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King Of The Hill: Part 2 - The Conclusion And The Beginning (MF+)
by Punker_2K

John Redcorn put his thick 10 inch cock into Peggy's large, smooth ass.

"OH! Oh MY GOD! That feels great! Fuck me John Redcorn!" Peggy screamed while
the girls looked on giggling and playing with each others twats.

John Redcorn lifts up Peggy's legs and stands up. John Redcorn is standing up
fucking Peggy in the butt, while Peggy moves her legs around.

"This is what my people call the Bucking Bronco" John Redcorn said.

"Oh...SHIT!" John Redcorn was fisting Peggy's pussy as he continued the
Bucking Bronco.

Peggy squirted down John Redcorn's leg. John Redcorn pulled his cock out and
jerked it a few times. Peggy got down on her knees and opened her mouth wide.
Redcorn shot 3 loads into her mouth and 2 went onto her face. Peggy grabbed
his dick and sucked on the head.

"MMM! That tastes good" Peggy said as she scooped the cum off her face and
licked it off her fingers.

Peggy got up and walked back to the couch. John Redcorn slapped her thick

"Luanne, get that sweet ass over there!" Nancy said as the girls laughed.

Luanne walked up to John Redcorn. "How do you want it Luanne...?"

* * *

"Hey where are the girls today?" Hank asked Dale.

"Nancy said she was going shopping with your wife and niece, I think I saw
Min go along" Dale said.

Just as Dale said that Boomhauer walked out his house with a beautiful young
blonde. The girl had very large breasts and only had a bra on. "Bye

"Dangold, bye" Boomhauer said as he walked over to Dale and Hank.

"Boomhauer, how do you do it? I haven't had sex sense the divorce!" Bill
asked with a tear in his eye.

"manyoujustgottaactsmoothyouknowlikeadangoldcatyouknowwhatimsayin" Boomhauer
explained to Bill.

"I sure am glad I can satisfy everyone of Peggy's needs. She said I had the
biggest dick in the world!" Hank said.

"Same here, Me and Nancy fuck like animals til the wee hours of the mourning,
and shes always begging for more! Sh-Sh-Sha!" Dale said as Hank nodded his
head in agreement.

"Yep, we still know what our women need!" Hank said.

* * *

"FUCK HER TITS!" The ladies yelled in excitement.

"Is that ok with you Luanne? They are pretty nice boobs!" John Redcorn said
with a devilish smile.

Luanne giggles and says "Sure, it wouldn't be the first time!"

Luanne went on her back and grabbed her boobs. She started playing with the
nipples. She made the nipples stand on end and called John over.

"Wait!" Peggy jumped up from her seat and went into her blue gym bag. Peggy
pulled out a big bottle of lube. She rubbed Luanne's boobs down with the lube
and John Redcorn got down on his knees and his balls were rubbing against her
tight stomach.

John sized his cock up with her big round beautiful boobs. "Fuck my tits
John Redcorn!"

John Redcorn put his cock down in between her breasts. He slowly started
pumping his dick in and out of her ample cleavage. He started going faster
and he started getting some rhythm. He fucked her boobs harder and harder.
The girls started to cheer him on while Luanne licked the head of his tongue.
John Redcorn get pumping and as he reached her mouth Luanne put out her
tongue to lick the head.

John Redcorn moaned and came all over Luanne's boobs and face.

Luanne began to scoop it off but the girls yelled "Stop Luanne! Leave it on!"
Peggy Min and Nancy crawled over to Luanne and Peggy began kissing Luanne's
neck. Peggy scooped the cum off Luanne's boobs and sucked if off her finger.
Peggy started to kiss down Luanne's beautiful white neck down to her red
lubed up cummed on breasts. Peggy licked her stomach and went down to her
sweet shaved pussy. Peggy started to eat out Luanne when John Redcorn saw an
opening in Nancy and Min.

John Redcorn got up jerked his cock a few times and without warning shoved it
into Nancy's mouth.

"Missed this?" He starts pumping his dick in and out of Nancy's hot mouth.
Min starts fingering her hot shaved Chinese pussy. Min moaned. Nancy pulled
John Redcorn's dick out of his mouth and started jerking it off. Nancy licked
John Redcorn's nuts while she rubbed his dick.

* * *

Hank walked into his house. "Bobby, did your mother tell you where she was

Bobby yelled back "Yeah, she said she was going somewhere with Joesph's mom,
Connie's mom and Luanne, but I wasn't supposed to tell you."

"Damn it, I'll call your moms cell" Hank goes to the phone and picks it up.

He dials the number and waits. "He-Hello?" Peggy says like she had just run
a marathon.

"Hey Peg, where are you? You've been gone for hours."

"Me and the girls are at the mall (Min moans) we'll be here for a little
while yet."

"Well alright, do you want me to come meet you for girls for lunch?"

"No, (John Redcorn says "Peggy when are you coming back to the party!) We'll
be fine here."

"O.....Ok, I'll talk to you later, love you."

"Bye" Peggy hangs up.

Hank walks out of the Hill Household and walks over to Dale's House.

"Dale, Peggy said that she was at the mall but I heard John Redcorn say
something about a party, do you want to his house and see what he's doing?"

"I ain't got nothing better to do, lets go."

Dale and Hank walk to Hank's truck and started it up.

* * *

Nancy is now sucking on the head of John Redcorn's cock and John is still
fingering Min's sweaty pussy.

"Luanne, you want to take over for Nancy and suck me off?"

"Sure" Luanne crawled over to where Nancy was on all fours.

Luanne began licking John Redcorn's shaft.

Peggy got up off of Min and walked over to where John Redcorn was getting a
blow job from Luanne.

* * *

Dale and Hank were just about to leave when Kahn jumped from behind a fence.

"WAIT! You said my Min is with your hillbilly wives, I wanna come too!"

Kahn climbed in the back of the truck and away they went.

* * *

Peggy started helping out Luanne with the blow job, sucking his balls while
Luanne sucked the head.

Min and Nancy were kissing and licking each others bodies and giggling.

* * *

Hank and the guys arrived at John Redcorn's in about 15 minutes and walked
up to the trailer door.

The door was open a crack and the guys walked right in.

They were greeted to the sight of Peggy and Luanne getting 6 cum shots all
across there faces and Nancy and Min lying on the floor kissing and giggling.


"Nancy, what are you doing with Min?!?!"


"Listen Hank, all you ever want to do is have sex through the hole in your
jeans, I need more!" Peggy pleaded with Hank.

"I don't care, you could have came and talked to me. But I see now that
instead of consoling your going to go sleep with the neighbors and the Indian
healer! AND LUANNE! That's it Peggy, we're done. Luanne, you're no longer
welcome in MY home! You too come by tomorrow and get your things."

"Same here!" Shouted Dale and Kahn.

And just like that three marriages were over. John Redcorn helped the girls
get all there clothes off the floor and Nancy called a hotel for the girls
for the next few days while they sorted things out.


The return of Luanne's mom, Leanne.

Peggy, Min and Nancy begin to sort of there lives.

Will a relationship between Nancy and Luanne spark?

What about Hank, Dale and Kahn?


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