Kick-Ass: Life Of Mindy McReady Part 2 (Mf,f-solo,inter)
by Walker

I could feel it before I could see it. It was the unmistakable warmth of the sun filtering through the half closed blinds. I turned my head to the side to avoid the light and slowly opened my sleep encrusted eyes. The soft fluorescent lighting in the room allowing me to see in a blurred squint that I was in a large room with a dozen other beds and large softly humming machines spread throughout. This was not the meth-lab in which I was tortured, raped and ... should have died in....

I tapped the button attached to my finger and struggled to sit up, my arms felt weak and wouldn't support my weight though. I lay my head back against the pillow in frustration. I tried to speak but only gasps emerged from my parched mouth and throat.

A nurse finally came to my bed after what felt like hours. After seeing me awake she quickly scurried off to fetch my doctor. A lanky looking Indian man introduced himself to me and informed me I was in the Mount Sinai Kravis Children's Hospital in Manhattan and I was going to be okay. Knowing that I couldn't speak, he gently reassured me that my Guardian Marcus would be here as soon as he can to take me home. I had so many questions... did they find the remnants of my costume and know I was Hit-Girl? Was I in trouble with the law? How did I get out of there? How badly am I hurt... I didn't feel any real pain beyond the occasional pang of pain in my joints and head. The anxiety I was feeling from betraying Marcus's trust and going out again as Hit-Girl when I swore to him it was over was the most nagging though.

Marcus didn't show up that day, a pair of detectives did however. They helped me fill in some blanks, but they also had some hard questions for me. They explained to me that the rape kit they did on my found DNA from at least half a dozen donors. I could only identify Marcus, Deon, and Moe to the cops, so others must have raped me while I was unconscious. The detectives told me that Marcus's body was found not far from mine; apparently they had argued over something and gotten into a roaring firefight after which Deon and Moe fled. I knew what they were fighting over...the money and weapons from my safe house; the money did end up saving my life, in a way. I didn't tell the cops that of course... but they were curious as to how I ended up chained to a radiator, tortured, drugged, and raped by total strangers. The cops ended up chalking it up to them being sick pedophiles that had scooped me up off the street while I was out selling Girl Scout cookies or some shit. I knew the truth... they were torturing and raping me to death for fucking with their business and killing their friends.

Marcus finally came to see me the next day... and the look on his face when he did wasn't exactly loving... he seemed more annoyed then anything. The doctor went over my status while Marcus looked on impatiently. Apparently the cost of resetting a dozen broken bones, a shattered pelvis and hip bone, repairing a dozen cracked or lost teeth with porcelain replacements, collapsed lung, the plate they had to install in the back of my skull and the daily cost of keeping me at the hospital in a coma for nearly 4 months had cost Marcus a fortune, that he didn't have. The love and sympathy I expected from Marcus after my beating and brutal rapes weren't there. The hospital was discharging me that day due to non-payments on a lot of those bills; the doctor explained that I would require a wheelchair and crutches for at least the next week as my muscles awakened from my extended rest.

Marcus wheeled me out of the hospital still having hardly said a word to me about anything, I was too nervous to break the icy silence. I wondered to myself where Marcus's car was as we waited for the bus... after all we were in fuckin' Manhattan... along way from Marcus's house in the Staten Island suburb, again I didn't say anything. We got on a bus to Harlem and got off outside a large group of rundown apartment buildings called the projects... Marcus pushed me along towards one of the heavily grafitied building and I noticed immediately that the neighborhood was quite active. Basketball games were being played, and gangs of blacks were loitering everywhere. There were almost no whites in the area and I felt uneasy among these people... before my rape I wasn't the least bit racist, heck I'd been partially raised by Marcus, a black man, but now felt scared and apprehensive around them, and many of them seemed to be glancing or outright ogling me as we wheeled into one of the buildings. Marcus had moved into a particularly impoverished ghetto and I knew it was all my fault...

