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"An unforeseen future nestled somewhere in time.
Unsuspecting victims, no warnings, no signs.
Judgment day the second coming arrives.
Before you see the light you must die."

South of Heaven - Slayer

Keen Eddie Part 2: Eddie And Fiona (MF,oral,slight anal,69ing)
by Superjoint Ritual

Eddie opens his eyes from his sleep and looks up at the ceiling; he throws
the covers off and leaves his room with every intention of taking a shower.
In the other room Fiona wakes up with her hand between her legs and hears
Eddie walk out of his room.

"Shit," she says to herself as she throws on her robe and runs out of her
room; she flies past Eddie and beats him to the shower, "Big meeting" she
says as she slams the door on Eddie's face. Eddie stops right before busting
his nose on the closing door, turns around and walks into the kitchen to pour
some cereal.

Meanwhile Fiona is in the bathroom, she turns on the tap for the shower and
tests the water with her hand; her hand brushes against her B-cup breasts as
she takes off her robe and let it drop to the floor, as she walks into the
shower and feels the warm water rush down her body.

Eddie is sitting at the table shoveling spoonful after spoonful of cereal
into his mouth. Eddie looks at the clock, "I wouldn't have enough time to
take a shower. Perfect start to a day," Eddie says as he looks down at his

Meanwhile Fiona has soap in his eye as she shampoos her hair; her back arched
as she rubbed her head, her perfectly rounded ass sticking out as she bent
slightly to wash her hair clean of the shampoo. Eddie quickly gets dressed
and grabs his suit case as he puts the bowl of milk on the ground so his dog
can finish it off for him; he bolts out the door so as not to be late for

Fiona turned the shower off and stepped out on to the tiles; she wrapped a
towel around her breasts and let it hang like a dress, she bent over and took
another towel and furiously dried her hair off.

* * *

At Scotland Yard HQ

Eddie walked through security and went up to the top floor only to find
Pippin waiting for him when the elevator doors opened.

"Eddie we got a problem," Pippin said before Eddie stepped out of the

"Great," Eddie replied as they both walked to the Superintendents office.

They walked right past The Superintendent's Secretary because the
Superintendent Johnson was expecting them; Eddie looked at the Secretary as
he walked by, she locked eyes with him and Eddie remembered the vivid dream
he had last night. He saw flashbacks to her sucking his cock and him pumping
in her ass when the suddenly he was in Superintendent Johnson's office and
The Superintendent was already in the middle of telling him Scotland Yard's

"so then Mr. Monseni tells the Prime Minister that two Scotland Yard
Inspectors are looking at him for Insurance fraud. The Prime Minister phones
me and warns me that you two better be goddamn sure of this because if not he
wants both of your badges. Now finish this investigation up and be sure of
everything. Get out!" Johnson ordered at Eddie and Pippin.

Eddie can't help but think about how today could get any worse.


11:00 PM Eddie and Fiona's Flat

Eddie walks through the door completely soaking wet. Fiona stands up and
looks at Eddie with surprise.

"What happened to you?"

"My worst day," Eddie replied, "I need a hard drink"

"Sounds good I had a shitty day too," Fiona says, "Fancy some company?"

"Sure," Eddie says as he sits down at the kitchen table and Fiona grabs some
Irish whiskey from a cabinet down below. Eddie looks at her ass as she bends
down to grab the bottle; her tight pink shirt stretches against her back and
her Eddie could see a purple thong down her pants as she sits on the balls of
her feet.

* * *


Both Eddie and Fiona are dinking at the table, they have both told each
other about the horrors of their respective days. Fiona, being not much of a
drinker, is leaning over the table resting on her propped up hands; her low
cut shirt is off her neck and Eddie couldn't help but look down her shirt
periodically, Eddie takes note of her matching purple bra. Fiona's head
begins to swagger as she slumps down.

Eddie, deciding they have both had enough, stands up and hooks his arm behind
her knees and lifts her up and carries her in to her room; Fiona wraps her
arms around Eddie's neck as he carries her. Eddie kneels down on her bed and
places her down on her back with her head down on her pillow. Eddie begins
to stand up but something stops him from standing, Fiona has her hands
clamped tightly around his neck; she pulls Eddie down to her face and kisses
him on the lips.

Eddie pushes himself off of her, "I can't you're drunk." Eddie says to her.

"I know... no regrets," Fiona said as she leaned in to kiss Eddie again but
this time she pushed her tongue through his lips and ran her nails down his

Eddie reluctant at first kissed her back with force, and held on to the side
of her waist. Eddie started pushing her hips in to hers; Eddie moved one of
his hands from her waist, sliding up her side and on to her breast as she
squirmed underneath him. Eddie griped both of her breasts with his hands and
tried kissed both of them through her shirt as he pulled them together. Fiona
slid her hands inside of Eddies pants and felt his cock; gently running her
hand up and down his already hard shaft, Eddie slid down her body and gently
kissed her exposed stomach. She rubbed her breasts as Eddie stuck his tongue
inside of her belly button; Fiona ran her hands down her body and started
undoing the button on her pants. Eddie moved farther down her body and on to
her hips, he bit down on her zipper and slowly ran it down the tracks until
it hit the bottom. Fiona grabbed the jeans at her hips and lifted her ass in
order to slide her jeans down her thighs and legs. Eddie raised his head off
of her stomach and looked at her purple panties; he noticed a dark wet spot
on her mound, and smiled to himself.

