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Kim Possible: Corrupting Kim Part 3 (Ff,catfight)
by Ms Ice

Kim pressed her lips to Shego's clearing her mind and forcing herself to go
through with this. She had no clue what she was doing only that she should
move her lips against this crazy woman for awhile in order to get out of the
ridiculous situation.

Shego was enjoying this, Kim moving her lips so tenderly it almost made her
want to weep. She was surprised when Kim didn't break away after awhile and
began to actually kiss her. Shego had been dreaming of this moment. Given,
Kim had no choice but to kiss her, but Shego didn't focus on that. All she
felt and knew was that Kim Possible was willingly kissing her.

Kim started to get into this. *If I have to do this I might as well enjoy
it* she explained it to herself. Opening her mouth slightly she brushed her
tongue against the opening of Shego's mouth and felt a thrill travel down
her spine as she heard Shego's audible approval of the movement.

“mmm” Shego let out and she started to lightly caress Kim's sides obviously
trying not to spook Kim out of her submissive state.

Kim was aware of Shego's hands but decided to let it slide as she felt Shego
tentively brush her tongue against hers. *What am I doing? This was supposed
to be a simple kiss! Not a make out session* but despite her thoughts Kim
opened up further and dueled against Shego's tongue for dominance *Heh even
in the bedroom we fight* She thought off handedly as she tried to get out of
her bonds instinctively to place them in Shego's long hair.

"Umph!" Kim got out as she grew frustrated at her inability to move. Ripping
her mouth away from the enjoyable kiss she breathed deeply catching her
breath. "Shego...untie my hands" She pleaded not knowing whether she asked
because she had completed her condition or because she desperately wanted to
do this on her terms.

Shego gazed down at Kim, first her pleading confused eyes, to her bruised
lips which had been torturing her just moments before and bit her own lip.
As much as she wanted to keep Kim where she was she knew she had to keep
her word and release the girl.

If not for her word then for the fact she was hopeless to Kim's demands.
Shego smirked slightly and nodded. Slowly sliding her body up and off of Kim
she smiled at the sharp gasp from Kim.

Walking over to her discarded clothes she fished around in her pockets and
got the key. Turning back to her panting love she took a moment to just
admire the erotic position Kim was in, knowing that as soon as she let the
teen go she would have to flee.

"Seemed you were enjoying your self Kim...are you sure you want me to untie
you" Thousands of unspoken messages were told in that simple sentence.

Kim locked eyes with Shego's fiery green and almost submitted again before
she shook herself out of it and nodded "We made a deal and I complied...our
business is finished Shego" Kim surprised herself with her unwavering tone.

Shego again just nodded and kept her face impassive walking over to the
teen and gently raising the tussled blanket over Kim's body shielding Kim's
exposed flesh from her before gently un cuffing Kim's wrists.

Shego sat beside Kim as she rubbed at her wrists before shifting into a
sitting position, one hand clutched at the blanket to make sure it stayed in
place. They were silent, not really doing much else but gazing at eachother
before Kim suddenly struck out at Shego and punched her in the face.

"Ah! Shit! What the fu-!" Before Shego could continue her tirade Kim had shot
out of bed and grabbed Shego in a hot steamy kiss.

Shego immediately wrapped her arms around Kim and engaged herself in the kiss
aswell. Kim brought Shego back down with her so she was lying on top of her
and blocked everything out except the feel of Shego's mouth and her own hand
deeply entwined in Shego's raven locks.

Breaking away for breath Shego opened her eyes only to close them again as
Kim forced her mouth back onto hers. Starting to shove the blanket down and
off Kim's body Shego slowly trailed her fingers down the expanse of smooth
skin before gently cupping Kim's breast.

When she felt Kim freeze she immediately let go and slid her hand down to
trace patterns on Kim's stomach, not wanting to ruin the moment.

Kim groaned against Shego's mouth as she felt that familiar throbbing start
between her thighs and sighed when Shego's gentle touch played across her

Kim didn't want to know why she was doing this only that it felt good and
that it was finally on her terms. She didn't want to think too much and freak
out because despite everything prior to this she really was enjoying this.

"Shego..." she moaned out and clutched at Shego's head some more.

