-Go and She-Go down at Kim. She-Go's brow was covered in

"You are at my mercy." She-Go said.

"What are you going to do?" Asked Kim as she looked up at She-Go..

Kim was always in control and always trying her hardest to be the best. The
magic of the arrow had brought out her submissive side, her desire to be
taken and controlled. Simialarly, She-Go was always obeying the idiotic
demands of her quasi-insane boss Dr.Drakken. She wanted to be in-charge, she
wanted to dominate. She especially wanted to be in control-of and dominate
her rival Kim Possible. Bob settled in to watch the show that was inevitably
going to start.

She-Go reached for Kim's chest and grabbed her tits then squeezed as she then
leaned forword and kissed the red-head. Their tongues swirled together in a
sweet saliva-filled wrestling match of love.

"I'll tell ya what Kimmy, give me that sweet body of yours and I'll let you
and your dweeb side-kick go." She-Go offered.

"Let me think anout it...OK sure." She said.

Perfect! She-Go ripped off Kim's black shirt. With the teen's shirt torn to
shreds She-Go caught a glimpse of Kim's red sports bra. She-Go licked her
lips. This was perfect. She took the bra and pulled it up and over Kim's head
then tossed it aside. She bent down and sucked hard on the nipple that was
provided for her. She-Go gave the nipple a soft bite which made Kim squeal.
She-Go unbelted Kim's pants as she devoured the nipple. She-Go stripped off
the rest of Kims' cloths, including her cute little pink panties, then stood

"STAND!" She-Go ordered.

Kim obeyed at once.

"Now give me a little turn, I want to take a good look at you." She-Go said.

Slightly embarrassed, Kim stood in all her naked glory. She had a lovely
glistening cunt and a small patch of red hair above it that matched the
humiliated blush she wore. Her embarrassment only made her randier though
and she was getting so horny she couldn't stand it. She turned around so
that her new mistress could look at her nicely rounded butt. Once her turn
was completed She-Go approached Kim and laid a very wet kiss on her then
slapped the other girl's ass.

They broke their kiss and She-Go looked at her sternly. "Now take off my

Kim approached She-Go and unzipped the front of the costume. She-Go's milky
green tits were exposed after the villainess had her bra removed. Next She-Go
grabbed a hand full of red hair and Kim was forced to her knees where she
was made to unzip and slide off each of She-Go's boots. Kim took off She-Go's
belt and whipped away, then she pulled down the tight green and black pants.

She-Go held Kim's hair in her fist and rammed the teen red-head's face into
her cunt.

"Eat it Kimmy, eat out my cunt!" She-Go cried ecstatically.

Kim's tongue darted forward and stroked the wet honeyed slit of the
green-haired villainess. Kim licked at She-Go's pussy dutifully and made the
green haired woman moan and whimper until She-Go's body eventually shook from
the pleasure and Kim's mouth was rewarded with the sweet nectar of pussy

"Now it's my turn." Kim announced as she licked her cum-coated lips.

"WHAT???" She-Go demanded. "Is that how a dutifull slave makes a request from
her mistress?"

She-Go sat don. "Lay across my knees. You need a lesson in manners."

Kim flushed again but quickly draped herself over She-Go's knee. She-Go
lifter her hand and paused so that Kim could suffer the anticipation.

"Now you get a good lesson in manners Kimmy." She-Go said.

She brought her hand down hard across Kim's nicely rounded cheeks with a loud
smack. Kim squealed loudly. Again. SMACK!!!




Tears welled up in Kim's eyes as she blushed as red as her swollen bottom.
She-go ran her hands over the red bottom. Her green-gloved hand went to Kim's
cunt and as the teen moaned softly She-Go caressed the girl's cunt.

"Beg me to make you cum." She-Go ordered.

"Please, please oh please make my cum, please fuck my cunt please." Kim
begged through sobs.

She-Go shrugged. "Sure why not."

She slid her finger into the wet and juicy honey-hole of love and began to
push it in and out and swirl it around inside. Kim was making the most
delieghtull little squeaky sounds as she got fingered which spurred her
mistress to fuck her much more enthusiastically. Finally Kim howled like a
wolf as she came to an orgasm.

As the two girls enjoyed each other sexually, Bob the cupid took the liberty
of stealing their panties. One green and shiny, the other pink and simple. He
sniffed them deeply. "That's two."
_ _ _

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