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Summary: Shego get's tired of the routine between Kim and herself, so decides
to take things into her own hands. Falling in love is always hard...but it
seems Kim hasn't got a choice.

Kim Possible: Corrupting Kim Part 1 (Ff,catfight,nc-cons)
by Ms Ice

"Tweebs!!!!" Kim hollered as she chased after her menacing brothers.

"Sorry Kim," came the synchronized reply as they flew down the stairs and
into the kitchen where their mother was working on their dinner.

The twins ran over to Mother Possible and shielded themselves away from their
fuming older sister.

"Argh! You are so dead!" Kim got out between clenched teeth standing a foot
away from them hands fisted at her sides staring at her brothers with so much
rage they both felt it and ducked behind their mother more.

Mrs. Possible just stood there in her apron taking everything in and sighed
slightly. "Now Kimmy, it's not nice to say such things. I'm sure whatever the
boys did couldn't of been that bad."

"Do you know what they did to my cheerleading uniform...or at least what's
left of it?!" Kim screeched in outrage.

"We were just testing out our new duplicator," Tim said.

"And we wanted to do something nice for your birthday," Jim finished, both
still hiding behind the exasperated woman.

"Boys, that was a sweet gesture," she said slowly letting them know that she
disapproved despite her words. "Kim I'm sure you have more uniforms-"

"That's just it though! Thanks to the Tweebs I don't anymore. They're all
shredded or a pile of material" Kim sighed falling against the refrigerator
blowing a stray strand of hair away from her face.

Mrs. Possible just looked down at her sons in a motherly stern way.

"We know. Go to our rooms" They said dejectedly as they walked out shoulders

Kim ran a hand over her face, and sighed loudly "Just what Bonnie needed,
another reason to ridicule me. Argh!" Kim muttered as she walked over and sat
at the table.

"Kimmy, you seem tired" her mother asked concerned "How are the missions

"Oh their no big, it's just Ron that's bothering me" Kim said softly folding
her arms on the table and resting her head there.

"How so?" Mrs. Possible asked as she checked on the meat loaf.

"I think he likes me" Kim mumbled.

"Ouch!" Mrs. Possible exclaimed in pain.

Kim immediately sat up and was at her mom's side "What? What happened? Are
you okay?" Kim rushed out as she watched her mom hold a finger and rushed
over to the taps running it under cold water.

"Oh, I'm fine sweet heart; I just touched the side of the tray and burnt my
finger. I'm fine, really" she said putting her daughter at ease. "So... Ron

"Uck! So the drama!" Kim moaned out piteously, flopping down on the seat
again. "I mean were best friends, and I love Ron... I just don't love Ron if
ya know what I mean. He's practically family ya know?"

"Aww Kimmy, don't worry too much. Maybe you and him just need to sit and have
a talk."

"It's just not that simple mom. I mean....I don't want to hurt him and I
know this will hurt him if he actually does like me and you don't know how
he gets. He like totally-"

*Beep* *Beep*

Kim jerked in mid sentence, immediately taking out her Kimmunicator. "One
sec" she held up one finger. "Hey Wade. What's the sitch?"

"Hey Kim, I just got info that Drakken is planning to raid the San Diego
Science Lab. It seems that Professor Leindart created a ‘synthetic reformer'.
Pretty cool, I'm making one just like-"

"Say no more Wade, I'm on it."

"Your ride is waiting out front and Ron should be at yours right. About-"

"Hey KP" Ron called out from the front door. Kim smiled at Wade.

Kim got up kissed her mom goodbye "We'll finish later mum. Be back soon," and
flew out the door grabbing Ron along the way.

"Let's roll" was the departing words left echoing around the house as the
front door slammed shut.

The ride over was uneventful, the usual chit chat and modesty with the
person, before sky diving out of the high speed army plane onto the front
lawn of the SDSL.

As soon as they landed the alarms started to blare from the inside and Kim
jumped into action.