Shego smiled and positioned her self above Kim again with a thigh slowly
edging between Kim's thighs.

"Mmmm" Kim moaned throatily throwing her head back and stating to rock
against Shego's thigh.

Her brain had to pick that moment to shove the immoralness into her psyche
and Kim stopped immediately. She halted all movements and just went limp
trying to calm her rapid breathing and almost out of control lust.

"Shego...stop, wait" Kim still had her hands softly embedded in Shego's hair,
so Shego wasn't really inclined to get out of dodge just yet.

"Kimmy...I just gotta say" Shego looked up at Kim "your timing sucks"

Kim smirked slightly before it disappeared and Kim's serious face came "I...
we need to have a talk" she motioned for Shego to get off her.

Shego shook her head and started placing kisses up the column of Kim's neck
until she reached her ear. "So talk" She flicked her tongue out and Kim

"Stop that" Kim shoved at Shego and watched amused as Shego almost fell out
of her bed.

Scowling Shego sat up and peered down at Kim.

Kim flushed when she finally got an up close look of Shego in all her naked
glory. With the moon shining in behind her Kim was entranced by her beauty
and had to take a moment to focus "Could you...umm...get dressed please" she
asked flustered when she realized she would get distracted.

Shego smirked and leaned down again only to be thwarted as Kim moved away
"What's wrong Kimmy? Distracted by me?"

"No! it's just...Shego! Focus!" Kim said desperately again clutching at the
blanket and making sure it was covering her.

Shego shrugged and casually walked over to her clothing putting extra sway in
her hips as she walked knowing Kim was watching her like a hawk.

Sitting back down Shego grabbed at Kim and positioned them so Kim was
snuggled against her side.

Kim squealed slightly but cut that short when she realized what Shego had
just done. She relaxed and got more comfortable not wanting to dwell on the
fact she was so at ease with this whole situation.

"So...what's on your mind princess" Shego got out stroking Kim's soft hair.

Kim lay there a moment trying to put together a proper sentence "you" she
said simply after awhile, looking up at Shego as she just responded with an
inquiring raised brow. "Why you're doing this. What's it mean...for the
both of us. I mean, this all does seem a little sudden. One moment I was
blissfully unaware and untouched then the next thing I know I'm shoved,
literally, into a world of hot groping fun with a sexy female and not just
any female. But apparently my lesbian tendency arch foe"

Shego laughed in content, still gently stroking Kim's hair. "Hot groping fun
with sexy female huh?" She smirked when she looked down at Kim's red face.

"Shego...Focus!" Kim said in obvious embarrassment. She really hadn't been
thinking about what she was saying only focusing on getting the message
across. It was hard considering how safe and warm she felt in the arms of
her prior molester.

Shego softly smiled down at her flustered girl "I love you" She said even
more simply, laughing when Kim just blinked at her in shock. "Like I said
before. Your mine...and I'm yours" shrugging her shoulders Shego slid down
and cuddled into Kim "Not really much to discuss baby"

Kim couldn't wrap her mind around Shego's dismissive and casual nature to
such a serious subject. "wh-what? Wait...I'm not...were not...what?" Kim got
out confused as her brain started to process what she had just been told.
"How? When? Wait! Since when am I yours? I never agreed to this. You can't
just dish that out and..." Kim sat up and pulled the blanket with her causing
Shego to lose balance and fall off the bed.


Kim looked down at Shego and felt that all encompassing panic well up inside
her "You need to leave Shego. I want you to leave. I did what you asked now
you..." Kim stood up as well when Shego did definitely panicking now.
Breathing in quickly Kim glanced around her room clutching her sheet to her

Turning to look at the panicking teen Shego just glared not happy at the
sudden mood change. Stepping forward to grab at Kim thinking that if she
could just sooth her everything will be ok, but before she could reach over
and embrace the young girl they heard a creaking noise from down the hall
and froze.

Shego ignored it and looked at Kim who was even more distraught "Shego you
have to leave" Kim asked in a pleading voice motioning towards the window.

Shego blantedly ignored Kim's plea "Why? I told you I love you...what more
is there that you want?" Shego inquired, frustration in her voice.

