This is a work of fiction. Nobody acts this way, and remember kids 'DON'T
TRY THIS AT HOME'. All rights reserved. Remember to bang the head that
doesn't bang \m/

"Sweet is the slice and the lips- you're gonna have
That woman- she is your favorite lay.
Promised you (swore) that (a) no one had been there
And she was going to keep it that way.

Let it move in, you got thin, and got high and
Your money went and so did your friends.
But she's by your side, and her smile cannot hide
The premonition of the beckoning end- THE END!"

Drag the Waters - The Mighty Pantera \m/

Authors Note: The initial interaction between Eddie Arlette and
Superintendent Johnson's Secretary (No name is given at this time so I will
refer to her as the Secretary) is true to the show and not some cheesy shit
I made up.

Keen Eddie Part 1: The Secretary Dream (MF,F-mast,oral,anal)
by Superjoint Ritual

7:45 AM - Scotland Yard HQ

Outside the Scotland Yard Headquarters, people are walking about as Eddie
Arlette brushes past a man in a business suit. Eddie opens the front door
and walks up to security.

The security guard looks at Eddie and with a smile says, "Morning Detective
Arlette" as he takes Eddie's briefcase and looks inside. He hands Eddie back
his case with a nod, "Have a good day, Sir."

"Thanks Arthur, you have a good one too," Eddie replies.

Eddie presses the button for the Elevator and gets in when it opens; he
presses the 14th floor and waits for the doors to shut. Once the doors open,
Eddie exits the elevator and begins walking through the halls of the top
floor of Scotland Yard. Passing row after row of desks he spots his partner
Monty Pippin.

"Hello Eddie, Good sleep?" Pippin asks as he hands Eddie a file folder and
they start heading to the Superintendents office.

"What's this?" Eddie asks.

"Suspected Insurance fraud...ever hear of Phil Monseni? No, he's a wealthy
jewel dealer and friends with the Prime Minister; so this is a touchy case."
Pippin said as they both walked up to the Superintendent's lushes secretary.

"Is Superintendent Johnson in?" Eddie asks The Secretary.


"Can we see him?"

"You can see this," The Secretary says.

Suddenly she is reclined in her chair legs spread and rubbing her pussy
through her black lacy panties. Her black hair gently hangs beside her silky
smooth, pure white skin. Her C-cup breasts seemed to strain against her
button up blouse. She rubs her two fingers in a circle along her slit; then
she plunges both of them deep inside herself as her arches her neck back in
ecstasy. She brings her fingers up to her mouth and sucks one seductively
for a few seconds and pushes her panties aside; she pushes her fingers back
into her...Eddie snaps back to reality and the Secretary is staring at Eddie
with a smile on her face and holding a file folder in front of Eddie's face.

"You can see this Detective Arlette," The Secretary says as she holds up the
folder with one hand and plays with the buttons on her shirt with the other.

Eddie grabs the folder as the Secretary winks at him and straightens up in
her chair and makes sure the things on her desk are in order. Eddie turns
and walks into the Superintendent's office with a smirk and Pippin following.

"Good morning Detective Arlette, Inspector Pippins, we have a tight-lipped
case today. The briefing is in the folder but I must tell you we must go
about this with a touch of discretion," The Superintendent Johnson said as
he looked at Eddie, "If the Prime Minister knew we are looking at his friend
for Insurance Fraud he would shut this case down, so make sure Monseni
doesn't suspect that we are looking at him for this collar.

"Yes sir," Both Arlette and Pippin answered at the same time as they left the

"This is going to be a long day," Eddie said to Pippin as the Elevator door
shut and they headed down to the parking garage to get into their car.

* * *

10:30 PM - Eddie and Fiona's Flat

Eddie walks into the Flat that Eddie and Fiona Bickerton share platonically.
Upon hearing the door open Fiona stops kissing her boyfriend and jumps up
from the couch and her boyfriends chest, she tries to rearrange her shirt and
hair to give the illusion that nothing was happening. Eddie looks at her and

"You know it's polite to knock!" Fiona states.

"Not when it's your house."

"You are only here because of a miscommunication, it's my house."

"Whatever I'm going to bed," Eddie says as he puts his suitcase down and
throws his jacket on the hanger. Eddie walks into his room and starts to take
off his tie. Fiona knocks on Eddie's door and walks in.