"Come Shego, were done here," was Drakken clear command before he turned back
to the hovercraft only to be knocked down by a hard front kick. "eep!"

Kim smirked and picked up the surprisingly small device and tossed it over to
Ron "Think fast Ron!" she called out distractedly as she set eyes on her for.

"Got it KP!" Ron called back dodging and fighting with Drakken's henchmen
Monkey style.

Kim glanced to see if he was ok before engaging herself in combat with Shego.

"Why hello Kimmy," Shego huskily got out between kicks.

"Shego!" Kim replied curtly dodging a high kick.

"You know I'm getting awfully tired of this" Shego drawled on

Kim ducked under Shego and quickly turned around blocking a high kick "this?"
Kim went on.

"Ya know? *grunt* This...what were doing right here" Shego explained taking a
hit to the stomach mid way but brushed it off and retaliated with a blow to
the back of Kim's knee.

On one knee Kim quickly blocked Shego's kick and swept Shego's legs from
under her before rolling away. She was stumped. She had no clue what Shego
was talking about. Back flipping away from a frontal attack Kim spoke up "I
have no idea what you're talking about. It's nice that you've developed your
skills in conversation Shego really. Now all ya gotta learn is the correct
time and place to apply your new found skill," Kim got out sarcastically
skillfully dodging Shego's plasma hands.

Shego rolled her eyes and rushed forward "Thank you Ms sarcastic, but I'm
trying to tell you that this between us is getting old. Frankly I'm getting
tired of it and I've decided..."

Kim blocked Shego's round house then jumped her sweep before flipping in mid
air to land a few feet away. "Decided?" Kim asked curiously, panting a little
from the exertion of their familiar fighting.

"Yeah you know..."

"You keep saying that and yet I'm still to know what the hell you're talking
about!" Kim snapped.

"Tsk, tsk Kimmy" Shego was advancing slowly on Kim, making sure to show no
sign of attack. See the thing with Kimmy was she had really high morals and
believed in fair fights, which is great. It's one of the things that
attracted Shego to the teen wonder in the first place. Downside to that is
though was it made Kimmy easy. Easy to target and take advantage of. See,
Kim doesn't strike till she has to, she never fights dirty and she has too
much heart to actually ‘shoot to kill' in a fight. All their fights have
left Shego wanting and unsatisfied. At first Shego was royally pissed and
frustrated with the red head but as time went on, Shego started to develop
a really deep respect for Possible and she started thinking of her in a
totally knew light. The effects the teen had on her suddenly became clear
and Shego was only hopeless to fight against her raging emotions.

Kim Possible was like a growing obsession that Shego knew she either had to
get rid of or totally have. Seeing as Shego felt an immediate loss with the
thought of killing off the teen she was only left with one choice. Their
fights were always hot and passionate and Shego knew that their relationship
would be exactly the same. She could tell Kim felt the same; she saw the
look in her eye whenever they fought. But she also knew Kim didn't recognize
it yet.

So Shego had a plan and had been waiting for this moment ever since her big
discovery. During the fight she had subtly started maneuvering the teen hero
to an empty side room she had scoped out earlier when she did the recon.

Seeing an opportunity she kicked Kim with enough force to send her flying
through the door, but smirked when Kim flawlessly landed on her feet, barely
flinching at the stinging blow.

Shego immediately looked about and was happy no-one seemed to have noticed
them. Rushing in she slammed the door shut, and with a twist of her wrist an
audible click shot through the room confirming that she had locked the door
"Patience Possible"

Kim stood perplexed still in battle mode at the slight turn in events *is
this a trap?* She looked about her frantically for another escape route but
saw none.

Shego smirked and turned just in time to catch Kim before she landed the
flying kick and used the momentum against her. Slamming Kim into the wall
hard enough to leave her breathless Shego took advantage of the situation
and used her body to keep her against the wall and her arms above her head.

As Kim caught onto her new position she tried struggling out of the hold and
was mildly surprised. Shego and her have never pinned eachother down for this
long before. Always just slamming or kicking the other away to avoid any
prolonged contact.