Kim looked at her incredulously "Oh I'm sorry, excuse me for not just
accepting that my evil arch nemesis who happens to be a woman just confessed
her love to me. I may be able to do a lot of things but this..." motioning
between them "is definitely testing that theory" Kim gave her an 'are you
crazy look' "You really need to promised" Kim whined petulantly
and desperate even more so than before.

Shego was about to retort but didn't want to further escalate the situation
by provoking Kim. She took a step closer to Kim wanting to be near her as if
by being closer they could avoid this whole conversation. "I am in love with
you Possible...what? Do you want it in writing?"

Kim rolled her eyes not at all surprised at Shego's non serious nature with
this whole situation. "Argh! Your impossible."

"Well if you would just relax and come here, I'll have my own Possible to
erase that!" Shego mocked back, again stepping closer to her distracted would
be lover.

"I can't" Kim got out in desperation again hearing a creak in the hallway
ignoring Shego's instant crushed expression "We can't" she added and relaxed
slightly when the noise stopped. She took a deep breath and locked her gaze
with Shego's trying to explain to her "Were enemies would it
work? It would never work. What did you think? We would fight eachother on
missions but go out on the side? That would never work...that's not even a
healthy relationship...what the hell?! we don't even have a relationship to
start with! This is insane. No! You're insane! You can't just come here and
tie me up and think that I would fall in love with you! I could never do
that...I could never date someone like you" Kim said in contempt, once again
angered by Shego's confidence.

*I could never date someone like you* reverberated around Shego's head for
awhile and she scowled when she felt that pain in her heart once more. *God

"Why not?!" she asked indignant edging closer to Kim "I know you want me...
It's obvious in the way you just kissed me, respond to me, moan and groan
against me...touched me, look at me...hell even fight with me. Your body
wants me princess and there's no use in denying it. I bet if I placed my
hand down your pants and in between your legs it would come away wet. Your
soaking and you know it. You feel it, the desire, the heat, the want" she
got out in a husky seductive tone deliberately using crude language for
shock value. "Come here I'll show you how good we could be" she practically
pleaded reaching out for Kim.

Sighing "Even if what you say is true Shego, it just confirms everything. We
would never have the type of relationship I want. I don't want lust...I want
love" Kim sat down on the bed and watched as Shego kneeled before her and
wrapped her arms desperately around her middle. It didn't escape her how this
position basically had Shego on her knees in front of her begging. Kim made
no move to touch Shego back "I want the romance, the affection, the
tenderness that you don't possess and most importantly I want to be able to
go out in public and show you off. You're a criminal Shego and I'm...I'm a
teen hero. We wouldn't go together. Not to mention we were both born with
the same body parts. We are enemies" Kim stated again, her voice cracking at
the end realizing the direness of their situation. Beyond confused and
rationalizing anything Kim sat there just gazing at the opposite wall calling
upon all her will power not to touch the woman kneeling in front of her. She
knew this was a weird situation. One moment she hated the woman, the next...
she didn't even know what she felt.

Kim had been confident that she would have been glad to see Shego off to jail
for the things she had done to her, but what was she supposed to do now.
Emotions are now involved and as much as she hated to admit it she did feel
something, she realized it was repressed for the sake of her missions but
this sudden up front collision into reality wasn't helping. She needed time.
She was so confused and it was really starting to piss her off.

"but-" Shego tried to say.

"It would never work" Kim continued somberly.

"You already said that!" Shego spat starting to get angry herself.

"I...why are you making this so difficult?!" Kim cried out desperation and
pleading in her voice. Looking down at Shego "Scratch that, why is this whole
situation difficult?" Kim asked herself aloud. "Shego stop...let go" Kim
tried prying Shego off of her but Shego held on desperately. This whole
situation was getting a bit too emotional and Kim felt tears blur her vision.
*What is happening here?* Focusing her gaze on the opposite wall she said the
one thing she knew that would get Shego to leave. Kim hesitated "You and I
can never be! Why can't you get that?! Let Go! I...I don't love you Shego!"
Kim exclaimed "We could never work! I don't want you damn it! Just let go
Shego! Leave! Get out of here, leave me alone we have nothing to discuss
anymore!" tears started to fall down Kim's cheeks as she batted away at
Shego's back wanting her to let her go. Figuratively and physically "we could
never work...because I don't love you" She whispered brokenly avoiding eye
contact with the older woman.