The entire apartment building smelled like pot and stale urine, the building was obviously poorly maintained... Marcus rolled me onto the packed elevator where some black teens around my age were openly smoking blunts. The elevator reeked of body odor and more piss... the teens were ogling me and joking amongst themselves. Marcus ignored them entirely as they teased me.

"Why don't you roll that sexy ass of yours over to our place and party with us blondie? We got some preemo reefer," he blew his smoke in my face and I just fanned it away with one hand and glared back at him angrily. "Whatchyou givin me dirty looks for little girl? You best check yourself bitch!"

I rolled my eyes and looked away from him and the boys continued to tease me up until we hit our floor and Marcus wheeled me off.

"I'll catch you later, baby," the teen said as smacked his thick lips at me in a fake kiss. I blushed at his brazenness to hit on me in front of Marcus and flipped him the bird as the doors shut. I could hear his friends laugh there asses off as I rolled away.

Marcus wheeled me into his apartment and I was quickly struck by just how un-Marcus this place was... dirty dishes piled in the sink, clothes and empty beer bottles scattered about. The Marcus I knew was a fastidious and caring man... this place was clearly owned by a slob whom had all but given up. Marcus finally turned to face me and spoke, "Mindy, a lot changed while you were in the hospital, the bills started piling up... I did things... broke the law, accepted bribes, stole from evidence whatever I could to pay the bills. I'm lucky they didn't throw me in jail... but I lost my pension, my house, my car... and now I'm living in this shithole, all because you had to put that fuckin' costume on one last time! That shit is OVER you understand Mindy?!"

I blushed in shame and nodded meekly as I slowly realized how selfish I'd been in breaking my promise, and how I had ruined Marcus so entirely... I'd never heard Marcus swear before just now and I was frightened looking up into his resentful eyes. Marcus went on as I sat there trying not to cry, "The pain management pills your doctor prescribed are way outside my budget, so your gonna have to ration what you got left cuz we aren't refilling it. I'm on unemployment so unless you got some more of your dad's money left your gonna have to make the meds you have now last and then figure something out for the future. I can't afford physical therapy for your atrophy, but the doc said your muscles should strengthen on their own with a few days of exercise, so I'll expect you in your new school by Monday, and if you skip class again you'll regret it. You aren't gonna cause any more trouble, Mindy. I went easy on you after your psycho Dad got himself killed but for now on your gonna be a good normal girl OR ELSE..."

"And I better not catch you talking to any of the lowlifes in the area. We don't live here by choice. I don't want you mixing with these thugs, you ignore them at all times or they'll drag you down with them. Socialize more... I'm fine with you making friends... but no more idiots like that Kick-Ass and definitely none of these thug brothers around here. You need to make friends your own age and your col... like you. There's a girl named Lyndsy about your age, who lives in the building. I knew her father before he died, she's gonna help you catch up with your studies. Be nice to her, she and her brother are some of the only decent people in the area."

I found out later that "decent" to Marcus meant white like me... he seemed to fear and dislike the blacks in the ghetto despite him being black himself.

"About the uhh... the rape Mindy... I can only imagine how you must feel but again... we can't afford a shrink or anything like that, and frankly, I'm not sure you really qualify as a victim considering what you were there to do... I'm kinda glad it happened to be honest. It was probably a good way to get rid of your Hit-girl persona for good. You're lucky you got away with a simple bladder infection and a mess of broken bones instead of fucking HIV. Read this pamphlet, do your exercises and be nice to Lyndsy when she comes over. You have 4 months of school to catch up on and I'm gonna be expecting A's Mindy." Marcus dropped the Pamphlet in my lap and wheeled me into my new room, shutting the door behind him as he left me there not waiting for a response.

I broke down and started sobbing quietly as the door shut. Marcus had turned into a callous A-hole and it was my fault. I wiped my eyes dry on my sleeve and looked around at my new room; it was small, maybe a third the size of my old room. There was a small table and lamp in the corner with a cheap plastic chair in front of it. Against the wall and under a cracked window was a bed that looked just barely big enough for one and made up with a thin grey blanket and pillow, and in the other corner a three drawer dresser loaded with maybe three sets of clothes out of my old wardrobe of dozens. The room looked and felt like a small prison cell. Looking through my dresser I found a pair of dresses a couple tank tops and skirts and a long nightshirt, I changed into the nightshirt in my chair and wheeled myself back to the bed.

