King Of The Hill: Part 1 - Melons For Dinner (mF,cons,inc,oral)
by bosox099

It was dinner time at the Hill's house. Hank was talking about his day,
everyone was listening intently, expect for Bobby. He was staring at Luanne's
big tits, most of the time Bobby just takes a quick glance, but tonight he
could see her nipples and he couldn't help him self but to stare.

Dinner was over and Bobby ran into his room. He shut the door and prepared
himself to jack off. He jumped into his bed and was about to pull down his
pants when the door in his room was flung open. Luanne popped her head in
and asked if she could come in. Bobby nodded.

Luanne walked over and sat on his bed and asked "Where you staring at my
breast today during dinner?"

Bobby's face turned red and responded "Yea, please don't tell my dad he will
kill me."

Luanne giggled shortly and then said "Only if you don't tell him about this."

Luanne leaned her face towards Bobby's and she kissed him right on his lips.
Booby in shock did not know what do to, but Luanne got her tongue in his
mouth and started to circle the inside of it.

After a few seconds of kissing, Luanne pulled her lips away from Bobby's and
said "Do you want to see something." Bobby nodded still in shock of what they
just did. "The only thing you have to do is let me see your cock." said

Bobby quickly pulled off his pants and there it was standing in at about 10
inches. Luanne quickly pulled off her shirt revealing her big tits. She then
went down to her knees, and stared to blow his cock.

Luanne started off slowly by just licking the tip of his cock, then she
started to put her lips around it and she kept moving her head up and down.
Each time she went deeper and deeper until she almost gagged. Then when she
hit the deepest she can go she pulled her head up and spat on his cock and
then said "You are going to like this Bobby."

She put his cock in between her tits and started to jack off it off. Then
after a few seconds of Bobby's cock rubbing against Luanne's tits he exploded
cum. It was all over her tits and some reached her neck and face. Luanne
giggled and licked every bit of cum off of herself and swallowed it.

As Luanne got up from her knees and getting her top back on she said to Bobby
"Just to let you know I will do this to you any time you want to, if you
don't tell." Bobby got up from his bed and nodded.

They both walked out the door as if nothing happened, then Bobby grabbed
Luanne's ass and held it for as long as he could, Luanne turned around and
whispered in his ear "Next time, Bobby."

To be continued...


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