"What's wrong, bad day?" Fiona asks.

"Some high profile case that is becoming a pain in the ass," Eddie tells her
in a rare moment of connection.

"Oh, I'm sorry to here that," Fiona says, "We'll try to be quiet."

Eddie looks at Fiona as she smiles at him, her slim waist is shown off in a
tight red shirt and her black dress shows off not just her legs but her tight
ass. She tilts her head waiting for a reply, but all Eddie could look at is
her blonde hair circling her beautiful face.

"Um thanks, I'll be asleep in a few minutes anyways," Eddie replies as she
leaves the room. Eddie watched her ass leave the room as he took off his
shirt and got ready for bed.

"What a fucking day," Eddie says to himself as he lies down in his bed and
falls asleep.

~ ~ ~

Eddie was standing in front of the Secretary's desk wearing a suit and tie,
the Secretary was sitting in her chair wearing the same black shirt and white
blouse as earlier in the day. She looks at Eddie and motions him towards her
as she spread his legs; Eddie got down on his knees and rubbed his hands on
her thighs. He moved both his hands under her skirt and gripped her panties
at the top; he pulled them down to reveal her freshly shaven and aroused
pussy. The Secretary grabbed the hem of her skirt and wiggled in her chair
as she pulled her skirt up until is was bunched at her waist and Eddie could
see she had trimmed her bush to a small strip above her slit.

Eddie pushed her legs farther apart and used his index finger to play with
her folds. Eddie moved up to her head as he continued to play with her, he
kissed her neck down to her upper chest; Eddie moved back down and licked
her pussy with long deliberate strokes as he stopped touching her slit and
reached up to fondle her breasts. Eddie slowly licked her as he squeezed her
chest; she pulled her shirt open and Eddie starting rubbing her breasts
through her bra now. He squeezed her tits and stuck his tongue deep into
pussy. He started spreading her folds apart in an attempt to enter her
deeper, and when he couldn't go any deeper her started twisting he tongue
around. Eddie unveiled her clit with his finger and started rubbing it as he
twisted his tongue inside her. The Secretary started twitching her head and
fondling herself as Eddie pinched and rubbed her clit; she came all over her
chair as Eddie stood up and looked down at her black hair all in a mess. She
stopped slouching in her chair as she undid Eddie's belt and unzipped his
zipper, pulling his pants and boxers down she slowly stoked his cock to life;
Eddie let out a moan as she licked the top his cock head. Eddie kicked his
pants off from around his ankles and sat down on her desk as she stroked his
cock very slowly as it got hard in her hand. The Secretary lowered her mouth
down to Eddie's cock and swirled her tongue around the shaft, as Eddie held
on to the back of her head and forced her head all the way down until she was
deep-throating him. She breathed through her nose as she rubbed his balls
and swallowed his dick, Eddie thought he was going to erupt right then but he
held on.

Eddie slid his hand off her head as she raised up and took her mouth off his
cock leaving a trail of pre-cum from his cock to her mouth; Eddie moved his
hand down her shoulder and rubbed her breast through her bra once again.
The Secretary stood up and took off her ripped blouse and un-clasped her bra,
letting her large C-cup breasts swing into sight; her breasts were as milky
white as her face and her tits were pink and obviously aroused. She lowered
herself back down on his dick as Eddie rubbed her breasts and pinched her
nipples; she took her mouth off Eddie and jerked him off faster and faster.
As soon as Eddie started cumming she swallowed up his dick and let his cum
hit the back of her throat. She swallowed it all up and licked a few
remaining drops off the tip of Eddie's dick.

She stood up and pulled her dress down to unzip it and pull it all the way
off; Eddie hopped off her desk and took the rest of his clothes off and sat
down in her chair, he could still smell her cum as it evaporated off the
seat. Eddie stroked himself to stay hard as she gave him a tug and squatted
over him; she lowered herself down and felt Eddie enter her fully on one
thrust. She leaned in and licked Eddie's earlobe; Eddie leaned down and
lifted her tits up and sucked on them, as he bucked his hips up inside of
her. She ran her hand down Eddie's chest and on to his cock; she quickly
stroked him every time he pulled out of her. She then moved her hand up and
started playing with herself, faster and faster. She masturbated herself to
a strong orgasm as Eddie held himself off against her clamping insides.