I strained to lift myself from the wheelchair and limped heavily to my bed, flopping down on it with a pained groan, my post-concussion syndrome acting up as I moved my aching legs the short distance. I fished my pain meds out of my pocket and downed one as I lay back on the thin cheap mattress. I turned onto my side and reached for the pamphlet Marcus tossed me, "Dealing with Rape". I rolled my eyes at just how uncaring he'd become... then read the index and first few sentences.

"Common consequences experienced by rape victims include: Vaginal or anal bleeding or infection, Hypoactive sexual desire disorder, Vaginitis or Vaginal Inflammation, Dyspareunia - painful sexual intercourse, Vaginismus - a condition affecting a woman's ability to engage in any form of vaginal penetration, Chronic pelvic pain, Urinary tract infections, Pregnancy, HIV/AIDS."

It was pretty clear this pamphlet was made for the caregiver rather than the victim... I wanted so bad for Marcus to care and talk to me like he used to... I read on not knowing the meaning of half the words. I wasn't sure what the fuck hypoactive sexual disorder was but I was pretty sure I didn't have it, I didn't plan to ever have sex again...

"Rape and other forms of sexual assault on a child can result in both short-term and long-term harm, including psychopathology in later life. Psychological, emotional, physical, and social effects include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, eating disorders, poor self-esteem, dissociative and anxiety disorders; general psychological distress and disorders such as somatization, neurosis, chronic pain, sexualized behavior, school/learning problems; and behavior problems including substance abuse, destructive behavior, criminality in adulthood and suicide."

I threw the pamphlet against the door, its cold complicated words that I barely understood not helping at all. What I really wanted was for Marcus to comfort me... and what I secretly wanted even more was for him to hug me and tell me everything would be alright. I rolled over to stare out the window, the view filled with the red brown bricks of the neighboring building, my tears flowing again as I reflected on my and Marcus's new lives. The Vicodin finally started to kick in and I drifted off to sleep to the sound of my own gentle whimpering and sobbing.

I'd hardly been asleep an hour when a loud crashing at the front door woke me up. Startled I sat up cradling my bare knees to my chest in fear and looking at my door in terror as I heard heavy footsteps approaching my room. My door slammed open and Moe was standing there... leering at me. "Thought I'd forgotten about you slut? Fuck no... I waited 4 long months for them to reset all them broken bones so I could fucking break them all over again..."

I don't know why but when I looked at the hulking monster in my doorway, with his beer can thick eight-inch black cock already free of his pants and twitching in sexual anticipation as he stared hungrily at my bare legs. I didn't feel revulsion... or even fear... I was turned on and I didn't know why. Looking at his rigid black manhood was making me drool. I threw my legs over the side of the bed stiffly, wincing slightly in pain as I lowered to my knees on the scratchy grey carpet of my room.

My actions didn't even faze Moe; he just stood there, hands on his hip as if he'd fully expected me to want to suck his cock. He squeezed and stroked his cock, displaying it for me. It was both gross and arousing to me, as my face got closer I scrunched my nose in disgust, the heady foul smell that I would never forget from my rape permeating the room again. He pulled back his foreskin to reveal the dark pinkish head, the musky odor making my pussy grow wet. Without any compelling from him I pushed my fresh young face into his foul groin, rubbing my flushed pink cheeks against his filthy cock kissing his heavy black balls with my plump red lips. His cock resting against my forehead and leaking his thin clear pre-cum onto my forehead and hair as my tongue darted out to lick his sweaty unwashed balls.