"Let. Me. Go!" Kim got out between clenched teeth.

Shego just smiled maliciously, feeling her body respond to Kim's inadvertedly
arousing struggles. This is what she had been waiting for. This was her only
intention when Drakken decided on this bullshit plan of his. She could care
less for some lab geek's breakthrough discovery. All she wanted was the girl
in front of her.

Shego kept a firm hold on the unsuspecting teen, taking the chance to
actually look at her arch nemesis. *God she's gorgeous* Shego thought
proudly. Red silky hair, soft creamy skin, beautiful big green eyes,
plump full lips, all the right curves *and it's mine* she thought

Shego buried her head in the hollow of Kim's neck and smiled a little as she
felt the red head freeze and tense up.

"Mine" Shego whispered as she started to place soft kisses up and down Kim's

Kim stared wide eyed at the other side of the room, not comprehending what
was actually happening. *They were supposed to fight weren't they?* her
confused shocked mind asked and Kim tried to keep hold on her raging

"What the fuck are you doing?!" she asked outraged as she finally snapped
back realizing her situation. Struggling and trying to move her neck away
from the soft heated kisses violating her neck Kim arched her back and
froze when all Shego did was press more into her.

Shego just chuckled and leaned back slightly so she could look at the highly
baffled and outraged girl.

"I'm kissing your neck" Shego dead panned.

Kim was dumbstruck and at a loss for words. She spluttered trying to reply
but before she could Shego who had been taken with the red heads lips
couldn't take it any more and captured her lips in a fierce kiss.

Kim gasped in surprise and her eyes widened as Shego shoved her tongue in her
mouth exploring the recesses there as if she was staking claim on it.

Struggling even more Kim felt her resistance start to melt when her warring
hormones started to kick in, causing her body to slowly respond to Shego's
aggressive tongue and she closed her eyes, resigning to let Shego explore.

Shego was rubbing her body against Kim after she felt Kim's subtle pliant
behaviour and smiled into the steamy kiss as she heard Kim's strangled groan
and shoved her thigh between the hero's legs, satisfied when Kim let out a

Ripping her mouth away from Shego, Kim gasped out "Stop! What are you do-"

Shego recaptured the teen's lips and her hands on Kim's wrists gave a sharp
squeeze making Kim open her mouth in pain, inadvertedly inviting the raven
beauty to her sweet mouth. Shego groaned and started to grind herself into
Kim relishing in Kim's subtle rocking motion against her, aswell as the soft
tentative strokes she gave back with her own tongue.

"Mmm" Shego moaned out and placed both of Kim's wrists into one hand and
using her free hand ripped Kim's shirt open.

Tearing herself away from Kim's delicious mouth and licking the combined spit
from her lips she glanced down at the exposed flesh and sighed lightly in

Kim who was battling against the hazy cloud of lust blocking her ability to
think, started to struggle but winced when both her wrists were squeezed and
the thigh intimately pressed against her slammed upward making Kim to whimper
and almost see stars.

As much as she had wanted to bite Shego's invading tongue her deranged brain
wouldn't allow for such a shallow act to happen. She started to regret that
at the moment.

"Shit!" she gasped out slamming her head back as Shego hit a particular spot
rendering her breathless and curiously wanting more.

Shego was too busy looking at Kim's soft skin to really notice the effect she
had on the girl.

"Let. Go of me Shego!" Kim cried out desperately, before she realized that
she should have just called out for Ron opening her mouth Shego silenced her
quickly as if reading her mind.

"You call for him and I break every bone in his body starting with his small
prick!" Shego snapped and Kim immediately shut her mouth and swallowed her
yell "This is between you and me anyway" Shego said in a seductive voice near
her ear and to Kim's utter shame a shiver ran down her spine.

Kim's face was red from embarrassment and turned her face away when Shego
unclasped her bra, revealing herself to the older woman's gaze.