Shego felt as if someone drove a rather large knife through her heart and
twisted. Shego grasped onto Kim and looked up trying to get Kim to look at
her and repeat what she said. Denial and desperation welling up within her.
"Look at me!" She said loudly not at all concerned at the volume she was
using or if whether she woke up the rest of Kim's family.

"Just leave! Please! Just go away!" Kim looked down at Shego, crying and
blantedly pleading with her.

Immediately letting go and standing up Shego stumbled away from Kim and
looked at her in horror. " can't" But looking at Kim, face
turned away from her and tears running down her delicate face Shego knew she
had to get out of there before she broke down from Kim's harsh words and
heart breaking face. Shego slowly went to the window half climbing out and
whispered in a broken tone "I would have changed for you ya know...I would
have been what you wanted me to be. We could make this work...I love you
Kim...I would have done whatever it took to be with you...even change sides"
stepping out she had one last parting shot "This isn't over
are mine and I am yours....whether you want it that way or not"

Before Kim could respond to Shego's chilling words she had disappeared.

"Great" Kim muttered flopping back on the bed knowing she wasn't about to
fall back asleep anytime soon.

* * *

Shego stormed into the lair in a shitty mood, relishing as people fled out of
her way. She looked around a moment and took a deep breath. Drakken was off
in his office scheming and she couldn't be bothered interacting with him at
the moment so she instead turned and immediately grabbed a random henchman.
Slamming him into a wall Shego kissed him "Bedroom now!" She demanded in
between heated kisses not really looking at who ever she was kissing.

*Fuck Kim!* she cussed in her mind as she tore off the henchman's clothing
dragging him off in the direction of her room.

*What does she know anyway. She does too love me. She can't hate me if she
didn't love me* Shego ranted in her head half focusing on the henchman.

The henchmen were used to this type of behaviour from their Second in
command. They waited on baited breath for these types of moments. Shego
was hot despite her off coloured attitude and psycho tendencies. She was
definitely the most lusted after side kick in their business and they were
very glad to be under her command. She was the best after all, some might
dispute that she was the real brains behind everything and Drakken was just
there for her amusement.

Shego pushed the naked henchman on her bed and quickly disrobed not bothering
in kissing him any more she straddled him and impaled herself on his hot
stiff cock.

"Ugh!" Shego grunted out getting accustomed to his size and setting the pace
for both of them.

"Oh God Shego!" The henchman cried out in pleasure gripping her hips.

"Shh no talking!" Shego got out between deep pants focusing on pounding
herself closer to oblivion.

"Fuck! Mmm" Shego flipped them so the guy was on top and wrapped her legs
around his waist "Fuck me!" she demanded.

He complied and started thrusting in and out of Shego his eyes rolling in the
back of his head as she tightened around him.

Gasping and dragging her nails down his back, she relished in his tense
muscles and hiss of pain "Harder!" she groaned out bucking upwards almost
uncontrollably "Deeper..." she moaned trying to erase Kim from her mind and
to her horror her emotions decided this moment to make themselves present.

Pushing at the guy Shego started to cry "No! get off! Stop!"

The henchman froze in mid thrust, shocked at the turn of events. Looking down
at his distraught commander he immediately got off her "Shego I'm sorry...
what did I do?"

Before he could say anymore, she dismissed him "Fuck off!"

Taking a moment to gather his clothes, the henchman glanced back at her in
worry before scurrying off.

Curling up on her bed she silently wept for the pain Kim had caused her
today. *Shit I couldn't even get off! I was so close too!* wiping away her
tears Shego trailed her hand down in between her legs and started to softly
stroke her aching clit bucking up into her hand and groaning at how sensitive
it was.

Closing her eyes and brining up a picture of her love, Shego started to rub
herself more vigorously before entering herself with two fingers. "Oh Kim"
She moaned out into the empty room. Shoving them in and out of herself at a
fast pace "Oh God Kimm...mmm love you baby...don't stop baby...oh
good! Fuck mmm" Using her other hand she tweaked her nipples and kneaded them
in the one hand. "Oh baby...oh Kim...fuck! fuck, almost..." the squelching of
rhythmic pounding could be heard and Shego focused on the image of Kim
writhering beneath her in her mind.