The stink of him inexplicably causing me to drool with lust as I licked and slobbered up and down my hated rapist's massive cock. My sweet thirteen-year-old tongue playing across the 40-year-old nigger's dick hole as I pulled back his foreskin with one hand, his cock so thick my little fingers hardly wrapping around half his girth. I savoured his pre-cum, spreading the warm ooze across my pouty lips and scrupulously tasting it with the tip of my dainty pink tongue. Sucking the fat head of his penis into my mouth and swishing my tongue around the head to suck its cheesy filth off, savouring the vile mucous. It didn't feel disgusting or humiliating, although I knew it should, instead it felt right, pleasing this man and being a little slut for him.

"That's it Hit-Girl, make your daddy proud..." He stroked my hair lovingly and groaned in pleasure as I kissed his cock. I was like a girl in love, giving it wet sucking kisses up and down his strong proud shaft and repeatedly on his head as I held back his foreskin and French kissed the source of his fishy musk. He lifted me by my arms to stand in front of him my eyes level with his chest. The big evil brute lay down on my little bed, his feet hanging off the edge and his rock hard bloated cock jutting straight up in the air.

I didn't even hesitate to climb over his lap and mount him, my thin white nightshirt covering our crotches as my pale coltish legs straddled his fat brown stomach. My tight thirteen-year-old slit rubbing up and down Moe's spit streaked manhood, memories of the massive gape they left my cute little clam last time we met returning to me but not frightening me in the least. I lowered myself onto my brutal rapists cock like the eager slut I now felt in my heart I was, throwing my head back in pleasure as his mighty black spear impaled my tender pink cunt.

When I looked back down at him he had changed into my daddy... dressed in his full Big-Daddy costume and covered in burn wounds looking angrily back at me, in my full Hit-girl costume. "I'm so gosh darned ashamed of you, pumpkin... I should have known you would be nothing but a born cock sucker for niggers with lips like that." I looked down at him and screamed as he seized me by my slender hips and rutted hard into me before he pulled out his magnum six shooter and fired point blank into my cunt!

Just then I woke up shrieking and covered in cold sweat clutching my sopping wet groin in terror... my chest heaving as I panted and sat up in my little bed. A moment later Marcus burst into my room looking annoyed, "What the fuck are you screaming at, Mindy?!" He looked down at my bed in disgust, the sheet soaked in urine and me trembling. "You had a nightmare and pissed yourself... for fuck sakes Mindy... clean up; I've got a fuckin hangover and don't wanna deal with this shit on the first goddamn night... you do need a fuckin shrink..."

I nodded at Marcus just wanting him to leave, the terror of my nightmare abated and my humiliation taking over as I hugged my urine soaked legs to my chest. I spent the next hour cleaning my bedding in the bathtub and doing my best to dry my little mattress. I changed into fresh panties, shorts and a tank top and climbed back into bed trying not to think about what my nightmare might have really meant. If I hadn't been so exhausted I would have been too terrified to sleep but I fell back into dreamless sleep easily.

I awoke to a startlingly heavy banging on my bedroom door; I wiped the sleep from my eyes and sat up with a sigh as I heard Marcus's voice on the other side of the door. My room still smelling of urine and the bleach I'd tried to clean it with.

"Get up and do your exercises, Mindy. Lyndsy will be over in an hour, and when she gets here I want you to wear that pretty sundress and act like a fuckin' girl if it's not too much to ask! And remember; be on your best behavior!!!"

I could hear through the thin walls as Marcus marched off to the living room and turned on the TV. I blew a tuft of blonde hair out of my face and swung my legs over the side of the bed with a grunt, I pulled a scrunchy out of my pocket to tie back my silky blonde hair in a ponytail before shimmying out of my tight shorts and kicking off my socks, wearing only my panties and my pink tank top as I got down on my knees in the small room and struggled through the hardest push-ups of my life. I was exhausted quickly and had to down another of my Vicodin pills to get through the pain. The pushups and sit-ups slowly became easier for me the longer I worked at it though, I could feel my muscles waking up.