Shego whistled appreciatively "Nice" Shego smiled down at the furious girl.

As an after thought Shego frowned "You better be a virgin Kimmy" Shego
growled out, all of a sudden disgusted that her Kim may have let some asshole
touch her. Shego grabbed Kim's wrist in one hand and moved her free hand down
the side of Kim's body, loving the goose bumps appearing on the soft flesh.
Tentively Shego cupped Kim's left breast feeling the weight and size of it in
her palm. Shego smiled at the perfect fit. *I knew it*

Kim squeezed her eyes firmly shut making sure her face remained impassive as
a wave of humiliation rose within her.

"What if I'm not" she replied indignantly eyes still closed trying to keep
her mind off the soft hand touching her as no one else had before.

Shego scowled at Kim's implication "Then I'll hunt the fucker down!" Shego
said as she bent down tying to get Kim to open her eyes but got distracted
when Kim's short breath hit her face and she glanced down at her sweet mouth.
Shego stole a quick kiss then laid a trail of kisses down her neck before
viciously biting into the soft flesh and grabbed roughly at the soft mound.

Kim groaned out in pain and immediately tensed trying to not move so Shego's
teeth wouldn't accidentally hurt her more in the process. Ashamedly Kim let
out a pitiful whimper when Shego started to lick the blood away from the
wound and started tweaking her hardened nipple.

"What the hell is wrong with you?! Let me fucking go! Stop it Shego! Just
fuckin fight me like a normal person you perverted freak! God! Stop touching
me...I...I don't like it and...It's wrong...and I...Just let Go!" Kim quirmed
as the pain in her neck receded slightly as Shego tenderly licked at her.

Shego gave a few more licks before she stared at Kim coldly not liking the
images now cast in her head of Kim under some floozy, moaning and groaning
under him as she was just doing a few moments before, just for her.

"Who's touched you?" Shego said it in a dead calmness that it was scarier
than if Shego had of screamed at her, not letting up on the painful groping.
Kim froze up again from shock and pleasure as Shego once again pinched her
nipple. Biting her lip a thought suddenly struck her. Smiling slightly at her
obviously insane enemy, she put her idea in motion.

"Shego it's none of your business so fuck off and let me go!" she bluffed,
breathing deeply, not really knowing where she was going with this and
slightly confused as her body heated up and a throbbing between her legs
was becoming painfully distracting.

Shego scowled "Who?!" she demanded.

Bringing her face closer to the seething woman, Kim felt a sudden rise in
confidence at the situation she was in. "Why Shego? Are you jealous?" she
asked sarcastically.

Shego just glared.

Kim continued before Shego opened her mouth "Jealous that someone's touched
me maybe?" She mocked, locking her eyes with blazing green. She dared moving
her body in a slow grind on the thigh still intimately pressed against her.
A wave of pleasure shot through her system with each downward thrust and she
held back a groan, focusing on her task.

"Kissed me?" she licked at her dry lips and watched in satisfaction as
Shego's eyes darken and watched her tongue slide across her lips sensually.
Kim continued on in a low huskier voice gaining enough leverage to bring her
face next to Shego's ear and boldly asked what she knew would snap Shego from
her death grip of her "Fucked me?" she clucked out with a devious grin.

Shego who had been suppressing the rising rage at Kim's bold movement
suddenly saw red, as visual images of what Kim was saying assaulted her mind.
She slammed the teen back into the wall pulling her hands away she punched
Kim brutally in the stomach winding her. Shego felt a sense of satisfaction
as she watched Kim bend slightly gasping for air, erasing the smug look she
had, had on her face.

But before she could once again get a hold on the red head, Kim suddenly
snapped up and punched her back driving Shego away from her enough so Kim
could maneuver away. Kim scowled and resumed a fighting position. Shego
found her balance and stood straight finding it amusing as she watched Kim
go unaware that she was still exposed and was now giving Shego a very nice

Kim was on a tightrope of nerves waiting for Shego to strike out but blushed
brightly when she realized that her breasts were still exposed and held the
attention of Shego's deep gaze. Flushing Kim quickly snapped her bra in place
and resumed the fighting stance, waiting on Shego to make the first move.