She turned her over so she was lying on her stomach; he kneeled on her bed
for a second and took in the sight of her perfect ass in her thong panties.
Eddie wrapped his strong arm around her waist and pulled her on to her hands
and knees, with her tight ass presented in front of Eddie's face. Eddie
leaned in and kissed each cheek as he gently pulled her thong down from
between her cheeks and down her legs. Eddie took in her soft aroma of her
wet snatch and gave it a long and deliberate lick with his tongue. Her neatly
shaved and engorged pussy lips were slick with anticipation; Eddie took hold
of her thighs and spread them while she was still on her hands and knees, he
tried pushing two fingers into her but she was a little too tight so he
settled with just one of them. He pushed a finger into her as far as her
could; Fiona moaned in pleasure and gripped her pillow with one hand and the
other reached between her legs and rubbed her exposed clit. Eddie pushed his
finger a little deeper into her hole and licked her pussy. Eddie ran his
tongue along her slit and up her ass cheeks finally stopping on her little
asshole; Fiona giggled as a new sensation hit her, she had never had a man
lick her ass before and she began to like it. Eddie gave her ass a few more
licks as Fiona got off her hands and straightened her back while still on her
knees; she spread her legs farther apart as Eddie crawled on to his back and
under her waiting pussy. Fiona grabbed on to her headboard as she lowered
herself onto Eddie's waiting tongue. Eddie grabbed hold of her hips as she
bucked up and down on his tongue in an effort to extract as much pleasure as
possible from it. Eddie grabbed hold of her ass and squeezed and kneaded
it; Fiona sank down completely on to Eddie's face as he lapped away on her
dripping pussy. She let go of the headboard with one hand and ran her finger
along her already attended pussy, she found her clit and started rubbing it
like mad; Eddie stopped licking her pussy and gave her clit a lick to help
her along, then returned to her waiting hole. He straightened his tongue as
hard as it would go and tried to push it inside of her. Still licking her
insides Eddie then stuck two fingers in to her tight hole and thrusted in and
out in pace with her foundling of her clit. Fiona started to cum as her
insides gripped Eddie's finger she leaned back and pl aced her hands behind
her and her orgasm subsided. Fiona turned around to face Eddie's feet and
straddled his face again in a 69 position; she pulled his boxers down and
Eddie kicked them off on to the ground. She gripped Eddie's semi-hard cock
and examined it with her fingers; she slowly ran her hand up and down his
shaft and played with his balls. Eddie licked up Fiona's juices off her
pussy as he pushed two fingers back into her and slowly probed her. She ran
her tongue a long the top of his cock and ran off the tip of his dick; she
sucked on just the head as she jacked him off with her hand. Eddie spread
her folds open wider with his other hand and pushed his fingers deeper, all
the while still sucking away on her; Fiona sucked on Eddie's cock as hard as
she could. Fiona lowered her mouth farther down Eddie's and bobbed her head
up and down, her hair flying around her head as her swallowed much as his
cock as she could. Eddie moaned at Fiona's cock sucking as he licked her clit
causing her to moan. Eddie got an idea and rubbed his pinky finger along her
slit to get it wet and slick; he kept on pumping into her as Eddie raised his
pinky and pressed it to her asshole, her ass slowly parted as his finger sank
in slightly. Fiona felt the intrusion but didn't care, the new sensation was
taking over her; she moaned onto Eddie's dick causing vibrations to flow
through his body. Eddie pumped both hands inside of her while rubbing her
clit with his thumb; Fiona swallowed his entire dick deep into her throat.
Eddie released his load down Fiona's throat, his cum hitting the back of her
throat; Eddie's twitching cock plus the two fingers in her pussy and the
thumb rubbing her clit and the new feeling of a pinky finger working it's way
into her ass caused Fiona to cum as well. Fiona got off Eddie's face and
dick and sat on the bed looking at Eddie.

"Do you a condom?" Fiona asks Eddie.

"Yeah in my nightstand," Eddie replied. Eddie watched Fiona's ass as she
walked out of her room. Eddie was lying on the bed stroking him back to life
when Fiona walked in.

"Let me help," Fiona said as she bit took hold of his dick and began to
stroke him back to life.

Eddie sat up and kissed her on the lips, he could still taste some of the
whiskey on her breath; when satisfied with Eddie's erection, Fiona tore open
the condom package and rolled it on to Eddie's member. She pushed him back on
to his back and straddled him yet again; Eddie felt his head slowly enter her
very tight waiting pussy; Fiona used her fingers to pull her lips apart and
pushed his cock deeper inside of her. Eddie felt the head enter her fully
when she straightened up and tried sinking down on to him; Eddie took hold of
her shoulders and pushed her down sinking more and more in to her. When he
had hit bottom she began to lift her self up and down as Eddie pushed up into
her tight pussy; he slid his hands off her shoulders and on to her full
breasts, he moved his hands all around her breasts feeling her nipples in his
palms. Fiona pulled herself on to Eddie's chest, as Eddie moved his hands off
her breasts and on to her back; he could feel her aroused nipples pressed up
to his chest, she began to pump herself on Eddie's shaft and could feel her
tits rubbing up and down Eddie's chest. Eddie rolled over so that he was on
top of Fiona with her on her back. She wrapped her legs around his hips and
Eddie pumped deep inside of her. They kissed again as Fiona started cumming;
her pussy gripped his cock and she scratched Eddie's back with her nails.
Eddie couldn't control himself anymore and came inside the condom. He pumped
into her one more time and when she finished cumming her pulled out and took
off the condom and threw it into the garbage. Fiona turned over and laid on
her back while Eddie was on his knees, she licked his shrinking member clean
of all of his cum that was still on his dick.

"Thank you, I think we both needed that," Fiona said as Eddie stood up off
the bed, "I'll see you in the morning."

Eddie and Fiona both lied down in their respective beds. They were both
confused of their feelings towards each other and fell asleep wondering what
would happen later in their relationship. Either way it was a good way to
finish a terrible day.


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