I heard a knock at the front door and threw on my jeans to answer it with Marcus. "Hi, Lyndsy, is it? I'm Mindy and it's a pleasure to meet you," I said with a big dopey smile on my face as I extended my hand to shake hers and glanced at Marcus for approval of my painfully sweet manners.

Lyndsy was certainly not what I was expecting considering she lived in this horrible ghetto... she was pretty in an exotic way; she reminded me a lot of that girl that Kick-Ass used to slobber over... Katey I think her name was, with the bright eyes and tan skin... except Lyndsy was taller and had blonde hair that looked like a dye job to me but I couldn't be certain. She also had a kind of annoying bubbly enthusiasm about her that seemed to radiate from her own dopey smile... except her smile clearly wasn't faked like mine was. She was fifteen, two years older than me and about half a foot taller.

Ignoring my extended hand she stooped in and hugged me tight, "Oh my god Marcus you didn't tell me she was so adorable!!! Oh and before I forget here's a little welcome home present!" She pushed a neatly wrapped package into my hands and proceeded to hug Marcus as well. "It's just a little makeup kit, you're not even gonna need the lipstick though," she giggled as she spoke, "Your lips are so pouty and red! I'm so jelly, Mindy!"

I couldn't help but smile and chuckle for real at her bubbly nature as Marcus excused himself and Lyndsy and I went to my room. We spent the next couple hours talking and catching up on my studies. Marcus had collected some assignments and notes from my teachers and Lyndsy was able to catch me up on them pretty easily. I learned a lot about Lyndsy that day, she was as chatty as I was quiet. I could tell she hadn't had a chance to gossip with another girl in a long time and she told me how excited she was to have another white girl in the building to hang out with. She warned me about some of the meaner punks in and around the building and to steer clear of them, and to never go out after dark alone and all that safety junk. I couldn't help but recall I used to be the reason some of these gangbangers were afraid of the night and I giggled at the thought.

"I'm serious, Mindy, this is the Ghetto and the guys around here are the worst kind of scum. Its extra dangerous for us white girls, this isn't the suburbs silly... if your ever scared don't be afraid to call my brother Patrick, he's used to escorting girls around and he's a really nice guy. He's a senior at school and you'll probably meet him Monday. He's gonna move us out of this dump after he graduates," Lyndsy looked worried I wasn't taking her seriously; I stifled my giggle and nodded somberly.

"I'll be careful I promise," I fought the urge to roll my eyes at her knowing I'd probably caused around 60 or 70 unsolved deaths myself before my... retirement. And here I was being coddled by new big sis... it was hard to stay serious.

When Lyndsy finally had to go home I legitimately felt I'd made my first female friend, we'd gossiped, talked about fashion, music and she even convinced me to try out the makeup she gave me, teaching me some subtle makeup tricks. We hung out again a few times on the weekend, I even visited her up at her apartment and met her big brother... and he was sooooo hot... I wish I'd worn something sexier than my gay little yellow sundress when I met him for the first time. Patrick was seriously cut, like he must have worked out every day. He had short blonde hair like his sisters and deep blue eyes that made me tingle when he'd look at me. He was so... big... and at the same time cute; I had to stop myself from drooling the first time we met. Lyndsy caught on almost right away that I was crushing hard and she loved it, telling me he was single and winking at me in front of him, I blushed in embarrassment and Patrick just eyed me up and laughed at the thought.

"Mindy, right? Lyndsy told me about you, I love the dress by the way... cute..." he was looking me over, lingering on my bare legs and knees and giving me goose bumps and tingles as I smiled up at him for the compliment. "How old are you, babe?"

Before I could answer Lyndsy jumped in, "She's 13 Patrick..." and stuck her tongue out at her big brother before I piped in.

"I'm almost 14!" I was immediately embarrassed at the childlike indignation in my voice.

Patrick spoke up first clearly stifling a laugh, "Well, you look way older, babe." He winked at me again before Lyndsy herded me to her room.