"Now why'd you go and do that?" Shego asked referring to Kim's now covered
breasts "I was enjoying those ya'know"

Kim's glare intensified and she dashed forward tired of Shego's callousness.
Both of them engaged in another hard fast fight within the closed space and
to Shego's surprise it seemed her little hero finally grew a pair and was not
holding back.

With Kim enraged as she was, Shego knew she was now in major trouble and had
to think fast if she didn't want her gorgeous body to suffer too much under
Kim's skillful hands. *and not in the good way either*

Kim on the other hand was just focused on taking Shego out for the
humiliation and deprived things she had done to her. *What a bitch! Touching
me, claiming me, saying those things to me! Argh!* She thought in frustration
before she landed a very hard blow across Shego's flawless face.

Shego stumbled back and was surprised that she tasted blood. *what the

Kim just stood at the ready staring her down with a pleased look on her face.

Shego reciprocated with a malicious smile. "Round two?" she questioned with a
raised brow.

"Ding, Ding" Kim replied and they were again throwing punches and kicks at

Kim flipped up and kicked Shego in the chin as she aimed a kick at Kim. When
Kim landed lightly on the ground she quickly followed through with a sweep
of her legs and brought Shego down. Kim rushed forward and straddled Shego's

As soon as she was settled into the position she knew she had made a mistake.
Shego gained enough strength and flipped Kim off her and rolled on top of the
now pissed off teen.

"Argh! Get off of me!" Kim exclaimed wriggling beneath Shego.

"Hoo wee that was fun!" Shego said with a bright smile, not at all concerned
at her beaten appearance.

Feeling the blood pumping in her veins, she felt alive. *What a fucking kick
it is fighting with Kim. It definitely gets her off!* She thought happily.

Kim struggled out of Shego's insanely strong hold. "Just let me go you
bitch!" Kim snapped.

Shego tilted her head and licked the blood off her lip in contemplation. "I
never really noticed how much of a potty mouth you had become Kimmy, I don't
particularly like it."

Kim let out a sudden laugh and Shego squinted her eyes at Kim's unexpected

"What makes you fucking think I care what you think Shego?" Kim said cruelly.

Shego responded in kind with a sharp right hook giving Kim a matching black
eye her hand then immediately taking up Kim's wrist. "Tit for tat baby" Shego
said carelessly as she shifted slightly above her. The fight really did leave
Shego a little sexually frustrated but she beamed at the prospect of getting
little Miss America to help her out of that problem.

Starting up a slow grind of her own, Shego made sure she was rubbing against
the seam of Kimmy's pant's where Kim's clit was, effectively making the
struggling girl melt beneath her, despite it not being consensual.

Watching Shego move above her, Kim suddenly felt as if she was being mildly
electrocuted by millions of tiny pleasurable sparks. As it hit her all at
once she found herself feeling even hotter than before. Gasping out she shut
her eyes and lay still, hoping to stop the onslaught of feelings.

"Frankly I don't mmm...really give a shit what you...think either" Shego said
increasing the pace and rotating her hips a little, smirking when she felt
Kim timidly respond.

"Stop Shego..." Kim gasped out feeling a coil start to tighten up in her
stomach while the rest of her body felt like it was gonna melt. "I...I...What
are you doing?" Biting her lip Kim started to rock back against Shego feeling
a desperate need for release.

"It feels good doesn't it Kimmy?" Shego sneered loving the little gasps and
moans Kim let out.

"Stop! Please stop! Don't do this. I can't... I need... please, I please...oh
please...ooohhh stop Shego. Stop! Please! Please stop! Just mmmoooh Fuck! Ah
God...Please Don't! Please?!" Kim cried out desperately even as she thrashed
around searching for something she didn't know, writhering as the pleasure
coiled inside her "Stop Shego! I...I...mmmmm" Kim threw her head back
grinding even harder against the raven head beauty.