As she tensed up Shego called out Kim's name as she finally came. "Oh God!
Fuck! Kiiimmmm!!!!" Panting she extracted her hand from between her legs and
sucked them dry before snuggling deeper into her covers and drifting off to

*you will be mine Kimmy. I'm getting sick of this shit*

* * *

Kim walked around school in a daze the next day. She had to sit and deal with
her granny make comment after comment about her new car and endure even more
questioning from her overprotective father. They had both finally relented
when they realized Professor Leindart wasn't some pedophile out to get her
and was just expressing his gratitude. Kim sighed and rubbed at her temples
from the slight headache she had gotten after not sleeping and the bombard of
questions she had gone through. Emotionally and physically drained Kim
loathed cheerleading practice this afternoon.

"Hey KP, why so glum chum?" Ron got out cheerily wrapping an arm around Kim.

Kim just gave him a half hearted smile. "Nothing Ron, I'm fine" she shrugged
out of his embrace and walked a little faster not really in the mood for
Ron's jolly mood.

Ron scratched his head confused and looked down at Rufus "Did I miss

Rufus just gave him a few grunts indicating he was just as confused.

Ron shrugged "Girl's" he said dismissively before he turned and accidentally
bumped into Bonnie. "Ahh! Get away from me" Ron put up his arms feigning
being afraid.

Bonnie scowled "What's your drama Stoppable?!"

"Your too bright!" Ron got out shielding his eyes overdramatically.

Bonnie looked down at herself confused "what?"

Ron stood up straight and smirked "Too much fake tan Bonnie, It makes you
look off"

Bonnie scowled as Ron broke into a fit of laughter.

"Whatever Stoppable, what's the matter Kim got sick of you?"

Ron immediately shut up "No! Kim's just..." he didn't know what to say. Kim
did get rid of him without explanation and he knew he hadn't done anything to
screw up since last night. "She's around, were not joined at the hip cruella"
he retorted after awhile of contemplation.

Bonnie snickered "Although you'd like to be wouldn't you loser?"

Ron scowled and watched Bonnie slink away confidently. "Whatever" he muttered
pleased when Rufus backed him up with a shake of his little paws at Bonnie's
retreating figure.

* * *

Kim sighed once again as she sat in English class reminiscing last night and
the troubled thoughts accumulating through out the night. *Argh! Focus Kim,
you have a test coming up!*

"...It's amazing the way he wrote his plays. They say that Shakespeare had
accomplished what no other could, in creating themes that are still used and
popular in this era. He was far beyond his time. Although some may argue that
he was and is able to connect with audiences today due to his main concept
within each of his plays. Whether comedic or dramatic Shakespeare's work were
tragic, unrequited love, forbidden love, doomed love...the man sure had
issues with love" The class chuckled.

Kim slid further into her seat *Great* she rolled her eyes and gazed outside
almost jumping out of her seat when she saw Shego leaning against a tree
casually gazing in at her.

Shego blew her a mock kiss before jumping up into the tree and disappearing
from view.

*Did I just see that?* Kim asked herself, her attention now fully on outside.

"Mrs. Possible, is there something outside that is more interesting than you
passing this class?" The deep boom shook Kim out of her daze and she gave her
teacher a sheepish apologetic look.

"No sir," Kim slunk back down in her seat and gazed out just in time to
notice a small jewelry box at the window that wasn't there moments before.
Glancing at her teacher she was happy to find him at the black board writing
something up. Kim quickly and quietly got out of her seat and grabbed at the

Sitting back down she looked down at it and slowly opened it. She gasped when
she lifted the lid to see a delicate bracelet with green emeralds studded
around the white gold chain. It was beautiful and obviously expensive. At the
bottom of the box was a small note.

To my Kim,
My gift to you for being the jewel in my heart and the
unbreakable chain in my world. I don't do well with corny
shit but I want you to know I love you and I'm not giving
you up to anyone. You are mine princess.