"Okay, that's enough, Romeo," she laughed and we spent most of that afternoon talking about the one subject on my mind after meeting Patrick... boys. I weaseled as many details about her big brother out of her as I could. I learned that Patrick was the only white guy on the basketball team, that he wanted to be a cop after graduating, and that he was devoted to his sister and raising her after their father died. Subconsciously he reminded me of my daddy... I fell in love... I also learned his relationships tended not to last long and Lyndsy had no idea why.

I went home that night charged... thinking about Patrick made my panties damp for the first time in my young life. Marcus was still watching TV when I got home, he didn't even look up as he yelled, "Go to bed, school tomorrow!"

I went straight to my room and shimmied out of my sundress, climbing into my little bed in nothing but my damp cotton panties. I lay back on my pillow remembering Patrick's bulging arms and the way he looked at me... even the manly smell of old spice and sweat he emanated.

My hand slowly moved up my thigh, then to the crotch of my panties, feeling the dampness Patrick had caused in me. I spread my legs wider, rubbing my panty covered crotch and moaning softly... I gasped sitting up for a moment, hoping Marcus didn't hear me. I could just barely hear his TV through the thin wall so I was sure my gentle moan couldn't be heard. I relaxed and lay back down, spreading my legs even further to part my puffy nearly hairless little slit. I slid my hand under the waistband of my panties feeling the smooth puffy lips of my vulva, the tingle down there sparking into a fire.

This was the first time I felt real pleasure from my... cunt... and I fuckin' loved it! All I could think about was how much better it would be if it were Patrick's fingers down there... or his cock... I moaned his name softly as my index finger curled in between my soft folds and I penetrated myself slowly. My pussy was slick with my juices, I probed deeper until I had my finger in to the knuckle. I felt immediately that I needed more... much more... I slid a second and then a third finger in, the stretching sensation driving me over the edge. My pussy quivered and gushing as I came hard around my slender fingers. I stifled a loud moan at the last second with my free hand, biting my lip softly and curling my toes in ecstasy as I had my first real cum.

My panties and hand were sticky with my girl cum and my tiny room was permeated with the heady smell of my young sex. I got up from my bed on shaky knees and threw on a long tee for a nightshirt and opened the small window to clear the air, despite the chilly night. The distant sounds of police sirens and gangbangers shouting at each other could be heard; I stood in front of the window for a few minutes just taking in my new lot in life, my sticky hand hovering over my cunt still soaked and quivering from its workout. The cold night air making my little pink nipple nub up on my A-cup breasts, I wiped my hand absentmindedly on my tee before the cold night air forced me to get back under the covers. I fell asleep satisfied and dreaming of my gorgeous new neighbors rippling pecs. This would be the first night since waking from my coma I wouldn't need a pain med to sleep...

* * *

Still trembling from my nightmare I stood at the stop for the school bus with some of the other kids from the project. I tried not to look around at the other kids, I felt intimidated and unwelcome among them... they stood apart from me for the most part and I kept my eyes on my shoes while we waited.

Marcus had insisted I wear the girly pink dress with my light grey jacket over it, he had bought it for me so long ago and was probably pissed I'd never worn the thing. It would be my first day at the inner city school and I was guessing Marcus wanted to make sure I started on the right foot. I fought back tears, feeling suddenly emotional about my new lot in life, missing my old school that I so often played hooky from... I may not have enjoyed going but I was never scared or shy when I was there. But now, I was shifting nervously from foot to foot in my pink sneakers. They were a little too tight, but they went with the dress I wore. One of the handful of my girliest old clothes Marcus had cherry picked out of my old wardrobe before selling the rest. I think Marcus had given it to me for my twelfth birthday or Christmas or something....

I started to sigh, and then stopped myself. Whenever I took too deep a breath in the tight strappy sleeveless dress it would draw really, really tightly across my budding chest and constrict against my tummy, this pushed my growing young breasts up against the thin pink fabric. The movements also made my sensitive nipples harden into nubs and showed anyone who cared to see that I wasn't wearing a bra, I didn't even have a camisole, apparently Marcus didn't think a growing thirteen-year-old girl needed so many clothes, the old me might have agreed but the new me just wanted to fit in and be comfortable... the dress, although cute and girly was easily a size or two too small.