She stood up and placed both hands on her desk and presented her ass to
Eddie. Eddie gave her ass a smack and spread her cheeks apart; he knelt down
on one knee and licked her puckered asshole, Eddie then put his finger in
front of The Secretary's face and she sucked on it before Eddie placed it on
her little asshole and inserted it. He probed his finger in and out of her
ass trying to loosen it up a bit; he took is finger out of her ass and stood
back up. The Secretary spread her cheeks apart and Eddie took hold of his
hard cock and pushed it to her ass, his cock slowly sank in to her ass as
Eddie placed his hand on her hip and grabbed her hair with the other hand;
he pulled her head up by her hair and leaned forward to kiss her, she shoved
her tongue into Eddie's mouth and massaged his tongue with hers. Eddie
straightened his back again and kept pushing in and out of her ass; The
Secretary reached around and started rubbing her clit. As she rubbed her
clit and Eddie pounded her ass, Eddie reached down and inserted three fingers
into her pussy; he pumped as hard as he could in both her ass and pussy as
she rubbed her clit. The Secretary started sucking on her fingers as she
brought herself to orgasm with Eddie's help. Eddie felt her anus contract
and squeeze his dick; Eddie came himself and emptied his load inside of her
ass. He moved his hand out of her pussy and placed both of his hands on her
hips as he kept on fucking her, trying to unload every last drop of sperm
into her ass.

~ ~ ~
As Fiona closed the door behind her boy-friend she walked past Eddie's room
and her eyes caught something. She slowly walked into Eddie's room and saw
his large erection tenting up the sheets; Fiona bit her lower lip as she
stared at Eddie's hard on.

"I wonder what he's is dreaming about." Fiona asked herself as she walked out
of Eddie's room and into her own, closing the door behind her she felt very
unsatisfied. Her boy-friend was everything she thought she wanted; he was
polite; sophisticated; and sensitive; but he didn't do it for her sexually.
She remembered one night when he reached down to play with her pussy but he
wasn't very good at it; that was the farthest he had wanted to go with her in
the 8 months that they had dated. Fiona took off her red top to reveal a
green silk bra; she took that off along with her skirt and looked at her s
elf in the mirror. She had the figure of a model; she was slim with perky
B-Cup breasts, a toned stomach and long legs. She took off her panties and
rubbed her neatly shaved bush.

"Oh Eddie!" she said as she closed her eyes and thought about her flat mate
Eddie rubbing her bush. She flopped back on the bed and rubbed her breasts;
she pinched her nipples and squeezed her breasts together as she let out a
sigh of pent up sexual tension. She circled her nipples with her nail, and
ran it down her cleavage leaving a small mark from her nail. She continued
her nail through her cleavage and down on to her stomach; sucking her stomach
in from the sensations she circled her belly button. She adventured further
down with her eyes closed until she felt her pubic hair; she kept moving her
finger down and felt it slide in to the crack of her slit. She spread her
legs and inserted one finger into herself; she grasped with it entered her
and grabbed her hair with her other hand. She started pushing her finger
deeper inside until she was up to her second knuckle; she let go of her hair
and ran her hand down on to her stomach, rubbing it and moving her finger
inside herself. She pushed the rest of her finger inside when she bit down
on her lower lip so as not to scream out loud. She used her thumb to play
with her clit as she pushed herself closer to orgasm; she ran her hand
further down and rubbed her thigh as she pulled her finger out and pushed it
back in while rubbing her clit. She rolled over on to her stomach and
thrusted her hips up and down on her finger; she reached around with her
other hand and cupped her firm ass. She felt her ass in her hand as she
pushed her hips deep into the bed and her finger. She pushed herself up onto
her knees facing her headboard; she grabbed the top of her headboard with one
hand as she pushed as deep in as her finger would go. She got daring and
pulled out enough to push another finger inside of her; she flew into a fit
of ecstasy as she pushed, for the first time, two fingers into her pussy and
thumbed her clit. She trashed her body on her fingers as she griped the
headboard, threw her head back and came all over her hand as she collapsed on
the bed in exhaustion.

After fifteen minutes she composed herself and stood up on wobbly legs, and
grabbed her robe. She threw her robe on and walked out to the bathroom to
wash her hands off. She walked back to her room, confused about her feelings
towards Eddie, took off her robe and fell asleep naked in her bed.


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