Shego was thrilled as she watched Kim lose herself to the lust she had driven
into the reluctant girl.

Kim suddenly froze when her mind had a sudden hit of clarity and she snapped
her eyes open. "Oh god! Stop! Shego! Stop!" this time her struggles weren't
exactly what Shego expected and she was almost bucked off, losing her

"Shit! Kimmy I was almost there!" Shego snarled down at the crying teen.

"Please Shego let me go. Just get off me. Please stop this. Please? Let me
go. Get off me. Just get off me. GET OFF ME SHEGO!!" Kim screamed out and a
gush of tears followed.

Pinning Kim down even harder Shego locked her eyes on Kim's teary eyes. "I
thought you would of liked to cum, after all you made yourself sound like the
towns tramp earlier you fucking bitch!" Shego spat at her.

Kim flinched and her eyes teared up once more as she felt an unexpected pain
shoot through her at the harsh words.

"Fuck you!" Kim got out between clenched teeth trying to gain enough leverage
to buck the woman off her ignoring the painful throbbing between her legs and
the tears still flowing down her cheeks.

"I was trying to fuck you, but you ruined it!" Shego snapped back.

Kim struggled a bit more before an all consuming sense of defeat overcame her
and she sagged deflated. "Please Shego, this isn't right...I don''re
not....we don't have this kind of relationship" Kim argued weakly trying to
appease to Shego's sane side truly convinced that Shego had finally lost her

Shaking her head at Kim, Shego ignored her words and started to kiss Kim's
sweaty neck, happy when Kim didn't struggle. "Tell me who they were Kimmy"
Shego whispered out between kisses.

Kim lay there dejectedly for a moment then answered as she felt Shego clamp
her teeth on her sore spot as a warning. "They who?" she rushed out then
winced as Shego bit a little more into her.

"The guys Kimmy. Tell me who touched you so I can go hunt them down."

Kim was sure all the breath left her lungs and that she should have been
indignant to the whole concept of Shego going all feral on her but frankly
she was just too drained from the experience. "No one Shego" she said softly
turning her head away from the green eyes peering at her.

Shego growled and let go of Kim's arms in order to turn Kim's face back to
her. "Tell me who they are Kimmy! I don't want to hurt you!"

Kim rolled her eyes defiantly and remained silent.

"WHO ARE THEY??!!" Shego roared in outrage.

"Argh! I told you already, no one!" Kim replied exasperated with the fiery

Shego glared "Who. ARE. They?"

"NO. ONE!" Kim stressed.

"Fuckin hell Kimmy just tell me who-"

"I'm a virgin alright! No one's fuckin touched me!" Kim snapped impatiently
before flushing a bright red in embarrassment.

Shego froze and let the information process before a big smile spread across
her face.

"You happy now? Good. Now get the fuck off me" Kim spoke up regaining a
little of her fight back after she watched Shego's reaction to the news.
Enraged and feeling the humiliation wash over her Kim started to buck and
wriggle trying to get Shego to lose her balance.

Ignoring Kim's pitiful tries for escape Shego leaned down to steal another
kiss from her girl *She's so fucking perfect. Mmm. Kimmy goodness*

Kim saw what she intended and widened her eyes and turned her face away.

Shego was about to respond when the faint blare of sirens cut through the

Kim immediately perked up and used Shego's slight distraction to flip the
girl off her. Turning away from the leering woman she ran to the door and
unlocked it, but before she left she had to say something.

"What did in here Shego, remains in here. Don't try it again. I
don't really want to know what you were thinking but whatever it is forget
it." Kim turned and locked eyes with the unreadable green staring back at
her "I don't want you. We are enemies. Nothing more..." with that parting
shot she slid out the door escaping the looks she felt on her body.

Shego sat for a moment before smiling. *Whatever gets you to sleep at night

To Be Continued...

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