I asked Marcus about new clothes and he told me it wasn't in the budget, and that I should find a job because he's spent enough on me... I knew I didn't have much in the tit department, not like some of the black girls waiting with me at the bus stop, some of these bitches looked like they had C cups or bigger! I thought jealously that those bitches were probably stuffing there bras or were held back or something... but I guess I was also relieved not to have huge attention getting headlights. I was ashamed at just how shy and nervous I was of these people looking at me, being raped had changed my opinion of harmless looking and flirting. I had started feeling the eyes of the older men and the teenage boys and I didn't like it one bit. I didn't like the feeling of fear they gave me... and I absolutely hated the feelings of lust they gave me... mostly because I had no idea why I could be turned on by these foul people.

I was still just a girl; my butt was a tight little bubble that packed my shorts and jeans full and maybe just a little more than full since all my clothes were now older and so tight fitting. My tank tops and t-shirts no longer came down to meet the top of my shorts or jeans. But just about everyone in this trashy ghetto was showing there midriff so that wasn't so bad. My legs seemed longer but were still so coltish and pale compared to the invariably plump and dark brown legs of the other girls with me. I was probably paler than most white kids; and I certainly stood out like a sore thumb in this disgusting ghetto.

I absent mindedly tried to tug the hemline of my dress lower, feeling self-conscious showing so much of my bare legs. The pink material tried to stretch but wouldn't go down any more to cover more of my thighs. I nervously shifted again in the too tight shoes, biting my lip gently as I looked down at them. The short hemline of the dress wouldn't be so bad if I had on tights or shorts as well but Marcus in all his wisdom didn't bother packing any.

My bare thighs shivered in the cool morning air as the breeze curled under my skirt and against the thin hello kitty panties I wore, I pulled my thin gray jacket to try and cover more but it was designed to hang open and didn't cover much beyond my arms and shoulders. I could feel my already hard nipples tighten till they hurt in a dull almost pleasurable way.

I thought I heard the heavy diesel engine of the bus and looked up to see one of the 8th grade boys staring at my chest, the other boys at the stop ogling me more discreetly then this ugly little pervert. More exactly, I realized, he was staring at the tips of my nipples poking out against the thin pink fabric of my dress. I narrowed my eyes at him and shot him a dirty look but it was clear his eyes weren't registering anything above my neck. I turned away from his leering eyes to face the other way, a burning flush in my face and ears. As hot as my embarrassment had made me I could still feel the cold morning air and doubted that I would soon get relief for how hard it made my nipples.

The rumbling engine was the bus, a heavily grafitied yellow school bus that looked fifty years old and came to a stop with a gear grinding screech. As the noise of the old bus engine died down the volume of the many obnoxious and jeering 8th graders on the bus increased. Half-assed rapping and the occasional dirty word is all I could make out from the noise.

The other kids around me elbowed past me to get on first, through it all I kept my head down and raised my loose leaf binder in front of me. I climbed the metal steps of the bus and stood at the front looking for an empty row of seats somewhere while waiting for the traffic to let me through.

Every boy on the bus was looking at me as I made my way down the aisle, as if they'd never seen a white girl before... I didn't think of myself as particularly hot or anything but I knew that guys liked me, I was used to the occasional stare or glance at my old school but this was unreal... I felt like a deer surrounded by hungry lions from the way they all looked at me and spoke so brazenly about the filthy things they wanted to do to me. Even the girls ogled me, but mostly in disgust and jealousy at the unwanted attention I was getting from their men.

"Holy shit son, look at the pouty red lips on that bitch... bet she could suck the black right off a brother's cock na'mean?"

"I'd put that cracker away wet any day bro, tear that ass the fuck up!!"

"Bet she's one of them stuck up cunts barely get your finger into... bitch looks cherry fow show!"

"Looks like another Dairy Queen to me, cold, white, and totally lickable."