Forever yours

Kim smiled and rolled her eyes at Shego's possessiveness. *Argh! She really
is impossible* Happiness and sorrow raged inside her at the simple gesture
and she was again left with her confused thoughts. *Great* she thought in

* * *

Bonnie sat at the back of the class and glared at Kim and the gorgeous
bracelet she had just received. Bonnie was tempted to call attention to it
but decided against it. She had figured out that in order to get Kim she
would have to do it right.

But by the looks of it she was a bit too late. *Who could it be? Obviously
someone rich. Maybe the guy that gave her the car* Bonnie pondered and sat
in her jealous rage only content to be able to spend time with the red head
after school for cheer practice.

* * *

Shego walked back into the lair happy and snickered as the henchman scurried
out of her way. Rolling her eyes at them Shego made her way over to Drakken
to check up on his scheme. When she arrived at his office she was surprised
to also see Monkey fist and Duff Killigan sitting opposite her boss.

"Aww how sweet, it's the baboon man and grass lover" Shego called out,
strutting over to Drakken and parking her ass on the side of his desk. "What
did I miss?" she asked as she whipped out her nail filer.

"Now Shego" Drakken placated "We are having a business meeting and I'd
appreciate some respect and insight"

Shego smirked and took a moment to glance over Drakken's washed up idea "It
won't work" She deadpanned.

Drakken glared while the other two men just scowled. "You don't even know
what were up to! All you did was look at the plans" he argued.

"Don't have to, whatever it is I'm sure it won't work. It's probably
outrageous and over the top and costs to much. won't work"
Shego got out in a bored tone walking over to stand behind Drakken and gaze
at the blue prints more seriously. Sighing she just gazed at the two men in
front of her "It won't work" she again said.

"What would you know?! You're just the side kick!" Monkey fist spat out.

Shrugging Shego just flopped onto an empty chair disinterested "You asked for
my opinion I gave it. Just because I know it won't work doesn't mean I'm not
gonna back you up" Moving her head to gaze at the monkey man "After all...I
am the side kick" she got out in a dangerous tone.

All men simultaneously gulped and proceeded to discuss without involving
Shego for fear of castration via plasma glare. All three were aware of her
presence and even more aware that she could castrate them with her plasma

* * *

Shego sat there bored half listening in on their take over the world plan's
when an image of Kim flittered through her mind. Shego had sat in the tree
and watched Kim open her present. Her heart fluttered in joy when she
remembered the happy glow that Kim had gotten with that simple gift *So my
girl likes to be spoiled. No problem* Shego smiled genuinely and was snapped
out of her thoughts when Drakken called out to her. "What?!" she snapped then
glared at the fumbling man.

"I...I need you to steal me a chip" Drakken got out in a commanding voice.
Shego smirked "Oohh fun. Finally! Where and when?" she asked already getting
juiced up for her assignment.

"It's a top secret experimental chip that the Koreans have been working on.
It's a global neutralizing chip that if timed properly will be able to
disconnect all online computer's within a certain radius. Almost like a
manmade Y2k Bug, but were gonna use it to disconnect all the leading networks
and sabotage their shows. Thus ensure world domination!!" que the evil laugh
from all three men.

Shego stod there and rubbed at her temples "Let me get this straight, you
want me to steal a man made chip that can essentially breakthrough any if not
all computers around the world and the best idea you could come up with was
to get in and fuck up a few hit T.V shows?"

The men all looked at eachother confused at Shego's condescending tone.

Shego sighed "here's an idea for ya...why not instead of causing world chaos
by taking away favorite use the chip to steal funds from all
the world leaders and gain all their confidential documents. Using them as
leverage and ransom"

The three men blinked.

Drakken, Monkey Fist and Duff were dumfounded.

"Ay...I do believe the lassies idea is a much better one Drakken" Duff put in
after a moment.

Monkey fist reluctantly nodded his head and Drakken just beamed at Shego in
approval. "Well be off getting that chip Shego. Operation Chaos
will proceed as soon as it's in our custody.

Shego stood there for a moment before a wide smile graced her face "Dr. D, I
gotta say...This plan is the best you've come up with in...well this is your
best plan yet! I'm almost proud of ya if it weren't for the fact that it's my
plan and you really didn't do much thinking" Shego said sarcastically but
giddily awaiting to take on her new challenge.

*Maybe Kim will come by and try and stop me* Shego smiled even more and left
the room to get ready.


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