"No way ma nigga, shorties don't wear a skirt that short 'less she wants to get bent over and railed in the men's room... even a cracker shorty..."

I've never been so embarrassed in all my life... I couldn't meet the eyes of my taunters as I clutched my binder to my chest and quickly moved to the empty seat. On my way one of the nastier almost ape like girls in the aisle smacked my binder out of my hands to the floor and the boys cheered almost as one at my shocked expression and the newly exposed gumdrops I was smuggling under my thin dress...

"Whoa! Check out the nipples on this cracker! Headlights! Shame she ain't got enough titty to squeeze em together and fuck though"

I quickly put one arm across my chest and bent over to pick up my binder... forgetting the rule most girls have already figured out by my age, when wearing a short skirt, bend with your knees. I had inadvertently flashed the entire back half of the bus my butt and cute little hello kitty panties, the nearest boy didn't hesitate to grab hold of my butt and squeeze hard. I cried out in surprise and turn to face him, holding my skirt down with my free hand. The boy was chunky and tall, he had to have been at least 200 pounds and his nappy hair, wide face, and thick lips were hideous to me... he looked at me innocently with both hands in the air as he spoke, "If you don't wanna nigga grabbing yo ass don't shove it in his face hoe. I'm Kanye by the way, what's your name sweet thing?" His friends laughed and slapped his back as he extended a hand to me, expecting me to introduce myself... I blurted out "F...f...fuck you, asshole!" before I finally broke down crying and maneuvered angrily to my seat, sobbing softly and looking out the window as the boys continued to tease the rest of the way to school.

"Love them sweet kitty panties baby girl... maybe I'll call you my little snow kitten hmmm?"

"Let's hear that pussy purr baby..."

"That little cunt needs a black snake to keep dat' little kitty purrin!"

I used to be about as introverted as they come, my sassy "fuck off and die" attitude keeping most boys from sniffing around. But the things these boys said and did were shocking... nothing like the shy flirting I was used to rebuffing from the white boys in my old suburban school. These ugly animals didn't seem to have any boundaries, there teasing continued the whole way to school, with my lips, butt and breasts being relentlessly commented on. And all I could do is stare out the window trying not to blush all the way.

I kept my head down most of the morning, sitting alone and barely speaking all day. It wasn't that hard considering the teachers were all pretty much phoning it in and couldn't care less about their gangbangin students. Patrick found me eating alone in the cafeteria and I told him all about my shitty morning...

"Well, Mindy, if you don't mind leaving a little earlier in the morning and staying late to watch me practice you can take the city bus with me and Lyndsy, its a lot better then riding with those fuckin shaved apes..."

I quickly agreed, smiling for the first time today at the thought of watching Patrick on the court and spending time with him, even if he wasn't being very PC... after this morning I think I'd lost my middle class white girl patience with these... people. He seemed pretty happy to see me smile too, giving me a long hug when we separated for the rest of our classes.

Watching him play was actually pretty boring, they were mostly practicing there free throws and Patrick wasn't a particularly good shot... He and I were the only whites in the gym; even all the cheerleaders were black. I wondered if there had ever been a cheerleader with a dozen metal pins and rods holding them together. Watching them flipping around and cartwheeling was depressing, they just reminded me of how I wouldn't be moving like that again... the pain in my legs and thighs from moving too quickly becomes unbearable too quickly for me to participate in sports.

When practice finally ended I was smiling like a dumb schoolgirl and waving at him from the bleachers as he jogged to the showers and waved back with a smile. I waited patiently outside the locker room with a few other girls, they were giggling amongst themselves and throwing me dirty looks and I shied away from them. Patrick was the first one out and could see I was uncomfortable, he stooped down and kissed me hard on the lips in front of all those catty bitches, his strong arms holding me tight to him. I was so fucking damp when his strong arms finally let me go, I couldn't believe he liked me the way I liked him, I mean he was like four or five years older then me... I licked my lips and smiled up at him as he walked me to the bus, I could barely hear the bitchy cunts talking shit about me as I walked out with my hunky new boyfriend.


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